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Sirens in the Night

↠ Sirens in the Night ☆ Michael Bradley ↠ Sirens in the Night ☆ Michael Bradley - Sirens in the Night, Sirens in the Night When three corpses are found at a construction site in Philadelphia homicide detective Samantha Ballard is assigned to investigate the bizarre deaths The bodies seem like a hoax withered like ancient

  • Title: Sirens in the Night
  • Author: Michael Bradley
  • ISBN: 9780692517192
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Sirens in the Night ☆ Michael Bradley, Sirens in the Night, Michael Bradley, Sirens in the Night When three corpses are found at a construction site in Philadelphia homicide detective Samantha Ballard is assigned to investigate the bizarre deaths The bodies seem like a hoax withered like ancient mummies yet dressed in modern day clothing As mummified corpses begin to appear throughout the city Samantha must embark on an investigation that erodes the line bWhen three cor

Sirens in the Night

↠ Sirens in the Night ☆ Michael Bradley ↠ Sirens in the Night ☆ Michael Bradley - Sirens in the Night, Sirens in the Night When three corpses are found at a construction site in Philadelphia homicide detective Samantha Ballard is assigned to investigate the bizarre deaths The bodies seem like a hoax withered like ancient Sirens in the Night

  • ↠ Sirens in the Night ☆ Michael Bradley
    471Michael Bradley
Sirens in the Night

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  1. BLUF Great book for those who enjoy science fiction mixed in with their murder mystery I was provided a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review Sirens in the Night follows two individuals Samantha Ballard and Jack Allyn Samantha is an experienced detective who is mentoring the homicide division rookie In reality, she faces a need to prove herself as a strong detective and tries to lead the case ahead of her FBI counterparts, while being very impatient and unforgiving to [...]

  2. Female police detective with issues Check Rookie partner Check Washed up radio personality doing all nights at an MOR station Check Ancient malevolent life sucking disco dancing femme fatales Um, check.Kinda fun and a fast read if you like taking the road less travelled by in your police procedurals, you ll like this The mummified corpses were a break from the usual serial killer fare And, having been in broadcasting off and on my whole life, the DJ and radio station were on the mark and my favo [...]

  3. I received an ARC of this book via Netgalley in return for an honest review.What can I say, this book scared the bejeezus out of me because of the nature of the crime and the apparently unstoppable perpetrators.I found this book fascinating, the way the author weaved Greek mythology with modern life to produce a thoroughly enjoyable fast paced read.I m a big fan of paranormal fantasy as well as crime thrillers so this booked ticked quite a few boxes for me.I felt sorry for Jack because as he had [...]

  4. First off, this book s good Though not my oh so so so favorite book, this kept me interested I wasn t into the idea that much but I liked the characters I always love characters, actually This book s an easy read though if it s not you re kind of genre then I suggest you ll not like it I give this book a 3.5 out of 5 stars It s mainly because I didn t enjoy it as much as I expected I would I m into thrillers and stuff but I didn t like the narration of the murders and investigation in this book [...]

  5. This one was okay for me The book kept me interested and I liked how the author tied it to history and kept it believable It was definitely different While it s not really my genre, it did hold my interest and was entertaining I kept wondering how it was going to end and the author did an excellent job at getting rid of those pesky sirens.As I said, it s not my genre, so I m no expert, but I would definitely recommend it.Thanks Amberjack Publishing and Net Galley for providing me with a free e g [...]

  6. I received this arc from Netgalley I really enjoyed reading this This was a very good read from start to finish I could not put it down Definitely recommend

  7. I won a print copy of Sirens in the Night by Michael Bradley in a Giveaway.Sirens in the Night is an intense horror story It has a Stephen King feel to it the slowly building feel of dread culminating in a fantastic finish.I saw a big tip of the hat to one of my favorite tv sitcom s, WKRP in Cinncinnati Also a smaller nod to Divergent, I ll let you find that one yourself.Since the back cover tells us the history of one of our heroes, it s not a spoiler here to say, like WKRP we have a DJ who sai [...]

  8. This is not a genre I normally read However, the fact that this was a crime thriller with a mix of science fiction had me intrigued I was kept interested in this book because of all the twists I loved how the past and present were brought together with the Greek mythology references Just when I thought I had the killer wrapped up, another twist which I never expected had me going back to square one Well done Micheal Bradley for your clever writing.

  9. Thank you to for the opportunity to read this book.Interesting, well researched book about tracking supernatural killers.

  10. SIRENS IN THE NIGHT by Michael Bradley Amberjack Publishing, 2015 Paperback ISBN 978 0 692 51719 2 322 pagesDISCLAIMER I did not receive a promotional copy of this book in exchange for a written review I purchased my copy While I know Michael Bradley through our shared membership in a writers group, this review is completely unsolicited I would have bought a copy of Sirens In The Night as a show of support, regardless of whether it was fiction in a genre that I enjoy, non fiction, or memoir Whil [...]

  11. Police Procedurals are my bread and butter genre Sometimes though they can get a bit samey, like the author has followed a formulaic bullet point list so, when I see a Police Procedural that looks a little different, my interest is definitely piqued I also like reading outside my comfort zone and Supernatural is not on my usual reads list so that was another reason to give it a whirl.So, strange things are happening in Philadelphia Three bodies are found in an old basement They are mummified a p [...]

  12. Whoa just whoa Did not expect that ending Sad in a way because Samantha was a favorite character for me and now I don t know what to think Serious thriller Seriously good thriller.This book combines a murder mystery with mythology and was really really good Jack I felt was a lost character Lost in his own self pity because of a mistake he made professionally It seemed he was in a rut but when jason had that tragedy, he reevaluated his life and landed in danger Danger because of what he knows and [...]

  13. Firstly I would like to thank Netgalley and Amberjack Publishing for allowing me a free copy of Sirens In The Night and secondly, note to self, read the synopsis carefully before downloading I like police procedurals which attracted me to the novel but my heart sank as soon as the cause of death was revealed because I find the paranormal impossible to swallow and it spoils a read for me Nevertheless, I persevered as I promised to review the novel in return for a free copy and surprisingly, I enj [...]

  14. In her time as a detective, Samantha Ballard has never encountered anything as strange as the series of murders that have just occurred in Philadelphia How a person can go from very much alive to dead and looking like an ancient mummy is completely beyond her comprehension But it s happening, and it s her job to find out how, why, and who is responsible As bodies are discovered, local radio DJ Jack Allyn becomes involved after a friend is one of the hapless victims An unlikely pair, Samantha an [...]

  15. Sirens are in Philadelphia and they are hungry This book was so very different from other detective thriller books I have read and I was quite spellbound It wasn t just a matter of solving who was committing these horrendous murders across Philadelphia but how would you make anyone believe you and how would you get rid of them It wasn t like there was much to go on in this respect, a few mentions through history and a few comic books My favourite character in the book was Detective Samantha Ball [...]

  16. I thought the sirens could only charm and destroy men with their songs, but here, they turned into vampires and are if possible, even deadly than in Homer s work.Philadelphia is under attack Corpses are found, dry, like mummified, emptied of all blood Who did that How is it even possible You meet detective Samantha Ballard, and Peter Thornton, her partner They are in charge of the inquiry concerning those weird and horrible murders.I thought the first part of the book was slow but then the pace [...]

  17. Samantha Ballard s partner was Peter Thornton who was a rookie and had been her partner for three months Samantha often thought with her eyes closed but Peter was driving her crazyby interupting her with all his questions When Samantha got to the crime scene she found three corpses There was modern clothing on these mummified corpses It actually looked like a hoax Jack is a radio D J, he was once a minor celebrity but he made a mistake professionally and was now at the low end of his career Sama [...]

  18. Samantha Ballard, a homicide detective in Philadelphia, and her new partner, Peter Thorton, have a horrible triple murder to solve This murder, however, is not like anything they have ever seen.Jack Allyn, a disgraced radio personality, now works the late night shift at a small radio station in Philly He also spends Saturday nights at a dance club as the DJ Three incredabley beautiful women, a blond, redhead and brunett, have come back to Philly They were there before, a long time ago Men can t [...]

  19. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead walk into a bar.r town Philadelphia, to be exact A washed up DJ, a female detective with something to prove, and mysterious murders plaguing Philadelphia s urban wildlife , Sirens in the Night is a fast paced novel with a modern take on Siren folklore The plot was interesting, yet a bit predictable I believe if the author, Michael Bradley, could have dragged out the mystery, hooked the readers in and reeled them in slowly by revealing far later in the story, [...]

  20. Well, that was anticlimactic This book narrates a series of strange homicides in Philly that are being investigated by Captain Ballard She is a bit traumatised after her last case involving a serial killer and wants to solve this case before the FBI or the press take notice.The story also follows Jack s life, a DJ of the nightclub near where one of the victims was killed He is thrifting after a tragedy in his hometown and with his career going nowhere, his life is a constant pity party.In my opi [...]

  21. Part Homer, part thriller, part murder mystery, Michael Bradley has put together a great novel A few bodies show up that appear to be mummified, but the recently deceased were just seen alive and well a few days ago A washed up disc jockey tries to help a detective struggling with her past to solve one of the strangest cases to hit Philly.This is certainly a PG13 book for the vivid detail that Bradley puts into the murder scenes and a slight bit of nudity But hey, it s an adult book anyway Fair [...]

  22. Full disclosure I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley So I didn t love this book The characters were strong enough, but their story lines were a bit too parallel and the plot itself pretty predictable at times I also didn t care for the constant repetition of some words or phrases, such as young and pulled her coat tightly around her Overall, this book reads like a true debut novel, showing some promise mixed in with some rookie mistakes Best of luck to the author.

  23. This story is set in Philadelphia, where I grew up It was well written and accurate I could see the streets of Philadelphia in the descriptions The characters were well constructed This book was a real page turner especially toward the end This book has mystery, suspense, mythological references and some pretty scary stuff This is a perfect type of read I thoroughly recommend this book.

  24. Thank you NetGallery for the opportunity to read Sirens in the Night by Michael Bradley A female protagonist as a washed up detective in Philadelphia hooks up with a washed up DJ, to solve a series of murders.The twist of the supernatural gives this book life and although I found it somewhat predictable, I did like it.Good ending Good Read.

  25. Thank you Netgalley for the arc I must say that I don t usually read this type of book, but once started I didn t put it down till I was finished Quick read, fast paced, interesting characters, made for an enjoyable evening Thanks.

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