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[PDF] Download æ Clutch : by Drew Elyse [PDF] Download æ Clutch : by Drew Elyse - Clutch, Clutch Once a Disciple forever a Disciple Cami was born into the Savage Disciples MC but she ventured out to build a life of her own away from the club She s engaged now living a new life despite missing

  • Title: Clutch
  • Author: Drew Elyse
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download æ Clutch : by Drew Elyse, Clutch, Drew Elyse, Clutch Once a Disciple forever a Disciple Cami was born into the Savage Disciples MC but she ventured out to build a life of her own away from the club She s engaged now living a new life despite missing the bikers that raised her Overall she s fine Sure fine She s fine with the fianc who is interested in position and image than the woman in his life She s fineOnce a Disciple forever a Disci


[PDF] Download æ Clutch : by Drew Elyse [PDF] Download æ Clutch : by Drew Elyse - Clutch, Clutch Once a Disciple forever a Disciple Cami was born into the Savage Disciples MC but she ventured out to build a life of her own away from the club She s engaged now living a new life despite missing Clutch Clutch Definition Meaning Merriam Webster Clutch Clutch BB Ratings Reviews What is Clutch Parts, Working Principle, Clutch Plate Images Customer Data and Marketing Platform by Clutch Clutch CLUTCH meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary Clutch Definition, Working Principle, Function, Types, Advantages Clutch Definition, Parts or Construction, Types, Working Principle Clutch band CLUTCH

  • [PDF] Download æ Clutch : by Drew Elyse
    452Drew Elyse

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  1. 2.5 Where To Begin StarsNot going to lie this was a struggle to get through for me It has nothing to do with the writing and everything to do with the content which unfortunately was not for me The book was written well, some of the things that got to me I am not a fan of the whole MC gone good thing , it has never worked for me A main female that allows guys to stomp all over them One minute the Hero was trying to be all tough guy and the next he was saying thinking things like bless her and th [...]

  2. 3.75 RATING Better than the most recent MC biker books I ve read lately Still a guilty pleasure I was worried the heroine was going to be a pathetic doormat but she got her shit sorted Some of the bickering and her being a bitch after she was done being pathetic seemed pointless and was mildly irritating, but in the end she was a likable character The first half was stronger than the last half and the ending was just okay Still the story kept me interested from the beginning and I enjoyed it ove [...]

  3. 3 StarsOverall Opinion The first 2 3 of this had major potential, but I felt like that potential was lost in the final 1 3 I really enjoyed that first part, but the ending left me feeling conflicted and disappointed It seemed like there were some major conflicts going on and the resolution for the conflicts was just too easy for me They had a somewhat fight and separated, but then came back together and everything was perfectly lined up for their HEA I think the author had some good ideas and th [...]

  4. 4.5 stars for meI took a chance when I once clicked this book since this is a new author and few reviews had been done on the book I was totally impressed with this author s writing and the quality of the book The characters are engaging and the story line hooked me from the first page I loved the relationship Cami has with her father, Tank Gauge is the type of hero I love, strong, possessive, a definite alpha and loyal I definitely will be reading the next book in this series and hope that it w [...]

  5. dnf 55%boring characters predictable story lineen trying to get though it for 10 days I can t moving to another book

  6. Clutch is the first book of the Disciples Daughter series, it s a different MC story and i have to say that i have mixed feelings about it, i certainly liked Gauge and Cami because their characters have their flaws and that makes them very realistic.Cami was very different person in the beginning having a fiance who the only thing he cared was appearances and status making her a person without will following and doing with no question whatever Nathaniel wanted until Gauge came and gave her a new [...]

  7. I have read this story in some other MC books before Different name, different place and all that Nothing outstanding with it I could even smell the plot a mile away 2 STARS for the sexual tension in the begining After the hook up, things went boring and very predictable.

  8. personal preferences for trope view spoiler H s ONS shows up pregnant, h can t have kids but gets to adopt the ex sh hide spoiler Big spoiler not open if you don t want to know.Author probably not for me book 2 review show

  9. Cami was born and raised in the Savage Disciples MC, it s in her blood and her heart but she lost her mother when she was only six years old and while at college she meets Nate and suddenly a new life is opened up for her They become engaged but somewhere along the way friendly easy going Nate turns into the uptight and controlling Nathaniel and Cami becomes a shadow of the girl she one was She s now Camille, drowning in beige, drinking and taking drugs just to cope with what her life has become [...]

  10. The story line was a good idea abused woman, biker guy wants to save her claim her, plus the club s receptionist and all the drama that went with that However, I honestly didn t feel bad, or even remotely buy, the emotional abuse Cami acts one way while the fianc is gone spitfire and her true self, then supposedly turns into a docile woman when he comes home It didn t compute How she leaves him yeah that was just too easy for me too I loved the brothers of the Disciple MC I liked Gauge I wasn t [...]

  11. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksI d been in an MC romance drought, so I was happy when CLUTCH showed up on my Kindle I was ready to delve into a new club.In CLUTCH, we re introduced to the Disciples MC, focusing on Camille Cami the President s daughter and club member, Gauge Cami is not at all what I was expecting, since she was basically a Stepford wife who could only get through the day with drugs and alcohol Gauge was a member who wanted nothing than living the club l [...]

  12. You got a motor fetish I need to know about This book was my introduction to Drew Elyse and it was damn fine to meet her I really enjoyed her writing style and I quickly got attached to her characters I read a ton of books in the MC Romance genre and it s been hit miss along the way But, Clutch was a definite hit for me and I can t wait for of The Disciples Daughters Series.I liked Cami right away, but that was only because of how she talked to her father, Tank He is the Sergeant at Arms for th [...]

  13. Kind of a biker light book Harlequin MC Whatever, I still liked it ok I liked it until the Will You Marry Me scene right at the end, and Cami says, Yes A tbousand times yes JUST EXACTLY WORD FOR WORD LIKE ONE OF THOSE BITCHES SAID IN THE newer PRIDE AND PREJUDICE MOVIE So, 3 stars I liked it, became 2 stars It Was OKI doubt I will read book 2

  14. 5 Stars Awesome MC read This was an amazing book I loved the emotion in the book.I was happy to see the h develop into a badass instead of a damsel in distress Cami had fire and drive Many authors don t give the h that back bone Gauge was exactly what I expected from a H He was an alpha and very hot Drew was precise in the descriptions of the characters and locations I love a good MC story and this one topped the cake

  15. He unleashed something wild in me something I hadn t even known was there.This is the first book in the series but I have read another book previously Each book can be read as a standalone I love the family feel of the club and the characters in this series If your looking for a bossy alpha biker and lots of angst then you ve found it I liked all the characters from the club and the plot had a perfect balance of hotness, club business and angst There s no unnecessary violence or sexual acts in t [...]

  16. Title ClutchAuthor Drew ElyseGenre New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Drama, SuspenseSeries or Standalone Standalone Series The Disciples Daughters Series 1 Rating ReviewBefore I start the review, since I know that for a lot of readers this is imperative before they start reading, this is a standalone story Sure, it s a series, but that series while containing brief glimpses I m sure of these characters in them, is strictly Camille Cami and Gauge s story and it does have a very clear HEA ending Bu [...]

  17. Great story I always love to read MC stories There is so many ways a story can come about no matter what genre but, MC stories just have drama, nasty sex and someone always trying to take down the Club Well this one has all that and a very tasty bag of chips to go with it and I couldn t stop reading until I was finished.Cami Camile was born into the Club and after her mother died her father and the Club continued to raise her When she went to college she met her fiance and became a person she di [...]

  18. I grabbed this book after the author was part of a Facebook event and mentioned book one in the series was free, so I grabbed it nothing to lose right Cami grew up in the club, but never returned after going away to college She is currently living a beige life with a man very stuck on appearances Gauge is a member of the Disciples MC and when a one night stand doesn t quite get the one night part decides to follow along with a brother off to see his daughter When the two meet, it is instant attr [...]

  19. Loved itThis was a new author to me and I loved this book Can t wait to start the next book So glad I found this author.

  20. This was a new for me author and I enjoyed the story pretty much since I really love biker romances A few plot twists made me a little angry a certain surprise showing up at the clubhouse, the way the H treated the h in some scenes after she left one abusive relationship for him but other than those irritations, I liked the rest of the book and am interested to see what happens with some of the other characters we met in this one Predictable at timess, but a sexy and exciting read overall 4 she [...]

  21. JOSIE S REVIEW I am a huge fan of all things MC so of course after reading the blurb I was all in Clutch was a lighter side of the MC world but it was filled with action, suspense, really hot alpha men, a biker with a dirty mouth and a sassy heroine The storyline was fast paced but I found it to be enjoyable read This story is told in alternating POV s which of course I love because helps to really get to know the characters better and I love knowing what they are thinking.The two main character [...]

  22. This was the story of Gauge and Cami Gauge is a member of the Savage Disciples MC who tags along with fellow member Tank to go visit his daughter When Gauge meets Tank s daughter Cami the attraction is instant Cami had been raised around the MC until she left for college years ago and hadn t been back since Gauge had joined She s engaged when they meet but it s obvious to Gauge that she s not happy Meeting Gauge reminds Cami of the person she used to be but has lost along the way Trying to get b [...]

  23. From what i was told this is Ms Elyse s debut novel Spot on Ms Elyse MC series is my total weakness, i can t wait to read the next book So let me introduce you to our main players Gauge is part of the MC where Cami s dad, Tank, has been a member for years Cami is engaged to a pompous grade A jerk Nate thinks it is his right to make every decision for Cami Tank decides to go for a visit to see his daughter and Gauge decides to go with him For the first time ever Cami s little heart does all kinds [...]

  24. Four starsI m not sure how I stumbled upon this one I ve been trying to get back into my MC reads, problem with that is I find very few that keep my attention That being said I ve given clutch four stars because it was good but so because it has potential as a series There were parts that I didn t like even after I found out what would really happen in the end You know those plot twists that just makes you go please no Well yeah, there s a major one of those in Clutch for me It made real life c [...]

  25. great series, loved the characters, loved the stories really well written 4.11.16 11 1 18 one of my very fave series first read when the original three books were released as the Disciples Daughters, though the series evolved to the Savage Disciples MC tough alpha males, strong loving females, wonderful children plenty of action, danger, romance but the overall theme I see as family love the writing style, the stories and the characters a great series that I have no probs reading over again

  26. Loved it I absolutely loved this book and can t wait to get in SHIFT Love all the characters in this series and can t wait to read about them and see what comes from each of them.

  27. I liked this one Wasn t sure I was going to like the heroine, but she grew on me Full review to come.

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