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The Shack

The Shack Best Read || [William Paul Young] The Shack Best Read || [William Paul Young] - The Shack, The Shack Mackenzie Allen Phillips s youngest daughter Missy has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon

  • Title: The Shack
  • Author: William Paul Young
  • ISBN: 9780964729247
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover

The Shack Best Read || [William Paul Young], The Shack, William Paul Young, The Shack Mackenzie Allen Phillips s youngest daughter Missy has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness Four years later in this midst of his great sadness Mack receives a suspicious note apparently from God inviting him back to that shack for a weekend AgainstMackenzie Allen P

The Shack

The Shack Best Read || [William Paul Young] The Shack Best Read || [William Paul Young] - The Shack, The Shack Mackenzie Allen Phillips s youngest daughter Missy has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon The Shack

  • The Shack Best Read || [William Paul Young]
    365William Paul Young
The Shack

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  1. I know, I know Everyone loves this book No fewer than forty three people asked me Have you read The Shack yet Invariably, they responded to my negative response with something along the lines of You have to It changed my life I was full of questions, and life stunk, and then I read the book, and God made sense to me, I understood quantum physics effortlessly, and all of a sudden I could spin flax into gold So, what I m about to say is going to make a lot of people pretty angry.The Shack appears [...]

  2. Having had such high hopes for this book, I was sadly disappointed about its content, being for the most part simply unbiblical Yes, there were poignant scenes and emotional moments that moved me to tears but that does not tip the scales against all of the errors slipped in and truths that were twisted Being protective especially of new Christians, I strongly caution anyone about reading it This book should be read with much discernment.Please read the Bible and learn about the Way, the Truth, a [...]

  3. Pure drivel This book read like a Betty Crocker recipe gone bad take one all American Jesus lovin fearing family, add one unexplainable tragedy, mix with equal parts anger , guilt and sadness , bake for three weeks and get a bitter man who has turned his back on God Alias, no need to give up, because God writes our hero a personalized note, and tells him to meet him in the shack the place of his daughter s murder , funny thing is, god is a black woman cooking pancakes in the kitchen who says you [...]

  4. I was recommended this book by several people who found it both moving and fresh So Mr Young certainly has an audience for this glib encounter between Mack, the everyman, and God I, however, must not be the intended audience Despite the fact millions of copies have been sold and the book has climbed its way to the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List, I found The Shack to be preachy and fake to the point of insincerity The main characters are so flat and one dimensional that one can barely [...]

  5. First off this will be lengthy so don t feel you have to read it.This is a hard book to review because you pretty much have to separate it into two parts The novel, and the theological.This man is not a writer As far as the novel aspect of this book, I don t personally believe it is well written Both the descriptions and dialogue don t ring true to me But if delve into a little of the back story regarding this author you find that he never intended this book to be published After experiencing se [...]

  6. My updated comments on the book and movie are here author_blogI was given this book as a gift many years ago and read the first few chapters I was annoyed by the profanity I don t think it is ever okay for a Christian author to use profanity in any circumstances Why not use alternative words especially in a fictional book It s like the children who swear to try and shock people or to fit in with the crowd Christians are called to do neither of these things.lose the profanity won t cost you any s [...]

  7. While most of my friends seem to have a love or hate relationship with this book, I can t say that I do I am the rare reader that didn t have a strong opinion about this book, one way or the other I found it to be good and entertaining enough, but I didn t find it to be life changing or especially inspirational for me It was certainly a change from my usual type of story, so that was refreshing in a sense However, in the end it was in the good but not great category for me The Shack tells the st [...]

  8. It is hard to not get carried away and be too effusive about this book When one has spent time with someone or something, it is natural to feel a close connection to that thing and, I think, lose objectivity Obviously I didn t try too hard to be calm and subdued in my praise because one can see that I rated it 5 stars however, I think I will start with why I don t think it is a 5 star book It wasn t a book that I just couldn t put down This is usually a prerequisite for me to rate a book so high [...]

  9. Note After several friends challenged me to read the book again I assume they wanted me to upgrade The Shack to five stars , I indeed read it a second time As a result, I downgraded it another star There are things I noticed the second time I didn t the first.Added to my review below are several specific drawbacks of the book Unfortunately, every one of these would have been pointed out by first or second year writing students, which simply reiterates my main point below Shame on you Wayne Jaco [...]

  10. 7 30 don t even go there I have to read this because I made a promise silly me.7 31 God, I am glad that s over.So, I thought long and hard about giving this book 2 stars I really did Here s why 1 author states heaven is NOT gold pearl streets yay 2 author states forgiveness is good for you not forgiving will destroy you agreed 3 Jesus states he s not big on religion, or politics or economics Calls them a man created trinity of terrors that ravage the earth WORD.Why I took that 2 star rating and [...]

  11. This book was recommended to me by a book group I attended to speak about my book A Demon Awaits I had not read this book prior to writing mine, but I was very surprised to find that the premise of our books a man struggling to heal his relationship with God was identical Before I continue I d like to share a bit of my bias because one s perspective will vastly affect the enjoyment of this book I m staunchly conservative, religiously, politically and economically I m also a writer and I choose N [...]

  12. I did NOT like this book I kept hearing how good it was and got it from the library with no idea what it was about The idea of a guy who loses faith in god because his child is abducted and then gets invited back to the shack where his daughter was foundis time to spend a weekend with god not my idea of appealing literature.

  13. 5 stars Ya, I know it s crazy because I guess this is a super controversial book but I am rating it this way because of it s impact not because of it s sound theology The view of the trinity in this book is one I had never considered And, although it challenged a LOT of my fundamentalist upbringing, it inspired me to return to the Bible and learn find the closeness with God described in The Shack and to see what God s Word said regarding his triune relationship NEVER should anyone replace the B [...]

  14. This review has been removed for personal reasons.All of you who liked, commented, and otherwise made it clear that you felt me on my response to The Shack are very much appreciated.

  15. Having had no understanding of this books content before opening it, I must admit it rocked my little world a bit It is incredibly well written and engaging from the start I don t want to say too much as I think this book is meant to be experienced with as little influence as possible I will say it made me see many things in a much different way It helped me grasp something that I struggle with and ultimately confirmed some of my own thoughts about things I am being cryptic I know but I don t wa [...]

  16. Why Why did you make me do this book club You all seem like nice peoplewhat did I do Seriously I missed the book club meeting due to work or I would have yelled out at the top of my lungs NOOOOOOO, not The Shack But I wasn t there, so instead of reading Cloud Atlas, The Shack happened, and I let it happen with my absence sigh Where to begin1 I am not a Christian Strike one for The Shack and me Many people are and that s fantastic, but this book was so stupid that I have hopes that any well infor [...]

  17. The Shack is a book you will thank yourself for reading While it can be a bit didactic at times, it is not overtly so It s a story of journey and relationship discovering who you are through learning about who God is to you I m no theologian, but I do like to imagine myself as the Theophilus Luke is writing to in the Book of Acts So I read the book as a God Lover and I write this review in the same vein It begins with an unspeakably horrible tragedy happening to a loving father By way of expla [...]

  18. In case you can t read it, the tagline on this is Where tragedy confronts eternity This is the story of Mack, a man whose 6 year old daughter was abducted and brutally murdered during a family camping trip The serial killer, a man who leaves a ladybug pin everytime he kills a child, was never captured, and the only clue to Missy s abduction was an undeniable, bloodstained red sundress on the floor of an abandoned shack high up in the middle of nowhere Now, four years after Missy s murder, her fa [...]

  19. If you read one book in your life, read this one I shall not delve into the story let s just say this author thinks like I do He also struggles with the same things I do How to deal with people who have hurt others in the most heinous way I really can t go into this too much you just have to read it for yourself to understand how I feel about religion, church , and the Trinity We humans are so busy trying to control each other and control ourselves, that we miss the true message It s so simple, [...]

  20. Jedna od ve ih misterija za mene Kako je ta knjiga postala bestseler kada sam nai la samo na jednu osobu kojoj se dopala a ve ina onih koji su se zeznuli i kupili knjigu, nisu uspeli da nadju nijednu lepu re Li no, mislim da je ova knjiga namenjena ameri kom mentalitetu

  21. I had to read this for book club and I did not like it Bad theology wrapped up in a sappy soap opera type book I don t disagree with the message that God loves us and wants a relationship with us, but this book is so full of pot holes and misinterpretations that renders it useless The Jesus character says My life was not meant to be an example to be copied.It is a means for your independence to be killed.Huh What Bible is the author reading What about St Paul telling us to be imitators of Christ [...]

  22. Es dif cil evaluar un libro como este que, siendo ficci n, toca temas religiosos En primer lugar, he de decir que soy cat lica y que creo en Dios, as que mi opini n puede estar intoxicada por mis propias creencias Sin embargo, me esperaba algo diferente Algo c mo qu Ni idea Por eso creo que lo mejor es que cada uno se forme su propia opini n.

  23. My godmother bought me this novel because she believes I need Salvation with a capital S My mother died less than three years ago and I think she believes this is her way of getting me to cope with it.I tried, I really did, to read this book I got about four chapter in and completely gave up I d get rid of the thing but she signed it and my conscience would bother me, and so it sits here mocking me, probably for forever.I thought I couldn t finish it because the writing is bad, but I read the Tw [...]

  24. If you like your spirituality like a boxed dinner just add meat then this book is for you.The gistA parent struggles with his worldview after a family camping trip ends in the abduction of his daughter by a serial rapist killer.Divine intervention comes by way of an invitation to the place where his little girl breathed her last Masochism, curiosity, and a longing for answers and closure compels him to go alone to the spot God appears, taking three forms 1 Big black Momma God Sho nuff , True dat [...]

  25. A book that seems to inspire strong emotions people seem to either love it or hate it.I am a little surprised to see so many people who did not like the book One reviewer maybe explained the wide disparity in the need to seperate the work of fiction itself with theology Perhaps many people are put off by the imaginitive take on Biblical ideals As a work of fiction, I found it original and thought provoking Theologically, it was ungrounded, yet working as an abstract parable, it illustrates God s [...]

  26. 1.5 rating I read this years ago during the hype People were raving about it It was a number 1 best selling book Yet, its a least favorite for me the book with the manipulated ending Its funny how we come across an old book we have read positive or negative We meet a new member on and before you know it, memories return while reading their reviews Why people were so turned on about this book I ll never understand.

  27. When reading The Shack, be prepared some laughs and smiles, but mostly, be prepared for a well of tears I m a movie and book crier by nature I ll admit that my wife and daughter give me the raised eyebrow and look at me strangely when I choke up while watching a sitcom and all I can do is sheepishly say, Did you see how she helped that lady or something like that Well, be warned, if you also have a weakness for tears or if you are a father, the tears will hit you like a flood.This book is a stor [...]

  28. This novel seems to be aimed at overturning primarily fundamentalist misconceptions about God and emphasizing that God IS Love And although that is a noble and important goal, I find the novel itself to be overly didactic, with too many long explanations of too many things all placed directly in the mouth of God Himself which seems to me a bit presumptuous Things are very often better explained and understood in story than in definition, and that is why I usually tend not to like didactic novels [...]

  29. At first, I didn t expect to like this book as I noted in a comment below, it was one I had to read because of my work The premise of a young child s death at the hands of a serial killer and serial killing in general is one I usually avoid in my reading, and I d read negative comments about Young s style and theology My reservations vanished very quickly Some of the commentary in the book description above verges into the territory of a laudatory review but for once, the praise is well merited [...]

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