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The Art of Dramatic Writing

Free Download The Art of Dramatic Writing - by Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller Free Download The Art of Dramatic Writing - by Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller - The Art of Dramatic Writing, The Art of Dramatic Writing The Art of Dramatic Writing is a concise guide to all forms of creative writing from premise to characters to plot

  • Title: The Art of Dramatic Writing
  • Author: Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller
  • ISBN: 9781434495433
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Art of Dramatic Writing - by Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller, The Art of Dramatic Writing, Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller, The Art of Dramatic Writing The Art of Dramatic Writing is a concise guide to all forms of creative writing from premise to characters to plot

The Art of Dramatic Writing

Free Download The Art of Dramatic Writing - by Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller Free Download The Art of Dramatic Writing - by Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller - The Art of Dramatic Writing, The Art of Dramatic Writing The Art of Dramatic Writing is a concise guide to all forms of creative writing from premise to characters to plot The Art of Dramatic Writing

  • Free Download The Art of Dramatic Writing - by Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller
    307Lajos Egri Gilbert Miller
The Art of Dramatic Writing

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  1. After reading this incredibly insightful, incredibly lucid book, I really feel that it s a crime that 1 so few people have read this book, and 2 there are so many bad plays novels, etc out there And it s not even hard to understand I didn t have to struggle to comprehend the advice or see why it works Lest you think I m overstating the value of the work, I shall explain it to you in three easy steps.1 What premise are you trying to prove This is not theme or plot summary, but the plot should be [...]

  2. I was introduced to this book by Paul Schrader TAXI DRIVER when I tried, unsuccessfully, to enroll in a screenwriting course he was teaching one quarter at UCLA Film School About 50 students crammed into a room meant to accommodate ten, and the first thing he said was I m not admitting any undergrads into this class I was an undergrad, so I was already out in the first five minutes However, I m going to tell you a few things if you ARE an undergrad film student First, if you want to write, you s [...]

  3. In some ways this is a very basic book But sometimes it is good to be reminded of the simple principles that make book or a play interesting Good writing may be complex in that it can be read again and again providing newer levels of meaning with each reading But it need not be complicated A great book can weave it s complexity around a simple premise Jealousy ultimately destroy the lover and the beloved may be what Othello is about but the play is so much richer than that, don t you think Somet [...]

  4. If there is one book I cite than Strunk and White s classic The Elements of Style, it is Lajos Egri s relatively obscure gem I happened upon it thanks to a writer friend of a writer friend who took one of James Frey s no, not that James Frey, may his plagiarizing soul fly to a million little pieces master classes in fiction And yes, Egri will help you write a damn good novel.The key is unity Out of necessity, teachers of writing split the art of fiction writing into about five elements characte [...]

  5. I want to retract what I wrote before This book makes some important points when it comes to structuring developing dramatic stories around dynamic characters I found the style overly wordy and written in a contrived informal tone, as if the author is ushering you to some holy grail confused than it clarified and made the ideas hard to stomach So I d say, read the first few paragraphs of each chapter to understand the concept Egri s trying to illustrate, skim his explanations of plays that exem [...]

  6. One of the 2 or 3 best books i ve ever read on writing, and i ve read quite a few Story by Robert McKee is very solid and a must read for film makers, but this book combined with Dara Marks inside story should be read, studied and read again Everything you want to know about plot and character come together in this brilliant How to masterpiece.

  7. This is a masterpiece of instruction Egri s approach is that of a naturalist and Socratic philosopher He bases his theory on observed phenomenon and allows illustration from example to prove his hypothesis He then provides an approach using dialectics to encourage and challenge potential emotional resistance to the ideas The strongest and most exciting notion within this work is Egri s insistence on premise as the essential component for playwriting My fledgling experience as a serious writer se [...]

  8. For some reason, I thought this would help with writing poetry Then again, I look at my cat and hope that will help with writing poetry However, for a gutsy stance on how plays work, this is the place It was honestly news to me that a play needs a premise and that you could boil Ibsen s Ghosts down to The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children Do poems need premises, too Perhaps much less dramatic premises Something like, It is fun to say the letter s a lot Books with rules for art ar [...]

  9. For a book about writing plays it is startlingly profound Yes it s goal is to explore the fundamentals of a craft, but it goes above and beyond, providing you with a glimpse into the wonders that govern humanity, the universe and life Thx Lajos.

  10. Lots of good information for writers here, some of it obviously geared to beginners but very helpful to experienced writers, as well.

  11. I just reread this book after many years Its perhaps the best book on dramatic writing I have ever read It puts all the structural approaches like Sid Field, McKee et al to shame frankly.

  12. A book that may be good for the beginners, but since the author assumes that all of the readers are newbies, the advanced writers may find it to be boring and shallow.

  13. Nearly useless as far as I m concerned Whatever good ideas are to be found here are lost in the author s horrendous repetition and droning tone of voice There just a shrillness to what he s propounding He s just way too strident and insistent far too frantic for his appraisal an appraisal by the way, of what is a very difficult subject to be taken as the foremost one in his field What makes this unlikely in the reader s mind Well We re forced to follow a never ending string of example upon examp [...]

  14. For me, the first chapter on Premise was the greatest revelation and there were many I never knew what a premise was before, but not it makes total sense Even your creative writing needs a thesis, something you are trying to prove One needs a premise that conveys character, conflict, and resolution For instance, ruthless ambition leads to its own destruction This premise indicts a ruthlessly ambitious character whose attempt to gain something conflict destroys himself resolution think Macbeth.I [...]

  15. One of the books often cited in other works on writing fiction, and after reading it I can see why This is a great exploration of the structuring of successful stories It focuses on playwriting, but almost everything the author says applies equally well to writing novels, short stories, or screenplays.Essentially, Egri explores the psychology of both characters and audience and how they interact He devotes quite a few very short chapters to specific and detailed aspects of storytelling, and ever [...]

  16. Fantastic book on writing Not as slick and accessible as McKee, yet that only adds to the author s high degree of integrity His points are still sharp and very well argumented the best for me was how he kills of the distinction between character driven and plot driven All good plots come from good characters, i.e one does not make sense without the other and his analysis of different plays is extremely convincing.Some passages were too repetitive or slightly overemphasizing the point, but still [...]

  17. Egri has some good and helpful thugs to say about premise and character early on, but that quickly devolves into play bashing and what my rhetoric teacher would call unnecessary fluff Compared to the incredible tightness of Syd Field s Screenplay , this is an unhelpful mess Where he has the edge on Field is in his extensive study of tridimensional character development from the playwright s perspective, not the audience member s I ll likely return to that chapter often.

  18. Good, solid advice, but hard for me to get through I didn t like having to plow through examples of bad writing to get to the examples of good writing It did help to have many of his points illustrated through several famous plays, such as Hedda Gabler and Macbeth I started this with a 4 star rating, but given that it took me over six months to force myself to finish it, I had to downgrade it for not keeping my interest.

  19. I cannot speak highly enough about this book Ergi has valid perhaps in some instances even unique arguments and observations about playwriting and holds the whole artform up to very high standards He calls theme premise and is very straightforward about his belief that charcaters must drive conflict, but the result is a solid demystification of dramtic writing.However, he is a bit aloof throughout the book, which, personally, I found strangely appealing.

  20. While it is both dated and specifically about writing plays, this book should still be required reading for writers of any sort of fiction Story structure, character development, and are covered in depth The examples drawn from now very old plays still get the point across.

  21. When I read this book, I found that some advices were a bit outdated That is why it is not enough to just read this book, if someone wants to learn dramatic writing.Still, I recommend this book to anyone who wants to create round and unforgettable characters.

  22. As a writer, I learned a lot from this book The author s insistence on character over plot because character drives the plot and his emphasis on starting with a premise are two principles that will save my writing This is a must for writers of plays, screenplays, novels and short stories.

  23. This book breaks down what makes dramatic writing great You can write badly all you want for your own benefit, but if you want to create characters and stories with depth, read this book.

  24. Quick and easy to read and the best single general handbook for creating stories I ve found There are other good ones out there but few of them are so concise useful.

  25. seed of drama conflict this was the textbook at both ucla sc when spielberg, copolla, lucas, etc were at film school

  26. I read this book many years ago, and when I asked one of my theatre professors about it, he admitted Egri had some good points although sometimes he s crazy as hell Two years ago, when I won a screenplay award in my home state one of my prizes was a new edition of this book I recently re read it Egri s book has its problems He s very repetitious, and a lot of his analysis could be summed up in a page instead of three or four He s strongest when analyzing plays, and uses A Doll s House, Ghosts, a [...]

  27. I had seen this book referenced and quoted in a variety of contemporary books on writing, and even though many of the references and his language is clearly dated the original text was published in 1942 , I loved his clear examination of the necessity of writers to not only know, but understand and interpret the motives of their fictional characters This is not an academic book or a book of theory, but a guide that delves into the cornerstone element of drama, namely people and their inner and o [...]

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