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[PDF] Sadō | by ☆ Steelwhisper [PDF] Sadō | by ☆ Steelwhisper - Sadō, Sad When ropemaster Toson Uetake is challenged by another rigger Kenjo Inouye it is his chauffeur Ivar who is put to the test Inouye will stop at nothing to ensure victory but for Ivar it is not only

  • Title: Sadō
  • Author: Steelwhisper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 475
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Sadō | by ☆ Steelwhisper, Sadō, Steelwhisper, Sad When ropemaster Toson Uetake is challenged by another rigger Kenjo Inouye it is his chauffeur Ivar who is put to the test Inouye will stop at nothing to ensure victory but for Ivar it is not only a matter of pride but a deeper emotion that forces him to accept This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members werWhen ropemaster Toson U


[PDF] Sadō | by ☆ Steelwhisper [PDF] Sadō | by ☆ Steelwhisper - Sadō, Sad When ropemaster Toson Uetake is challenged by another rigger Kenjo Inouye it is his chauffeur Ivar who is put to the test Inouye will stop at nothing to ensure victory but for Ivar it is not only Sadō

  • [PDF] Sadō | by ☆ Steelwhisper

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  1. 2 stars Review posted November 13, 2015I liked the writing but otherwise nothing worked for me Some will perceive this as sexy and erotic, but it wasn t for me It wasn t dark or especially edgy , either I have read about wand play sounding before, so that wasn t new to me Also, I neither connected with the exsanguinate characters nor did I feel any kind of emotion That s the problem it was a wholly sterile reading experience for me I m sorry, just not my cup of tea.As a side noteA gem tlichkeit [...]

  2. Visceral Raw Startling A chauffeur and his employer participate in a most unusual Japanese tea ceremony Ivar is the bound Uetake the master of bondage Because Uetake is blind, his rope work is created by feel, not sight, and is as unique and beautiful as the man himself The story comes together in the most unexpected way, like pieces of a puzzle slotting together just so I learned that sounding is most certainly not my kink No sex no romance no HEA or HFN, just a moment and the possibility of .

  3. Quiescence.The state of excellence striven for herein Control The restraint in the language is not merely conservation it is elegant and echoes the mastery of the bondage Understated as culturally appropriate, the space between is as important as the object described herein Simply, what is not being said is as important as what is Precision The rope work is gorgeous in its description Ivar s suffering and perseverance is real But, the synchronized acts of both Ivar and Uetake bind them together [...]

  4. This was a very sweet short read Very true to the prompt We got a nice introduction to the characters and their background, which is hard to do with a shorter word count, so that was a bonus The subtle touches were perfect during the rope scene, but it made me want to know about their relationship, especially Uetake s thoughts and feelings about Sinclair It ended with a HFN that made me want to see what happened next.Also the tags make it sound scary, but i found it quite light, if you can hand [...]

  5. I loved the language The choice of words The compelling rhythm.I had to re read the beginning well, the first 30% several times because I got lost I didn t understand who was who at first.What I didn t like that much was the impersonal touching Not by the master, but by the one who is watching I liked the premise a lot, and it was promising, but in the end it made me uncomfortable rather than turned on.I ve read about exhibitionism and sounding before, but this one was weird instead of erotic Ma [...]

  6. Loved this The writing is lyrical yet controlled and restrained, which seems kind of apt Of course I want , and yet in a short story Steelwhisper has communicated a lifetime of both the MCs Their relationship is quiet and understated, woven from suggestion and allusion.Also, can I just take a second to admire the opening sentence Because it s perfect and fills me with envy It s a sentence that s been sculpted and trained and refined until it glows with a subtle lustre nothing shiny and crass abo [...]

  7. Quiet and elegant and intense, this gorgeously written short story captures a whole culture in one scene I loved the lovingly drawn details, the precision of every word, the building anticipation and the sense of possibility as Ivar and Eutake take their relationship to another level The writing here is as artistic as the masterful bondage of the prompt picture.

  8. Thanks to this short story I familiarized myself some with elevator music and basic advanced kinbaku It also supplied my daydreams with the vision of a guy in a kimono skillfully objectifying me while slurping tea What a reader s heart could desire really.

  9. My comment on the story thread Shivers is right I feel like I need to just sit here for a bit, processing the story I m incredibly impressed at what you can do with just over 5000 words, and little of it dialogue With precise descriptions, you conveyed so much, not only about the setting, but about the characters You captured exactly what I was hoping for with Ivar s POV yearning, respect, comfort, securityI loved it.And the view spoiler sounding hide spoiler was a nice surprise.Thank you, Steel [...]

  10. If you don t know what sounding is which means your knowledge on BDSM is as limited as mine make sure to ask first before googling it I googled it I expected to see some kind of bondage I never said I m not clueless It was an image search.And although this is so not my kink and I m not looking forward to reading anything similar, I truly liked this.Elegance, intensity, a bondage scene that gives you the goosebumps And so very true to the prompt.And seriously, creating such an erotic atmosphere w [...]

  11. Free Short Educative Emotionless Motionless Quiet Interesting.Not my thing, but I can understand its appeal.

  12. 4,5 stars.First off, as a current resident of Little Tokyo in D sseldorf and a former employee of a Japanese company both abroad and in D sseldorf I m positively GIDDY with joy at the meticulously researched and insightful set up.But what really did it for me was the effective off hand characterization of two intriguing, delightfully atypical men and the strong undercurrent of longing deftly hidden behind an understated but powerful language.Same with the description of the scene emotionally res [...]

  13. Skin tingly good I simply love this story the sparseness of the writing, nothing unnecessary, the writing pared to the bone in places, and yet I was there inside Ivar s head, feeling the rope on my skin and with that same sense of fear at what might happen I love the quiet unspoken love respect awe trust that Ivar has for Uetake It comes across in the smallest of things the way he checks the car, the way he bows as Uetake exits the lift, the utterly perfect and delicious description of helping h [...]

  14. I know nothing about BDSM or Japanese culture The knowledge isn t a prerequisite to reading and enjoying this complete short story What I needed to know as a reader was provided through the narrative.The writing is tight and controlled, which I envisage is an intentional literary device, given the subject matter I very much appreciate Steelwhisper s crisp style and attention to detail.A most enjoyable read, and free.Thank you to the author and the Love is an Open Road team.

  15. Not your conventional romance erotica short, but it s got a hint of both.I liked the feel this book gives the reader, and the small innuendos of what will happen next.I can totally picture what is in store for the two MCs.Lovely and refreshing.

  16. Imagine being zoomed inside the mind of a tightly bound man, spreadeagled and serving as a table, rope itching, overall discomfort only bound to exponentially grow Imagine feeling the muscles beginning to ache, the light abrasion, the need to center Imagine being the rope And then being brought back with a flashback to the start of the tale.Imagine a long sequence shot, revealing yet discrete, allowing you access to a deliriously sensual, slow, understated scene There is something so perfectly h [...]

  17. This was very typically Steel In reading her other shorts and her comments in discussion threads I ve noted that her writing style is probably best described as deliberate with purpose Similar to George this work left me unsettled, most likely because the extreme discomfort of the event is described with so much detail I was uncomfortable Sounding well thank you for that Steel yet another thing I cannot unknow I think the biggest thing for me is the work is so brief yet makes such a strong impac [...]

  18. Beautiful writing that conveys simply what is needed, and nothing extra Quiet, peaceful writing.A quiet, peaceful love story, with a perfect, quiet HEA ending I know there have been other interpretations, but that s the only way I can see it.Perfect.Thank you, Steel.

  19. As someone else said, this was elegant It was perfect for a story about Japanese kinbaku masters I loved how Steelwhisper succeeded to make every move measured and sensual at the same time It s like the whisper of the rope or of the silk against our skin.It could be a great opener to a much longer story Even the cover is refined.I really loved it Encore

  20. I don t anything to add to my review that others have not said so much eloquently But damn, this novella had me still thinking about it the following day What a wonderful sensual, erotic, peaceful, respectful, warm story Yes, I know I m weird The sounding needle scene really gave me a case of penis envy It was so very hot.

  21. Thanks to the author for the effort and participating in this event and offering this freebie.Beautiful and intense story with wonderful writing that leaves you wanting , the author has truly captured the prompt and the photo in a very erotic and enjoyable way, great job and well done

  22. Beautifully appropriate cover Once again I am so impressed with this writer s abilities When I saw the prompt photo I wasn t sure I wanted to read it A few sentences in, I was captivated Beautiful writing erotic and sensuous without sliding into vulgarity and crudeness which would have been unsuitable and unseemly for this story.

  23. This story is free as part of M M Romance Group event Love is an open road.For a story that short, the characters were surprisingly well drawn.Unfortunately, they felt wrong This story has betrayed my every expectation.I liked the prompt I did not feel that the story fulfilled it in any way Cultural inaccuracies, mixing real Japanese terms in the correct context with the other Japanese words Western BDSM has adopted and changed the original meaning, unnatural dialogue and abrupt ending these are [...]

  24. 4.5 starsHoly cow, this was a wonderful story I loved how authentic it felt A lot of fiction these days reads like just that, fiction Stories made up without some semblance of reality to keep the reader engrossed This story held me at ransom from beginning to end I literally couldn t put it down and read it in one sitting Well done, indeed.

  25. Not my kink I might have just scared myself away from bdsm books, but I ll probably be conclusive about it after reading For Real.Also I ve been disappointed by yet another short story.

  26. Perfectly paced and as stunning and simple as a Japanese Tea Ceremony, except with a fireworks display as a finale.

  27. It s a nippety little thing really A prosaic touch to keep you on edge and think rather than feel Atleast for me I kept thinking and thinking and imagining during the whole short ceremony And whenever I felt, I just vibrated with the girth of it Ivar San, dude you re one brave fucker And he gets his reward A different HFN.

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