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Om høsten

↠ Om høsten ☆ Karl Ove Knausgård ↠ Om høsten ☆ Karl Ove Knausgård - Om høsten, Om h sten N n r jeg skriver dette vet du ingenting om noe hva som venter deg hvilken verden du blir til i Og jeg vet ingenting om deg Jeg har sett et ultralydbilde og lagt h nden p magen du ligger i det

  • Title: Om høsten
  • Author: Karl Ove Knausgård
  • ISBN: 9788249515608
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover

↠ Om høsten ☆ Karl Ove Knausgård, Om høsten, Karl Ove Knausgård, Om h sten N n r jeg skriver dette vet du ingenting om noe hva som venter deg hvilken verden du blir til i Og jeg vet ingenting om deg Jeg har sett et ultralydbilde og lagt h nden p magen du ligger i det er alt Et barn skal bli f dt Og en far setter seg ned for skrive til det Han vil vise barnet hva som venter hvilken myriade av fenomener og materie dyr og mennesker N n r jeg skriver de

Om høsten

↠ Om høsten ☆ Karl Ove Knausgård ↠ Om høsten ☆ Karl Ove Knausgård - Om høsten, Om h sten N n r jeg skriver dette vet du ingenting om noe hva som venter deg hvilken verden du blir til i Og jeg vet ingenting om deg Jeg har sett et ultralydbilde og lagt h nden p magen du ligger i det Om høsten

  • ↠ Om høsten ☆ Karl Ove Knausgård
    420Karl Ove Knausgård
Om høsten

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  1. I loved this work, a huge departure from the maximalist, inward peering sprawl of MY STRUGGLE, whose quality has been sadly lost in the Sturm und Drang that has surrounded Knausgaard s rise to fame He has always been an extraordinarily good line level writer except for his notoriously horrendous dialogue, which is totally absent here The concept lets him hone in on his strength of observation these are the first 90 or so entries in a string of 1 2 page descriptions for his unborn daughter The ot [...]

  2. While we re all anxiously awaiting the sixth and final edition of My Struggle to be translated and published in English sometime in 2018, Knausgaard appears to have moved on to writing short essays about everyday objects and concepts piss, apples, forgiveness, toilets, eyes, vomit, etc The essays often start describing these things anyway, but the interesting part of this book really has less to do with the objects or concepts themselves, and to do with how Knausgaard decides to describe them w [...]

  3. the form should shape the text but not be conspicuous in itself, what matters are the emotions and thoughts it evokes, while the text itself, to those who discern it, should be as cold and clear as glass Karl Ove Knausg rd, AutumnKnausg rd has published a beautiful both the HB Penguin press printing and the writing book Obviously, one of four Why start in Autumn Why not I m not sure if this was an idea that came to him one summer and so the obvious time to start was the beginning of the next sea [...]

  4. Probably a better introduction to Knausgaard than My Struggle Book One, especially for those with shorter attention spans or daily subway rides, and certainly easier reading than A Time for Everything Like his excellent and comparatively very much under read exchange of letters with another writer about the World Cup in Brazil, Home and Away Writing the Beautiful Game, this squirms with life Squirmy perceptions of life all around the author are contained by the overall volume with the seasonal t [...]

  5. Out today August 22nd 2017 Karl in this series of letters to his daughter who is in utero describes mundane topics and items He is the king of transforming mundane topics into interesting prose The letters range from apples, bottles, autumn leaves, vomit, flies, toilet bowels, drums, blood, and lime among other topics Can t wait to read Winter, Summer, and Spring.

  6. Karl Ove Knausgard is always playing with form and autobiography I saw one blurb that described this as a personal encyclopedia It comes closest to Annie Dillard in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, where she writes about the seasons and other observations that come from a mind that takes the time to observe I feel they are kindred spirits in some ways, but Karl takes pleasure from bodily fluids than Annie ever would This is the first of a cycle of similar writings, and because of the place and time he [...]

  7. What if you met with good ole Karl Ove for a coffee and, in his case, a cigarette every day Over the course of time, you might discuss any number of mundane things Together and written up, his thoughts would resemble Pictures at an Exhibition Call it Autumn, then, and market it, too, because Karl Ove is famous enough to sell such truck whereas most are not.Just how hum is this drum A roll call, for example purposes I ll dispose with the quotation marks for titles because it will slow me down App [...]

  8. Knausgaard s Autumn, part of his seasonal quartet the only one I have read I believe that Winter is also available , examines the world in all of Knausgaard s intense detail The book is wrapped around a letter to his unborn daughter, his fourth child In short sections, Knausgaard explores the objects and experiences of the world, from the most humble toilet bowls, buttons to the grand dawn, silence Nothing is too big or to minute for Knausgaard his book is a celebration of the world as well as [...]

  9. Being up front, this was a just a tiny bit, well, boring Knausgard writes well and some passages really do sparkle with the appreciation he has for the smallest and largest things in life but honestly, the rest fell a bit flat Too many meh chapters Being honest, I don t really what to know his thoughts on the labia.

  10. Karl Ove Knausg rd s seasonal cycle starts here in autumn And why not For the Norwegian the reason was obviously his fourth child Daughter Anna is still sojourning in her mother s womb, but she already gets mail from her father For each of the three autumn months, a letter to Anna and twenty essays are deposited here These are all rather short, only one or two pages, so you can confidently speak of essayslets The topics can hardly be defined exactly On a higher level it s about how we experience [...]

  11. The overall experience was almost pure pleasure of a very Knausgaardian kind sixty poetic micro ruminations on random topics, full of the oddity of the ordinary, the unrepeatable event that returns in dreams, the humor of everyday humiliation, the sudden painful or shameful memory, the drive to analyze and that wondrous moment when analysis fails This seems to me to be a new way to do philosophy, and maybe theology as well As with the My Struggle series, it resonated with my own memories I also [...]

  12. Letters are nothing but dead signs, and books are their coffins Not a sound has issued from this text while you have been reading it From Silence Framed by a series of letters to his unborn daughter, Knausgaard uses the space to interpret the everyday of objects, processes, and relationships Observational short essays, woven with memory and contemplation, and a true work of life itself, both the beauty and the hardships I was drawn to this book by my desire to read translated literature, an int [...]

  13. The mini essays in this collection vary so wildly in tone from nostalgic to didactic and quality that it s hard to make generalizations about the whole Some of the most obvious subjects Twilight, Autumn Leaves, Dawn evoke the most poetic reflections, while the off the wall topics Buttons, Toilet Bowls elicit tedious history biology lessons or superfluous commentary There s too much about orifices and bodily fluids, and for all this presents itself as a primer to an unborn child, it rarely feels [...]

  14. Karl Ove Knausg rd kennen we nog van de zes kloeke delen Mijn strijd , maar vergeet die want hij houdt het nu klein Herfst is een verzameling observaties van alledag Wel nog met diezelfde scherpe opmerkingsgave kijkt Knausg rd nu naar de wereld om zich heen.Zo lezen we een mijmering over appels en sinaasappels Wat in het noorden groeit heeft een toegankelijke schil waardoor je ze inKnausg rds woorden zo naar binnen kunt slobberen terwijl de vruchten uit het zuiden nog noeste arbeid vereisen Ja, [...]

  15. 2 stars means it s ok and I feel it s a perfect rating for Autumn by literary celebrity Karl Ove Knausgaard You ll find here fragments about peeing, vomiting, different types of animals, elements of clothing, elements of buildings, all being used as a tool to deliver Knausgaard philosophy of what world is living vs dying, temporary vs permanent etc and what matters in life, love, family etc sounds nice but a bit trivial This is exactly what this book was for me, nice, easy to read, sometimes a b [...]

  16. I want to show you our world as it is now the door, the floor, the water tap and the sink, the garden chair close to the wall beneath the kitchen window, the sun, the water, the trees You will come to see it in your own way, you will experience things for yourself and live a life of your own, so of course it is primarily for my own sake that I am doing this showing you the world, little one, makes my life worth living Autumn is the first volume in Karl Ove Knausg rd s rstidsencyklopedien series [...]

  17. Meditations on the mundane and some nice artwork in this book Knausgaard looks closely at the things we take for granted everyday and turns them into something grand This collection of short essays are divided by month September, October and November and each section starts with a letter addressed to his unborn daughter A lovely idea and a lovely little book.

  18. De wereld is om zeep, er gebeuren rare dingen rondom mij zingt een welbekende Vlaamse zanger op de radio Deze zwarte dag waarop een gek president in Amerika werd benodigt een zware zalf, tegen de pijn van het zijn Zoals de Amerikanen massaal Canada lijken op te zoeken kunnen ook wij van onze Noorderburen leren En dan bedoel ik het echt hoge Noorden Noorse inzichten die niet lichtzinnig doch ook niet zwaar op de hand zijn Het boek Herfst brengt deze lichtheid in zware tijden binnen Ik kan geen en [...]

  19. You know how a camera can zoom in on a small object or a faraway object and you can see everything about the object That s what Karl Ove Knausgaard does He chooses objects randomly, it seems and closes in on them wasps, chewing gum, the sun, porpoises and just looks at them And looks And looks And you suddenly see the object and it seems like something you have just seen for the first time.Now I can t wait to read Winter.

  20. Anything Knausgaard writes between now and the day he dies will forever be compared to his My Struggle books, and found wanting This, obviously, is not as good as those almost nothing is, to be fair but it s still good.

  21. msarki.tumblr post 169804 Shame relates to reality as it ought to be, not reality as it is.Having listened and watched Karl Ove Knausg rd brilliantly interview favorite contemporaries such as Claire Louise Bennett and Tomas Espedal, and having read his first two volumes of My Struggle before my throwing in the towel, I was expecting something revealing and confessional in these letters to his unborn daughter It felt hollow to me and the words not as carefully placed and evolved as his previous [...]

  22. I don t think it is the child s helplessness we are defenceless against, that isn t what goes straight to the heart, but rather its innocence For one knows how much pain the world will inflict, one knows how complicated and difficult life will become and how the child will develop a whole series of defence mechanisms, avoidance strategies and methods of self preservation in that intricate interaction with one s social environment that a full life entails, for better or worse None of this is pres [...]

  23. This book was rough to get through I was expecting so much from this book since I enjoyed the first book in My Struggle so much, but this book really left me feeling bored throughout most it.

  24. The book is beautiful the quality of the articles variable I highly enjoyed some of the short pieces while others felt like reading the author s writing exercises Overall, the book is a good read, but it fails short of changing one s worldview, as I had initially expected.

  25. A transparent time capsule, a carefully build encyclopedia of meaning and objects, written by a father to his unborn baby girl Knausgaard is such a gentle writer, reading him is like sailing in a boat, rocking every once in a while, feeling the current of words and style An enjoyable, touching collection of essays, written one per day, on everyday objects and experience telephones, snakes, chewing gum, cars, forgiveness.

  26. Knausg rd zei na het voltooien van zijn zesdelige autobiografie dat hij niet meer zou schrijven, dat alles eruit was, maar dat was natuurlijk niet waar Natuurlijk bleef hij schrijven Herfst is het eerste deel van vier aan de seizoenen gebonden bundeltjes, met daarin kleine observaties en brieven aan zijn nu nog niet geboren dochter, het vierde kind dat hij en zijn vrouw Linda zullen krijgen.Uit de vaak lichte en soms humoristische stukjes in Herfst blijkt wel dat hij anders is gaan schrijven dan [...]

  27. Won in the First Reads giveaway.I feel like this is the type of thing you should read slowly Like, get a fancy bookmark for it and only read one passage per day I liked how he took mundane subjects and wrote mini essays on them This doesn t quite encourage me to read his six part autobiography though I would love to see the finished book to see the illustrations in colour.

  28. ons leven kijken we in duizenden ogen, de meeste glijden ongemerkt voorbij, maar dan is er plots iets, juist in dat paar ogen, wat je wilt hebben en waar je ik weet niet wat voor zou doen om er in de buurt van te kunnen zijn p.276

  29. Wsp ln cech tych wszystkich ruch w jest t sknota za autentyczno ci , to znaczy za miejscem, w kt rym wyobra enia o rzeczywisto ci i rzeczywisto to jedno i to samo Innymi s owy za yciem, istnieniem, wiatem bez ram.Kupi am Przeczyta am I nie wiem.Karl Ove Knausg rd, wygl daj c przez okno, nie widzi podw rka zawalonego dzieci cymi zabawkami, przebarwiaj cych si drzew czy zarastaj cego glonami stawu Karl Ove Knausg rd widzi plastik, genialny wynalazek, z kt rego wytworzono zabawk dla dziecka, cudown [...]

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