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Om vinteren

Om vinteren Best Download || [Karl Ove Knausgård] Om vinteren Best Download || [Karl Ove Knausgård] - Om vinteren, Om vinteren N n r jeg skriver dette vet du ingenting om noe hva som venter deg hvilken verden du blir til i Og jeg vet ingenting om deg Jeg har sett et ultralydbilde og lagt h nden p magen du ligger i det

  • Title: Om vinteren
  • Author: Karl Ove Knausgård
  • ISBN: 9788249515615
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover

Om vinteren Best Download || [Karl Ove Knausgård], Om vinteren, Karl Ove Knausgård, Om vinteren N n r jeg skriver dette vet du ingenting om noe hva som venter deg hvilken verden du blir til i Og jeg vet ingenting om deg Jeg har sett et ultralydbilde og lagt h nden p magen du ligger i det er alt Et barn skal bli f dt Og en far setter seg ned for skrive til det Han vil vise barnet hva som venter hvilken myriade av fenomener og materie dyr og mennesker N n r jeg skriver d

Om vinteren

Om vinteren Best Download || [Karl Ove Knausgård] Om vinteren Best Download || [Karl Ove Knausgård] - Om vinteren, Om vinteren N n r jeg skriver dette vet du ingenting om noe hva som venter deg hvilken verden du blir til i Og jeg vet ingenting om deg Jeg har sett et ultralydbilde og lagt h nden p magen du ligger i det Om vinteren

  • Om vinteren Best Download || [Karl Ove Knausgård]
    223Karl Ove Knausgård
Om vinteren

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  1. An effective, often moving continuation of his excellent Autumn, as Knausgaard continues to write brief pieces to his unborn daughter, trying to explain the world one word at a time As with the first book in this quartet, there is a pre occupation with the elemental aspects of humanity, as the author explores why we have retreated inside as a species, and how we perceive infinity In this philosophic bent, the book has as much to do with his underrated masterpiece A TIME FOR EVERYTHING as it does [...]

  2. Winter has almost no self confidence after the triumph of summer and autumn s resolute clean up that followed, for what is winter, with its snowfalls and its icing of the waters, other than a cheap conjurer Karl Ove Knausg rd, WinterI m definitely a Knausg rd fan I love his observations I love his energy I love his prose He isn t always perfect, but he is constantly pushing and exploring This book is book 2 in his rstidsencyklopedien Seasonal Encyclopedia Series Winter or Om vinteren His first b [...]

  3. My favorite of the three Knausgaard books I ve read so far, and miles better than Autumn These short essays successfully evoke the sensations of winter and the conflicting emotions elicited by family life and childhood memories The choices of topic in Autumn Toilet Bowls, Vulva were often so peculiar that I didn t know what they were doing there, but I think I see now what Knausgaard was trying to do This series is, loosely, a set of instruction manuals for his unborn daughter, who is born a mon [...]

  4. This is the second volume in the four season set of Season Encyclopedias, where the author writes an essay about a one word object topic concept, in one sitting They vary in seriousness and theme, and I think the seasons sometimes effect the essays and sometimes they don t Still, I started reading Winter when we had a snow day, because it seemed the closest I could get to Norwegian weather The object nature concept essays are interspersed with letters to his unborn born daughter, because she com [...]

  5. Winter is Karl Ove s season His imagination cuts loose in this second volume of his Seasonal Encyclopedia The writing is whimsical, at times fantastic, hilarious or joyful, while not losing his ruminating voice or his confrontations with mortality and eternity There s a sweetness to many stories involving his children and his own childhood memories, snowfall, Christmastime festivities with their blessing curse of houseguests, and the birth of his daughter Maybe especially because of her birth, t [...]

  6. More of the same, maybe not as tight, definitely not as novel as the first installment Autumn, the significance feels forced at times, the whole project like practice runs, exercises, but still I enjoy reading it for the world evoked and system of associations will read the remaining two seasons as soon as they appear Here s a quotation toward the end that summarizes the thematic dealio throughout most of all it probably has to do with the dynamics between the visible and the hidden, between wh [...]

  7. I d be surprised to see much variation in other readers takes on Karl Ove s Autumn vs Karl Ove s Winter More of the same Some weaker, some stronger, some just ordinary Karl, our favorite have a beer with guy and please don t smoke.Only the conceit of writing these to his unborn daughter disappears about 3 4ths through, as the little one is born on 28 January This means that Spring which has already sprung, I believe, in Europa will be essays written to his infant daughter, and Summer take the hi [...]

  8. Winter by the Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard is the second in his series of essays and letters written to his unborn daughter Knausgaard is well known for his six volume biography My Struggle His writing breaks all rules about writing, and is spontaneous, unstudied, often confessional, and sometimes mundane In almost daily meditations over December, January, and February, the author wrote about whatever was on his mind Owls, Christmas, people he knows, the mythical legend Loki, and even to [...]

  9. comunidadeculturaearteKarl Ove Knausg rd alcan ou fama mundial quando se disp s a narrar a sua vida, com um registo h brido entre mem ria e fic o, num conjunto de livros ao qual deu o nome de A Minha Luta Com uma totalidade de seis volumes e cerca de tr s mil p ginas quatro dos volumes est o j publicados em portugu s, pela Rel gio d gua este projecto chocou o mundo, ou parte dele, pelo menos, pela forma como o noruegu s n o poupou qualquer detalhe nem ningu m aos seus retratos do quotidiano Prat [...]

  10. Jeg valgte at h re Om Vinteren som lydbog p norsk, og det kan kun anbefales Den er letforst elig, og det tilf jer en poesi og tone, der h jner bogens indhold Formen er den samme som Om H sten se beskrivelsen nedenfor , men jeg blev bekr ftet i, at det er de personlige prosastykker dem, der minder mest om Min Kamp , der taler mest til mig Om H sten best r af encyklop diske prosastykker Og hvis man ikke forventer andet, s er den en forn jelse at l se Hvorimod, hvis man forventer Min Kamp 7, s bliv [...]

  11. Onkel Knausg rd gelangt bei seiner Welterkl rung im kalten Winter an und scheint durch die Geburt seiner j ngsten Tochter etwas den Fokus zu verlieren Im Winter ist zwar weiterhin eine ber hrende Sammlung von kurzen Texten, die grosse und kleine Dinge in unserem Leben fassbar machen und beschreiben, irgendwie wollte der Funken dieses Mal aber nicht so richtig r berspringen Gewisse Momente wirkten etwas belanglos, andere waren Wiederholungen f r mich als Leser seiner autobiographischen Reihe.Sein [...]

  12. Terwijl ik de mijn strijd reeks niet vervolledigde trekt deze seizoensreeks me wel aan Knausgard waar is dat a tje met dat bolletje als je het nodig hebt heeft een onovertreffelijk observatievermogen als het om dingen in ons dagelijks leven gaat die we als zo vanzelfsprekend zijn gaan zien dat ze niets apart meer vormen.Zo schrijft hij in dit boek opnieuw over natuurelementen, chemische processen en het heelal, maar evengoed over menselijke aspecten, lichaamsdelen, dinosaurussen van zielen die i [...]

  13. T m oli viel parempi kuin edellinen osa, Syksy, joka sekin oli loistava Teos on monipuolisuudessaan aarreaitta on hauskoja, vakavia, henkil kohtaisia, yleisi ja monen muun laisia kirjoituksia Sit voi lukea hitaasti, tekstin kerrallaan aina kun ehtii tai sitten kerralla antautuen t ysin Knausg rdin ajatusten maailmaan T h n kirjaan palaan viel monta kertaa.

  14. I definitely enjoyed this than Autumn, even though the words chosen for this installment are less original and inspiring than the ones in the first volume The ones in which we have a peak at Knausg rd as a father are the most accomplished, such as Father Christmas, where he and a friend dress up as Santa Claus to surprise their respective children, Nikolai Astrup, where he and his family visit his mother in north west Norway, Setting Limits, where he reflects on the necessity for parents to set [...]

  15. Kdy Karl Ove naserv roval 6x sv kovou, tak te nem e p ij t s knedl kama s vaj kem Bohu el ale p esn o to se tu sna O ividn po dops n Jeho boje zjistil, e nem e jen tak p estat ps t a tak pokra uje s dal kvadrologi pojmenov n podle ro n ch obdob , kterou v nuje sv nenarozen dce i Po et str nek je v ak v razn ni.Po d je to Knausg rd, ale u to ob as trochu p eh n , tak nap klad celou jednu kapitolu kouk na sk a p emej l z eho se skl d Po p e ten v ech d l p ede l s gy ho u zn m jak Paliho a tak m s [...]

  16. Mijn gevoelens schieten alle kanten op, slaan tegen de muren van mijn innerlijk Dat gebeurt alleen als de balans tussen mij en andere mensen is verstoord Als iemand iets wil en ik nee zeg Of als mensen nee zeggen en ik toch mijn zin doordrijf Ik probeer het allebei te vermijden, zowel het nee zeggen als mijn zin doordrijven Dat is zwakte, zo gevoelig zijn voor andermans wil dat je die niet durft te trotseren p 157 Voor mij heel herkenbaar.

  17. Karl Ove Knausgaard s talent is to hold the reader s attention even as he writes about the small, mundane aspects of life in great detail As I read his My Struggle volumes, I kept asking myself why they were for me so intoxicating While it is not entirely satisfying, the only answer I could find was that he has an ability to defamiliarize, to portray even the most common event or thing in a new light Knausgaard s Winter, part of his new seasons quartet, underlines this talent In short two or thr [...]

  18. Auch der zweite Teil des Jahreszeitenzylkus hat mir wieder au erordentlich gut gefallen Im Vergleich zu Im Herbst sogar ein St ckchen besser Ich denke, dass liegt vor allem an den Dingen und Themen, welche Knausgard dieses Mal anspricht Diese waren hier vielschichtiger und doch etwas interessanter meines Erachtens Er schafft es auf alle F lle immer wieder selbst banale Dinge so zu hinterlassen, dass man wenigstens, wenn man diese dann das n chste Mal sieht, ber sie nachdenkt.

  19. Knausgaard is a master essayist He is, for one thing, a regular person He is a smart person, yes, but not an academic, and he leads a regular life of having to fix things around the house and to take your kids to soccer practice He is, however, able to look carefully at things and ideas and beliefs, very carefully, almost like taking a zoom lens to them, and flipping them, and looking at them upside down and backwards, and wildly speculating about things, until the reader marvels at the brillian [...]

  20. Karl Ove Knausgaard s second volume of his Seasonal Quartet, Winter, follows on the same threads as Autumn, with three letters to his unborn daughter the last one written in the hospital just after her birth framing a series of short observational pieces about his surroundings Where Autumn was a book about change, in nature as well as society, Winter digs into the feeling of collective hibernation that swallows up the northern hemisphere a period of stasis and preparation Autumn is a transition [...]

  21. Knausgard continues these essays through the winter months, interspersed with letters to his fourth daughter He discovers fascination with such a wide range of subjects, from otters and owls to atoms Included are studies of some friends acquaintances, miniatures that create entire portraits, and also glimpses into the life of his rambunctious family Several of these resonated strongly with me, as how he addresses the subject of Hollow Spaces, observing that mankind spends a lot of time creating [...]

  22. Winter is the second book in Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard s seasonal quartet The whole of the book is addressed to his unborn daughter From the very beginning, it felt quite open and honest, and the writing is often thoughtful, and really quite lovely I only read a third of the book before giving up on it, however the structure, in which short essays had been placed willy nilly into the whole, did not work for me, and it seemed to have little or no direction for the most part Surely the [...]

  23. Den f rste av de fire rstidb kene jeg leste Knausg rd veksler som vanlig mellom v re veldig skarp og observant, personlig og finseframkallende pomp s gjerne i samme tekst.Egner seg fint lese for alle med sm lommer av tid og ambisjoner om bruke dem til noe annet enn sosiale medier.

  24. I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review I wanted to like this, I just could not get into it It was very dry and it felt like he was just rambling, at times.

  25. Knausgard gaat in Winter vrolijk verder waar hij in Herfst mee begonnen en ik kan niet wachten tot het Lente wordt

  26. Knausg rd fortsetter sin katalog over stort og sm tt, og klarer, i likhet med i Om h sten l fte de mest hverdagslige ting ut av selvf lgeligheten Her, som i forrige bok, handler det om se se p nytt og om gjenoppdage Den lille epistelen om datteren som m p sykehus for en enkel operasjon er en liten perle av en tekst Mange forfattere kan skrive spennende om dramatiske og storslagne ting, kun en stor forfatter kan skrive interessant og spennende om dagliglivet, slik Knausg rd gj r.

  27. Ik ben niet overtuigd van het boek, maar lente ligt hier ook al klaar Karl Ove schrijft verhalen van twee vier pagina s over wat hem bezighoudt, soms echt absurd, soms ongelooflijk banaal De verhalen zijn gericht aan zijn dochter.

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