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Ethan's Secret

¿ Ethan's Secret ☆ Patrick Hodges ¿ Ethan's Secret ☆ Patrick Hodges - Ethan's Secret, Ethan s Secret Alpha Academic Press is pleased to announce the second novel by the renowned author of Joshua s Island Kelsey Callahan is smart tough and fiercely loyal to her friends She wants nothing than to follo

  • Title: Ethan's Secret
  • Author: Patrick Hodges
  • ISBN: 9780991493241
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback

¿ Ethan's Secret ☆ Patrick Hodges, Ethan's Secret, Patrick Hodges, Ethan s Secret Alpha Academic Press is pleased to announce the second novel by the renowned author of Joshua s Island Kelsey Callahan is smart tough and fiercely loyal to her friends She wants nothing than to follow in her father s footsteps and become a detective just like her hero Sherlock Holmes A natural leader problem solver and lover of mysteries Kelsey finally gets theAlpha Academic Pre

Ethan's Secret

¿ Ethan's Secret ☆ Patrick Hodges ¿ Ethan's Secret ☆ Patrick Hodges - Ethan's Secret, Ethan s Secret Alpha Academic Press is pleased to announce the second novel by the renowned author of Joshua s Island Kelsey Callahan is smart tough and fiercely loyal to her friends She wants nothing than to follo Ethan's Secret

  • ¿ Ethan's Secret ☆ Patrick Hodges
    378Patrick Hodges
Ethan's Secret

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  1. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Patrick Hodges Did you meet anyone today Not really, I said, which was the truth But at that moment, all I could picture was the face of the girl with the freckles.This was quite a cute middle grade contemporary romance, with a touch of romance and mystery.I liked Kelsey and Ethan, and I thought they made a really cute couple I liked how Kelsey tried to help her friends, even when she had no idea wh [...]

  2. I m never sure about YA books which despite my advancing age I read along with everything else Sometimes I run into a wall of disconnection whether that s my fault or the authors I m always going to blame the writer Ethan s Secret blew that wall down for me and as far as I m concerned, this is going to be one of my favourite books of the year and I can say that even though January has not yet passed The themes are familiar it is a story of Bullying, love, teenage angst and growing up This is a s [...]

  3. I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of Ethan s Secret.I LOVED Patrick Hodges debut book Joshua s Island , with its important anti bullying message There was a standout character in this tale that I m sure everyone loved, just as much as I did So I was excited to find out that Kelsey in fact had her own book, with her own story.Ethan, a new student at Kelsey s middle school, is mysterious and okay, really cute Kelsey finds Ethan fascinating She s obsessed with solving mysteries and eve [...]

  4. After hearing a lot of buzz about this book s predecessor, I decided to jump in and take a look I wasn t disappointed It was an entertaining read, yet was also a terrific coming of age story set against the backdrop of bullying That s not as depressing as it sounds, because author Patrick Hodges created good, believeable characters Not a Mary Sue in sight However, as I reached the book s end, whilst I was happy with it, I wanted , and with Ethan s Secret, we get .Frankly, had I known one of the [...]

  5. I absolutely adored Joshua s Island by Patrick Hodges, so I was thrilled when asked to read an advanced copy of his next book, Ethan s Secret Of course I said YES This book follows the story of Kelsey, the little spitfire from JI I have to admit that as much as I loved Joshua and Eve, Kelsey stole the spotlight in JI, and I was very much looking forward to reading my favorite character s backstory I was not disappointed.Patrick Hodges has this rare talent of transporting you into the midst s of [...]

  6. In Joshua s Island we got a glimpse at Kelsey s character traits And if you liked her spunk in Joshua s Island, you ll love her in Ethan s Secret.This is a wonderful story about growing up in junior high It starts with Kelsey s story, then switches to Ethan s view A new school year begins with the typical drama and like most girls, Kelsey is immediately intrigued with the mysterious new hottie But Kelsey soon learns this newcomer has a secret that awakens her detective nature She will stop at n [...]

  7. I thank Sarah and Patrick Hodges for giving me a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.My first impression of this book when i started reading was awww soo cute Let me tell you the romance part of this book is really cute thats was the main highlight of this book for me Obviously Ethan s secret was a big part of the book and i had no doubt that Kelsey , who os the character that i enjoyed the most, Being the detective she is would solve the mystery than Ethan was.There is anothe [...]

  8. Ethan s Secret is a wonderful sequel to Joshua s Island, and yet another wonderfully written novel by author Patrick Hodges I was lucky enough to receive an advanced reader s copy of Hodges sequel.Whereas in Joshua s Island, we were introduced to Kelsey Callahan, a new to town fifth grader who wasn t afraid to stand up for what or who she believed in, Ethan s Secret introduced us to the softer side of Kelsey Even though she will still stand up for what s right, she comes to learn that she someti [...]

  9. In Patrick Hodge s second book, Ethan s Secret we get to go back to the world of Joshua s Island for an entirely new story Within the first few chapters, I really enjoyed the way Kelsey and Ethan s stories began to unfold, but my initial thoughts were, I liked Joshua s Island better As the story progressed, and I realized just how different this book was shaping up to be, I changed my mind I loved it just as much as Joshua s Island but for very different reasons The author could have easily gone [...]

  10. Ethan s Secret is a wonderful story about friendship, and just how difficult that can be during the middle school years You first meet Kelsey in the first book of Patrick Hodges, Joshua s Island Ethan s Secret picks up a few years later when Kelsey meets Ethan, a new boy to her school She feels like she can finally solve one of those mysteries she s always akin too, but doesn t realize she s opening a can of worms that could cost a lot of lives.The secondary story of her friendships with April, [...]

  11. I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review Actual Rating 4.5 This was a great sequel to Joshua s Island I loved that I got to know a little but about Joshua and Eve I thought this book was well written This book starts off slow, then got really good at the second half I loved the characters Kelsey was very likeable and cute Ethan was mysterious and cute I found myself rooting for them throughout the book I love Baz, he was my favourite secondary character This was an am [...]

  12. I received a copy from the author, In exchange for an honest review Kelsey was a likable character, and her and Ethan were cute together.At first, I thought this one was slightly less enjoyable than book one, but it picked up in the second half and I ended up enjoying them about the same It was nice to see Eve and Josh and again, and I liked how this ended with them all being adults Overall, An okay read.

  13. I ve received the privilege of reading an ARC of Ethan s Secret and it blew me away As a teenager myself, I thought that the themes were eloquently knitted into the plot and the characters were very believable I found myself eating up every word, anxious to discover what happened next Do yourself a favor and read this book

  14. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review This was a great follow up to joshuas island which i also loved both books are a must read this year I will post a video review soon as i can get one done

  15. Rating 3.5 5Disclaimer I received a free ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Minor spoilers Ethan s Secret is told from two perspectives, similar to Joshua s Island The girl is Kelsey, who we met in Joshua s Island as the girl on Eve and Joshua s bus who stood up to the bullies and helped change the school for the better She s going into 8th grade, and becomes curious about a new boy, Ethan, who she sees in her Algebra class on the first day of school Being the Ju [...]

  16. Patrick Hodges proves, once again why he is a young adult author to watch in his new book, Ethan s Secret In this follow up book to Joshua s Island, we find the precocious and brave Kelsey Callahan a grown up teen on the verge of discovering boys.When we met her the first time we got the idea that she liked puzzles, but in a new boy in school she finds a new puzzle needing to be solved never mind the crush she develops on him As it turns out, the boy, Ethan, is just really trying to find a group [...]

  17. I was fortunate to receive an ARC of Ethan s Secret , the sequel to the highly successful Joshua s Island I found it an insightful and endearing combination of heartfelt romance and thrilling intrigue.Courageous Kelsey Callaghan from Patrick Hodge s first novel, Joshua s Island is now thirteen and in middle school Friends and relationships are her world The arrival of a quiet and broody boy, Ethan piques her curiosity and soon she is following in her father s footsteps trying to uncover the myst [...]

  18. We all have secrets We all have inner pain In Ethan s Secret, his affecting and beautifully crafted follow up to Joshua s Island, author Patrick Hodges explores that inner pain with a keen understanding of what is probably the most difficult year in any teenager s life 8th grade Deftly mixing a mystery story with the real issues all kids face as they straddle that line between childhood and becoming a teenager peer pressure, substance abuse, sexuality, finding one s voice, Hodges strikes a perfe [...]

  19. When I heard that Joshua s Island was getting a sequel in Kelsey s perspective I got ridiculously excited because Kelsey is one of my absolute favorites and I just happened to love the first book Well guess what I wasn t wrong to be ridiculously excited because Ethan s Secret exceeded my expectations and beyond Why you should read this book 1 Kelsey She s The Detective , spunky, and such an inspiring character 2 Ethan He s the mystery guy and so sweet It s so crazy how much he has gone through a [...]

  20. Patrick Hodges does it again Kelsey was one of my favorite characters in Joshua s Island so I was ecstatic to see that she got her own book.Kelsey is aspiring to be a detective after growing up with her father When Ethan arrives at her school as the new student, he becomes her new mystery to solve Badboy, quiet Ethan Along her journey to find out what he s hiding, they fall for each other in the sweetest possible way Ethan s Secret will keep you reading with the first chapters and I found myself [...]

  21. I love Patrick Hodges first book Joshua s Island so much that I couldn t wait to read his second novel, and it didn t disappoint This book is sweet and wonderful with the most perfect ending I could imagine I adored Kelsey in Joshua s Island and I m so happy that she got her own story You might think that a story centered around a bunch of eighth graders couldn t be an exciting adventure story for adults, but you would be wrong This book is thoroughly entertaining and wonderful for adults while [...]

  22. I thought Ethan s Secret was pretty good I loved the ending, which told a bit of how everyone turned out, and I loved how it included LGBT people who were just figuring it out I was able to figure out that Bree and Penny were gay pretty quickly, though A lot of books always seem to skip over the fact that middle school and high school is when kids start to figure out their sexuality, but this one didn t.Mystery books are usually some of my favorites I love to figure everything out along with the [...]

  23. Favourite Quote I loved him dearly, but that didn t mean I wanted his furry butt to be the first thing I saw in the morning I finished reading this book without realising that it was part of a series I normally prefer to read books in order however, this book is than capable of standing alone.Written in dual 1st person it deals with some major issues The start was a little slow, and on occasion, the conversation seems a little forced in order to fully present the message, however the actual dia [...]

  24. Actual rating 3.5 stars Honestly, I went into this book with super high expectations probably because I enjoyed the first one so much and while I wasn t disappointed in the overall story at all, there were a few things that I didn t like I ll list those first to get them out of the way and on to the good stuff First, I should issue a warning that the rest of this review will have some sub plot spoilers, but no plot spoilers I hope that makes sense.Okay, so I didn t like the whole sub pot with Ke [...]

  25. It would seem that Patrick Hodges deliberately goes out of his way to write about difficult and possibly contentious issues that face children and teenagers in schools today, and for that I applaud him These are subjects that need to be out in the open, especially in such an easily accessible format such as a book, not only to help those in life that are facing the same struggles, but to also educate those who are ignorant, and worse judgmental In another writers hands this story, and Joshua s I [...]

  26. After reading Joshua s Island, I was interested in reading Patrick Hodge s next book Ethan s Secret Ethan s Secret is a combination of young adult, romance, and mystery that will have you hooked from the beginning Although it can be read as a standalone, many characters from Joshua s Island make an appearance Kelsey Callahan, a character I adored from Joshua s Island, is now in the eighth grade and loves solving mysteries like her detective dad When a new student attends her school, Kelsey is de [...]

  27. I loved this book even though I m pretty sure I m way above the target age Kelsey, the lovable superhero from Patrick Hodges first book, is at it again She s the kind of middle schooler that every parent and every teacher dreams of having She stands up to bullies, she befriends the new kids, and she sticks by her friends no matter what We all wish we could be a little like Kelsey, even though she s only in the eight grade,Ethan and his family have a dangerous secret but Kelsey doesn t realize ho [...]

  28. Ethan s Secret is a wonderful and easy read I went into this book with high expectations of a good time I was not disappointed While the story confronts and highlights many issues dealing with teens today, it was the story that grabbed me and pulled me through Those issues were brought to light through the story, and not something that might distract from it My interest never waned as I read On the contrary, it grew intense as I read further, making it difficult to put down The author does a wo [...]

  29. I absolutely loved this book, so much so I couldn t put it down I read Joshua s Island and I thought he couldn t develop the issues of bullying, friendship and Kelsey, the character who features in Ethan s Secret too Just goes to show how wrong one can be The story has moved forward and Kelsey is growing up, Patrick Hodges has done such a great job with her because I feel as if I know her personally We see the quieter side of Kelsey, though she does have her moments Her personality is one of str [...]

  30. Once again, Patrick Hodges characters have that genuine ring that I loved so much in Joshua s Island Kelsey is possibly one of my favourite characters in any book I ve ever read.Kelsey s dad is a detective and she spends all her time reading mystery stories and dreaming about being a detective someday The perfect guinea pig for her investigative aspirations is Ethan, a boy who s just moved to her middle school.At first I didn t enjoy Ethan s Secret as much as the first book the story didn t have [...]

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