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The Land of Green Ginger

[PDF] Read À The Land of Green Ginger : by Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone [PDF] Read À The Land of Green Ginger : by Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone - The Land of Green Ginger, The Land of Green Ginger This beloved classic is a funny clever and original novel that opens with Aladdin now Emperor of China trying to decide what to name his son a child who won t stop talking and is already far too ar

  • Title: The Land of Green Ginger
  • Author: Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone
  • ISBN: 9780140302561
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read À The Land of Green Ginger : by Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone, The Land of Green Ginger, Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone, The Land of Green Ginger This beloved classic is a funny clever and original novel that opens with Aladdin now Emperor of China trying to decide what to name his son a child who won t stop talking and is already far too articulate for his own good The Genie of the Lamp announces that Abu Ali should be the child s name and that his destiny is to rescue the magician who created the Land of GreThi

The Land of Green Ginger

[PDF] Read À The Land of Green Ginger : by Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone [PDF] Read À The Land of Green Ginger : by Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone - The Land of Green Ginger, The Land of Green Ginger This beloved classic is a funny clever and original novel that opens with Aladdin now Emperor of China trying to decide what to name his son a child who won t stop talking and is already far too ar The Land of Green Ginger

  • [PDF] Read À The Land of Green Ginger : by Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone
    315Noel Langley Edward Ardizzone
The Land of Green Ginger

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  1. This 1975 version simplifies and removes much of the wonderful elaboration of language that is to be found in the 1966 text Such dumbing down is distressing to one who knows and loves the theatricality of the 1966 text The 1975 version is nowhere near as much of a pleasure to read aloud, and dress up and act to though the removal of much capitalisation can, for some, make it considerably easier if less colourful in the imagination to read silently.For example Every afternoon, just before Silver [...]

  2. Just to be clear, I am talking about the 2015 reprinted edition of the 1966 version of this book The Land of Green Ginger is a wonderful children s book, and as an added bonus makes for a wonderful adult book as well I first came across it many years ago, as a young child, from a public library I then lost track of it for a while before finding it again in a bookshop in the town where I lived as an older child But like the Land of Green Ginger itself, the book floated away somewhere while I wasn [...]

  3. I managed to obtain a tattered and falling apart copy of the 1966 paperback from ebay, for just over 5 Might sound a lot for a falling apart paperback, but considering that the only other copy I ve found for sale of the 1966 text is listed at 40 then I think it was a bargain.I ve also got a copy of the 1975 text for comparative reading, but I doubt I ll be able to get a hold of a copy of the original 1937 text without considerable expense Having glanced at the 1975 version after finishing this o [...]

  4. Brilliant and unbelievably good to read aloud Edward Ardizzone s illustrations are superb b w in the text, plus colour on the front back covers.Should I be stuck on a desert island with just the Bible KJV , the Works of William Shakespeare, and one other book to read then I m pretty sure that Noel Langley s The Land of Green Ginger would be that third book however I d try swap Shakespeare for the 1662 Book of Common Prayer This copy of The Land of Green Ginger is a 1972 reprint of Noel Langley s [...]

  5. My all time favourite children s book I read it as a child and I have always cherished the memories of Samarkand, Abu Ali, Boomalakka Wee, Omar Khayyam, Nosey Parker, Tintac Ping Foo and Rubdub Ben Thud I can recommend it to all children.I just re read it in a few hours, and it s just as good from an adult s point of view It should be read aloud.

  6. A very old fashioned not in an entirely good way fantasy I love the truly fantastic bits, but there s an awful lot of cultural appropriation and downright racism that makes me very uncomfortable.

  7. Boomalaka Wee 1 reason to read this book hilarious names 2 Edward Ardizonne is the illustrator 3 It s funny.Good enough for me.

  8. One of the great children s books Joshua Glenn, The Boston Globe What makes this familiar hero undergoing ordeals to win pretty girl plot unusually fun are the absurd supporting charactersd the skilled, playful writing Meghan Cox Gurdon, The Wall Street Journal The Land of Green Ginger is the perfect read aloud anti depressant I am very very very very pleased to announce that it is now in print in this country, in a lovely edition and I must say that the pleasures of the book are in the language [...]

  9. Themes fairy tales, adventure, magic, love, friendshipSetting China, Istanbul, and the Land of Green GingerAladdin is enjoying being emperor of China and celebrating the birth of his son, when his newborn son starts talking This is rather a shock, so Aladdin summons the genie again to ask what to do Turns out little Abu Ali is going to set off on an adventure to discover the location of The Land of Green Ginger and save the magician who lives there As soon as Abu Ali turns 18, he sets off on his [...]

  10. This may be a pointless review The copy I have is an original 1937 edition which, so far as I know, is the only one to contain the beautiful original colour illustrations by the author.Many if not all paperback editions may also have a different ending, which is unforgivable there was nothing wrong wit the original.The book tells of the adventures of Abu Ali, the son of Aladdin, who has become the Emperor of China It strength lies in the wonderful characters that people the book, from the young [...]

  11. I loved this book It was a quick, fun read A fantasy begun in ancient China, it plays with the genre Granted, the focus is on the language, not plot or character development, but it is a kick The word use is delightful and different, the voice of the narrator quirky and very present, and the situations funny.

  12. magic carpet, djinn in the lamp, wicked princes, beautiful and lovely lass, love at the first sight, the humble prince, the wicked prince, the talking mouse, an old wizard, the feather of phonix birds, desert, the land of green ginger what else can you ask from a fairy tale the land of green ginger delivers all

  13. Anybody out there happen to know whether any of the recent editions use the original text instead of the expurgated 1970s version

  14. It was very good My mum read it to me a very long time ago, so I hardly remember it But it was very strange that Abu Ali suddenly was eighteen.

  15. I m pretty sure I bought this book as a gift for one of my nieces many years ago It popped up some other way recently, so I rather impulsively ordered it from the library I was thinking this kind of children s literature is about all my brain can handle right now Nothing heavy and a little fun and fantastical This book was exactly that and short, too The story is told in a fun voice and with spunky characters Almost a little too slapstick, but it is hard not to love the main character, Abu Ali, [...]

  16. It was the Edward Ardizzone illustrations that drew me in compulsively to this book, and they are an absolute delight full of magic and wonder and joy From the beginning it s a book that reveals itself as a sequel to Aladdin and has a real fairytale pantomine feel to it The story has everything, from wicked princes, to thieves, to djins and comedy characters, but it is a very old fashioned fantasy Creative and delightful it might be but it s also borderline racist I think probably than borderli [...]

  17. Truly hilarious the alliteration only adds to the buffoonery of the villains, and the hi jinks throughout are absolutely entertaining.

  18. SPOILER ALERTThis book is an amazing book with ton of humor, I think that one of my favorite parts was when there was only one carpet for the evil princes

  19. This was a cute little story about Aladdin once he s married and has a baby The baby, Abu Ali, has to rescue a button nosed tortoise who s really a magician by finding the flying kitchen garden called The Land of Green Ginger In the meantime, he also wins the hand of the beautiful princess she might not actually be a princess, but is the daughter of a wealthy man Abu Ali has to compete with other suitors and use his wits and his trusty djinn to get him out of some serious scrapes While the femal [...]

  20. I grew up listening to this reading of The Land of Green Ginger as a cassette tape recorded from the vinyl record I was thrilled to find that the original radio station recording was available for download fromthevaultradio home 201The rebroadcast also includes tidbits about the history of the recording and the book itself I did not know how old the story was or that it had gone through so many revisions Now that I m an adult that regularly listens to audiobooks, I have enough information to mak [...]

  21. After an age of watching, a copy of this came up on ebay with a start price of 1.99 I managed to win it for the incredible price of 26 The dust jacket is somewhat ripped and not all there, and it smells somewhat of smoke, but at 26 it was an absolute steal and worth every penny Someday I would love to own a 1st edition of this with the colour illustrations but as they seem to be very scarce and sell for 1000 it seems unlikely I ve not read it yet, but I will soon, and I ll finally be able to do [...]

  22. I remember a time in my teen years when this book came back dimly in memory but I could not think of the name It took me a long time to remember what it was called and then it was like winning the lottery I ran out and got a copy and read it again with delight Last year I read it again Such a treat By the way, the Ardizzone illustrations are indistinguishable from the text in my memory They are so much a part of the delight of this book.

  23. I have re read this book so many times Every time I loan it to a friend they love it as well.A wonderful, funny little book Kids will love you reading it to them, too Which kid wouldn t love two wicked princes called Tintac Ping Foo and Rub Dub Ben Thud Not to mention the son of the genie, Boomlakka Wee

  24. This is a lovely and funny fairy tale It contains many fairy tale tropes a virtuous hero, a task to win a princess, stupid opponents and makes fun of them at the same time The dialogs are hilarious but sometimes this feels a little to forced.The gender roles are unfortunately quite traditional.

  25. I keep hearing how this books was re written or edited and that lots o whimsical use of language has been lost, but not having been able to find an earlier edition, I can testify that this is a wholly delightful reading adventure Flying carpets, dragons, djinns and a floating kingdom feature prominently in these witty and suspenseful tales of Arabian nights.

  26. The ultimate child s fairy tale Exquisite My mother owns the first edition, so we are lucky to have it all not some pared down, condensed nonsense I adore this book My all star review is based on that first edition not this one where they can t even get the title right I can t find The Tale of the Land of Green Ginger, though, so I chose this one, just to get the title out there.

  27. What a neat little book The Land of Green Ginger has it all Fat Princes, a Hero, a button nosed Tortoise under a spell he can t shake, flying carpets, Ginger, a lovely lady, and the rare Phoenix feather The reads don t come much quicker than this and the writing is led with a satirical touch.

  28. Can t find my old original copy but picked this up in a charity shop It doesn t read quite right and I have discovered that this is a 1975 re write which is not as good as the 1966 one I have had since a child Perhaps it will turn up The whimsy stays just on the right side and the pace is great I still don t like Edward Ardizzone s illustrations.

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