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Blood Stain, Volume 1

Free Download Blood Stain, Volume 1 - by Linda Sejic Free Download Blood Stain, Volume 1 - by Linda Sejic - Blood Stain, Volume 1, Blood Stain Volume Mad science at its finest Chemistry major Elliot Torres has been unable to keep a steady job and eventually accepts a job by a rud mad scientist Dr Vlad Stein Humorous hijinks ensue as their collabor

  • Title: Blood Stain, Volume 1
  • Author: Linda Sejic
  • ISBN: 9781632155443
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Blood Stain, Volume 1 - by Linda Sejic, Blood Stain, Volume 1, Linda Sejic, Blood Stain Volume Mad science at its finest Chemistry major Elliot Torres has been unable to keep a steady job and eventually accepts a job by a rud mad scientist Dr Vlad Stein Humorous hijinks ensue as their collaboration becomes epic

Blood Stain, Volume 1

Free Download Blood Stain, Volume 1 - by Linda Sejic Free Download Blood Stain, Volume 1 - by Linda Sejic - Blood Stain, Volume 1, Blood Stain Volume Mad science at its finest Chemistry major Elliot Torres has been unable to keep a steady job and eventually accepts a job by a rud mad scientist Dr Vlad Stein Humorous hijinks ensue as their collabor Blood Stain, Volume 1

  • Free Download Blood Stain, Volume 1 - by Linda Sejic
    366Linda Sejic
Blood Stain, Volume 1

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  1. Science horror mad science Or at least that is what my completely lousy math brain would think After the first volume of Blood Stain, the results of the correctness of my math abilities are yet to come.This volume is of a super deep character study of an young woman who has been without proper work after her graduation For a whole two years.I like the concept as I live in a country that is full of highly educated people without any possibility to get work that would even slightly be in sync wit [...]

  2. I want you all to know I am a terrible person.As I read this, I kept thinking to myself Self, this sounds like something written by someone for whom English is not her first language But that couldn t be because while the author mentions her husband is named Stjepan and despite her last name being eji married name, probably , her first name is Linda So I assumedshe was English North American Australian some other country where the name Linda is super common and had married someone from oh, I don [...]

  3. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog 3.5 stars Somewhere in the asscrack of the Mediterranean This was a lot of fun Definitely not what one would expect from a title and a cover such as these, but Blood Stain is a great parody.Elliot Torres, the main character, is in search of a job after a series of failed attempts we see hilarious flashbacks of her previous jobs and she stumbles upon a flier saying that a lab assistant is needed Her future boss is a weird Frankenstein type of character, wh [...]

  4. Blood Stain was a comic I was eager to read when I first read about it a few months ago Thanks to Netgalley I had a chance to read the first volume The illustrative work is beautiful, with lots of black and red to add to the dark yet funny story The story follows Elly, a recovering gamer who is living with her sister and her sister s family and needs to get a job to help support the household She tries a few jobs but none of them stick She is forced to apply for a job as an assistant to a Doctor [...]

  5. I don t know why but the first few pages immediately got me hooked.A woman in her late 20s desperately looking for a job, reluctantly accepts a suspicious opportunity.Bear in mind, this would be another lame and stupid psycho movie plot if not for her lengthy thoughts and monologues Every angle is considered I guess that was what made it realistic for me And the comedic tone made it entertaining.Don t forget to check out the random appendices at the end Plenty of funny stuff in that section alo [...]

  6. I ve been a big fan of Stjepan eji s work for a long time, so when I saw this in my my local comic store, I picked it up I m assuming it s his wife Sister It seems unlikely that there would be two illustrators from croatia both named Sejic with similar styles both working in comics Anyway I enjoyed this one well enough It s a bit of a slow start though I shouldn t throw any stones in that regard But it moves along well, and I m enjoying the characters Perhaps most importantly, I m genuinely curi [...]

  7. I received a digital copy of this for reviewing This one was great So funny I liked the main character Elliot She was so down to earth Her thirst for work was no mare matter Her sister kept pushing her on it, and she is also right two years without job can be pretty damaging The Doctor looked creepy enough, but I doubt he is evil I think he would turn out to be a generous person There were parody jokes about Adam s Family, Gandalf, and so on These were fun to read Also, every work tried by Ellio [...]

  8. This was fun Elliot Torres needs a job Money is tight, but somehow she manages to fail spectacularly at everything she tries She s desperate for work, so desperate that, when a mad scientist needs an assistant The cover is a bit misleading, or at least I was expecting something grim and bloody than I got Not that that s a bad thing This is funny, even a bit goofy Honestly, it s a story that, with different art, would be right at home in an issue of Josie and the Pussycats Some story points don [...]

  9. Divertido, brillante, Y quiero para ayer el segundo volumen Lo he le do en ingl s y me lo he pasado realmente bien Ha sido un regalo de no cumplea os, que me ha hecho realmente feliz.

  10. This was pretty damned great and I ll definitely be continuing with the series I love all the extras as well It s so nice to be able to get behind the scenes of creative processes.

  11. I received this book free from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.I picked this book up through cover love alone and I am so glad I did because this than surpassed my expectations This graphic novel is about a young woman named Elliot who is having trouble finding a job and actually keeping it She comes from a home that is struggling for money to the point where they are trying to decide which extra things they can cut from their bills, such as the internet or electricit [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this story At first I was a bit disappointed that the story never seemed to start But then, I just got into the story and evolution of Elly Linda Sejic does a great job of writing and drawing Elliot in a way that shows us her life and her changing as a person And she makes the character and the things she does interesting even though she s just dealing with real life stuff I ll definitely be looking for the next volume I mean, I have to find out what s going to happen with Ellio [...]

  13. I ve been following this comic for years on deviantart where you can still check it out for free , but the published version is polished and I enjoyed reading it again in bulk.This is a slice of life kind of comic about a young woman in desperate need of a job, with a wacky twist She finds employment with a creepy mad scientist of a doctor and his chef The characters are cute and the art is lovely.

  14. Loved this first volume, and now I m sad I ll have to wait for The artwork is fantastic, and the humor, with its Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings references, is right up my alley The extras in the back of the book are not to be missed.

  15. This was amazing, gothicky, fun and gorgeous everything I wanted it to be I am so gutted I have to wait till September till the next volume though grabby hands

  16. You might think Blood Stain Vol 1 by Linda Sejic is a horror title, and maybe it is, if your idea of horror is a story about a series of bad jobs.Elliot Torres has a degree in chemistry, but hasn t found the right job for her degree She finds an unusual ad on a bulletin board do people still find jobs this way , but the phone interview seriously creeps her out But she needs to find a job Her mother is ill and her sister and husband are doing all they can The problem is that Elliot is bad at keep [...]

  17. A solid four stars as I enjoyed this graphic novel and I look forward to volume two Plot I enjoyed reading about our heroine, Elly, as she struggles to get by after college in a tough economical reality Jobs are hard to come by and her field just isn t hiring it appears as she is in dead end job after dead end job and she s just not good at any of them When the job she was actually starting to enjoy lets her go, she decides to give the creepy Chemistry job a try Characters The characters are rel [...]

  18. Uhhh was ok I liked it I did The main character Elliot and everybody really They had obvious distinct personalities right from the start So I know the author has obviously made a long term plan for this comic right from the get go Downside was that this comic really wasn t about anything It s called blood stain and the creepy doctor doesn t even meet the main character Elliot until the last page The whole comic was her complaining about how hard life is and trying to get a job which is not the i [...]

  19. I found this hiding on the top shelf of the graphic novel section at my nearest Waterstone s, and was pretty stoked to find it as I thought it only existed in digital format I like some of her husband Stjepan s work and thought it would be great to try Linda s.The art style is gorgeous, and I found myself enamoured of the humour and Elly s character quite quickly she s clever but kind of lazy and feckless, I can relate to that to be honest haha I devoured the volume in the space of about an hour [...]

  20. I have read a lot of highbrow stuff lately So much, that I had forgotten that comics can be funny too Not in the LMAO or ROFL sense, but in smiles, giggles and snorts.The story is about a misfit, overqualified for most jobs, who talks to herself a lot and has self doubts Her chemistry training is apparently of no use when having to make a cup of coffee or making bread After two years of being unable to hold a job, she finds a weird ad for a lab assistant.Her background, relationships, dreams, wo [...]

  21. Picked it up as a part of the Humble Comics Bundle Sex Science by Top Cow and was pleasantly surprised This seems to be the Science part.The setting in a poor Mediterranean country speaks to me as an inhabitant of a poor Baltics country The plot was extremely slow in this one though, mainly outlining the main character getting to the creepy doctor mansion, but it was executed in nice humour and very nicely drawn art.Definitely a nice indie comic and definitely not horror, like making fun of all [...]

  22. I liked it but it felt like a lot of filler I did like the characters, I am interested in what will happen next, I just thought a little would happen in this volume or we could at least get a bit backstory like what s up with her mom, what s the story with her sister and her husband whom we don t meet, what s with her boyfriend that I didn t know existed until halfway through the volume, etc.

  23. Lovely art and, ultimately, fun The only thing that bothers me of this book is that things take too long to happen No I ll have to read the Volume 2 to see what goes on in that lab But I cannot deny it Elliot is super fun She s lovely She s real She feels real Her problems are my own So I have to admit that it is a lovely idea to add to my everyday s problems some chilling mistery It s really nice Seriously I laughed a few times while reading it I can only recommend it

  24. Read from her site as a free download, this didn t go much of anywhere All past failed jobs and how Elliot arrives at the door of this mysterious Dr Stein s house for an assistant job Far too much exposition and no insight into what her job will actually entail, although you know it s something questionable and yet the art is clean, the main character is lazy and humorous, and I wanted to keep reading Cutting off right as she arrives you, cliffhanger, you

  25. This first volume is a whole lot of Elliott doesn t have a job and is trying to get and keep one, money woes, etc and I slogged through it, but now that she s working with a mad scientist I ll stick around another volume to check it out Looks promising even with a slow start.

  26. I really love this series My only complaint The pacing is very slow and I just want of everything from it characters, development, and plot It s shaping up to be an interesting and odd story I just hate waiting for the pacing of the book to catch up to that.

  27. 3.5 starsI feel like i was just getting into this and then it ended I enjoyed the artwork and the writing but i had to deduct points for the shortness story ends 2 3 into the Graphic novel I will be picking up the next ones when i can because i did enjoy the characters.

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