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Give Me Yesterday

[PDF] Give Me Yesterday | by ↠ K.Webster Elle Christensen [PDF] Give Me Yesterday | by ↠ K.Webster Elle Christensen - Give Me Yesterday, Give Me Yesterday High powered divorce lawyer Victoria Larkin is known as the ice queen Tough Emotionless What they don t know is that ten years ago she lost everything Including her hope for the future Chase Monro

  • Title: Give Me Yesterday
  • Author: K.Webster Elle Christensen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Give Me Yesterday | by ↠ K.Webster Elle Christensen, Give Me Yesterday, K.Webster Elle Christensen, Give Me Yesterday High powered divorce lawyer Victoria Larkin is known as the ice queen Tough Emotionless What they don t know is that ten years ago she lost everything Including her hope for the future Chase Monroe struggles with his own demons Devastated by guilt and on a mission to correct his past he uses his skills as a college psychology professor to help others move beyondHigh powered

Give Me Yesterday

[PDF] Give Me Yesterday | by ↠ K.Webster Elle Christensen [PDF] Give Me Yesterday | by ↠ K.Webster Elle Christensen - Give Me Yesterday, Give Me Yesterday High powered divorce lawyer Victoria Larkin is known as the ice queen Tough Emotionless What they don t know is that ten years ago she lost everything Including her hope for the future Chase Monro Give Me Yesterday

  • [PDF] Give Me Yesterday | by ↠ K.Webster Elle Christensen
    153K.Webster Elle Christensen
Give Me Yesterday

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  1. Free link below GIVE ME YESTERDAYRead This Review on your own risk, this is about deleted review posted and deleted 14 Sep 2017 Here is the deal with said deleted review I read this particular book this week and last night decided I ll quickly do a review Then accidently on purpose, I deleted said review, why WOULD I DO THATBecause said review sucked big time off course, and yes I know I should not have deleted the book from my read list because I lost all the updates and comments from friends b [...]

  2. 4 EMOTIONAL STARS Nobody can be strong all the time.That s why it s in our human nature to seek another soul out there.Someone to be strong some of the time for us.Someone to share our burdens with This was an emotional and heartbreaking story This is about loss, regret, forgiveness and love I loved the writing a lot and when I started reading it, I simply couldn t put it down I read it in one day so you can understand that I really liked it When you lose a person you love you can t be happy, yo [...]

  3. 5 I ll Give You Forever Stars Wow well, if you are looking for a story that will kick you right in the feels, then this is the read for you Tori and Chase s story is heart breaking and beautifully unique I loved it It s an ugly cry one but also had some great laugh out loud moments and some serious steam as well Highly recommend

  4. 2.5 StarsI feel as though I ve found an oasis of fresh, clean water after having walked in the desert for an eternity.WARNINGUnpopular opinion to follow Please don t let my review to deter you from reading this, as everything is subjective and readers take away different things from a book Clearly, I m in the very minority as in the only negative review so this may have been a case of me and not the book Whatever the case may be, I suggest you read it and judge it for yourself I think the bigges [...]

  5. I was warned about this book Specifically, that it was an ugly cry I failed to heed those warnings, and started reading it before work There I was, in the bathroom, desperately washing away my raccoon eyes before my shift Then, because I am obviously a glutton for punishment and it was so damn good , I am desperately reading on my lunch break My co workers started to stare I actually gasped, and there I am, in tears, my mouth hanging open when one concerned co worker taps me on the back Breathe, [...]

  6. I d like to say I can give a normal book review for this one, but I just can t Here s what I can do Describe exactly what happened while I read this book, starting with my terrible decision to open it while I was on my treadmill.It s 6pm on a Wednesday and I have had one of those rough work days you bring home with you I fully intended to use the treadmill to get out some frustrations so the SO and I could have a peaceful dinner and watch one of our shows I had finished an ARC book earlier in th [...]

  7. Full review afterdarkbooklovers 2015 0 Your pain is my pain Yaya What happens when life comes crashing down right in front of your eyes When your whole world is taken from you in a the blink of an eye Lord knows how you even begin to breathe, wake up every day and have to relieve those moments You can t help but blame yourself because it helps the pain Become a heartless person and push those who remain loving us and are there for us, because it helps the pain Love does not live in such hearts a [...]

  8. Enjoying this one so far, but just ran into something that really bothers me I almost never take the time to jot down what bothers me about a book I m reading I figure it s just not for me But this is just irritating.The hero shudders when he thinks about and sees a 60 something year old man and a 50 something year old woman kiss WTF Does sex end at 30 for this Hero Authors Maybe this will make sense down the road but that freaking pisses me off I m in my 40 s and I hope to god some old man is g [...]

  9. 5 Beautiful Stars There is no option number three When it came to passing out happiness, apparently my bucket was already too full of misery Only this time, this time I opened myself up so much that I don t know how to close the wounds again There is a searing fire that is down deep in the depths of me, breaking me beyond recognition Ever since I read Erased by K.Webster and Elle Christensen, I have been dying for the two of them to work together again Their writing is like magic It sucks you an [...]

  10. I wasn t sure what to expect going into this book Never in a million years did I think that my heart would be left with the words THE END All I m waiting on now is for Blake Shelton to come and announce duo of the year I usually shy away from the books that may rip my heart out, but when it comes to K Webster and Elle Christensen I just grab the biggest bottle of wine and settle in for a book that will rock my world I started the Prologue and thought these bitches are going to shred me then slow [...]

  11. Definitely a good read, but it did not make me shed one tear Guess my heart has definitely hardened and turned black lol.

  12. Late night read while unable to sleep.First person, present tense, alternating POVsNeither character appealed to me Chase was aggressive, bullying and thoroughly unpleasant for the most part Victoria was much the same snobbish and bossyBoth were supposed to be suffering from grief, but the magical penis of lurve came to the rescue and healed both of them though, as Chase said Now tell me you don t like being fucked and my word there was a LOT of fucking going on I can t call it making love becau [...]

  13. Captured my heart and messed up my soul I still have bloody tears poring down my cheeks and wont even start to explain how much my heart aches GIVE ME YESTERDAY was as an emotional journey as you might think just by looking at the cover or reading the synopsis Here we have a girl who lost so much and has turned into someone that not even she herself can recognise Through realising how strong of an impact the loss she had has affected he life, even years upon years later, she meets Chase, and wha [...]

  14. Give Me Yesterday was an emotional story right from the first page It told the heartbreaking story of two people with very damaged souls finding each other at exactly the right time While I didn t actually cry, I could feel the heartbreak both Victoria and Chase felt Loss effected them both in different but very profound ways and their story was really well written While I could see the twist coming a mile away, I still appreciated it and its resolution Chase was a shiny spot in this story too a [...]

  15. 5 OMG WHAT DID THESE WOMEN EVEN DO stars To say I LOVED this story would be an understatement The writing is excellent, the characters are engaging and memorable Two tortured souls overcome the absolute worst case scenarios in Give Me Tomorrow It s a ride you definitely do not want to miss out on

  16. This is such a heartbreaking read with a second chance of love and life This story will gut you, shatter your heart and then put it all together again just to start the cycle all over again and then to heal your heart soul This was an amazing read.

  17. SPOILERS Starting this book Premise leaves me feeling we shall seeLoving the first quote so far True love doesn t have a happy ending True love has no ending UnknownAfter the prologue After Chapter 1 After Chapter 2 After Chapter 3 After Chapter 4 After Chapter 5 6 After Chapter 7 11 After Chapter 12 After Chapter 13 14 After Chapter 15 After Chapter 16 After Chapter 17 18 After Chapter 19 20 After Chapter 21 22 After Chapter 23 24 After Epilogue

  18. AWESOME READ 5 STARS Give me yesterday Elle Christensen K Webster 5 STARS MUST READ WOW This book is so so so GOOD The heroine is Victoria Tori , a high profile divorce lawyer Victoria suffered a tragic loss of her love ones when she was a teenager she never quite get over that She is known to be sassy, tough, emotionless, no bullshit kind of girl Chase is a grief counselor and professor known as Dr Monroe HOT Chase s passion is to help people heal but he has his own demons The two met when Vict [...]

  19. AMAZING I loved this heart wrenchingly good story My heart hurt, no ACHED, after the first few pages This book is stuffed with emotions of pain, loss, regret, LOVE and everything in between I don t want to give anything away, but I cried a lot reading this Cried because it touched me so deep in my heart I did the ugly cry Victoria and Chase meet after Victoria, a successful divorce attorney, is forced into grief counseling and Chase is the brilliantly sexy counselor running the group They bond o [...]

  20. This is a very powerful story about what can happen when your life is taken in a direction that you never expected and how you meet someone that you have ties you due to that direction.Divorce lawyer Victoria Larkin is considered cold as ice emotionless Ice Queen What people do not realize that she wasn t like that 10 years ago 10 years ago she was happy, she was in love and had everything until it was literally taken from her and she has never recovered from that loss On that day she was celebr [...]

  21. What do you get when two fantastic authors co write a book you get a book that will absolutely take your breath away.Give Me Yesterday is a book that will have you reaching to the deepest part of your soul and feeling every emotion that you ever experienced.When we first meet Victoria we meet a young woman who has a life altering experience one that will take your breath away and might even have you putting down your kindle just because of the emotions that you feel coming right off the pages.Ye [...]

  22. 4 StarsThis book really surprises me From the first chapter it really isn t like what I expected But in a good way.I don t need to write about the plot because the blurb describes it well This book gives me warmth and makes me cry.Makes me blushBut also really sexy and hotI really didn t see the plot twist coming This book teaches you about love, life, forgiveness and acceptance Very good choice if your heart is strong enough to face the plot twist LOL

  23. WOW This read is fantastic Such a strong emotional beginning you can t help but get sucked in.A gentle love story with romance that will tear your heart out and stitch it back together again.Ben and Victoria have the perfect relationship and work through huge issues to get to where they want to be.Sarah is their ray of sunshine and their life One person should not have to go through so much and be so strong.Chase is broken, shattered, but slowly piecing himself back together Meeting Tori is ever [...]

  24. This one will rip your heart out It made me cry with such sorrow Two people living with heartache Trying to deal with the devastation, but neither one is fully understanding the other s pain It s totally heartbreaking when the truth comes out, and neither main character knows how to deal with it run or forgive and begin to live There was just one part of the story that needed time for redemption For the truth to set in I thought that this was just glossed over too quickly Other than that, I rea [...]

  25. This was such a great book The kind of book that has hooked at the first page and brings you right in the heart of the story.The kind of book that has you hurting just like if it was your own story.That gets you mad at the world That gives you hope That shows you true love and forgiveness.Well that is what this book made me feel For the first time in so long i have finally found a book that captured not only my mind but my heart.Couldnt put it down,couldnt just walked away.The kind of book that [...]

  26. I love the Chase Chase me Chase you Chase everyone Chase now Chase then Chase all the time Chase, Chase, Chase Tori The Ice Queen Victoria is superb as well This book was funny and sad and hot and cold Such a good read even though I don t usually like this much romance It didn t much bother me in this book and I was easily able to look past that I recommend for adult readers only Freaking awesome book to end the year with.

  27. The first time I read this I wasn t too sure it was a book for me I was wrong The I read the I couldn t put it down, I just had to continue reading This story isn t just about finding love, it s about loss, grief, loneliness and also about forgiveness, second chances to those that truly deserve to be happy despite all the bad that has happened to them And yes, love too This story is painful and real and I m glad I stuck with it 5 stars.

  28. 5 Emotional Stars If you re looking for a heartwarming story that tugs HARD at your heart This is great Tears Smiles Laughs And it s HAWT This was a great pair up of authors and I ll be watching to see if they do this again If so, it s a Auto Buy for me Goodness I ve just finished and probably make no sense atm lol But this is very very good More to come

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