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Weird Girl and What's His Name

↠ Weird Girl and What's His Name ✓ Meagan Brothers ↠ Weird Girl and What's His Name ✓ Meagan Brothers - Weird Girl and What's His Name, Weird Girl and What s His Name IndieFAB YA Book of the Year Kirkus Best Teen Books of In the podunk town of Hawthorne North Carolina high school geeks Lula and Rory share everything sci fi and fantasy fandom an obsessi

  • Title: Weird Girl and What's His Name
  • Author: Meagan Brothers
  • ISBN: 9781941110287
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Nook

↠ Weird Girl and What's His Name ✓ Meagan Brothers, Weird Girl and What's His Name, Meagan Brothers, Weird Girl and What s His Name IndieFAB YA Book of the Year Kirkus Best Teen Books of In the podunk town of Hawthorne North Carolina high school geeks Lula and Rory share everything sci fi and fantasy fandom an obsession with old X Files episodes and that feeling that they ll never quite fit in Lula and Rory have no secrets from each other after all she knows he s gay and he unders

Weird Girl and What's His Name

↠ Weird Girl and What's His Name ✓ Meagan Brothers ↠ Weird Girl and What's His Name ✓ Meagan Brothers - Weird Girl and What's His Name, Weird Girl and What s His Name IndieFAB YA Book of the Year Kirkus Best Teen Books of In the podunk town of Hawthorne North Carolina high school geeks Lula and Rory share everything sci fi and fantasy fandom an obsessi Weird Girl and What's His Name

  • ↠ Weird Girl and What's His Name ✓ Meagan Brothers
    234Meagan Brothers
Weird Girl and What's His Name

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  1. It was so good I absolutely loved this book Also, I really want to check out X Files now, because it sounds really good and I m unfortunately too young to have watched it before dang it I really liked both of the characters, but especially Lula She s funny, passionate, kind and always hopeful, which makes her a bit immature sometimes, like when she decided to leave, but also very realistic and interesting I enjoyed seeing her interact with her wonderful grandparents, Walter and her friends She s [...]

  2. This and other reviews can be found at princessicaofbooks.wordpress I received this ARC from the author and Three Rooms Press for review purposes This in no way has affected my review 3 Reasons I Rated Weird Girl and What s His Name 5 Succulents Weird Girl and What s His Name WGAWHN by Meagan Brothers, Oct 13, 2015YA, Realistic Fiction, LGBTQ 1 Diversity and an Unique StoryWGAWHN is about two X Files TV show loving best friends, Rory and Lula Incredibly close, they tell each other everything Or [...]

  3. I don t normally read contemporary YA, but I couldn t resist the siren call of a story about confused and nerdy teenagers who were almost as obsessed with The X Files as I was when I was a teenager Going in, I was expecting Lula and Rory s X Files obsession to be of a gimmick and that it wouldn t be present in than a cursory way, but I was so wrong It plays an integral role in both Lula and Rory s lives, and the book would have been lesser without it.Lula and Rory are best friends, two self de [...]

  4. This and other reviews can be found at my blog The Best Book GardenREVIEW This is probably one of the first book I read that actually has a LGBT theme but it doesn t revolve around it but then again, it plays a big part in this book Even though I have a blurb above, I will have my own little blurb here A main character, Rory 17 years old is gay but he s in love with this 40 something year old man who is divorced and has kids Lula, another main character, is secretly in love with Rory who doesn t [...]

  5. This was slower than I expected, and I didn t connect with the characters in any meaningful way but the story was cute and very well written Will read future books by Meagan Brothers.

  6. Wow, this book is a really great coming of age story I love how real these characters feel Rory is a gay teenage boy who is secretly dating his 40 year old boss Lula is a teenage girl who is desperately trying to find herself and figures out what she wants in life Rory and Lula are best friends and they are both obsessed with The X Files, which is so cool I personally have never seen The X Files, but now I really want too, and my Dad has been trying to get me to watch it for years haha But I lik [...]

  7. I wish I could go back in time, when I was Lula and Rory s age, so I could feel like I finally had someone who spoke my language Meagan Brothers captures two adolescent voices as though she spent decades growing them from seedlings into the mighty mighty characters that they became I RELUCTANTLY finished this book because I didn t want their story to end When I finally turned that last page, I immediately went on to find anything else Meagan Brothers has written I read Supergirl Mixtapes in one [...]

  8. A must read book I love the raw honesty as we follow the main characters through their coming of age experiences It is refreshing to be able to hear from the characters in such a way that you know everything no holds barred Personalities come out in all of the supporting characters so you are pulling for them throughout the book as well Yes everything isn t perfect but somehow that is okay may be the moral of a modern fairytale A good read.

  9. x files dying your hair scully red sexual confusion and teenage angst guided by voices this book has everything it s been a long time since i ve devoured a ya novel so quickly and been so moved by it sure, it ended a little too neatly with a bow on top for me, but sometimes life is like that seriously, if you want to have your heart grow by two sizes and get the x files theme song stuck in your head for a day or two, READ THIS BOOK you won t regret it.

  10. Thank you Edelweiss for providing me a free DRCI owe a lot to Meagan Brothers Her novel Debbie Harry Sings in French was one of the first LGBT novels I ve ever read and it s still one of my favorites It s arguably one of the novels that started my love affair with YA LGBT and I was super pumped to have been approved of for her third book Weird Girl and What s His NameBefore I start I just want to point out how misleading the summery is It makes it seem like the entire book is about Lula s journe [...]

  11. As an avid reader and writer, there is rarely a novel that makes me think I have never read a book like this before Weird Girl and What s His Name is one of the occasional exceptions The story of two nerdy seventeen year olds whose friendship is tested by secrets, affairs, identity questions, and failed family relationships, Weird Girl and What s His Name manages the incredibly difficult feat of creating two equally compelling main characters with very different but equally interesting things at [...]

  12. I read this book in one day I couldn t put it down I knew within the first couple pages that I was guaranteed to be up past midnight reading the final chapter and I was excited to embark on the journey Rory s voice drew me in immediately, and later, when it was Lula s turn to tell her story, I was eager to read what she had to say, too This was impressive, especially considering that I can t say I have tons in common with these characters on a surface level Some of the SciFi references were a li [...]

  13. Mulder, it s me Full disclosure I received an electronic ARC for review though Edelweiss Trigger warning for rape Sometimes you can t see how the stuff you do spirals out, like octopus arms, destroying everything in its path and okay, that s a crappy metaphor Octopuses don t really destroy anything I had to do a report on octopuses once Octopi Anyway, they re actually really smart, loving animals, even if they do look like blobs I m no octopus I m like a like a big dumb puppy Whipping around wi [...]

  14. A gorgeous, moving, funny, challenging and heartwarming book Lula and Rory are wholly memorable, brightly alive They are misfits together until growing up threatens to pull them apart And the supporting characters are great too, fully realized I won t mention details so as not to spoil the plot The plot is filled with surprise, longing, tenderness plus rock and roll, horses, living room golf, Cadillacs, Liv Ulmann references and lots of ingenious X Files fun You don t need to have seen the show [...]

  15. I received a copy from Edelweiss.This book pretty much had me at two besties who binge watch old X Files reruns As I am a massive X Files addict And still binge watch the series myself The in depth X Files references that are a huge bulk of the plot are worth five stars alone However, there are many other reasons for why this is one the best books I have read this year The basic theme of the novel is there is no such thing as normal when you are 17 18 and just starting out in life Its a journey [...]

  16. My mentor once told me a story A man had lost his right arm, and like many amputees, he continued to experience sensations in the lost arm, something neurologists call phantom limb pain Specifically, the man could feel his right fist clenched, day and night, the pain sometimes so agonizing it woke him in the night One day, his doctor presented him with a box, mirrors on the sides of the interior The man placed his remaining left hand inside the box, and a mirror image of that hand a right hand a [...]

  17. This book was fantastic my favorite of her books so far This is a wonderful story about friendship and finding yourself and the X Files which I never watched btw so don t let that stop you if you didn t either Review to follow as to why you need Meagan Brothers books in your life Thanks to the publisher for providing an advance copy for review Read of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on Bloglovin

  18. Even though my reading speed in this month pretty lame, thanks God I can finished this book, because it was so good I felt connecting with it, for personal reasons I was a Philer, an X Files fans a fans of a 90 s popular TV show about two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who tried to solved the cases which involved UFO s and undescribed things, such as shapeshifters, apparitions and other paranormal cases back to my junior high school This book also brought me back to the time, because Lul [...]

  19. A home run With each book, Ms Brothers improves as a writer and this is the best one yet.Credible characters, a decent ending and although a YA genre book, it will hold interest for readers outside of that narrow confine.

  20. 4.5Original de El Extra o Gato del CuentoUna cosa curiosa del libro es que al inicio, antes del primer cap tulo te dice que es un libro con spoilers, el problema, y como lo mencion en unos de actualizaciones en GoodReads es que no te dice exactamente sobre cu l libro y o pel cula ser los spoilers Felizmente, para m , fue sobre X Files, serie que me encanta y vi casi completa as que no fue tan traum tico y quise quemar el libro luego As que si quieres leer el libro, aviso desde ahora EST LLENO DE [...]

  21. 4 Platypires for Weird Girl and What s His Name Must love X Files or have some idea who the hell are Mulder and Scully from the show Okay maybe I am exaggerating but it does help Its also one of the reasons why I picked up Weird Girl and What s His Name because it was mention in the synopsis Being a fan of the show I was able to pick up on a lot of the references but even though I liked the show, I thought it was a tad overdone I got it Lula and Rory are obsessed with the show and they would use [...]

  22. In that brief, still moment, she knew for certain that she loved this man, and that he did not belong to her A story of trying to understand yourself in a world where no one really knows what normal is I felt like this was a very painfully simple and real tale and could very easily have crashed and burned but was executed beautifully.The MC s have their flaws but they are so likeable and relatable, we see them how we would normally see people in the real world We were obsessed with Mrs Lidell, o [...]

  23. Hmm where do I even begin I am in LOVE with this book, so much so that I can barely even put together the words to tell you how I feel, but I will do my best to try I feel like I ve haven t read a PERFECT 5 star book in a while and I was starting to lose hope I am so glad that Weird Girl and What s His Name came into my life and was able to fill the void that I haven t been able to fill with all of these duds lately.The first time I laid eyes on this book, I just felt an unexplained force drawin [...]

  24. As a former X Files obsessed teen, I was both excited and cautious about Weird Girl and What s His Name Rory and Lula, are bonded by their love of the X Files, but I was pleased to find that Megan Brothers explored the difficulties they have interacting with the world and, after one revelatory night, with each other beyond haha they re weird sci fi nerds The book felt to me like it had elements of I ll Give You the Sun and Fangirl and ended up with the book Paper Towns could have been if its cha [...]

  25. Rory and Lula have been friends forever, bonding over a sense of otherness and a deep love for all things nerdy Lula lives with her grandparents in a retirement community after her mom bailed when she was a baby Rory s mom s raging alcoholism and casual neglect of him makes it easy for him to pursue a complicated relationship with his boss, who is much older Rory is also gay, and unsure of how to negotiate high school as anything other than an outcast something else he and Lula have in common Me [...]

  26. The cover itself really drew me in The summary didn t do the book justice I was so happy in the end when Lula ends up with Seth Rory was happy and Lula was happy, but I was kind of disappointed she didn t ever meet her dad I m glad she became close with Walter and worked things out with Sam and her grandparents.All in all, a great book I would recommend.

  27. This book is everything I like that it was about finding where you belong in life and less about the drama of being secretly in love with your best friend

  28. This book has been in my TBR pile for a while, so I had forgotten what about it made me want to read it As soon as I began chapter two, I remembered The two characters in this book, Lula Weird Girl and Rory What s His Name are OBSESSED with The X Files, my all time favorite TV show How crazy is it that I picked up this book yesterday, the day that The X Files returned to TV for its 10th season after being off the air for 14 years Needless to say, reading this book was the perfect distraction for [...]

  29. Great story, great characters, hit me too hard, full review later.Later This was another one of those books that came at a perfect time, exactly when I needed it There was a lot in here about growing up and figuring yourself out, and trying to figure yourself out when your best friend most important person in your life is also trying to figure his herself out, and how to navigate what it means to be growing up and being a person and having an identity And then bits about sexuality, figuring out [...]

  30. I honestly didn t expect to love this book, but I really did The geeky X Files references made me smile because that was my husband s favorite show when we were dating I loved how part of the book was in Rory s point and view and then it changed to Lula s These were two kids who came from broken families and it really messed up their ideas of love and relationships We watch them make mistake after mistake It felt real It wasn t a typical book about two high school kids who thought they were perf [...]

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