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Beg Me

↠ Beg Me ✓ Jennifer Probst ↠ Beg Me ✓ Jennifer Probst - Beg Me, Beg Me Remington Steele comes to Vegas to be with his brothers and try to get over the one woman he s never been able to forget As childhood sweethearts she hadn t been able to handle his Dominant tendencie

  • Title: Beg Me
  • Author: Jennifer Probst
  • ISBN: 9781621252641
  • Page: 468
  • Format: ebook

↠ Beg Me ✓ Jennifer Probst, Beg Me, Jennifer Probst, Beg Me Remington Steele comes to Vegas to be with his brothers and try to get over the one woman he s never been able to forget As childhood sweethearts she hadn t been able to handle his Dominant tendencies choosing to run away without a good bye But when he s suddenly face to face with Cara Winters all grown up and finally ready to be his Remington needs to make his own cRemington Steele com

Beg Me

↠ Beg Me ✓ Jennifer Probst ↠ Beg Me ✓ Jennifer Probst - Beg Me, Beg Me Remington Steele comes to Vegas to be with his brothers and try to get over the one woman he s never been able to forget As childhood sweethearts she hadn t been able to handle his Dominant tendencie Beg Me

  • ↠ Beg Me ✓ Jennifer Probst
    468Jennifer Probst
Beg Me

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  1. 4 Stars ARC provided by author Beg Me is about Remington Steele Out of the four delicious Steele brothers, Rem is the youngest He s just moved to Vegas for a fresh start to be closer to his brothers who are also dealers at the casinos there Nothing seems to satisfy Rem any his brothers suggest he calls FANTA C, the exclusive matchmaking agency that fixes you up with your perfect woman for one perfect night where anything goes It s confidential Rem decides to take their advice give it a try He th [...]

  2. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewIn this last installment of the Steele Brothers series aptly titled Beg Me, Jennifer Probst has readers like myself begging for for Remington Steele In this first three books, we have read and witnessed three perfect matches via Fanta C agency for the Steele Brothers, and now the youngest brother Remington is ready to be matched Remington is a true alpha Dominant and is in search for a woman who can handle his need for control and Dominant [...]

  3. A hot and kinky erotic short story.Remington Steel thought he knew exactly what he and Cara wanted and needed He had his life planned out together with the woman he loved But when she unexpectedly leaves him without a farewell or explanation she leaves a deep scar in his heart Reuniting with his brothers in Las Vegas a few years later, he s still trying to find the connection he s been missing Indulging his brothers, he signs up at the exclusive matchmaking service and is promptly called to meet [...]

  4. Title Beg MeSeries The Steele Brothers, 4 Author Jennifer ProbstGenre Adult Contemporary Rating 4.5 StarsCliffhanger view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Review on Blog to come full review to come br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  5. ARC REVIEW Beg Me, the final and previously never before released Steele Brother book and probably the most BDSM predominate themed of the series Rem Steele always knew he was a dominate and in college when he found the perfect girl his perfect submissive he knew Cara wasn t so sure and at times it scared her so she left without explanation, leaving Rem broken hearted Rem was never able to get over Cara, every woman since has been a poor comparison to Cara Rem was the last of his brothers to fin [...]

  6. This is the fourth book in a series, and can be enjoyed as a standalone.Remington Steele yes, I died, too, reading that name is the youngest of the four Steele brothers and the last to leave his home in Atlantic City to become a Vegas dealer He s also the next on the list to get a night of extreme pleasure via the FANTA C matching service Remy s been feeling down, unable to build a bond with a new female sub for yearst since his college sweetheart, first and only love, and first D s partner fled [...]

  7. Remington Steeles you are reading correctly was the Final Cherry on top in this series Oh Yeah, I lost count on how many times I blushed Cherry Red while reading this book Rem is totally what I imagined he would be Sexy, confident hot Dominant Man who takes no mercy.Cara is just all kinds of awesome She messed up and knows that once she sees Remington again, she can t let go of her feelings towards him We find out whether Rem will move on from their past Yes Rem is a very dominant male and boy d [...]

  8. It s called the past for a reason The real test is can you move from it and build from scratch.Remington and Cara were two lost souls Past lovers looking to feel a void left from 5 years ago Regardless of where life took them, that one night opened the flood gates Rem was still in denial but Cara went on to prove her growth, stability, and bratty submission How could a Dom resist a subs cry for love, respect, and total devotion You can t This second chance romance was a fun push and pull of grow [...]

  9. Jennifer Probst has saved the kinkiest for last with Beg Me, along with giving us a second chance romance to boot It does follow mostly the same formula as the first three stories in terms of the meet, one night, try for with complications and then the resolution, but Beg Me kicks things up a notch with the most intense erotic scenes of this series.You can t not like Remington, even when he s being stubborn and afraid of getting hurt again yes, let s be honest afraid He exudes alpha power and s [...]

  10. I loved this book I loved all of them, but this one was just so much hotter I very much enjoyed the premise and having an old flame come back and the second change being possible I thought Rem was hot hot hot, and he is probably my new favorite dom I think a full length novel of him and Cara would be a thousand times better than 50 shades of grey Even just this short novella was awesome, but would be even better The past hurt was a good addition to the story between Rem and Cara, and I enjoyed [...]

  11. Received an ARC for an honest review The Steele Series is about four brothers who are close in all they do in life, including sharing their lives in BDSM culture This book we get introduced to Remington Steele, the youngest of the brothers who fell in love with Cara Winters Cara was the girl who got away, and Rem was still feeling the pain years later As with all first loves, we make the mistake of hiding our real feelings, wants, and needs I have read this series twice, and can honestly say tha [...]

  12. Remington he s my favorite out of the boys hands down, he s a strong, intense dominant, and he s quite outspoken, good I always liked you sore Meant you were worshipped the way you should be I loved this book.

  13. Imagine trying to calm your rapidly beating heart as you wait in a hotel room You re interested in the BDSM lifestyle, and you re a submissive who s just been matched by an agency to a dominant man who can grant all your darkest fantasies for the night.A knock sounds, and you smooth your barely there skirt before opening the door to find that you ve been matched with your first love Remington Steele, the man who you broke up with five years ago with just a note That s the predicament that Cara W [...]

  14. Beg Me by Jennifer Probst is book four in the Steel Brothers series and gives two people a shot at a second chance.Remington Steele is in Vegas to be with his brothers They all agree he needs to experience FANTA C for himself, especially since it did a great job of connecting them with their women Remington already had his heart broken once, when his college sweetheart left him and he s not too keen on the idea, but agrees regardless Good thing he did because FANTA C pairs him up with Cara, the [...]

  15. This is Rem and Cara s story and as the author says, This book is different So of course I had to read it.They were an item many years ago Then Cara ran away.Neither realised that they had both booked the same night at FANTA C and surprise, surprise, guess who their partners are.The story begins and after that first night Rem doesn t want to have anything to do with her he doesn t want to be hurt again, but it is a happily ever after story, after all.The sex is explicit so if you think you can t [...]

  16. Remington is a card dealer and has been in a funk His brothers get him an invitation to a exclusive match making business He gets one night to fulfill his fantasies and the woman who is waiting for him is his ex Cara ran from Rem once but she wants a second chance She is a special education teacher and still loves Rem They have one night but he was hurt by her once and won t chance it again But when he finds out she is going to do a scene with another Dom, he must realize his feelings or lose he [...]

  17. Rekindling the psstRemington moved to Vegas to be with his brothers yet he is missing that special someone He signed up for one nightCara is waiting for one night and finds her ex lover boyfriend at the door He takes control and finds she couldn t commit to the past but wants to try Remi wants nothing of the relationship until he finds she is going to do a public demonstration and he finally gives in to the love he feels for Cara.

  18. Remington Steele, the youngest of the Steele brothers, reconnects with his college girlfriend that he s never really gotten over She left him because she wasn t ready for his dominant ways, but now that might be exactly what she s looking for I love second chance romance, and while BDSM isn t usually something I read, I will read anything Jennifer Probst writes because it s always fantastic

  19. Beg Me is the fourth book in the Steele Brothers series and can easily be read as a stand alone Beg Me was a quick, hit, kinky read Remington and Cara are great characters and have a wonderful chemistry together This was my first book in this series and I will definitely be checking out the other Steele brothers.

  20. Loved going back in Jennifer s catalog of stories to find something that was so similarly delightful to the magic of her other series Just a business card that the characters had to burn but it was nicely done and left me feeling very satisfied at the end of the series.

  21. 5 years ago cara Winter ran away from Remington because she was not ready to be his sub Then they met, fucked and he didnt want to get back together She offered friendship He fight for her when he heard she is going to do public scene with another dom meh

  22. Truly inspiring story of love, loss, seduction and an end goal when fate brings you back to where you belong I voluntarily received a complimentary copy for an honest review I can t wait to read the other books in this series since this was the first one I read.

  23. It was interesting that Cara and Remington got matched up in FANTA C These two had such an interesting past and I was really hoping that they could both move on from what happened It was a good book and the ending was good.

  24. 3.5 starsIt was a good story, no big ups or down, no big emotional moments, definitely hot Both seemed a little immature which fits since Rem is the youngest, I guess Moving on to the next which is a cousin.

  25. Cara left Remington before but didn t tell him why imagine his surprise when she s FANTA C date will he be able to forgive her and take her back only time will tell.

  26. This fourth book in the series is a quick easy read Remington Steele is easy to like and Cara and he go really well together.

  27. Arc review for honest review This is a story of two people with the past together that did not work out because of immaturity now as adults love and trust wins out 10 stars

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