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Persian Brides

↠ Persian Brides ↠ Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan ↠ Persian Brides ↠ Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan - Persian Brides, Persian Brides Persian Brides is a novel of rare beauty and extraordinary accomplishment Set at the turn of the century in the fictional Persian village of Omerijan it tells the magical story of two young girls Flo

  • Title: Persian Brides
  • Author: Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan
  • ISBN: 9780807614617
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Persian Brides ↠ Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan, Persian Brides, Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan, Persian Brides Persian Brides is a novel of rare beauty and extraordinary accomplishment Set at the turn of the century in the fictional Persian village of Omerijan it tells the magical story of two young girls Flora and Nazie Ratoryan and their many neighbors in the almond tree alley in Omerijan where they live Fifteen years old pregnant and recently abandoned by her cloth merPersian Brides is

Persian Brides

↠ Persian Brides ↠ Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan ↠ Persian Brides ↠ Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan - Persian Brides, Persian Brides Persian Brides is a novel of rare beauty and extraordinary accomplishment Set at the turn of the century in the fictional Persian village of Omerijan it tells the magical story of two young girls Flo Persian Brides

  • ↠ Persian Brides ↠ Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan
    328Dorit Rabinyan Yael Lotan
Persian Brides

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  1. Persian Brides is the first novel by Israeli born Dorit Rabinyan Rabinyan was only 21 at the time that she wrote the book The novel won the 1999 JEWISH QUARTERLY Wingate Literary Award Persian Brides takes the reader to a fictional Persian village in the early 1900 s The story focuses on 15 year old Flora, her 11 year old cousin Nazie, and their family, the Hanoums Flora, is a headstrong girl, with perhaps a bit too much vanity She rejects many suitors that come to her family proposing marriage [...]

  2. Initially the book was hard to follow I was unsure whether I wasn t paying sufficient attention or whether the book wasn t sufficiently captivating Either way I had to re read the beginning and put in effort than I particularly wanted to The cultural aspects were almost interesting but disturbing and seemed characterized, as if the author was trying to convey some big shameful cultural secret and wanted to make sure the reader got it.The story itself became decently captivating but felt like i [...]

  3. If you want to know about ancient Persian laws and customs, this was a good book But it was a very odd read Of the two girls brides neither drew much empathy from the reader and the other women in the book were often horrible to each other and the girls.

  4. Persian Brides was a book unlike any other I ve ever read It tells the story of the Persian village of Omerijian and details the story of the young women specifically the young Jewish women who live in it as they are born, go through childhood get married and have their own children The style of writing was very descriptive and open it could almost be called provocative in some ways There were no details left to the imagination all of the girls sexual experiences growing up and all of the custom [...]

  5. Teeming with life, anxiety and expectation, Persian Brides turns the whole world within the lives of two young girls anticipating birth and marriage in a small Iranian village during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi Within the opening pages a trail of women s bodies are strewn behind the itinerant trader who marries one of the girls Throughout the following chapters, amid curses and constant news reports across the roof tops, every aspect of a woman s body, honour and shame is displayed for all to [...]

  6. I did not like this book In fact, I was happy when I got to the last page and was finally done with it Given that the book touches on so many subjects that I like to read about, including Jewish history, women s lives, and foreign cultures, I thought I would enjoy this book about Jewish women in a small Persian town in the early 20th century But the writing is very heavy handed While I can believe that small towns are not easy places to live, there was barely a single instance of two people inte [...]

  7. The purpose of a work of art is to evoke a feeling response in the reader viewer listener This novel did it for me, although I agree with the observations about its raw depiction of small minded, tradition bound villagers abusing each other The writer takes us inside a particular variety of Persian Jewish culture during the time of Reza Shah near WWI and after Full disclosure I lived with a Persian Jewish family in what was then a small city, Arak, during my Peace Corps service in 1967 68 My lan [...]

  8. Taking place over just two days, this novel follows two young cousins and the ways in which their lives completely diverge in such a short period of time Flora is 15, waiting for her con artist husband to return from his travels, while her 11 year old cousin Nazie, an orphan, dreams of becoming a woman so that she may marry The author does a spectacular job of interweaving past events into the main plot line, creating a vibrant world in which the reader may escape I devoured this book in just ov [...]

  9. This book reminded me of Vathek by William Beckford Like that one, this was odd but strangely compelling There were so many spots that made me uncomfortable and were just plain weird, I had to wonder if this was actually how they treated each other Surely this can t be the truth of their culture There weren t really any truly likeable characters, other than Nazie, and it was almost sad to see her succumb to the culture of marrying so young, but I suppose if that was how you grew up and that was [...]

  10. I enjoyed the book those it was difficult to figure out the context What era was it set It had a mixture of modern and ancient elements Even though it s ostensibly about a Jewish family, very little of a religious nature is directly addressed The writer sets an interesting scene and you do get a strong impression of a small, tight knit community with very little privacy The ending was disappointing It just seemed to stop in the middle of the story.

  11. A wide variety of emotions is spread throughout the novel, in fact is has of a novella The reason that it actually is not a novel, is the fact let s say my opinion that it lacks character development It could have had Not a failure Not reaching to the point that it deserves three stars Good though, to get an impression of the social environment in which these people go around.

  12. An unforgettable world, full with colourful stories and superstitions, disturbing, lush, and oh so lyrical So many smells and textures float effortlessly off the page, as Rabinyan portrays the lives of young Jewish girls in a Persian village at the beginning of the 20th century It felt like indulging with all senses in this book, as the style managed to capture and lure me to a world which was in the beginning completely unknown.

  13. Loved it The characters are so vivid, everyone seems slightly crazy, life is bright and bustling and loud Fruit and honey seems to be everywhere the women are mostly concerned with either smelling sweet or finding a husband There is plenty of drama, which makes for a very entertaining read Loved both Flora and little Nazie.

  14. Raucous, vivid, a little gross No character development, just visceral description and high hysterical emotion Lots of laughing, crying, hair pulling, lip biting, cooking, fucking, cursing Thought the subject would interest me Jewish life in a 1930s Iranian village but the book is not my cup of tea.

  15. Another hidden treasure The cover does not do this book any justice at all, its such a lovely, lively tale and yet the cover makes it look like a text book Its a beautiful but not necessarily a happy tale about family and love set in Persian village at the turn of the century.If you have read, Like Water For Chocolate by Laura Esquivel you ll like this too.

  16. Mi aspettavo un romanzo corale, una storia condivisa e quello che ho trovato, invece, stata una galleria di personaggi negativi Tutte le declinazioni degli aspetti peggiori dell essere umano, dalla grettezza alla stupidit , dall ignoranza alla superstizione, passando per la cattiveria e l invidia.Il tutto su una trama inesistente.

  17. Very well written, believable characters, quite captivating and a good pace An overall good read, unfortunately I can not relate to any of the characters despite being able to imagine them vividly I can not say that I sympathized with any of the characters either Still a good read, though.

  18. The only thing that made me keep read is the bizarre and weird customs described, every page had a strange behaviour, one might say its traditions and culture, but i thought its strange and shocking parts which were hilarious and others just wrong

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