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Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949

☆ Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949 ☆ Robert Frost ☆ Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949 ☆ Robert Frost - Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949, Complete Poems Of Robert Frost None

  • Title: Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949
  • Author: Robert Frost
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover

☆ Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949 ☆ Robert Frost, Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949, Robert Frost, Complete Poems Of Robert Frost None

Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949

☆ Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949 ☆ Robert Frost ☆ Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949 ☆ Robert Frost - Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949, Complete Poems Of Robert Frost None Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949

  • ☆ Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949 ☆ Robert Frost
    452Robert Frost
Complete Poems Of Robert Frost, 1949

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  1. Spent my morning with these trying to find RF s critical assessment of fame, how his neighbors come last to recognize him Turns out, it s not in the Complete, since he was elected Poet Laureate of Vermont where he d moved from N.H forty years before in 1961, at age 85 Year after he recited from memory at JFK s Inauguration Wryly, Frost responds On Being Chosen Poet of Vermont, Breathes there a bard who isn t moved When he finds his verse is understood By his country and his neighborhood And that [...]

  2. The night light She always had to burn a light Beside her attic bed at night It gave bad dreams and broken sleep, But helped the Lord her soul to keep Good gloom on her was thrown away It is on me by night or day,Who have, as I suppose, ahead The darkest of it still to dread.

  3. April is National Poetry Month and, in honor of that fact, I have decided to re read or at least skim and review some of my favorites For me, that always starts with Robert Frost.I discovered the poetry of Robert Frost, as I discovered so many things, in college In my Speech class, one of my assignments required me to deliver a speech including favorite poems I didn t really have favorite poems As I searched my memory for what I might use, I remembered the inauguration of John F Kennedy several [...]

  4. I am rating this although I didn t read the entire book before it had to go back to the library I estimate that I read 75% My previous experience with Robert Frost s poetry has been mostly of his early poems, so I was delighted to find some new favorites in the later ones Late or early, my preference is still for the shorter poems, although my admiration for his longer poems is growing with exposure I think that if I enjoyed those longer poems I would have given this book 5 stars

  5. Love Robert Frost Some of my happiest memories include sitting around a few desks with English faculty friends, when I taught at a private school, and delving into the intricacies of a few Frost poems I also remember sitting in a sauna like classroom at college during the summer no air conditioning on a stifling day and listening to my old, bow tied professor wax eloquent about Frost and Melville Days to cherish.

  6. Some of his story poems are really enjoyable It s like dropping into the middle of a conversation and having to pick up the pieces to figure out what is happening Others of them are tedious I found some new ones from him that I enjoyed but mostly reading him requires a lot of quiet which is not one of my luxuries.

  7. My daughter came to visit yesterday bringing this back She loaned it to one of her friends who returned it to her only two weeks ago I think it s got dog ears now and I m pretty sure it has acquired a coffee stain since the last time I opened it.

  8. If not the greatest of modern poets, I don t think many would argue regarding his accessibility Frost is certainly the poet that resonates most with me.

  9. Read Frost, over and over He captures the moments in life The beauty, the horror, the indecision of a moment Don t look into his biography it ll ruin it.

  10. You would think one day I would learn my lesson about poetry I m just not into it I say this every time I read a poetry book, and it s true every time Despite glowing recommendations, from friends or websites, I try really hard to like poetry but can never seem to get past the stubbornness I ve always seemed to hold about works of poetry It s becoming and a futile task.In this case, one of my friends is a huge Robert Frost fan to the point that his ex girlfriend once thought he d given her a F [...]

  11. This was an interesting exercise in just taking in poetry and looking at a poet s life from start to finish I also did this with Edna St Vincent Millay s Collected Works a little while back, and I have to say that a few poems a day are a wonderful addition to my daily reading regimen Going through this omnibus cover to cover also had no small impact on my own poetry writing, and I m glad to have gotten away from the rut my own work was in by looking at the world around me through the borrowed le [...]

  12. Nothing to say to all those marriages She had made three herself to three of his.The score was even for them, three to three.But come to die she found she cared so much She thought of children in a burial row Three children in a burial row were sad.One man s three women in a burial rowSomehow made her impatient with the man.And so she said to Laban, You have doneA good deal right don t do the last thing wrong.Don t make me lie with those two other women Laban said, No, he would not make her lieW [...]

  13. In elementary school, my teacher hung up a beautiful poster printed with Acquainted with the Night The background picture was a dark dreamy urban silhouette, lit by a single street lamp Sadly, we never covered Robert Frost in class but I read the poem to myself every morning and looked for Mr Frost s poetry in our school library I m nearly thirty now, and as cliche as it is, I still unashamedly love curling up with this book on cold nights I read My November Guest every autumn

  14. In the UK, English teachers don t tend to teach a lot of American poetry it s usually reserved for university education I ll tell you, though, they could go further and do worse than to introduce some Robert Frost poetry into the curriculum Disclaimer I m no poetry buff I do, however, like a bit of poetry every now and then and I find Robert Frost s poems very accessible and utterly beautiful in their imagery They remind me of Norman Rockwell paintings Some of his poems are pretty long but many [...]

  15. The Complete Poems of Robert Frost by Robert Frost Holt, Rinehart Winston 1964 811 This is the complete collection of his work Mending Wall, The Road Not Taken, and Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening are the most immediately recognizable My rating 7 10, finished 10 25 14.

  16. I do find it harder to read poems than prose Although some of them are really short they are made to think This sounds daft, but I do read to escape I find at least at this moment I want to get lost in a story I will try again in another phase of my life

  17. Given four stars on the merit of mainly his prose poems, which I couldn t love The rest of Frost, for me, is generally take it or leave it.

  18. We had to read Robert Frost in 3rd and 4th grades I still remember some of the poems that we had to memorize lovers of poetry don t miss this book

  19. Of course, not all the poems in a complete collection are going to be amazing But enough of these are to merit 5 stars It should be on the shelf of every poetry lover.

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