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Four Week Fiance 2

☆ Four Week Fiance 2 ☆ J.S. Cooper HelenCooper ☆ Four Week Fiance 2 ☆ J.S. Cooper HelenCooper - Four Week Fiance 2, Four Week Fiance Mila and TJ find themselves in an arrangement of secrets and lies Will their four week engagement end in marriage or tears The sequel to Four Week Fiance

  • Title: Four Week Fiance 2
  • Author: J.S. Cooper HelenCooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Four Week Fiance 2 ☆ J.S. Cooper HelenCooper, Four Week Fiance 2, J.S. Cooper HelenCooper, Four Week Fiance Mila and TJ find themselves in an arrangement of secrets and lies Will their four week engagement end in marriage or tears The sequel to Four Week Fiance

Four Week Fiance 2

☆ Four Week Fiance 2 ☆ J.S. Cooper HelenCooper ☆ Four Week Fiance 2 ☆ J.S. Cooper HelenCooper - Four Week Fiance 2, Four Week Fiance Mila and TJ find themselves in an arrangement of secrets and lies Will their four week engagement end in marriage or tears The sequel to Four Week Fiance Four Week Fiance 2

  • ☆ Four Week Fiance 2 ☆ J.S. Cooper HelenCooper
    243J.S. Cooper HelenCooper
Four Week Fiance 2

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  1. Short review here cookies in the oven 2.5 ratingAgain I go back to the maturity level of these characters for their age, way too immature.The heroine just killed me sometimes with her actions and her behavior This series started off pretty good, but just never hit it s potential.

  2. I still cant stand Milabut even in this book TJ joined in the on the childish behavior I was surprised to find out I actually felt sorry for Mila at one point The poor girl was being polite and talking with a guy and then caveman TJ comes in and then purposefully flirts shamelessly with the waitress right in front of Mila and then had no idea why she is crying later that night I just was floored by that And then when learning why he lied to Mila bout the engagement, I was floor again because som [...]

  3. Horrible This author is just, not good It is telling that many of the 5 star reviews were from those who received free copies The problem with reading a lot is that you forget one book to the next, especially when it is terrible I swore I wouldn t buy this part 2 but used some free credits to do so, forgetting how horrible book 1 was And I can t not finish something I started, so I suffered through this mess.Seriously though The characters have no chemistry The conversations and the book is all [...]

  4. Didn t really care for book 2 like I did book one The characters were not believable and said the same thing over and over again.

  5. This book is eye roll central It s all over the place The attention to detail is poor and the metaphors are so terrible I just couldn t stop laughing The grammar is atrocious, it just reads horribly and that s before I get to the characters who are as deep as a baking tray If you enjoy this then I mean Each to their own But probably the worst book I have attempted to read in a long time P.S Who uses the endearment my dear Are the characters from Post War Britain

  6. Really liked how this book ended It s a thrill reading it Cause you don t know what s gonna happen and then allOf a sudden everything works out It s a great read Glad I read it.

  7. I m rating all three parts of this as one book You ll find the same notes on the first part of Four Week Fiance.I m going to note that I really did enjoy this book, first off I don t want to discourage anyone from reading it based on what I say next Great plot, fun characters, it was a complete page turner for sure.I m not calling it three books I m not calling it a part 1 and part 2 because frankly, it could have been one book A long book, but one book When I read My Fake Fiance the prequel , I [...]

  8. Absolutely loved this book besides a few things.1 They were all so immature, even though they were all meant to be successful adults, not much of that showed in the way acted, I mean shit, you would ve thought they were still in high school with half the stuff that was going on 2 The ending seemed way too rushed, like the author didn t have much pages left to finish the book thoroughly with enough detail, I think that s the only reason why I couldn t give it a 5 star rating I would ve liked to k [...]

  9. A beautifully written, amazing love story that will have even the most jaded person believing in soul mates Mila and TJ s story will forever be etched into my heart JS Cooper really put all her heart into this one and it showed I could feel the pure raw emotion coming from both TJ and Mila They are both ensnared into a web of lies and deceit and it s a heartbreaking road they must travel Walker is tortured by his past A past so heartbreaking that you feel yourself in Mila s shoes wanting to wrap [...]

  10. Long wait for the endI think that I was too caught up in the first two books with the idea of this romance and a four week engagement that I didn t notice the immaturity of these characters It was difficult to finish the story because I couldn t understand any of these people and what they are doing together Greed shows itself very quickly when she s given his credit card and she and her friend need to find out the credit limit.let s get a complete wardrobe Moves in with him for a few weeks of t [...]

  11. Four Week Fianc 2Awesome finish to this story This book is a must read, a true heartfelt love story Has every emotion, anger, jealousy, lies, love, lust, sadness, so many tears, drama, T.J And Mila s story started in bk 1, they started as childhood friends, he a little older, best friends with her brother, through the years, has always been a spark for both This story takes up with them in a fake 30 day, relationship as if they are engaged for a business reason for his job, what is behind it can [...]

  12. Just okHad to finish bc I liked the characters and just kept waiting for for it to get better Just when in think Mila is having a break through and the writing improves, the story went back to the same stuff and was a lot of needless fluff Could have easily made these 2 books a standalone Dialogue was awful and bland,sex scenes were repetitive and dull Disappointing bc I ve enjoyed other JS Cooper books Mila was immature and unrealistic I m sure a spin off of Cody and Sally will follow but I wil [...]

  13. BummerI hate giving bad, albeit honest, reviews to authors I like Don t let this one review taint your opinion of this author because her other books aren t bad This book just felt forced and flat The emotion was beyond cheesy and there were errors all over the place Even the story line was awkward I gave it two stars because I like this author and because it wasn t the worst book I ve ever read Better luck with the next release

  14. Four Week Fiance 2 by J S Cooper and Helen Cooper is a great read This is an excellent follow up to Four Week Fiance I loved this story I enjoyed getting to know Mila, TJ, Nonno, Sally, and Cody better This story is packed full of passion, drama, twists and turns, andI don t want to give anything away so read this story to see what happens Another great read from J S Cooper Helen Cooper Recommend to all fans of romance.

  15. What a great story you will love it from the beginning till the end Mila and TJ have a lot of waters to cross but will the have also the happy ending after all the lies come out I love reading the stories from SJ and Helen Cooper you get dropped in the story, you read every emotion between the characters It s pretty amazing to have this kind of skill to write.

  16. Ups and DownsTJ and Mila had to go through life s lessons I liked how this ended, left no questions unanswered Good read Way to go TJ and Mila Sometimes it takes time for love to evolve.

  17. Great ConclusionGood way to end a series, hoping the Author considers writing a story about Cory and Sally Then maybe we could see the wedding of TJ and Mila

  18. An alright story spoiler alertAh, what to say about Mila and TJ Well, the difference in their age was apparent She was younger of course and desperate in love with a TJ that brought another woman on vacation with them, then he hired her a fake boyfriend to make HIM jealous before asking her to be his fake fiancee Yeah, ah, I m still reeling over that, and then she broke up with after he started revealing secrets, but one certain one hit her hard I don t understand why all of them didn t He was p [...]

  19. What a Great Love Story But Is A CliffhangerThe character s portray the typical crush we all have when were young Loving someone that you pray will love you back but that is not what happens in real life for most of us These go through the heartbreak that either will break them or overcome any obstacle you face in all relationships This book has it all and I recommended this book for all the true romantics in the world There is one problem that I wish writers wouldn t do Cliff hangers which forc [...]

  20. I loved the story of Mila and TJ, and their characters developed a depth and realness to them that wasn t expected Parts one and two really should have been just one book,but other than that,I really enjoyed this story.However, DO NOT BOTHER WITH BOOK 3 Felt like a different author and felt like leftovers Loved Four Week Fiancee though

  21. Emotionally intenseGreat read A bit over priced A lot of emotional highs and lows to keep you hanging on to th these characters.

  22. This conclusion was soo confusing i only had a vague idea of what actually happened, and i m pretty sure even that is wrong It s not that i wouldn t recommend it, but proceed with caution

  23. 2starsI was so disappointed in this series I really wanted to like this book but Mila was just so damn immature.

  24. WowThis book put me through an emotional rollercoaster in a very good way I felt everything they were both feeling.

  25. Ok book This book was not bad at all but it could have been better is the writer was a little indept.

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