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The Ghostfaces

Free Download The Ghostfaces - by John Flanagan Free Download The Ghostfaces - by John Flanagan - The Ghostfaces, The Ghostfaces From John Flanagan author of the worldwide bestselling Ranger s Apprentice comes a brand new chapter in the adventures of young Skandians who form a different kind of family a brotherband When the B

  • Title: The Ghostfaces
  • Author: John Flanagan
  • ISBN: 9780399163579
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover

Free Download The Ghostfaces - by John Flanagan, The Ghostfaces, John Flanagan, The Ghostfaces From John Flanagan author of the worldwide bestselling Ranger s Apprentice comes a brand new chapter in the adventures of young Skandians who form a different kind of family a brotherband When the Brotherband crew are caught in a massive storm at sea they re blown far off course and wash up on the shores of a land so far west that Hal can t recognize it from any of hisFrom John F

The Ghostfaces

Free Download The Ghostfaces - by John Flanagan Free Download The Ghostfaces - by John Flanagan - The Ghostfaces, The Ghostfaces From John Flanagan author of the worldwide bestselling Ranger s Apprentice comes a brand new chapter in the adventures of young Skandians who form a different kind of family a brotherband When the B The Ghostfaces

  • Free Download The Ghostfaces - by John Flanagan
    447John Flanagan
The Ghostfaces

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  1. OMG I love this series Hal and his brotherband crew are forced to flee from a huge storm They are blown for weeks into the endless sea with water in short supply, they begin to fear they might be blown off the edge of the world Then when it seems all hope is lost, they see land.First off, I love these characters Right from the first book in the series I fell in love with all of them That relationship has continued to grow through each book in the series and continues in this the sixth book in th [...]

  2. This was very different to the others in the Brotherband series and I believed added depth to the characters and to the story as a whole Its like the series grew up The story itself was meaningful, engaging and full of adventure, hitting a new element every chapter or so Entertaining and meaningful in way than you expect.

  3. 3.75 stars Good story, but too many chapters on the storm And what happened to the dog She almost disappeared from the narrative after the bear scene Then she showed up again once or twice Then nothing Did she die This is Book 6 featuring the Skandian Scandinavian Brotherband of eight young men, plus Lydia the huntress and old Thorn the warrior maktig And the dog Kloof Their amazing sailing sloop The Heron sets out for home but is blown off course by the storm of the century Instead of sailing n [...]

  4. This book was beautiful It was super emotional I cried and it really showed the depth and strength of the friendship between the whole Brotherband I loved every moment.

  5. John Flanagan does not fail to thrill in this latest instalment of the Brotherband Chronicles Fresh from their latest adventure, the Heron Brotherband is thrown into an even thrilling adventure Lost in a freak storm, they are driven far over the Endless Sea to a land now too dissimilar to the New World They make new friends, fall in love, interact with a unique culture and forge a bond with the people of the land by helping them fight and defeat their enemies, the Ghostfaces Once again, Hal sho [...]

  6. 4.5 STARS.Only because of the Stig storyline I was so upset with that It was beautiful and heartbreaking But, I still love this series and all of the Brotherband boys The Brotherband are always lending a hand to anyone that needs it Their enemies always underestimate them and I love how they always come out on top This is what a team is all about Looking forward to the next book in this series.

  7. This time John Flanagan found a brand new race of people to not so subtly put a parallel version of into his fantasy world.

  8. My name is Stig, and I am first mate aboard the Heron I don t know how we survived weeks in that massive storm on the Endless Ocean, but Hal s smartness always amazes me The land we ve found has plenty of food and shelter, so we ll wait until the winds change before trying to find our way back to Skandia Lydia and Thorn found claw marks on tree from a bear that s three meters tall There s also evidence of people spying on us We have no idea if they re friendly or dangerous, so we re on guard at [...]

  9. I am actually a bit tired of this series and I only picked this book up because it was a free audio book If you re enjoying the series then my review is probably invalid to you anyway My recommendation is just to not get the audio version, the narrator is rather irritating.The good side Edvin was a far interesting and developed character Lydia was also a interesting character and she finally stopped saying old man to Thorne Jesper actually was given a good part to playThe bad side Kloof, the c [...]

  10. Another great installment to the series This one feels grown up which makes sense, since Hal and the Heron crew are also growing up There s still a lot of action and adventure, but there s a surprising amount of emotion, as well.This adventure finds the crew blown out to sea in the Endless Ocean, unsure if they ll find land or not Like the other books in the series, we get to experience new lands and new characters while still enjoying watching our favorite Herons in their element.If I have one [...]

  11. Must be a 3.5 stars since I changed my rating back and forth between 3 and 4 than once Hal and his crew try to make it home, and get caught in a horrible storm, that blows them into uncharted seas Just as their water supply runs out, they find a small island, where they come ashore, finding themselves facing a large predator Rescuing some native children, Jesper shows his mettle and the crew is welcomed with open arms for their bravery As the Heron crew waits for a favorable change in the winds [...]

  12. Overall, The Ghostfaces, by John Flanagan is another delightful episode to the brotherband series, left with a cliffhanger giving you the idea of that final glowing moment I could only relate to the ending of the J.R.R Tolkien Lord of the Rings movie scene, where everyone is glowing and happy Although, Spoilers before the that was a very very sad moment in the book Although the ending seems stereotypical, it s a good stereotype, one that not many in this modern era will be able to experience in [...]

  13. I never know if I should review just the book or if I should review the series as a whole As a whole I love the Brotherband Chronicles I thought that this particular book was a little slow in the beginning but picked up about half way through Overall, I enjoyed this next book in the series and will continue to read as many books as John Flanagan will write

  14. Maar 3 sterren krijgt dit boek van mij Het verhaal kwam maar heel traag op gang naar mijn oordeel en het einde had beter gekund Het was een beetje teleurstellend Ik had meer van dit boek verwacht Toch ga ik deel 7 van de broederband in huis halen

  15. Probably the Best I don t know where to start Alot of action and alot of growing up You find the Herons in a storm that nearly killed them, except Hal belief in the direction he chooses They landed on a land that has never been explored They became friends of a local tribe, where Stig fell in love with a local maiden They helped the tribe defeat another bad tribe, where Stig s love was killed It ended with all the brotherband rally around Stig to give him support Probably the best book of the se [...]

  16. This is by far the best in the series Well besides the first one I the ending for myself by reading the end of the book NOTE Spoilers beyond this point I loved how he put a love interest in for stig because it solved the Lydia Hal stig thing but then he had her killed Overall I loved this book 5 stars

  17. Loved it I read this book over a car trip to go camping with some friends with some of my family I read the cover flap totally wrong, but the story was still really good I was going to cry at the end beacuase of what happened to Stig It was so sad

  18. Wow, what a story I found less humour in this story than some of the previous Brotherband books, but it was replaced with something else A must read book

  19. OMG I thought it ended with the last one and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BUT THE BROTHERBAND CONTINUES Hopefully there will be some Rangers in this one too

  20. Okay quick review, cause I messed up by pressing F5 after I wrote 3 4 of my review.I love this book I really do, as I do for the other 19 other books John Flanagan has written for this world This new book, however, has a mature setting written I have to admit, that I actually bought this book many, many months ago I did not finish TUT TUT TUT, before you curse me to die for that horrid betrayal I was rather taken aback by the random, out of the norm view spoiler romance hide spoiler scenes I wa [...]

  21. The Brotherband Chronicles The Ghostfaces With a massive rumbling sound, a monstrous mound of water erupted from the surface, thirty meters across and rearing up to ten meters above the lagoon It was white foam, shot through with an unearthly red as the bottom of the lagoon far below opened up to the gates of hell 319 This is a quote from the book The Brotherband Chronicles The Ghostfaces It is a fictional, adventure and is the fifth book in it s series The people that this book is based around [...]

  22. This book takes the Herons across the Endless Ocean, to essentially a Native American tribe I always love the exploration of new cultures in this and the RA series This one felt fresh and new, with the storm as the adversary in the first quarter of the book, and then the bearter so many books battling people, it was nice to see the stories going a different tack However, I do find it hard to stomach hunting of animals, but I realize this is a normal part of survival, and it s only this current t [...]

  23. Book 6 of the Brotherband Chronicles Ahh Flanagan s humor is back I m not really sure why I enjoy the twins bickering I hate bickering and put downs, both in real life and in sit coms, because it is so cruel and disrespectful of each other But, the twins bickering is actually funny And Flanagan used the word, good natured, to describe it in this book, and I thought, Yes, that is a good description of it Good natured, not mean spirited I suppose it could come across as mean if it weren t so silly [...]

  24. Yeah I m a sucker, I know, but yeaaaaaaah dudes, I really enjoyed this I ve been a big fan of Flanagan s Ranger s Apprentice books since I was in middle school and when he started the Brotherband books I jumped at the opportunity for of his action packed, signature gritty yet funny that s how I feel about all of his books just ignore me stories And, the Brotherband books have yet to disappoint.This one was really awesome, with the characters continuing to develop into mature figures I think th [...]

  25. Ranger s Apprentice books were my absolute childhood favourites and 10 years later I still enjoy them This book was no exception There wasn t as much action as there normally is but it allowed for plenty of character development and I loved the way all the characters were given a real depth Jasper was n longer simply annoying, Stig grew up, Edvin had a lovely spotlight and the friendship between Stig and Hal was taken to a new level Of course, the book wasn t particularly mentally challenging bu [...]

  26. Holy White Savior trope, Batman In some ways, I ve actually enjoyed the Brotherband books than the Rangers Apprentice series But this particular book was weak Not only was the character development flat, the plot was devoted to the incredibly racist white savior trope.Will and the Herons get lost in a storm and end up on the shores of a new land North America They end up making friends with a particular tribe of natives But then the tribe hears that the dreaded Ghostfaces are on their way to at [...]

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