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The Liar's Diary

Unlimited The Liar's Diary - by Patry Francis Unlimited The Liar's Diary - by Patry Francis - The Liar's Diary, The Liar s Diary An accomplished poet with a keen eye for detail and the written word Patry Francis has written a riveting debut novel that will thrill fans of Jodi Picoult and Sue Miller Answering the question of wh

  • Title: The Liar's Diary
  • Author: Patry Francis
  • ISBN: 9780452289154
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited The Liar's Diary - by Patry Francis, The Liar's Diary, Patry Francis, The Liar s Diary An accomplished poet with a keen eye for detail and the written word Patry Francis has written a riveting debut novel that will thrill fans of Jodi Picoult and Sue Miller Answering the question of what is powerful family or friendship this debut novel unforgettably shows how far one woman would go to protect either They couldn t be different but they formAn accomplished poet wit

The Liar's Diary

Unlimited The Liar's Diary - by Patry Francis Unlimited The Liar's Diary - by Patry Francis - The Liar's Diary, The Liar s Diary An accomplished poet with a keen eye for detail and the written word Patry Francis has written a riveting debut novel that will thrill fans of Jodi Picoult and Sue Miller Answering the question of wh The Liar's Diary

  • Unlimited The Liar's Diary - by Patry Francis
    348Patry Francis
The Liar's Diary

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  1. Because I know a ton of writers, and I like to support their efforts, I often buy books which are not really my own particular genre or taste I never regret it because we all need all the support we can get in this businessbut every once in awhile, I get this fabulous surprise in a package that I don t really expect to like Just such a gift is Patry Francis s The Liar s Diary which is touted as a seductive psychological thriller and a murder mystery not my cup of tea Except Except IT IS This cle [...]

  2. I had a difficult time with this book It had twists and turns and beautiful writing, but then the twist near the end felt like it belonged on Lifetime and I wanted to throw it across the room.Then I thought about it a few hours later Then a few days later It started to dawn on me that even though the ending had initially felt contrived, it wasn t It was damned near perfect And now, two weeks later, I m still mulling over it I guess that s a clear sign that it was worth the read.

  3. Jeanne Cross, a school secretary, appears to have the perfect family Her husband, Gavin, is a respected doctor, and their son, Jamie, is well liked by his peers When Jeanne becomes acquainted with Ali Mather, a music teacher,she finds the first friend of her adult life Although their friendship isn t easy, Ali becomes very important to Jeanne Ali s murder forces Jeanne to unwillingly examine her life This book was not an enjoyable read for me It had than one plot device that I do not like None [...]

  4. What kind of secrets does a family hide behind their perfect facade, and what does it take for these secrets to come to light That s the premise behind The Liar s Diary an explosive read that will have you suprised up until the last page Awesome

  5. I was wandering round Target, waiting for the pharmacy to fill my prescription, and had just reached the books section when I found it bottom shelf, red and cream cover with an image of a woman in lacy apparel I d looked at several paperbacks already, and it wasn t the picture that enticed me But the blurb on the back was intriguing Suburban life falling apart, mutual vulnerabilities, long held secrets, something darker those are things I might expect to enjoy Stunning, magnetic personalities le [...]

  6. You better set yourself aside a good chunk of time when you pick up The Liar s Diary the stunning debut novel by Patry Francis because I can tell you from personal experience that once you start reading, you re not going to want to stop until you ve finished On the surface, this is a book about the seemingly perfect Cross family, living their slightly flawed lives out in the suburbs the only flaw appears to be the superficial flaw of the son who is overweight and the woman, the unwanted element, [...]

  7. Unfortunately I just couldn t suffer through any than the first 4 chapters, with grown men parked up outside of their 47 year old lover s house, weeping into their coffee, because they loved her so much, but she was seeing someone else as well I seriously just had to gag As I heard the ending was so good, I flipped straight to the last few pages, got the gist, was not sorry anyone got murdered and have returned it to the library I really admire readers who can persevere through very dull and me [...]

  8. I found this book over the top cheesy and melodramatic, and thought the characters were incredibly cliched That was why I was enjoying the story at first, because I found it really funny and ridiculous That was for the first two disks I read it audio format Then I just got so completely and entirely sucked into the story that I was enjoying it for itself and really wanting to know what happens next I was pretty fond of some of those characters by the end of the book, especially Jamie and George [...]

  9. This is an excellent, suffocatingly tight mystery I could hardly put it down The characters are complex and believable I did not see the ending coming If you like to be kept in suspense, I recommend this book It s a heartbreaking story, but there is a glimmer of hope, and that s all I m going to say about that.

  10. this was well written, but not my cup of tea I thought it would be dark and edgy, like a ruth rendell or barbara vine, or maybe even like that recent book what was she thinking that they made into them ovie Notes on a Scandal I enjoyed reading some of the comments by other readers but basically this fell into the Jodi Picoult melodrama school, and would make a fine movie on Lifetime

  11. I started out liking it, but then I put it down, I think I just wasn t in the mood for murder I didn t realize it was a murder mystery when I started it There is so much murder on television, plus I didn t like any of the characters It sounded like a lifetime sob sister movie.

  12. The best thing about this book is the title Everything else mediocre, infuriating, or just plain bad Since there are spoilers below, I ll give the spoiler free version first bad dialogue writing not believable characters plot holes and inconsistencies.1 The dialogue is awful First of all, when actual humans talk, they don t constantly call to or refer their conversational partner by name And these characters do it all the time In some cases, a five minute conversation has each character use the [...]

  13. Five brilliant amazing well deserved golden stars This book blew my mind and played all sorts of crazy games with it and after finishing it the only though prevalent in my mind is that i have to read it again, right now but i also have to wait and soak in the aftertaste of literary goodness left upon my mind.To be honest i am kind of speechless as to my exact thoughts about this novel, i have so many different opinions and i just don t know what to think any.On a personal level i could relate to [...]

  14. The Liar s Diary was, hands down, the best book I ve read in a very long time If not for needing sleep, I could have easily read this book cover to cover in one sitting I was that drawn into the story Patry Francis debut novel was one of great suspense and mystery that I would recommend to anyone I found the characters to be well formed and easy to relate to Patry, effortlessly brought these characters to life, making them feel both ordinary and special at the same time From the first chapter, I [...]

  15. I have finally finished this miserable book To refer to it as a book seems wrong I love books, and this bound pile of pages is an insult to books I ve given it a rating of 1, only because what it deserves isn t an option I actually feel angry angry that so much of my time has been wasted, angry that I couldn t just toss it out, angry that anything so undeserving could be published and tempt a reader to open it s pages This was her first novel It may not be her last, but I won t give her another [...]

  16. It was a great psychological mystery The initial half of the book sets up the background for the death, the mindset of the various characters, why they do what they do, etc The latter half deals with unveiling of the mystery It is written in the first person narrative, the narrator being Jeanne, a 42 year old mother of an overweight teenage boy, whose husband is a well known and popular orthopedician Events start when a new, exotic music teacher, Ali, whose in her late forties arrives at the sch [...]

  17. When I first saw this book in library, I felt attracted to it because of its unusual title I went through the cover page and trusting my instincts I picked this book to read.What a wonderful surprise it was for me I simply loved the way Patry Francis wrote the story I fell in love with her writing and I can t remember how many times I have tried to look for another book written by her later This is story of friendship and family, written in an intriguing way I was awed by the book I was fascinat [...]

  18. This book was painful to read, slow paced and uncomfortable My time is limited, so I prefer novels with an uplifting bend However, Francis had some lovely turns of phrases and it was a decent book I m just surprised that Jamie didn t kill his father instead of terrorizing a teacher Also, I found the mother s ability to lie to herself to be just a tad too far fetched.I think I shall return this to half price.

  19. The Liar s Diary doesn t really need another rating and review, but I have to weigh in First, the book is a first rate mystery that plays fair and kept me guessing right to the end More than that, this is a compelling, disturbing and, in the end, deeply satisfying psychological study Highly recommended

  20. This book is amazing The ending floored me, for sure I would absolutely recommend this to each and every fan of Jodi Picoult Definitely one of my favorite novels

  21. Having read the author s second book and being impressed by the story, I decided to try her first effort It was a good attempt but a bit confusing at times That make it hard to follow and called me back to reread at times There is lots and lots of reflection on the part of Jeanne our narrating character Definitely not one of my favorite stores, but I am glad to have read through it The second book is a terrific story and is well written One of my very favorite stories after all this time.

  22. This book made me angry Angry that I spent so much time on it, angry that the plot twist was implausible and quite a stretch Angry that the author tried to get me to believe that her two main characters were truly best friends, as there was no level of friendship displayed in these pages The whole thing was just unbelievable An uneducated Jeanne wouldn t use the type of advanced vocabulary that she did A middle aged man doesn t just suddenly become a pedophile out of the blue There would be sign [...]

  23. The Liar s Diary return by Patry Francis return Review by Aaron Paul Lazar return return return return The Liar s Diary, a psychological suspense novel by debut author Patry Francis, should be tooled in fragrant red leather with gilt edges, and placed on your bookshelf in a place of honor return return Be forewarned When you buy it, allow for an uninterrupted block of time Forget sleep The lure of The Liar s Diary is strong, for it will call your name incessantly, and your dreams will be filled [...]

  24. The Liar s Diary is the story of Jeanne and Ali s friendship, how it started, why it started and what came from it Jeanne and Ali both work at the same school, many words are not exchanged between them until one day Ali asked Jeanne if she can start giving her rides to school and so their friendship begins Ali shows Jeanne parts of herself that she doesn t want to face but Ali thinks she needs to face This is the story of their friendship and their families This is a thriller so I don t want to [...]

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