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Wasted Time

[PDF] Wasted Time | by ↠ Mya O'Malley [PDF] Wasted Time | by ↠ Mya O'Malley - Wasted Time, Wasted Time Do you believe that some souls are destined to be together even through hardship and deceit After Declan s heart is torn between wanting to stay with Morgan and needing to fight for his beloved

  • Title: Wasted Time
  • Author: Mya O'Malley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Wasted Time | by ↠ Mya O'Malley, Wasted Time, Mya O'Malley, Wasted Time Do you believe that some souls are destined to be together even through hardship and deceit After Declan s heart is torn between wanting to stay with Morgan and needing to fight for his beloved country Knowing that the future may be uncertain he kisses his fianc e goodbye and focuses on his mission until that dark day from which he will never fully recover InjurDo you believe t

Wasted Time

[PDF] Wasted Time | by ↠ Mya O'Malley [PDF] Wasted Time | by ↠ Mya O'Malley - Wasted Time, Wasted Time Do you believe that some souls are destined to be together even through hardship and deceit After Declan s heart is torn between wanting to stay with Morgan and needing to fight for his beloved Wasted Time

  • [PDF] Wasted Time | by ↠ Mya O'Malley
    279Mya O'Malley
Wasted Time

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  1. If you enjoy watching soap operas, you will probably really love this book It had all things soap opera going for it Attraction, love, engagement, off to war, injury, she thinks he is dead, he is hiding from her, she moves on, he doesn t They reconnect in a dramatic way There is cheating, lying and stalking I am actually not a fan of soap operas, so this book wasn t my favorite, but there were a lot of good elements.Two words that describe this book for me would be angst and DRAMA Both are very [...]

  2. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review I ve come to learn that Mya O Malley does a great job weaving together an emotional and clean romance I was amazed at how much heartfelt emotion really was contained in these words.Declan and Morgan have an insta love, but that doesn t mean their connection is without problems Their souls are so deeply connected and their love is so thorough and deep and that causes them both to find it within themselves to think of the other person, than of th [...]

  3. Mya O Malley did a great job conveying the emotions for the MCs in this novel Morgan is a fun, sweet and energetic elementary teacher She longs for someone she can share her life with, someone who can love her fully and she can love in return, someone whom she can build her life with for the long term Declan is a soldier who has had much loss in his life and wants to serve his country to help protect those he loves and the freedoms of this country He also wants to find someone he can love and ha [...]

  4. Wasted Time is a story about destiny, fate, and two lovers Morgan and Declan met one day when Morgan was running late to her teaching job and she bumped into Declan who was in the school for a career day Declan instantly caught Morgan s attention like nobody else ever had He was sexy, sweet, and she just knew he was the man for her Declan also knew there was something different about Morgan From the minute he bumped into her in the hallway, he knew he had to at least ask her out for coffee After [...]

  5. Wasted Time by Mya O Malley 4 5 StarsMorgan and Declan, two amazing people who never thought they would find someone as perfect for themselves as each other Meeting by chance, they become close fast Both being of age, and both knowing what they want out of life, they decide to take it to the next level and get married September 11th, NYC, two planes hit the World Trade Center and the world watches in horror, while Declan who is in the Reserves rushes out to help He sees things he will never tell [...]

  6. Mya O Malley has done it again Mya O Malley, mostly known for paranormal romance novels, surprised me with this wonderful novel that s completely different from anything I ve read from her Declan and Morgan meet by chance at the school Morgan teaches at and the connection is instant Being that Declan is enlisted in the National Guard, they both know there is always a chance he will be deployed Then, the unthinkable happens, two planes hit the World Trade Center in New York and our country, and D [...]

  7. Declan Blake s mission in life is to defend his country He lives to be in the military until he meets a HOT Pre K teacher after he bumps into her at the school she teaches and can t stop thinking about her He is determined to go out with her Declan and Morgan Matthews end up going out on a date and they both wonder if there is such a thing as love at first site They become inseparable until the tragic 9 11 event happens and he and Morgan both know he will be called to go overseas to fight for th [...]

  8. Wasted Time is an emotion driven love story that literally leaves you breathless I was captivated from the first page all the way to the last This was my first book by Mya O Malley and it absolutely will not be the last This story is about true love and lost love Declan and Morgan had what I would consider love at first sight and were inseparable leading up to Declan going off to war When he gets injured, he doesn t want to burden Morgan so he stops communication Morgan of course spends her time [...]

  9. 4.5 StarsWasted Time is a complex, sweet romance novel Morgan is sweet, strong, and caring Declan is independent, honorable, and giving These two fall in love quickly before tragedy tears them apart And boy is everything a complete mess for a while I want to cuss but this being a review I m limited This book evoked a wide range of emotions from me Seriously Even now after completing this book I need time to deal with everything that happened The author illustrated the scenes vividly and made it [...]

  10. This isn t the first book from this author I ve read, so I was ready to jump in to some sweet romance and great characters However, this story just didn t work for me After half way through, I gave up on it, which was disappointing The drama, characters, and overall situation didn t feel authentic to and I wasn t sold on the story nor engaged in it enough to even want to know what would happen The writing didn t have any apparent flaws It just didn t pull me in.Content References to living toget [...]

  11. For some reason the review I done disappeared, so I ll leave it again always with Mya s books you are left with a great story This didn t disappoint Two characters madly in love, torn apart, and brought back together again The love and devotion between the characters was lovely It showed that love isn t straight forward I loved this book Only one complaint I had with this book is that I wanted .

  12. I was given an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review I loved every single word of this book Mya O Malley has written a charming soldier love story loosely connected to 911 there are no graphic images This story flows so well, the characters are real and the suspense is thrilling I wish I could give than 5 stars Put this on your TBR

  13. Morgan and Declan seem like such a perfect story of course everything goes wrong Poor Morgan can t get over her one true love I had a hard time finding any likability with Mike he seems nice enough but not amazing I loved how much real emotion you could feel from all the characters I loved that the story had me smiling and crying This was one of those stories where i just wanted to keep reading so I could get to the end and see how things would finally work out I would read this one again I was [...]

  14. Wasted Time is a standalone romance novel from Mya O Malley Alternating between Morgan and Declan s POV, we see the novel from all angles and are able to understand how both of the characters feel about the tragic events they are faced with A chance meeting between Declan and Morgan leads to a once in a lifetime romance Convinced they have found their soul mate, the couple enjoy their life together and are excited about where it will lead But after the tragic events of 9 11, Declan is called bac [...]

  15. FIVE STARSPre K special education teacher Morgan was late for school, traffic was horrendous Rushing into school she runs into a man wearing camouflage This is the first time Morgan has set eyes on Declan and her heart races The rest of the day Morgan was distracted by thoughts of the handsome stranger After his presentation Declan cannot get the teacher out of his mind and he waiting in the parking lot for her to come out for lunch He asked her out for coffee which ended up in a date for dinner [...]

  16. Wasted Time by Mya O Malley is a standalone novel that will capture your heart and bring out all of your emotions The story is about Declan and Morgan As soon as they meet there is an instant connection, love at first sight, but soon a tragedy strikes the heart of NYC Declan s heart is torn between wanting to stay with Morgan and needing to fight for his country He needs to go to help fight on behalf of all those innocent people who lost their lives on that fateful September morning he kisses hi [...]

  17. Wasted Time had an interesting storyline, very poignant and relevant However, I was overwhelmed with emotion, swinging from discouragement to elation, back and forth It had the ending I hoped for but the process of getting there was too much Also, if you are strictly a Christian romance reader, this may not suit your bill There was a lot of swearing and although there was no sex, it was implied multiple times Overall, I was touched by the story about true love, but I had to push to get through i [...]

  18. Despite a few confusing plot twists, this story promises drama and action The storyline centers around the 2001 attack on The World Trade Center After seeing firsthand the devastation and chaos in Manhattan, Declan Blake enlists in the Army Declan remained haunted by the lost souls of ground zero His desire to stand up and fight for his country becomes an obsession in his life Left behind is his fianc e, Morgan Matthews She tries desperately to understand his preoccupation and be supportive Begg [...]

  19. ARC received courtesy of Inspired Kathy in exchange for an honest review 2 stars Morgan and Declan are childhood sweethearts Declan sees things that scar him when he helped victims out of the World Trade Centre on 9 11 He promised himself that day that someday he would join the fight against terrorism and join the US army.After proposing to Morgan and her accepting, Declan informs her that he has been called up to serve in Afghanistan Morgan is terrified but eventually come round and is proud of [...]

  20. 4 StarsWasted Time By Mya O Mally is a love story of how two strangers have such a strong connection and fall in love no matter how long or far away they been away from each other Morgan is a Prekindergarten Teacher and is late for work She is running in the hallway to get to her classroom when she literally runs into Declan Declan is at the school to talk to the children about his job as a solider The characters have such a strong connection right from the first touch They each go their separat [...]

  21. 4 StarsWasted Time by Mya O Malley is a standalone novel that had me on such an emotional rollercoaster ride This story follows Morgan, a teacher, and Declan, a construction worker and Army reservist.Morgan Matthews is a teacher at Willow Brooks school in New York She s pretty content with being single and living her life While at school one day, she literally bumps into Declan and sparks fly After one date she knew he was the one As they start making plans for the future, terrorists attack the [...]

  22. Wasted Time by Mya O Malley5 StarsWasted Time by Mya O Malley is a raw story of second chance true love The novel has depth and well developed characters Mya O Malley was able to take an amazing love story and turn it in to something so beautiful When Morgan and Declan meet for the first time there are instant sparks They feel something for one another, but do not know why they are having such strong feelings when they just met one another Declan is determined to have Morgan so he waits for her [...]

  23. I felt like this book had so much potential and I love all things military, but I just didn t prefer the story Way too much drama and miscommunications More content and language than I prefer and that was a bit of a turn off for me I loved Declan and really wanted him to have a happily ever after and could understand his feelings of inadequacies, especially after living through such horror He stayed loyal and true to Morgan and tried to communicate, but things didn t work out like he anticipated [...]

  24. Wasted TimeOh Mya O Malley hit it home with Wasted Time A clean, well written romance novel that will make you feel so many emotions Married to a veteran and live with the after effects of war, this book drew me and I loved every word, every character and the many struggles they all faced I am proud to say that I give this book 5 stars I encourage anyone needed an emotional beautiful love story to dig in, it will not disappoint you in ANY way So many emotions while reading the journey of Morgan [...]

  25. Wasted Time is a standalone novel by Mya O Malley This is my first novel by this author.Declan Blake and his platoon have just taken out some of the enemies in Afghanistan Believing the man to be dead, he walks closer to the man he had just shot moments before But before Declan and his men can react, the man thought to be dead gets up and starts shooting The last thing Declan thinks about is Morgan before his world turns black Rewinding two years prior, shows the relationship between Morgan and [...]

  26. 5 STARSWasted Time by Mya O MalleyThis book hands down is one of the best books I have ever read I believe this needs to be produced into a movie possibly on the Hallmark Channel Wasting Time is about Delcan and Morgan and the true meaning of true love and soul mates.Delcan is in the Army and a construction worker and Morgan is an elementary school teacher The two meet during career day at the school and sparks begin to fly They become inseparable Then tragedy hits America on September 11, 2001 [...]

  27. Remember that Nicholas Sparks novel Dear John Well this is a grown up version of that Here s the rundown Morgan and Declan meet, Declan goes to war, Morgan loses Declan Declan doesn t want to burden her, and they both move on with their lives But I guess that the path to true love isn t always straight I really want to stress that I enjoyed this novel, but I find it hard to orientate myself in it I don t know what decisions I d make in either of the characters circumstances I so much appreciated [...]

  28. I received this book for an honest review I want to give this book 3.5 stars to almost 4 stars The beginning of the book was a little confusing because of the time change between now and then It did provide you with history but yet I felt it lacked some of the information From the prologue to Ch 8 it begins the story with 2 years earlier Then in chapter 9 it picks up with current day and some different characters added You eventually discover how they met and understand but it did not flow well [...]

  29. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Mya O Malley s Wasted Time, a clean, but realistic romance novel, is a sweeping tale of how fate and destiny step in to bring people together, or tear them apart Morgan Matthews, a special ed teacher, and Declan Blake, a construction worker and Army reservist, are intrigued with each other at first sight, which quickly turns to love, following a chance meeting at the elementary school in New York where she works They are caught up in a fairyta [...]

  30. Soulmates are severely hard to find, however this book makes you believe in finding yours A truly sweet story about two people who are truly meant to be together Morgan a sweet and beautiful special needs teacher finds the love of her life in Declan a soldier who is proud to fight for what he believes in Going off to war post 9 11 puts strain on any relationship Even this one Morgan and Declan fight to save their relationship until the unthinkable happens This story, thank god, is a HEA These tw [...]

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