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Mirror in the Sky

Mirror in the Sky Best Read || [Aditi Khorana] Mirror in the Sky Best Read || [Aditi Khorana] - Mirror in the Sky, Mirror in the Sky An evocative debut perfect for fans of Tommy Wallach s We All Looked Up about the discovery of a mirror planet to Earth and how it dramatically changes the course of one Indian American girl s junio

  • Title: Mirror in the Sky
  • Author: Aditi Khorana
  • ISBN: 9781595148568
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover

Mirror in the Sky Best Read || [Aditi Khorana], Mirror in the Sky, Aditi Khorana, Mirror in the Sky An evocative debut perfect for fans of Tommy Wallach s We All Looked Up about the discovery of a mirror planet to Earth and how it dramatically changes the course of one Indian American girl s junior year Beautifully written surprising and poignant Lynn Weingarten New York Times bestselling author of Suicide Notes from Beautiful GirlsFor Tara Krishnan navigatingAn evocative

Mirror in the Sky

Mirror in the Sky Best Read || [Aditi Khorana] Mirror in the Sky Best Read || [Aditi Khorana] - Mirror in the Sky, Mirror in the Sky An evocative debut perfect for fans of Tommy Wallach s We All Looked Up about the discovery of a mirror planet to Earth and how it dramatically changes the course of one Indian American girl s junio Mirror in the Sky

  • Mirror in the Sky Best Read || [Aditi Khorana]
    421Aditi Khorana
Mirror in the Sky

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  1. So the diversity here was fun to see, but the story was a pretty big letdown otherwise I was expecting some cool plot about the new Terra Nova alternate Earth that was discovered at the beginning, but that was of a background plot device that served as an excuse for people to do dumb things like how Tara s mom flees to California to join some cult.Tara s POV was a serious drag to read from She has a major chip on her shoulder and is just rather pathetic Her best friend goes to Argentina for the [...]

  2. Mirror in the Sky is absolutely nothing like you d imagine from the marketing, and I think that s going to lead to a lot of DNFs It s a book I d only recommend to fans of existentialism and We All Looked Up type books Yet it s still so completely worth the read I want everyone to read this and see how good the second half is THE FIRST HALF AND DISAPPOINTMENTSo let me get the bad over with Mirror In The Sky does not deliver on its fantastic premise about an alternate earth Yes, it improves later [...]

  3. Mirror in the Sky is about a teenager, Tara Krishnan, who goes to school with a bunch of wealthy kids, and often expresses her hardships as the only POC in her school The recent discovery of another planet, called Terra Nova, leads everyone in this book to become thrilled since it is evident that there is life on Terra Nova The synapsis and the front cover which I think is beautiful make it clear that this book is going to be a sci fi novel about a mirror planet, but going into this book, any re [...]

  4. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.There are books you read that are good Some that are great And then there are the books that utterly blow your mind, the ones that are so beautiful they ache deep within your soul That s the kind of book MIRROR IN THE SKY is The kind that aches so good At first I was skeptical of how this multiverse would play out Would it be too heavy on the technicalities not that I mind that, I am a HUGE science enthusiast , would it be confusing The answer t [...]

  5. How I wish I DNFed this book It was so boring and didn t hold my interest in the slightest I kept waiting for it to pick up, and to learn about Terra Nova the mirror planet to Earth but the plot had little to do with it The mirror planet s purpose in the book is basically to get everyone in the book to toss aside their morals, responsibilities, and families to chase after their lost dreams at any cost This book actually reminded me of Mean Girls, except if Regina George was actually nice.Mirror [...]

  6. This book snuck up on me When I started it, I didn t think it would be a page turning read that I would finish in two days and shed tears over But it was.When I started the book, I half expected a certain kind of SF story, and I was wondering how the author would get around the scientific implausibilities inherent in that If we just now discovered a parallel Earth, how could it possibly be close enough for us to go there But no This is a book about what the sheer discovery of a second Earth Terr [...]

  7. I loved this book so much, and I can t believe I didn t post anything about it A contemporary YA sci fi genre blend of a book, I adored every single page.Plucking this from my Book Riot review of the book which you can find here bookriot 2016 07 16 reading list The wonderful thing about this story, is that it becomes less about the sci fi and about Tara s experience dealing with the extraordinary circumstances she s placed in The entire planet is trying to figure out where we fit in the galaxy [...]

  8. The premise of Mirror in the Sky is nearly identical to that of Another Earth scientists discover a planet that is nearly identical to our own But Mirror in the Sky has a half Indian, half white teenage girl for a protagonist And she will also go through a journey of self discovery, but it will involve less housecleaning and guilt.Tara Krishnan doesn t really fit in at her white ass Connecticut school, and when her best friend decides to take a year off abroad, she s left floundering Until the d [...]

  9. Full Review on my blog This book wasn t what I expected at ALL, but once I settled into the understanding that it s a YA contemporary with what I d call a sci fi overlay, I really enjoyed it.The plot centers around a girl named Tara who feels out of place in her small town When in a strange and sad turn of events, Tara gets wrapped up in the popular group at her school She finally thinks that she is finding a way to fit in But all of that is eclipsed when scientists discover another Earth, far o [...]

  10. This is one of the most thought provoking books that I ve had the pleasure of reading MIRROR IN THE SKY poses some incredible philosophical questions about parallel universes and the impact the discovery of life outside our own planet could potentially have on our society I loved getting to experience these events alongside these characters This is such an intriguing and innovative story, and I would recommend it to readers of all ages.On top of the incredible scifi elements and the deeper theme [...]

  11. Read my Review HereWhat did I just read Honestly, it was a mixture of science fiction psych, messy love triangle, obvious plot twists Expectations I was really looking forward to a space adventure Where the characters discover a way to communication with Terra Nova, pretty much to the point where they eventually find themselves traveling to the strange, conveniently overlooked planet just on the edge of the Milkyway Actualizations I was not expecting to be dragged through a girl s struggles of m [...]

  12. I enjoyed this book so much Aditi Khorana s language is gorgeous, and her character development of Tara is great She seem so real, and I loved spending time with her Tara s voice is authentic and sparkling, and Khorana doesn t shy away from her characters good qualities or their flaws I really loved the exploration of the relationship between Tara and her mother The concept here is fantastic what if there were another version of our world, but we couldn t really access it How would it change thi [...]

  13. DNF 26%Although the premise for this is really interesting, and I was eager to read about it, the story is a lot focused on superficial high school drama and I just can t read about that any Also, some of characters were really inconsistent and I just didn t understand their actions The main character s voice was very immature, too.I think this is a book that I would ve enjoyed if it had been released when I was fifteen Right now, though, it wasn t enjoyable.

  14. Chalk this down to yet another instance of me being sick to death of petty teenagers with petty problems and meaningless sex and bad decisions and no consequences It s time to be done with this, guys It really is.

  15. I can t even formulate why or how I love this book so much, I just do I m a bit of a contrary reader where I like reading about experiences I can relate to, and though I can hardly empathize with Tara s story of being the only Indian girl in an all white prep school in Connecticut suddenly cool with the popular kids and all their secrets and drama, the science fiction aspect of discovering a mirror Earth to our own that supports the multiverse theory suddenly makes this book just other enough fo [...]

  16. I had no idea what to expect when I read an ARC of MIRROR IN THE SKY, but I am so happy I gave it a chance There is a science fictional context to this story, yes, but what it s really about, and where it really shines, is in the stunning characters and their relationships A strange and unsettling discovery in space is giving everybody on the planet a reason to look at their lives and reassess their choices Tara is a wonderful character, and so are all the people around her, including her parent [...]

  17. This was such a fascinating book, unlike anything that I ve read before The premise is sci fi a planet is discovered that seems to be a parallel version of Earth, existing in some other part of a multiverse, yet connected enough that Earth can receive signals from this other place It s a planet so similar to our own that versions of each individual person on Earth might also exist in this other place Yet the story s focus is ultimately on the very Earthly lives of Tara and her friends and family [...]

  18. Loved this book With all the talk about life on other planets, this book really hits home This book is what the movie Another Earth could have been.

  19. I knew that I would enjoy this the moment I read the synopsis and it said Alternate Earth NASA I just love any and all things universe NASAish Aditi Khorana really blew my mind with this one I really felt connected to Tara, and to the events of the book Mostly questioning how I would react if I had found out there was an ALTERNATE EARTH with me on it My name would probably be spelled Britaini instead of Brittany and I d probably have my life figured out Sometimes I still feel like I m 16 so it w [...]

  20. I cannot stress this enough, Mirror in the Sky is NOT in any way a science fiction novel I typically don t like to delve too deeply or research books before picking them up I saw that Penguin was hyping up this book, realized that it was written by an Indian author and featured an Indian American protagonist and decided to pick it up from my local library I also made the mistake of assuming that there would be stronger sci fi elements to the book.Yeh Tara Woh TaraOur protagonist s name is Tara K [...]

  21. I think I went in to this book expecting Life As We Knew It and instead got something dull and uninteresting though it tried and I tried to like it I think there is an audience for it and it has some unique features that would make connections with readers Tara s half Indian, half white as a first generation daughter whose Indian father wants to see her succeed and help fix her problems Oppositely, with the realization of a mirror planet that allows the characters to explore their life decision [...]

  22. MIRROR IN THE SKY is one of those rare books that transcends the boundaries between contemporary reality fiction and science fiction The idea that a mirror planet might be discovered is really just the starting point of this book that is all about the what ifs What if I made a different decision But instead of this being a story of regret, it s one of possibility If I knew there was someone just like me on another planet, what would my best self be Or my better self Tara is stuck as the one brow [...]

  23. Silly me I thought this book was actually about parallel universes It was, in reality, a soap opera, albeit one featuring some impressive scientific terminology, a cult, and a mystery that popped up 20 pages or so before the end of the book Oh, and multiple instances of apparent drunk drugged driving The mirror universe merely provided an exciting opportunity for everyone to wonder what if and do stupid things they normally wouldn t do For her part, Tara spent the entire book complaining about h [...]

  24. This book is about romance and finding your place in the world, and will appeal to women than men imho The lead character is a 16 year old high school girl of Asian Indian descent, but she was not raised in India Her classmates are uppercrust white Each character has major pluses and minuses, and whether you like them or not will change as you read Even when the girl, apparently begins to fit in, well you have to read it to find out The Mirror in the sky is an alternate Earth, light years away [...]

  25. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineVery interesting concept, but too YA for my students Not only is there a lot of drinking and a few f bombs, but the story is very slow paced With middle grade, we would need to meet some aliens within 25 pages, and this took than 100 Dark Energy is similar, but quicker paced for middle grade readers This would be fine for high school I liked the cultural diversity.

  26. Read 70 percent and skimmed to the end While I liked the slow reveal of information about Terra Nova and the realistic reactions and fall out, this book is decidedly not for me The main action revolved about high school social hierarchy with a decidedly negative dark edge The storytelling is strong and the writing solid and often insightful I think other readers will find this rewarding and well written it s just not something I enjoyed.

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