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The Killing Game

[PDF] Read ☆ The Killing Game : by Nancy Bush [PDF] Read ☆ The Killing Game : by Nancy Bush - The Killing Game, The Killing Game Nancy Bush always delivers edge of your seat suspense Lisa Jackson New York Times bestselling authorFrom New York Times bestselling author Nancy Bush comes a tense intricately plotted novel of suspe

  • Title: The Killing Game
  • Author: Nancy Bush
  • ISBN: 9781420134667
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ The Killing Game : by Nancy Bush, The Killing Game, Nancy Bush, The Killing Game Nancy Bush always delivers edge of your seat suspense Lisa Jackson New York Times bestselling authorFrom New York Times bestselling author Nancy Bush comes a tense intricately plotted novel of suspense as one woman becomes the focus of a killer s warped game of revenge and murder The Rules Are Simple It s the ultimate test of strategy and skill The killer choose Nancy Bush alwa

The Killing Game

[PDF] Read ☆ The Killing Game : by Nancy Bush [PDF] Read ☆ The Killing Game : by Nancy Bush - The Killing Game, The Killing Game Nancy Bush always delivers edge of your seat suspense Lisa Jackson New York Times bestselling authorFrom New York Times bestselling author Nancy Bush comes a tense intricately plotted novel of suspe The Killing Game

  • [PDF] Read ☆ The Killing Game : by Nancy Bush
    390Nancy Bush
The Killing Game

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  1. The best part of a murder, mystery, thriller NOT being able to figure out just who the villain is and trust me, Nancy Bush s The Killing Game has that part down pat There is a twisted serial killer on the loose and Andi Wren looks to be on his dance card for murder A recent widow and largest shareholder in Wren Development, Andi is discovering that the company is not doing as well as she thought When another group tries strong arming their way in, Andi is facing the drunken indifference of her s [...]

  2. He has invented a game a game of strategy and skill All the pawns are beautiful young women And they all have names of birds.Andi Wren is trying to protect her late husband s company from going bankrupt She s also dealing with in laws who don t particularly like her and resent her for having the major part of the company given to her upon their brother s death.Still coming to terms with her husband s death 3 months ago, she finds herself pregnant She also finds she has a stalker She finds notes [...]

  3. Is anyone else old enough to remember the TV commercial for Prego pasta sauce claiming, It s in there The reference, of course, is to all the ingredients a person presumably a real Italian would expect to find in homemade sauce Well, that tagline came to mind often as I turned the pages this book It s in there in this case the ingredients for a really good book but alas, it needs better mixing before I m willing to call it a tasty read.The writing itself is perfectly fine just what I would expec [...]

  4. What an ending I kept wondering how all of these plots were going to tie into each other At the beginning, one of them sounded so far fetched and way out of the realm of where the main story I had been reading was going It was amazing how the author brought all the pieces together to single out the one suspect This was a great read, great characters, a few pages of sex for those who wonder, I was able to just skip over , with great plot development That s my honest review.Thanks Kensington Books [...]

  5. DNF at 7%All I can say is that I loved the killer s perspective, but I couldn t handle listening to the women s perspective I really don t want to hear about this person s drama literally right into their story Tons of infodumping about her life, past, shitty dead husband, fertility issues, etc Not for me Sure it s a good story, but I would have ended up in a ball of rage if I pushed on.

  6. Arguably the most well done aspect of this book is the serial killer he s cold, brutal, and depraved, and the method by which he picks his victims is unique, which makes it all the chilling Further, his identity is actually a surprise though in retrospect, it should not have been , which is a rarity in books in this genre However, there are myriad issues with the story, and there s even one and it s significant in terms of that twist it is impossible for me to believe that one of his victims di [...]

  7. Detailed and complex story with many threads that overlap and interweave and then are tied up neatly at the end although I felt the story could have been faster paced with less repetition I had mixed feelings about this book I usually enjoy Nancy Bush s novels but this one left me feeling so so at the end I liked the premise and the murder the bird tie in of the murders with the idea of it being a game I felt like I was reading two or perhaps even three stories in one even though they all did ov [...]

  8. The Killing Game by Nancy Bush just didn t do it for me I really wanted to like it, but found it slow paced, with A LOT of repetition, than needed characters which are two dimensional at best, and two story lines that often jump back and forth in the middle of a chapter really Then there s the serial killer who uses the same name all the time But what I dislike most of all is the shallow way women are portrayed Most of the women characters are sex starved and have incomplete lives until their m [...]

  9. After reading the back of this book and looking at some of the other reviews posted I was prepared to love this book Serial killer, skeletons a sexy P.I That s my idea of a good time Unfortunately it didn t deliver I grew bored with the same thing happening throughout the book I received this copy from the publisher.

  10. Nancy Bush s The Killing Game is a wonderful mystery, suspenseful thriller with a little bit of romance thrown in This book had me on the edge of my seat and it was just at the ending when the killer was revealed that I finally figured it out For me, that makes a great book There are two parallel stories going on in this book and they finally curve toward one another and the solution comes fast and furious at that point Andrea Andi Wren is a recent widow who is still reeling from her husband s d [...]

  11. Nancy Bush is truly one of the most underrated crime suspense writers spinning yarns today I don t know if it s because she started in the business writing romance novels, because she s Lisa Jackson s sister, or because her books have been pigeonholed as trade airport gift shop straight to paperback or what, but the odd distribution of Bush s new novels is proof that her publisher is oblivious to just how superior a storyteller Bush is Nancy Bush keeps you thinking about her stories when you are [...]

  12. The Killing Game is a romantic mystery novel by Nancy Bush.There is a twisted serial killer who has invented a game of killing beautiful women with the name of birds Andi Wren seems to be the killers next victim She is recently widowed and due to that is the majority owner of her late husband s company In come her in laws who resent the fact that she owns most of the shares of the company When she starts get threatening notes she turns for help to Luke Denton, former cop, now private investigato [...]

  13. With a jumble of story threads this thriller keeps the reader gasping and delivers a great story A dark psychopath treats killing as a game, targeting women with the last name from a bird Against this drama, a young widow fights to manage the family business inherited from her husband, while her husband s siblings fight her The large number of characters are at times difficult to follow, but the threads come together and work out in the end The writing is descriptive without being burdensome A l [...]

  14. I received this free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book is holy crap amazing Unputdownable from the very beginning with the suspense always keeping you on your toes I loved this and thought it was well written and with all the red herrings, I couldn t read fast enough to get to the end A fantastic, compelling thriller that gave me slivers of goosebumps when reading from the killer s perspective.

  15. Recently widowed Andi Wren is struggling to hold her life together She has taken her husband s place at the family business, which is fighting to hold off major competitors Those competitors have threatened Andi, so she hires ex police detective turned PI Luke Denton to be both her bodyguard and to help find proof that the competitors twin brothers have broken the law There is a serial killer at work, but no one realizes it until Andi s best friend, Trini Finch is found dead Just when things can [...]

  16. The very beginning of this book scared me to death It wasn t the part leading up to the death, but the way that it happened that horrified me to absolutely no end Having said that, the rest of the book was anticlimactic to some extent.I loved the protagonist, Andi Wren She just lost her less than stellar cheat of a husband exactly three months earlier Then she finds out that she is three months pregnant on the same day someone broke into her home and left a bizarre message on her bed She seeks o [...]

  17. Yawn That s all I could do when I read this book It is so formulaic and boring that I almost didn t finish Rich husband dies, sweet and miraculously pregnant widow is left behind to battle with the rich family She feels threatened by someone A handsome ex cop falls in love with her and wants to protect her She is kidnapped Yada yada yada.I feel like I have read this story a million times Not even the plot twist and big reveal of the killer could save it There are several reasons why I am bored w [...]

  18. The book was pretty good, but I had issue with the description The cover claims that a serial killer is playing a game with his victims But for most of the book, the main character, Andi, did not realize that she was being stalked by a killer So how much of a game was it really Did I guess who the killer was No The book became a little confusing at times There were current murders, and murders from 20 years ago Do they finally connect Yes, but it took a long time For me, this book was not as eng [...]

  19. I m sorry to say this book really wasn t for me A predictable plot with an unconvincing love story characters with overcomplicated names It s not very often that I genuinely want to give up on a book and if it wasn t for the fact that I needed to review it is doubt I would ve made it to the halfway point but I have seen some positive reviews so maybe I only like the really twisted stuff now Thanks to Kensington Books for allowing me to read this book in exchange for an honest review, but this on [...]

  20. Even though it was a surprise ending this was not one of her better books I am not a fan of long details for why everything is happening I want to be teased into the plot and kept wondering until the reveal but this was a little long in the details and I wanted suspense I will still read her books but this was not a favorite for me and that is a fist for this author I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.

  21. According to my kindle I was 43% through this book when I finally gave up on it I really felt the writing style was amateurish I was surprised to later realize this was a book in a series and this writer was not a new novelist The storyline was not believable The characters were frivolous and childish The romance was absurd The dialogue writing was uncomfortable and awkward This book had very little appeal.

  22. What a great yarn.I really liked this book What a great yarn Nancy s intricate creation of characters makes you worry, delight, fret and be interested in what they re going to do next She developed the victims so you were on the edge of your seat worrying about them and their fate I ll be reading of this series That s how true the characters are to read about.

  23. Very suspensefulny subplots Serial killer and the who is a huge surprise I enjoyed this story I ll read of this series Loved the characters although the damsel in distress was a little wimpy for my tastes Loved the character of September Rafferty Some parts really dragged just like real life Didn t like the ending thoughe climax was just fine.

  24. I liked the book it just took a long time to get to the real action of who was killing people The book was interesting and really made you feel with the characters It was a big and interesting mystery.

  25. I was greatly disappointed with this book I wanted to love it, and I initially did when I started reading the book The plot started to dissolve, and it seemed like a relationship gone wrong book rather than the mystery book I was looking for.

  26. This books was perfectly fine Nothing special About half way through, I realized I didn t care at all whether or not the main characters died After this realization, the book became a chore to finish.

  27. Another good read continuing with the Rafferty Storyline Loved this read but dang the ending Fingers crossed that this means there will another coming in the Rafferty saga.

  28. SoaringI don t know if there is a sixth book in the Rafferty family tree , but I hope so Loved every one so far If not I ll be looking for another series by Nancy Bush.

  29. A suspenseful book as you try to guess the identity of the killer The last name of each of the dead women is some type of bird Now Andi Wren has received a note where she is called little bird She has hired Lucas Denton to protect her but from whom Andi is the majority stockholder of Wren Development and the company has had bitter confrontations with the Carrera brothers who wanted to buy properties that Wren bought Are they threatening Andi to get her to sell Detectives are working to solve the [...]

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