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Score Best Download || [Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha] Score Best Download || [Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha] - Score, Score She s a knockout and he s about to SCORE I m a good guy for the press a monster in the ring Chase Stryker and Score are my two identities and I like to keep them separate When I m not a wealthy poli

  • Title: Score
  • Author: Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Score Best Download || [Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha], Score, Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha, Score She s a knockout and he s about to SCORE I m a good guy for the press a monster in the ring Chase Stryker and Score are my two identities and I like to keep them separate When I m not a wealthy politician s son I m an underground MMA fighting champion Undefeated Irresistible A f cking animal Until sweet and innocent Lina Diaz comes along She could make my life She s a knockout and he s a


Score Best Download || [Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha] Score Best Download || [Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha] - Score, Score She s a knockout and he s about to SCORE I m a good guy for the press a monster in the ring Chase Stryker and Score are my two identities and I like to keep them separate When I m not a wealthy poli Score

  • Score Best Download || [Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha]
    172Caitlin Daire Alyssa Alpha

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  1. 3.7 StarsWARNING Spoilers ahead CAUTIOUS ADVICE There is a deeper message here for whoever is partying and accepting a drink from stranger could end up in view spoiler RAPE hide spoiler I was ready to quit at 10% prior to the writing style that was telling than showing similar to Linda Chance author Also, there was not enough depth to drag me in and form any emotional connection to continue and finally the hero was not making a good impression, so I wanted out BUT, SOMETHING MIRACULOUSLY HAPPEN [...]

  2. Wow Have to say I really enjoyed this step brother romance,the authors Cailtin Dare and Alyssa Alpha threw in an unexpected twists or two that certainly kept you involved, not that it was hard to be involved with the plot line to start with Lina Diaz could not believe she let her friends talk her into coming to an underground MMA fight, her mother would be so dissapointed in her if she knew, but guilt suddenly changes To a bit of a thrill when she feels eyes on her and abut the same time the cro [...]

  3. And score you can, with this sexy and fun story Illegal fights, politics, a forbidden relationship, and a sweet romance that makes your blood run hotter.I had a great time reading this story co written between Caitlin Daire and Alyssa Alpha With a light tone, it starts off really strongly when Lina meets a mysterious fighter at an illegal match Beyond the insanely hot chemistry, soon the plot twists start popping up For one, it s the impending marriage of their parents Yet there s much The thre [...]

  4. Chase Stryker has two identities he is the politician s son by day and at night then he is Score, the underground MMA fighting champion He keeps the two separate so they do not cross That is how things are and how he plans to keep themuntil Lina Diaz comes along and shakes things up Who is she She is his soon to be step sister They had immediate chemistry but because she knows his secret, he isn t sure how to take her They play a dangerous game and as they continue to dance around each other, th [...]

  5. Loved itI enjoyed this book so much that I finished it in one day I m hoping that these authors write books together.

  6. Seriously this was an amazing read I can easily see it becoming one of my favorites I love love loved it Chase is a politicians son and an underground fighter He always wins and he can have any girl he wants Lina is a waitress daughter who is giving up college to help pay the bills They come from very different worlds but they are perfect together.Clearly this is a stepbrother romance, which if you re into that, you ve probably read in the past Usually they are filled with angst and complete dis [...]

  7. Random thoughtsI m generally not a fan of MMA in real life, but I think it definitely works in literature and I loved that aspect of it in this story Score s you re coming with me attitude is completely arrogant and a little domineering which completely works, but then makes me realize that he probably does this at least after every match with random girls and makes me feel skeezy Then again, if I had the opportunity to get with my celebrity crush not that that s what Score was I d probably jump [...]

  8. Score I love Caitlin Daire s stepbrother romances She s never let me down on a story and this one is no different Only this time she teamed up with Alyssa Alpha to make the story like ten times hotter Chase Stryker s a super sexy politician s son living a secret life of an illegal underground fighter Lina s a Latina with a knockout body who s about to turn Chase s life upside down After a failed night of passion between the two, fate throws them back together but in a way they didn t expect The [...]

  9. Well written, Sweet, Sensual and Well edited Kudos to this writing team for making this overused stepbrother theme a wonderful, positive read Although there is plenty of angst, it is surrounded by the strength of characters who deal with it honestly and with integrity and maturity This alone is SUCH a departure from so many of the Young Adult stories, especially stepbrother stories, I ve read recently This book actually contains three full stories, but this review is only about SCORE Before I st [...]

  10. I think this may be my favorite overall story by Caitlin Daire From beginning to end it was an engaging, romantic story Neither of the characters were too exaggerated to the point it was annoying The twist was well done and surprising I was very glad it wasn t what I expected though The whole time I was reading view spoiler it was obvious that she has been sexually abused assaulted in some way, but I was afraid the twist to be that her father had molested her as a child and she had somehow block [...]

  11. ce Kindle Edition ARC received for an honest review.This was a good read for this genre.This book was reasonably edited prior to meI receiving my ARCThis is a step sibling romance which is is reasonable for this genre no huge plot difference.The main characters grew through the story and I liked both, however I also found the minor charatures input in this book to be interesting to read about.Not everyone in this world is nice, sometimes people try to belittle others to make themselves feel pow [...]

  12. I really enjoyed this stepbrother romance Chase wasn t the man whore that he led us to believe he was He turned out to be sweet and he took care of those that he loved His secret was that he was Score an underground cage fighter.Lena ended up at an underground cage fight because of her friends but once she saw Score the sparks flew Lena went through an unbelievable ugly event that she has blocked out however things are starting to trigger the memory Once the full memory comes back she is able to [...]

  13. You won t be disappointed when you start turning the pages of this superbly written book Chase Lina what great characters They truly are each other s ying and yang Perfectly complimenting the story Her mum his dad A political race, illegal fighting, undaunted love I love the pace of this book, the writers have ensured that the reader isn t given a moment yo lose interest All sub characters are described in detail so their reoccurring presence adds to the depth of the book Never quite sure what w [...]

  14. 4 stars Chase sees Lina at an illegal fight and immediately wants her Lima has issues she is not sure where they stem from and ends up running from Chase The two soon discover their parents are soon to marry and a relationship blossoms with both hiding their feelings as they could really hurt their family if it comes to light This started off with a little eye roll and a here we go again arrogant tough guy goes after sweet girl This story turned out to be so much with an endearing romance and a [...]

  15. All inked bad boy step brothers who finally realize that their lives have to change with that one blushing step sister in their sights Some interesting themes, maybe one good plot twist, but mostly cliches in overall lame wiriting Everything was superficial, wishy washy, even repetetive in vocab I didn t feel one of the emotions they wrote about sink in, except for the fun parts, those were okay.

  16. Arc received in exchange for an honest review I thought this story was very well written I loved all the characters I enjoyed watching the main characters fall in love I felt the connection right from the start I couldn t put this book down I was hooked right from the first page This book will not disappoint, definitely a must read

  17. Got this as an arc for an honest review Really enjoyed the story Tho must admit I hated Chase in the beginning And couldn t help but root for Lina since the first few pages Then some dark secrets arise to complicate things An enjoyable read I highly recommend snagging this one.

  18. GREAT I chose this rating because I really enjoyed this set of books The characters were great When the men chose there women there was know one else for them I loved the way they loved so hard I recommend this book to all romance readers.

  19. So hot What can I say This book was amazing You will definitely not be disappointed Score is one hot bad boy Wouldn t mind having one of my very own.

  20. LoveI love the bookI give it five starsMust read itRomance,sexy,summer,beach,loveI couldn t put the book down it was so good

  21. 5 starsI loved all three books This is a great package deal with the bonus books If you love step brother romances these are great ones.

  22. Loved Omg I couldn t put it down Loved it there my favourite books the ones you want to keep reading.And absolutely loved the other two books too.

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