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Murder on the Quai

Free Read Murder on the Quai - by Cara Black Free Read Murder on the Quai - by Cara Black - Murder on the Quai, Murder on the Quai The world knows Aim e Leduc heroine of mysteries in this New York Times bestselling series as a tr s chic no nonsense private investigator the toughest and most relentless in Paris Now author Ca

  • Title: Murder on the Quai
  • Author: Cara Black
  • ISBN: 9781616956790
  • Page: 365
  • Format: ebook

Free Read Murder on the Quai - by Cara Black, Murder on the Quai, Cara Black, Murder on the Quai The world knows Aim e Leduc heroine of mysteries in this New York Times bestselling series as a tr s chic no nonsense private investigator the toughest and most relentless in Paris Now author Cara Black dips back in time to reveal how Aim e first became a detective November Aim e Leduc is in her first year of college at Paris s preeminent medical school The world kno

Murder on the Quai

Free Read Murder on the Quai - by Cara Black Free Read Murder on the Quai - by Cara Black - Murder on the Quai, Murder on the Quai The world knows Aim e Leduc heroine of mysteries in this New York Times bestselling series as a tr s chic no nonsense private investigator the toughest and most relentless in Paris Now author Ca Murder on the Quai

  • Free Read Murder on the Quai - by Cara Black
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Murder on the Quai

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  1. I am a big fan of the Aim e Leduc detective novels, but this one took me a while to get into A prequel to the series, this book gives us a 19 year old Aim e struggling in medical school, losing her boyfriend to another woman and deciding on her own to take up an investigation that her father cannot handle due to urgent business surrounding the fall of the Berlin Wall.In the process, Aim e winds up witnessing two murders that bring her into the purview of former Nazi collaborators and Resistance [...]

  2. The 15th Aimee Leduc mystery is set in the late 1980 s, going back in time to explain how Aimee first became a private detective Flashing back to Vichy France and a gruesome crime connects to events in Paris, resulting in Aimee deserting her med school studies and working to find the connection which will solve the crimes More about Aimee s mysterious mother is explained A great way to continue one of my favorite series by going back in time.

  3. 3.5 starsThis is the 16th book by publication date but is actually the first in chronological order This book tells the story of how a 19 year old Aimee Leduc, who is the adult protagonist of a fifteen book series, goes from med school to full time private detecting I ve not read any of the other books in the series and figured that this prequel, for lack of a better term, would be a good entry point.Aimee lives in a Paris apartment with her father and grandfather while she struggles in the high [...]

  4. I always make a point of reading series in order This time, at the library, I picked up a volume in a series I ve been meaning to start and lucked out it s a prequel, so the fact that it s labelled number 16 in the series means nothing In fact, it sets up the characters.I will continue with the series on the basis of this one it s not as grabby as some other series I ve read, notably the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths, but it gets bonus points for the setting, Paris, and the characters, [...]

  5. Set in Paris, Aimee Leduc is a continuing character as a private detective in Black s books This one flashes back to Aimee s first experience in which she gets caught up in murders tracing their motives to WWII Thrown into the mix is Aimee s hope to get information about her mother who disappeared when Aimee was a child Aimee s life is in danger but she does not seem to take precautions Fast paced but lightweight.

  6. Aimee Leduc is in her first year of college at Paris s preeminent medical school She lives in a 17th century apartment that overlooks the Seine with her father who runs the family detective agency The year is 1989 and the Berlin Wall crumbles and so does Amiee s life Someone has sabotaged her lab work and it puts her in risk of failing out of the program Then she finds out her boyfriend is getting married to another woman Finally, her father takes off for Berlin on a secret errand He asked Aimee [...]

  7. There is change all over Europe as this book opens The Berlin Wall has collapsed, the Soviets have dragged their defeated army out of Afghanistan and back to Moscow Aimee Leduc is in her first year of medical school, cramming for exams Her father has to rush to Berlin for something mysterious connected with Aimee s long absent mother He makes the mistake of asking Aimee to look into a couple of details surrounding the disappearance of a man who may be a relative, and who may have known the woman [...]

  8. This one is a prequel, set about 10 years before the actual first Aimee Leduc novel So, this one should really be read first Goes back in time with WWII on a border town at the Vichy line My only quibble was that when I looked up this town, it actually wasn t where it was supposed to be set but much farther north, so it made me question Black s historical research, which I ve admired up to now But the story was enjoyable and informative just the same.

  9. After 15 Aimee Leduc mysteries, Cara Black turned her attention backward in time to the start of Aimee s career, providing a back story to her beginnings as a detective, and introducing some of the basics which inhabit subsequent novels, namely how she met Rene Friant, her partner in Leduc Detective, and acquired Miles Davis, her bichon frise At the time, Aimee was a first year medical student, hating every moment.Then one day while Aimee was in her father s office, as he was about to leave for [...]

  10. For anyone who s followed Aim e Leduc throughout the course of her many investigations, this prequel is a welcome addition to the series, since it does answer several questions How did Miles Davis join the family How did she meet Ren What did she do before she became a private investigator For anyone who s brand new to the series, Murder on the Quai will be the perfect starting point To be honest, I wondered how Black was going to follow up Aim e s first outing as private eye mother in Murder on [...]

  11. Readable but not unstoppable This book did not grab me and carry me breathless through 328 pages, but I got there eventually, just at a leisurely pace.The book s saving grace was the WWII flashbacks which were just interesting enough to keep me engaged I am not much of a fan of erstwhile med student, Aimee Leduc, but I am glad that it was this one that I picked up as I gather it is the one that goes back to her beginnings as a Private Detective in Paris The settings were evocative of the sights [...]

  12. Summary 1989, Paris France Aim e Leduc is in her first year of college at Paris s preeminent medical school She lives in a 17th century apartment that overlooks the Seine with her father, who runs the family detective agency this is the prequel to the Leduc s mystery books The week the Berlin Wall crumbles, so does Aim e s life First, there is sabotage at school Then, she finds out her boyfriend is planning to get engaged to another woman Finally, Aim e s father takes off to Berlin on a mysterio [...]

  13. Home still on crutch just one , still climbing the walls a bit from being a bit cooped up, digesting the sad news that my darling dog has an enlarged heart and is struggling so 2 weeks or 2 years, no way to tell clearly I needed a great mystery to cheer me up, and this new book by Cara Black, Murder on the Quai, was that book I still have five books in this Aimee Leduc series to read, but I went ahead and tackled the newest one which in fact is a prequel finally settling questions of how Aimee c [...]

  14. A great prequel to Cara Black s Aimee Leduc series As well as giving the reader a first glimpse of some of the characters found throughout the series, Murder on the Quai is also a look back at decisions made and bonds formed at Vichy, France in 1942 as well as the opening of the Berlin Wall, November 1989 If you are an Aimee Leduc fan, you ll love the book if this is your first glimpse, you ll want to continue the adventure with the fifteen previous books, beginning with the 1999 Murder in the M [...]

  15. VERDICT Fantastic prequel to the suspenseful series set in various Parisians neighborhood Lots of historical elements enrich the smart plot, like the Berlin Wall and the German Occupation of France Great way of presenting all the main characters of the series.My full review is here wordsandpeace 2016 07 18

  16. Aimee doesn t disappoint I love the way French war history becomes an integral part of the book and many books in the series.

  17. Ever since Murder in the Marais in 1999, the debut of Cara Black s chic and sexy Parisian private investigator Aimee Leduc, a question has hung over the series and Aimee s life who was Sydney Leduc, Aimee s American mother, who abandoned her husband and child when Aimee was eight years old and about whom Aimee s father, Jean Claude absolutely refused to speak, up until the day of his untimely death, in a bombing while he was conducting surveillance in Paris Place Vendome Over the course of fifte [...]

  18. I quite liked the book But it was based on being a fan and enjoying getting the back story This is a flashback story.Cara Black writes a series of detective murder mysteries based on different areas in Paris and a detective named Amy LeDuc Amy s real job is computer security detective work but in each episode she is drawn into a murder investigation Her partner is a dwarf named Rene who is an expert with all things computers She lives on Ile de Paris an inherited residence Her father was a polic [...]

  19. The first Aimee Leduc mystery I ve read, and it turns out to be the prequel to the other 15 I should probably find number one.The structure here feels a tiny bit odd, but probably because of the prequel nature the author knows the life she s built for Aimee and in this book has to explain the origins.Murder on the Quai is fast paced, but I regularly thought Aimee was too lucky and too smart always stumbling into valuable clues and moving the investigation forward Still, that s how mysteries have [...]

  20. Finally, a Black that does not drive me absolutely crazy even though I am hooked on her books For those of us who read her, this was a delightful prequel that gave us the backstory on so many items in her books while also spinning a fine tale about Nazi s and a small village during the war This was a also a less frantic Aimee and I liked her a bit better One reviewer said that it showed the making of a detective The book went back and forth in time which some might not have liked, but I thought [...]

  21. Having read many of Cara Black s novels featuring Aimee Leduc I welcomed MURDER ON THEQUAI This novel is a PREQUEL.It answered many questions about Aimee.Her mother who left her and her father when she very young.Why did Aimee leave herMed school after one year She was head of the Leduc detective agency How did that happen This novel introduces Rene,who plays a major part in the other novels in this series.This novel takes place in France in 1942 and 1989 Murder Revenge and Sadness.

  22. I have read a few of the Aimee Leduc books and for the most part I have like them But for some reason in this one Ms Black has started throwing in a cuss word every once in a while and they just seemed out of place It is bad enough that Aimee is a chronic liar but now adding a filthy mouth is a real turn off for me Guess I won t be reading any of the books.The story was pretty good, if a little hard to follow at times as the author shifted between three scenes But it ultimately did all fit toge [...]

  23. This book goes back to before Aimee s father was killed A distant relative, Elise, comes in to Leduc Detective and asks Jean Claude, Aimee s father to investigate her father s death The Berlin wall has just fallen, and Jean Claude is off to Berlin to find the Stassi papers on Aimee s mother Aimee is in medical school, but decides she should take on Elise s case She gradually finds out that the murder is probably related to the stealing of German gold during the war The she learns, the danger s [...]

  24. Aimee Leduc is a wonderful, fearless detective, who wears vintage Chanel as she races through the streets of Paris Even as a pre med student, she was determined to investigate the crime and to uncover the truth no matter the consequences or the risk Murder on the Quai, pre quell to this excellent Aimee Leduc Investigations series, shows Aimee s first case, and the early development of a heroine who out smarts the villains and outshines the flics every time.

  25. Aimee is a busy med student who also helps out at her fathers detective agency She gets emotionally involved in a case involving a distant relative Things spin out of control, and with Daddy incommunicado on business, young Aimee must make critical decisions herself Backstory and side story is revealed, some of it is over the top A slowdown in the middle, then action bordering on the ludicrous The ending is incomplete and not explained, either that or I missed something.

  26. Back Story of Aimee Leduc The novel provides the background for all of the other Cara Black novels Aimee s mother s disappearance, which haunts her in every story, her father s murder, her becoming a p.I, and her relationships with Rene and Morbier It answers a lot of questions for the reader.

  27. Outstanding After having taken time off from Cara Black, I went back to see how things were going This is a prequel to the series The events occur in the present and in 1942 Vichy France Intrigue and desperation during WW II causes trouble for people many years later Absolutely excellent I will go back to 10 and catch up with Aimee LeDuc

  28. I LOVE this one It goes back in time and gives history on some of our favorite characters Rene, even Miles Davis We also got to see Jean Claude in action, Grandpere, and see the detective awakening in Aimee.

  29. A bit slow in starting but I was soon in the groove and enjoyed every moment Aimee at the start of it all Great insights into her beginnings as a detective, her family, meeting Rene, and as always a race around Paris Loved it.

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