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Surviving For Us

[PDF] Surviving For Us | by ó LaurenNicole [PDF] Surviving For Us | by ó LaurenNicole - Surviving For Us, Surviving For Us Angie Smith has been through a lot in her life After surviving a horrible break up she gave up on love and instead spent countless nights focusing on nursing school Now working her dream job and spen

  • Title: Surviving For Us
  • Author: LaurenNicole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Surviving For Us | by ó LaurenNicole, Surviving For Us, LaurenNicole, Surviving For Us Angie Smith has been through a lot in her life After surviving a horrible break up she gave up on love and instead spent countless nights focusing on nursing school Now working her dream job and spending time with friends Angie is happier than ever But when one fateful night has her reuniting with the boy who use to live next door she isn t sure she can resist him CAngie Smith

Surviving For Us

[PDF] Surviving For Us | by ó LaurenNicole [PDF] Surviving For Us | by ó LaurenNicole - Surviving For Us, Surviving For Us Angie Smith has been through a lot in her life After surviving a horrible break up she gave up on love and instead spent countless nights focusing on nursing school Now working her dream job and spen Surviving For Us

  • [PDF] Surviving For Us | by ó LaurenNicole
Surviving For Us

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  1. Really enjoyable read Surviving for us is a beautiful heartfelt story It had all the things I like in a good romance A hero who knows what he wants, a relatable heroine and romance that didn t have a lot of over the top unnecessary drama Recommend if you are looking for a sweet instant love story.I looking forward to reading from Lauren Nicole.HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Cheating OW view spoiler No cheating or OW Safety group Hero is 100% devoted to heroine from the beginning Heroes past [...]

  2. Surviving for US is the debut novel from Lauren Nicole This is a beautiful love story about taking chances and opening your heart up to love again Angie was hurt badly by her high school sweetheart and she doesn t think she ll be able to fall in love or trust again All that changed when she met Chase through a mutual friend Chase is beyond gorgeous and sweet Chase was drawn to Angie immediately recognizing her as his neighbor when he was in high school He could tell he had his work cut out for h [...]

  3. This was certainly a pleasant surprise As a former military wife, this was especially emotional for me I don t often read books about military life because they are often nothing like what really goes on and that bugs me This book hit it pretty spot on in my opinion Chase and Angie met right before he was heading out for Marine training Angie had a hard time trusting men after a bad breakup years prior so at first was apprehensive about trusting Chase Chase, had never had anyone serious in his l [...]

  4. Surviving For Us by Lauren Nicole is a heartwarming book that just grabs you from the first word to the end I have been looking forward to reading Surviving for Us ever since I saw the gorgeous cover and read the book blurb It s one of those books that I just knew was going to be goodd I was definitely not disappointed I won t go into a recap of the story because provides that but I have to say the writing in Chase and Angie s story had so much love flowing through it, I felt like I was reading [...]

  5. I loved this book, I had a big smile on my face for most of it I loved how much Chase loved Angie I thought the book was sweet, steamy and heartfelt Can t wait to read from this author

  6. Such a sweet story I really enjoyed the flow of this book The author wrote a really sweet love story that isn t a insta love From the bio, I was expecting some fatal event to bring Angie and Chase together, it wasn t bad It was actually nice, kind of funny they lived next door growing up and then met again years later The romance was aspect was believable, not rushed This is the first book of hers that I have read, and I can t wait to read .

  7. 3.5 Awesome Debut Novel Stars I have been looking forward to reading this book since the first teaser came out I just knew I was going to fall in love with these characters and Ms Nicole did not disappoint me I loved Angie and Chase s story They come together unexpectedly one night and neither one of them can fight the attraction or chemistry that surrounds them Angie tries though, but she just can t resist the hot military man that is Chase, not even a little bit lol Look at me baby I wait unti [...]

  8. Surviving For Us is the debut novel by Lauren and once I seen the cover and read the blurb I was immediately intrigued and was dying to read it Wow, this story was absolutely beautiful, it brought out all the feels with so many different emotions This is a story about second chances and learning to once again be open to someone I loved Angie and of course Chase They seemed perfect for each other right out of the gate But sometimes life and circumstances you have no control over creep in and caus [...]

  9. Perfect storyAngie has sworn off relationships after a bad breakup years ago when her long time boyfriend moves then breakup with her Jenn s her best Friend, and on a night out on the town Jenn introduces her to a long time friend Chase Well sparks fly for Chase, and Angie trys to ignore the feelings she feel With Chase making his presence known he wins out and get a date That date turns into a relationship, things are good until Angie has some news to tell Chase the same day Chase has been give [...]

  10. 3.5 stars This is a decent, low angst read It is the debut novel for this author I believe As the book went on the writing matured and got better One part of the book had my heart racing and not in a good way It was resolved fairly quickly though While the hero suffers from PTSD, it s not graphically done Other authors have done a better portrayal but like I said for a debut novel not too bad.

  11. How dare he try and hurt my girl Wait, my girl Wow, the thought makes me happySurviving for Us it s a sweet and cute book I enjoyed the story of Angie and Chase, and I really liked the way they loved each other They are a totally cute couple, they need each other, and their love overcomes many obstacles, distance and insecurities.No, I want her for as long as she wants me I just have to make her realize that I am worth the chanceI could understand what keeps them attracted in the early stages of [...]

  12. 3.5 stars The road to love is bumpy indeed Angie Smith, from the start, is not having good luck in love Giving up on trusting men, she concentrates on school and, afterwards, getting a good job She is happy though still closed off to thoughts of love and forever When Chase Johnson just happens to walk in her life he is there for only a short time Angie and Chase hit it off right away despite the fact neither are looking for even a short term relationship Chase is months away from being a Marine [...]

  13. Actual rating, 3.5 stars I enjoyed this debut by Lauren I read it in just about one sitting The plot definitely kept me intrigued and I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next There was decent character development and the conflict kept things moving There s a lot that happens in Angie and Chase s story and it all fit nicely between the beginning and the end I m all about the details in a story I can t help myself And there were some things that I wanted to be explained that were [...]

  14. 4.5 Beautiful Stars This is my first Lauren Nicole book and I was not disappointed I started this and could not put it down until the very last page Surviving for Us is a heartwarming story about two people falling in love and facing obstacles that come their way Military life is difficult for established relationships but for new love it is so much challenging We witness how they handle a long distance relationship and how to maintain normalcy at home when our hero returns home from deployment [...]

  15. A great intro to Lauren Nicole Surviving For Us has some of my favorite components Love interest, sexy lead man, soldier, and great supporting characters Angie and Chase are kind of a set up, blind date but not really Having a friend in common puts them together But haven t they met before Why yes indeed Angie has some solid steel enforced concrete walls around her heart One bad breakup was enough for her, thank you very much She does not have time or energy for that sexy sexy hunk of soldier, C [...]

  16. I received a copy of this book for an honest review Surviving for us by Lauren Nicole is about a couple who go through a lot to be together Angie s previous relationship ended badly and has tainted her trust in men and relationships Chase knew Angie when they were in school together but he never persuade her due to her relationship.Fast forward a few years and they meet again by chance and they instantly feel a connection They fall fast and hard They have two life changes events that could make [...]

  17. This book had me hooked from the beginning I loved Chase and Angie s story It was cool that they knew each other as kids, but got to re discover one another in new roles and as new people I love books in dual points of view, and this book s POV switches were excellent It felt like two different people were speaking Lauren Nicole made Chase s struggle so real without making light of the very important issue I also admired how strong Angie was written She was given hard choices and was able to sta [...]

  18. This book is one of those that drew me in and kept me interested, wondering how the story would play out Angie has had her heart broken and Chase doesn t do relationships When they are brought together, they have a beautiful and heartfelt story I felt so bad for Angie and what she had been through Poor Chase when he finally opened his heart, he was shipped away.I enjoyed getting into his story and even his tour I think the story was played out beautifully and I was glad to see their happy ending [...]

  19. 3.75 StarsThis was a sweet, heartfelt story that I was totally able to relate to The story line itself was very good, the characters were likable well except for the Ex , the friend and family relationships were perfect, the sexy level was in balance with the rest of the story At some points I felt like I was reading a journal, at times I needed a bit information and I felt like a missed a whole lot of the military thing as he didn t seem to spend very long enlisted Overall, I enjoyed the story [...]

  20. I loved it I cannot believe this is the first book from this author Writing reviews terrify me because I am always afraid of spoiling it for someone else I love stories where guy meets girl, a little excitement and a few bumps here and there and they find their happily ever after This book fit that perfectly for me I am excited to have found this author and I will most definitely be buying her next book

  21. Theses not many books that when I start reading I can t stop This book was definitely one of those I fell in love with Angie and Chase It s a love story and a tear jerker Make sure you have a box of tissues ready you will need them There are definitely highs and lows through their relationship but love and being each other rock gets them through I highly recommend this to anyone

  22. I was looking forward to reading his book for a while I was excited when I finally had my copy I was able to read this in one sleepless night at the hospital with my little guy I couldn t put it down It was a really good book I liked the way that she wrote each character Awesome book I can not wait to read from her

  23. This was a brilliant read that leaves you wanting Lauren to write about the leading characters The story line is well written and very believable, loved the pacing of the developing relationship between the main characters, look forward to reading from Lauren it is hard to believe this was her debut as it was such a great flowing read that you don t want to put down.

  24. I finally had time to read this novel by Lauren Some parts of the story made me feel like she was telling my story The writing was easy to read and had everything flowing perfectly Romantic love story that had you begging for

  25. Surviving for Us is the debut novel from Lauren Nicole This was a super easy, super sweet read but for me it kind of felt predictable and rushed I liked the idea and I think with a little depth this would have been an out of the park book I ll definitely read from this author.

  26. So Angie had a scummy ex that total ruined her three years ago But along comes the boy next door literally who happens to be a hunky yummy military man This is a awesome and sweet, and it shows what real people go through when their spouse is part of the military A truly touching story

  27. I loved this couple and the struggles they faced This was a great debut novel from Lauren Nicole Wonderful secondary characters.

  28. Wonderful love storyBoy meets girl Boy goes off to war A very sad and romantic love story.just when your in love

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