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Better Off Undead

Better Off Undead Best Read || [Cynthia Eden] Better Off Undead Best Read || [Cynthia Eden] - Better Off Undead, Better Off Undead Detective Jane Hart is just getting used to paranormal life in New Orleans Monsters are real and she s the lucky cop who has to deal with them on a daily basis Werewolves vampires witches and demo

  • Title: Better Off Undead
  • Author: Cynthia Eden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Better Off Undead Best Read || [Cynthia Eden], Better Off Undead, Cynthia Eden, Better Off Undead Detective Jane Hart is just getting used to paranormal life in New Orleans Monsters are real and she s the lucky cop who has to deal with them on a daily basis Werewolves vampires witches and demons she has to face them all and keep their paranormal madness in check When a killer targets human men and leaves their bodies scattered in local cemeteries Jane suspects sDetective

Better Off Undead

Better Off Undead Best Read || [Cynthia Eden] Better Off Undead Best Read || [Cynthia Eden] - Better Off Undead, Better Off Undead Detective Jane Hart is just getting used to paranormal life in New Orleans Monsters are real and she s the lucky cop who has to deal with them on a daily basis Werewolves vampires witches and demo Better Off Undead

  • Better Off Undead Best Read || [Cynthia Eden]
    237Cynthia Eden
Better Off Undead

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  1. 4,5 STARS When I finished the first book and saw that the second one is already out, I was like thisAnd, boy, Cynthia Eden did not disappoint I loved the first one but this story, dare I say, is even better YES There is action, romance, heartbreaking moments and simply said just of everything I freaking loved it Now, the blurb is already saying a lot plotwise but what actually happens just blew my mind This story is full of twists that keep your attention throughout the whole book There was [...]

  2. 4 A new dead body, a new night Stars I really enjoyed Better Off Undead, being book two in the Blood and Moonlight trilogy, you definitely need to read its predecessor, as questions from the first book are answered in this one, as well as new ones posed, which I expect to be answered in the final book.Jane and Aidan are trying to come to terms with their new normal, being the lead police Officer on all crimes of a paranormal nature Jane is still coming into contact with some pretty sketchy chara [...]

  3. 4.5 Stars Getting better and better Mary Jane and Aidanwerewolf and vampor some strange mix This story is awesome Cannot wait for the new battle to begin

  4. 4.5 stars I m still loving this series.The heroine still badass and kick ass Loved, loved her I liked the hero in book 1 but this time around I fell in love with him, he was an amazing hero, protective and possessive just how I like my heroes She was the one person in the world who made him completely happy She fucking completed him You look like heaven, he said My own angel I love you, Mary Jane The words were deep and strong and they made her feel warm inside Know this I will fight anything, a [...]

  5. I ll write a better opinions for this second installment after I finished the third installment my mind currently wander to the book 3 done edited it I just realize that Cynthia Eden always start with a slow pace quite annoying and boring but what make it worth is because after the climax the plot will twist, gone wild, unpredictable, and feel like all hell broke loose.I still feel something missing in the characters I can t bonded with the characters but this second book really have a good plot [...]

  6. Wow Great readThis one was so much better than the first All the other characters were so afraid for Jane to die because they didn t want her to come back as a vampire and Aidan have to kill her And, there was Jane, always taking chances with her life in order to keep everyone safe And, wow, Aidan s love for Jane was just incredible Then all the excitement that went on when Jane did die Whew, couldn t turn the pages fast enough There was so much going on when that happened Enough that Aidan didn [...]

  7. Squeeee I can t even begin to explain how much I loved this book The romance, the drama,the mystery,the shockers it had it all I can t wait for the next one but its too bad it s only a trilogy and not a whole series like Jeaniene Frost s Night huntress

  8. An awesome continuation of this paranormal action packed story I highly recommend you reading book 1 first You ll be missing to much great stuff if you don t And, book 2 was equally as good as book 1 Even though with this story I got my happily ever after, I just can t say The End Now onto book 3 with the audio Excellent read

  9. Let s start with what I liked 1 The multiple povs.2 A safe story with no OP drama.Per my GR friends, this book is much better than the first, so I had high expectations going into it It probably would have been better if I d just gone into it blind, but as it was, I was disappointed It was still a safe story with no OP drama, but that wasn t enough to keep me engaged I was still left with the same impression I had upon finishing the first book of the series Everything just felt underdeveloped Th [...]

  10. If you ve read book one, Bite the Dust, then you know what s going on If you haven t, I highly recommend you one click that now, and read it first As all three books in this trilogy focus on the same couple, Aidan and Jane, you ll need to read them in order for the sake of continuity and a full understanding of what s happening in their world He and Jane weren t supposed to be together, but he d fought his pack for her Just as he would fight anyone or anything who ever came between him and the w [...]

  11. Freaking loved it I can t wait for the next one I m in love with these two Better off undead is the second book in the Blood and Moonlight series and it continues Jane and Aidan s story I wouldn t recommend reading this one without reading the first book This book picks up almost exactly where the previous left off There are still secrets waiting to be unfold While Jane and Aidan are trying to balance their relationship, their worlds collide Jane has done a great job at keeping the supernatural [...]

  12. Jane and Aidan both know that their love can end in tragedy, with what Jane is, and what Aidan will have to do if she fulfills her destiny, but they re both willing to risk it Aidan is determined that despite what Annette sees in her cards for Jane, he ll protect her from all danger and they ll have their life together Shifter and Vampire to be But now someone is slashing people to death, and Jane has a case to investigate Will Aidan be able to keep her safe, and can they stand united against wh [...]

  13. This was super freakin fantastic My only regret is that I will have to wait a few weeks until the last book in the trilogy boo hiss Other than that, I am well pleased with this smorgasborg of Urban Fantasy, Romance, and Mystery Suspense It was so good that I found myself actually talking back to the characters in the bookNow that s what you call captivating fiction done right Giving this one 5 humongous stars

  14. I have so much love for this series While the plot of this book is very much predictable, I enjoyed the thrill and suspense nevertheless I love Aidan s and Jane s relationship Gah I can t wait to see theirend.

  15. Another awesome paranormal from Cynthia Eden and I loved it An interesting twist on the werewolf and vampire as mortal enemies thing This author does love to put them together

  16. A 5 star read This is the continuing story of Aidan and his Mary Jane this story Jane knows that monsters are real and she is now in charge of all paranormal murders that happen in her city, along with her partner and lover Aidan Locke, alpha werewolf of his pack Together they help solve the crimes that cannot be readily explain and prevent Jane from dying a horrible death that will change her from a vamp in waiting to an actual true vampire Werewolves are unable to prevent themselves from killi [...]

  17. UndeadIn book one, Bite the Dust, New Orleans detective Mary Jane Hart met Aiden Locke, an alpha werewolf and the paranormal law for N.O Now they know Jane is a vampire in waiting , a rare born vampire As an alpha werewolf, Aiden is programmed to kill vampires, but he refuses to believe he could ever harm Jane He has even marked her as his But as this book opens, the body of a young man is found, apparently mauled by a werewolf And an ancient born vampire appears stating he has come for Jane Aid [...]

  18. Loved itGot to say I m enjoying the trilogy The journey continues and while one mystery is solved and a dreaded event takes place the author leads up into the next leg of the story Can t wait to read it If you love paranormal romance and in love conquers all you ll want to read this trilogy.

  19. Pretty goodNot quite as fast paced as the last book in this series,but it was still good Fun catching up with old friends, but even exciting being introduced to new ones I also enjoyed how Ms Eden introduces new concepts as well as those characters, ramping up the energy level of the novel.

  20. I loved it This book was just as well written as the first book, the plot was so good, I just wanted to race through the book to find out what happened, as quickly as I could Can t wait to find out how it all ends

  21. Wonderful, exciting, emotional and I look forward to the third and final book of this beautifully written trilogy.

  22. Blood and Moonlight Book 2 Excellent readIt just keeps getting better and better Starting to read book 3 now Looking for a happy ending to remember the series by.

  23. The Review Quirky, sexy, and fun Better off Undead is the second book in the Blood and Moonlight series and I couldn t have picked a better paranormal romance book to start my year off I ve never read the first book yet , nor read any other books by the author.The plot is pretty simple honestly, the word built is astounding and the characters embraced me with open arms I felt really comfortable reading this as a stand alone I finished it in two and half hours, not stopping until the book was end [...]

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