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School Ship Tobermory

[PDF] School Ship Tobermory | by ↠ Alexander McCall Smith [PDF] School Ship Tobermory | by ↠ Alexander McCall Smith - School Ship Tobermory, School Ship Tobermory Follow the exploits of the children who go to a most unusual school the sail powered training ship Tobermory When a film crew arrives in Tobermory Bay Ben and Fee are invited to be extras But their s

  • Title: School Ship Tobermory
  • Author: Alexander McCall Smith
  • ISBN: 9781780273334
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] School Ship Tobermory | by ↠ Alexander McCall Smith, School Ship Tobermory, Alexander McCall Smith, School Ship Tobermory Follow the exploits of the children who go to a most unusual school the sail powered training ship Tobermory When a film crew arrives in Tobermory Bay Ben and Fee are invited to be extras But their suspicions are soon aroused is the film crew genuine or are they up tosomething sinister Ben and Fee soon discover the truth when they uncover a dastardly plan mastermiFollow the

School Ship Tobermory

[PDF] School Ship Tobermory | by ↠ Alexander McCall Smith [PDF] School Ship Tobermory | by ↠ Alexander McCall Smith - School Ship Tobermory, School Ship Tobermory Follow the exploits of the children who go to a most unusual school the sail powered training ship Tobermory When a film crew arrives in Tobermory Bay Ben and Fee are invited to be extras But their s School Ship Tobermory

  • [PDF] School Ship Tobermory | by ↠ Alexander McCall Smith
    376Alexander McCall Smith
School Ship Tobermory

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  1. I just wrote a review of an adult book filled with nothing but gloom, doom, and meanness, and added at the end that I probably needed to cleanse my palate with a book by Alexander McCall Smith But in doing so, I should have specified one of his adult books about Patience Ramotswe, or one of his Scotland Street books Dearest Alexander McCall Smith You have written a series I treasure in the books about Mma Ramotswe, and it s what you do best Sweetness without saccharine, believable people with a [...]

  2. This book, recommended for ages 9 12, is a fun adventure of children who go to school on a ship They study regular subjects as well as learning to sail a ship The story starts with twins, a boy and a girl, who are starting as new students at this school, making new friends and learning about the ship Of course, there is some mystery and high adventure on the sea that make for excitement and friendship bonding This is Book 1 of this series Book 2 The Sands of Shark Island, came out in September, [...]

  3. I really think this has the potential to be a popular series with 8 13 year olds Great idea from McCall Smith, with a ship set school story that includes adventure and intrigue.Brother and sister Ben and Fee join the Tobermory, a school ship, when their parents need them to board They try their best to adapt to nautical language, begin to make friends and enemies , and along wth their classmates find excitement looming when a nearby ship turns out to be making a film.This is almost wish fulfilme [...]

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  5. What a lovely story I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read about an unconventional school, some really lovable kids, and a little mystery to spice things up.

  6. Hooray another A McCall Smith series begins This one promises wonderful adventures and travels, aboard the Tobermory, a floating school for seagoing students probably mid school agers There are new friends to get to know, and a few bad actors among the students to be avoided as well a lot like normal school, except that Ben and his twin sister Fee will be doing their lessons sailing off the coast of Scotland at least for now This wonderful author can write for all ages

  7. Ben and Fee McTavish are twins and their parents are marine scientists When their parents go off to do some lengthy research, the twins have stayed with an aunt and gone to school there, but now her circumstances have changed and they have to go to boarding school How fortunate they are that there s an on board option on the School Ship Tobermory Although working on a sailing ship is rather different to the submarine they re used to, they re up for the challenge They also find challenges in a bu [...]

  8. School stories have always been one of my favourite things even though, or may be because, I didn t like school very much and so I was excited to read a school story by Alexander McCall Smith And whilst it s not quite perfect, it s very close to it.Ben and Fi are sent to school by their parents But it s not a normal school This boarding school is on a sailing boat The children learn all about life at sea and do lessons as well And there s a big dash of adventure too, after Ben and Fee and their [...]

  9. Twins Ben and Fee MacTavish feel a little nervous about starting their first school term on the School Ship Tobermory, an actual ship based on the Scottish isle of Mull, where children learn sailing and navigation while also taking regular classroom subjects It s like a boarding school that doesn t stay put but it is full of new experiences for the siblings, even though they have spent part of their childhood on a submarine with their scientist parents They get to make new friends, such as an Am [...]

  10. This children s book wasn t that bad, and maybe it might be a hit with the middle school readers, but honestly I found it a little dull and have read better middle grade series for example, Lemony Snicket s All the Wrong Questions But I m a fan of Alexander McCall Smith and his adult series, and thought the premise of this book was interesting twins Ben and Fee, whose parents are marine scientists living in a submarine, choose to attend a boarding school on the sailing ship Tobermory The kids mi [...]

  11. This is a unique take on boarding literally schools Ben and Fee are enrolled in this unusual sailing school as their parents are away researching on their submarine Living on a submarine is entirely different than a sailboat Ben and Fee have to adapt, but are quick learners First one must make friends Second one must avoid bullies and thirdly one must learn lessons ropes, vocabulary and the duties It gets a bit adventurous when some of the students are cast as extras in a movie Something fishy [...]

  12. Imagine going away to school on a sailing ship New adventures and discoveries Twin brother, Ben and his sister, Fee are beginning the new school year on the ship Tobermory Their parents are marine scientists and will be gone on exploration and their aunt will be unable to watch them Ben and Fee have lived onboard a mini sub for short periods of time but being on a sailing ship will be a new experience They make new friends and of course there are a few bullies on board This first book involves a [...]

  13. Not a bad book and I really liked the idea of the school ship, but it s definitely not, as a reviewer mentions below, a book that can be equally enjoyed by adults The constant explanations of seafaring words was annoying, even so when I discovered a glossary at the back And the parent in me was horrified at how the inexperienced children were expected to climb the rigging and do all manner of other dangerous duties But for younger readers looking for a seafaring story, it could fit the bill.

  14. Nothing inherently wrong with this book, but there are far better books in this category It just didn t have enough mystery to surpass The Mysterious Benedict Society, didn t have an interesting enough adults to surpass The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place and didn t have enough adventure to surpass The 39 Clues.

  15. This book is all about a set of twins a girl and a boy named Fee and Ben MacTavish have decided that they don t want to go to any old school they want to go to the SCHOOL SHIP TOBERMORY They soon make lots of friends and a few enemies When a film crew arrive Ben and Fee get suspicious so the decide to investigate I really enjoyed this book as I found very interesting It was a page turner

  16. A good nautical junior novel written by one of my favorite authors, Alexander McCall Smith This story of a brother and sister who enroll on a school that is the ship, the Tobermory Navigation and other sailing skills are emphasized, as the students travel the seas Mysteries that are found on board include a stow away and the possibility of poachers on a neighboring ship.

  17. Good story about sibling love and camaraderie among classmates somewhat simply as it should be when writing for children Good plot line, love the different cultures thrown in and the boarding school on a ship angle.

  18. Con anterioridad hab a le do otros libros infantiles del mismo autor Este me ha parecido m s lineal y mon tono.En l cuenta la historia de los chavales enrolados en un barco escuela Al cabo de navegar unos d as se encuentran con el rodaje de una misteriosa pel cula.

  19. Picked it up because of the interesting setting But I thought it was boring Don t underestimate the intended audience I don t think 8 13 year olds would like this The characters are flat The sailing terms are heavy handed The conflict doesn t really arrive until nearly halfway into the book.

  20. This is a book aimed at middle school readers That being said I couldn t help comparing it to Harry Potter some good kids vs a group of bad kids and this is not at all in the same category But it was a fairly good adventure story and would keep a young person s interest.

  21. This is a cute upper elementary read with a good moving story line, mystery and likable characters Popsugar Challenge A book by an author from a country you ve never visited

  22. Not bad for a MG novel I mean, I wouldn t go so far as to say that I liked it, but I didn t actively hate it, so2 stars I ll booktalk it with the 6th graders.

  23. I had requested this from NetGalley for my 10 year old Before he got to the 30% mark of it he asked if he needed to keep reading it It s just not very exciting and they talk a lot without doing a lot The cartoons and illustrations are cool, though So I let him go back to reading something he was enjoying and he said he d give it 2 1 2 stars for the art alone I may give it a shot at some point myself and I ll add on if I do.

  24. Ben and Fee MacTavish are excited and nervous for their new adventure They have been living in a submarine with their scientist parents and leave them to attend school on a ship called the Tobermory They quickly make some new friends, as well as some enemies, and realize that life on a ship is very different than that on a submarine.I read this book with my children and we all enjoyed it Ben and Fee were easy characters to like I m not familiar with sailing at all so I enjoyed learning about lif [...]

  25. Homeschooled on a submarine, Ben and Fee McTavish are excited to go to school for the first time on a schooner Tobermory Boarding School is not, however, what it appears to be When a film crew appears to film a pirate movie on a nearby moored boat, 20 students, including, Ben are picked to be a part of the film Having a bad feeling about the film, Ben and Fee delve into the mystery of the film crew, the legend behind the school and the moored ship, and What is the crew s true, nefarious mission [...]

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