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Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice

[PDF] Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice | by ↠ Beth Revis [PDF] Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice | by ↠ Beth Revis - Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice, Paper Hearts Volume Some Writing Advice Your enemy is the blank page When it comes to writing there s no wrong way to get words on paper But it s not always easy to make the ink flow Paper Hearts Some Writing Advice won t make writing any

  • Title: Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice
  • Author: Beth Revis
  • ISBN: 9780990662655
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice | by ↠ Beth Revis, Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice, Beth Revis, Paper Hearts Volume Some Writing Advice Your enemy is the blank page When it comes to writing there s no wrong way to get words on paper But it s not always easy to make the ink flow Paper Hearts Some Writing Advice won t make writing any simpler but it may help spark your imagination and get your hands back on the keyboard Practical Advice Meets Real ExperienceWith information that takes yo

Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice

[PDF] Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice | by ↠ Beth Revis [PDF] Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice | by ↠ Beth Revis - Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice, Paper Hearts Volume Some Writing Advice Your enemy is the blank page When it comes to writing there s no wrong way to get words on paper But it s not always easy to make the ink flow Paper Hearts Some Writing Advice won t make writing any Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice

  • [PDF] Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice | by ↠ Beth Revis
    483Beth Revis
Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice

994 Comment Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice

  1. I m super happy with this book Writing a book is one of my biggest dreams in life and Beth Revis is one of my favorite authors This book has given me some really great advice about the entire process and it s even special coming from someone who s work I admire so incredibly much.

  2. This book covers all the burning questions that aspiring authors ask, and does so in a quick, entertaining, and thoroughly honest way that gets the information to the reader in the most easily digestible format I ve ever seen in a writing book With fantastic charts and great straight talk, reading this book is like having a New York Times bestselling author looking over your shoulder I wish I d been able to read this as I was working toward getting published, but even with two books out from a m [...]

  3. This was a very solid and well organized book which tackles so many aspects of writing and trying to break into publishing Beth Revis is empathetic through her entire run, regularly reminding readers that no single piece of writing advice applies universally to everyone Much of this book is tackled from a this is what has worked for me point of view, not a listen to me, I am totally right perspective.Revis covers a bit of everything characters, plot, setting, revising, grammar, critique partners [...]

  4. A good book if you either are on the road to becoming an author or at least toying with the idea.Read on The SerialReader Blog.

  5. I m a fan of craft books, but I rarely rate them this highly Partly because I pick and choose the useful bits from them, partly because they often come with a subtle or not so subtle implication that this is THE ONE WAY to write Not so with Paper Hearts Beth Revis is pretty clear that there s no one way while providing a heap of tools to help with structure, worldbuilding, character, pacing, and And she clearly knows her stuff She s even got a bunch of chapters at the end that go through specif [...]

  6. Really great and easy to digest Geared mainly for the beginning writer, but I definitely highlighted a bunch on story structure.

  7. Full review on my blog, Accio Reviews As is the case with all advice, not everyone will find this useful, appropriate for them, or even overall good Everyone does things differently and has their own way to approach writing, so the attribution of quality and value to a book of this genre is always going to be incredibly subjective For me, personally, I quite enjoyed it The book starts off exactly with that warning It s been my experience that the writing crafts books I end up enjoying the most a [...]

  8. Find this review and fantastical things at The Leaning Tower of Tomes.Source I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Scripturient Books The mini review Thoughts on Paper Hearts Some Writing Advice This book is best suited to younger and beginning writers, and those interested in the YA market and traditional publishing route It s not as deep and focused as some other terrific writing books I ve read, like Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott [...]

  9. I have never read a writing advice book, but I sure am glad this was the first one that I picked up Beth Revis is one of my most favorite authors who I look up to as a writer myself, so reading her advice and how she became an author over time really inspired me in all sorts of ways This book overflowing with writing advice wasn t told in a mundane way No, Revis was hilarious in her honest writing and really captured my attention with every point she made She didn t sugarcoat any info she handed [...]

  10. If you had to pick one advice on writing book, pick this one Paper Hearts, Some Writing Advice by Beth Revis, is a breath of fresh air This book is so personable its like you were sitting down having coffee with the author and talking to her It is fun, witty and dead on Revis shares what works for her, what works for others and really encourages you to try different things to find the correct method for yourself She doesn t preach, she just shares her stories of different things that have worked [...]

  11. I m a huge fan of Beth Revis s novels and couldn t resist getting a peek into her writer s mind with this book of practical writing advice It s told in a refreshingly conversational tone and is peppered with examples from Beth s own personal author journey easily the most interesting parts of the book I m very much looking forward to reading her advice on publishing next with Paper Hearts, Volume 2 One small note I did chuckle at the typo of Apocalypse Now given as an example of a ticking time b [...]

  12. Excellent writing advice book I m in the middle of a rewrite and this book really clarified a few things for me Would definitely recommend it to my writer friends

  13. I really enjoyed These Paper Hearts I m writing a first draft at the moment, and it was both useful and practical Beth Revis is simultaneously encouraging and realistic Though I know this wasn t the publishing volume which I might totally seek out if I ever feel like being published she does talk quite a lot about the nature of publishing, which is cool The writing isn t particularly polished, and I wasn t really a fan of the short chapters, but whatever, it got the message across and the messag [...]

  14. I ve read a ton of craft books over the years, but PAPER HEARTS has become one of my new favorites Equal parts craft guide and motivational tool for when the whole writing process seems overwhelming and the words just aren t flowing, it left me feeling a lot confident and in control of my writing abilities The handy charts, short chapters, and occasional dose of tough love didn t hurt either Plus, there are sequels devoted to publishing and marketing advice for once you ve finished your manuscr [...]

  15. I expected a bit of a pep rally, maybe some new ideas What I got was a heart torn wide open for all the world to see.I really enjoy Beth Revis s novels Her writing is amazing So if she wrote a book of writing advice, it has to be good, right No It s a freaking mazing Her honesty is apprecited and her insight is spot on.Thank you, Beth Revis, for this awesome book I also bought the other two books in the series and can t wait to dig in.

  16. This book is a wonderful map for how to craft great stories The advice is super useful and so honest I love how right up front the message is take what you can use and forget the rest I am not a writer, but I do see myself referencing this book as I develop the educational programs I present at work in order to make them like a good narrative Stories are memorable than lectures.

  17. This is such a useful book that really makes you think about your own writing It s helped me see where I ve fallen short and how I can improve.

  18. I loved this book It was quite useful and I know I ll be referencing it in the future during my writing expeditions.

  19. It s so hard to find good, YA focused writing craft books This one had several things I ll try to implement.

  20. An excellent writing craft book for writers at any stage There were a few things I didn t entirely agree with or found a bit contradictory, but I still highly recommend this book Beth puts a lot of emphasis on you as an individual writer but also telling you how the publishing world really is which is what I liked most about this book.

  21. Writing advice books are one type of book that I always want to read Between the books and the blogs I feel like I ve heard every piece of writing advice at least once, yet I still want to absorb it all.The one frustration I ve always had is that both the writing books and the writing blogs I ve read are never written by YA authors, yet that s the kind of writing I enjoy doing While much of the advice is applicable whether you re writing adult or young adult fiction, I ve always thought it would [...]

  22. As an aspiring writer, I found this book incredibly helpful in every way It boosted my morale, gave some insightful advice and offered a level of comfort that I have yet to find in other how to write books.Rather than just jumping straight in with Do s and Don ts, the first thing Beth Revis shares is her own road to publication She explains how it was her DREAM to be traditionally published, and no matter how bleak the future sometimes seemed, she stuck to her goal It took her ten years, ten man [...]

  23. I won an ebook of Paper Hearts, Volume 1 Some Writing Advice.There are two other volumes, one about publishing, and the last about marketing.I haven t read another book of this author before But I am looking forward to do it soon.It isn t a prompt book, it isn t an exercise one It is mostly for beginners intending to write YA books I like the tone of the book, you got the author giving friendly and honest advice, she doesn t promise an unrealistic and rosy future, she debukes some known advice b [...]

  24. I had the privilege to attend a short writer s workshop recently headed by bestselling author Beth Revis She talked about her early career, and shared the difficulties she faced getting her first novel published Revis said she wanted to help other aspiring authors through the process, so she wrote her 3 volume Paper Hearts series Paper Hearts gives advice on writing editing, the publication process and marketing for authors.Paper Hearts Volume 1 Some Writing Advice, covers characterization, plot [...]

  25. Paper Hearts by Beth Revis is an amazing and helpful read for readers and writers alike I, as a blogger, found this book very interesting because it gives you a deep view of the process of writing, and I found myself noticing things I didn t notice before about the books I m currently reading The first time I read Paper Hearts was via Wattpad But when I found it on NetGally I discovered it has extra content and that was even better Paper Hearts for readers and bloggers If you like to read about [...]

  26. Read my full review on my blog duckiereads.tumblr post 14I received a digital copy of this book for free through NetGalley and this in no way reflects my opinion of the book Thank you Let s get down into this I ve never really reviewed a non fiction book.Not because I haven t read them I have I actually joke about how I keep buying reference books especially for writing and never read them It s not for lack of trying but of lack of interest So many of them are boring and it s hard to connect wh [...]

  27. Okay, here s the deal If you buy a single book on writing, and have some hopes for commercial success whatever that may mean to you , make it this one It is, by a very large margin, the most practical, engaging, and genuinely helpful advice I have ever seen on what it takes to write something other people want to read, all gathered into one neat package I have one book out and I ve completed a few other manuscripts, one of which I ve been struggling with big time Spending the last several hours [...]

  28. Have you ever wondered what a writer goes through before ever being published In this learn from my experiences writing advice book, you ll find information on everything from planning and executing your novel to self publishing vs publishing through a company The writing advice is in every day language and reflects the author s own voice humorous, straightforward, and knowledgeable The included charts are easy to read, easy to use, and offer practical usability My favorite thing about this book [...]

  29. Need advice to kick start that lingering idea into a novel New York Times Bestselling Author Beth Revis is here to assist you in your writing journey.Paper Hearts, Volume 1 Some Writing Advice is a book for advice towards aspiring writers who might be struggling with how to begin their story and how to tell it Within the book you will find chapters filled with assistance and specific details so there s no room for misinterpretation Mixed with experiences of the author herself and guidance, Paper [...]

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