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What We Saw

Unlimited What We Saw - by Aaron Hartzler Unlimited What We Saw - by Aaron Hartzler - What We Saw, What We Saw Kate Weston can piece together most of the bash at John Doone s house shots with Stacey Stallard Ben Cody taking her keys and getting her home early the feeling that maybe he s becoming than just the

  • Title: What We Saw
  • Author: Aaron Hartzler
  • ISBN: 9780062452979
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited What We Saw - by Aaron Hartzler, What We Saw, Aaron Hartzler, What We Saw Kate Weston can piece together most of the bash at John Doone s house shots with Stacey Stallard Ben Cody taking her keys and getting her home early the feeling that maybe he s becoming than just the guy she s known since they were kids But when a picture of Stacey passed out over Deacon Mills s shoulder appears online the next morning Kate suspects she doesn t havKate Weston can pie

What We Saw

Unlimited What We Saw - by Aaron Hartzler Unlimited What We Saw - by Aaron Hartzler - What We Saw, What We Saw Kate Weston can piece together most of the bash at John Doone s house shots with Stacey Stallard Ben Cody taking her keys and getting her home early the feeling that maybe he s becoming than just the What We Saw

  • Unlimited What We Saw - by Aaron Hartzler
    139Aaron Hartzler
What We Saw

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  1. You think what happened to Stacey was fair game It was boys being boys Just a trashy girl learning the hard way what can happen when she drinks too much and wears a short skirt TRIGGER WARNING Rape.Do you remember the Steubenville High School rape case Because I remember it very well For me, it stood out among other news stories and I still recall the cold fury that washed over me whenever I read a report about it I like to be aware of current events, but I wouldn t call myself a follower of new [...]

  2. trigger warning rapeThis was such a powerful book I m so glad I took the time to read it and I want people to read this book, because it s got such an important message It s an empowering story about being brave and speaking out when you know something isn t right video book review here youtu pNnw91S_RQA

  3. Edit 04 10 I m not usually doing this, BUT this book is worth it only 1,99 on Kindle today and only today , so if you haven t bought it already and intend to, please go Words have meanings When we call something a theory in science, it means something Reggie, when you say that you can t help yourself if a girl is wasted, that means something, too You re saying that our natural state as men is rapist That s not okay with me, Reggie Trigger warning Rape.Incoherent sentences hardly articulated thro [...]

  4. 3.5 starsThis book and everything it stands for was so powerful, especially coming from a male author The way he constantly shut down the whole boys will be boys reasoning that people always use to justify rape had me practically clapping the entire time I was reading I also loved how he incorporated song lyrics to show how creepy and messed up pop and rap music have become While all of the themes of this book were great, I wasn t overly impressed by the writing style I found it to be a bit chee [...]

  5. I thought that this was a fantastic book It does contain difficult subject matter that can be difficult to read at times, but it also has a great story line that kept me interested while making me think And boy was I thinking Honestly, it consumed me, if I wasn t reading the book, I was thinking about it or talking about it.Though it took a little while to get going, once it did I hated putting it down I m not sure what it is but I just really connected to this book It s okay, it s going to be f [...]

  6. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum I wonder which is worse the fear of the unknown Or knowing for sure that something terrible is true What We Saw is a book about rape It s about pointing out that there is ZERO blurred line when it comes to consent It s about what happened when a girl from the wrong side of the tracks went to a party just asking for it and about the boys who decided to give her what she wanted It s about the aftermath of being a victim who was brave enough to file charges I [...]

  7. Buddyread with my awesome buddies, Melissa and Kimi Click their names for their amazing reviews 3 NOT BEING ABLE TO SAY NO ISN T THE SAME AS SAYING YES If I could, I would un see What I Saw when I read this book but that would leave me back in the shadows of ignorance so I finished reading this book with the heaviest heart But with a deep sense of gratitude, I look up to the author, Aaron Hartzler for writing the most eye opening story about a very ugly issue that is rape I have read several boo [...]

  8. You know how I would describe being speechless by something It s when you re overwhelmed with so much emotions that words escape you Something made you happy so much that you could only cry Something made you so sad that your throat tightens and you can croak nothing out Something made you so angry that you find it hard to mutter a single word because you re just fuming inside This is basically what happened to me after reading What We Saw by Aaron Hartzler It rendered me completely speechless.I [...]

  9. Trigger Warning RapeThis book was incredibly difficult to read not because of any literary criticism but because of the subject matter Rape culture has been a hot topic in discussions over the past couple of years and I ve noticed a lot of people increasingly learning and being generally less accepting of certain societal norms that perpetuate rape culture However topics like this still need to be discussed on a global scale because as much as some people don t think so, rape culture exists, sl [...]

  10. Boys will be boys is what people say to excuse guys when they do something awful This story is told from the perspective of a 16 yr old high school junior named Kate Weston When we are introduced to her, she is waking up at home the morning after a big party with a huge hangover She slowly remembers her crush and friend since childhood, Ben Cody, bringing her and her truck home safely When she gets to school on Monday, she finds out that another girl who was at the same party may not have been s [...]

  11. TRIGGER WARNING RAPE Boys will be boys At the beginning of October there was something circulating like crazy around Costa Rica A guy followed a girl in short skirts around San Jos and was filming under her skirts all the time This whole affair was filmed by a witness and he spread the video around the media Obviously there was a scandal, especially since the witness was stabbed the next day, but I m not telling you this because it s a good story for gossiping if you re interested, you can read [...]

  12. There s to what s happening in this footage than two news anchors can discuss in a ninety second live report It doesn t show you that some of the students standing in those bleachers would like to know what really happened Saturday night It can t explain that some of us used to call Stacey Stallard a friend It can t assure you that not everyone has decided who s guilty or picked a side or even understands where the battle lines are drawn It can t show you that a girl was missing from the drill [...]

  13. BR with my best girls, AJ and Kimi AJ has a quota, so you ll have to wait for her review Click to read Kimi s I wanted to write a full blown review filled with advice, rants and quotes, because trust me, I highlighted the living crap out of this kindleBut I won t I truly believe this is a book you should experience for yourself I think you should experience first hand, what society really believes We may act like a civilized group but when it comes down to it, to the truth, we revert back to wha [...]

  14. Rape and horrific cover upsA gripping plot with an important message that sees its way through to its final pages I especially appreciated the strong, unwavering characteristics of the female protagonist So, what was missing in it for me While the storyline remained solid and in your face, I felt its execution lacked a little depthdishing out razor sharp issues without enough conviction I sort of felt like I was observing the story, rather than drowning in it and with elements as intense as thes [...]

  15. The closer you look, the you see.When Kate Weston finally saw the video that was leaked and she was able to watch the whole thing she saw a lot disgusting and horrific things than she imagined Kate along with her boyfriend Ben, her friends and many people were at a friends party one night and they all got drunker than a person should Stacey Stallard was there and what happened to her should NEVER happen Kate can t remember what happened, all she knows is that her boyfriend took her home early [...]

  16. What does it mean to say yes To consent to a kiss To a touch To than that TRIGGER WARNING RAPE My God This book makes me feel like upturning furnitures and punching someone s face in What We Saw scared me worse than any horror books out there I ve never felt so terrified, or so sick and terribly angry all at same time.Reading about demons that I can deal, ghosts I can also handle but reading about rape is something else entirely A different animal It s the real horror and worse, it exists and i [...]

  17. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss Nothing is exactly as it appears The closer you look, the you see This was quite a shocking story, in which a girl is raped, and everyone would rather believe the basketball team when they say they didn t do it, than believe the victim Deacon may lose his scholarship anyway No way Will yelps Terrible shame, says Connie Over a dumb rumour Well check the source, I always say I fe [...]

  18. It is easy, people Is it dangerous to flirt with a drunken guy Yes Is it a crime No Is it dangerous to drink enough to pass out Yes Is it a crime No Is it dangerous to wear revealing clothes Yes Is it a crime No Is it raping a passed out girl wearing a small skirt who was flirting with you a crime Yes You see Easy Men, stop making excuses on whether girls are throwing themselves at you, you sound pathetic, stop acting like animals, show respect, stop thinking you couldn t help it cause you were [...]

  19. Every once in a while I stumble upon a book that reminds me of something my favorite collage professor told us, back then first year literature students, about the art of reading About it being interactive process It is not just you holding this seemingly harmless object in your hands, following words on paper and converting them into the pictures in your head Books can be dangerous things Break the rules Bring down oppressive societies Make people think with their own head and stop being part o [...]

  20. Actual Rating 1,000,000Trigger Warning rapeWhat We Saw begins with a hangover It s the day after a house party, and all Kate remembers are bits and pieces of the night before But what she does know for sure, is that she got wasted, and Ben, a childhood friend, drove her home early.But then, when a picture of Stacey Stallard unconsciously draped over Deacon Mills shoulder appears online, the school goes into a vicious frenzy.What is most unexpected, however, is when she accuses four of Kate s cla [...]

  21. Buddy Read with ma girls Melissa and AJ the Ravenous Reader Click for their reviews Nothing is exactly as it appears The closer you look, the you see First of all I d like to thank my friend Anna click for her awesome review for recommending this book to me I feel like there are some books that need to be read by everyone It doesn t matter if you end up liking it or not It s still important that you read it TRIGGER WARNING rape I absolutely LOVED the beginning and the ending of this book The wr [...]

  22. A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes AnonymousAaron Hartzler, an American author, pens his debut novel involving teens, assault, lies and mystery, What We Sawthat accounts the story of a high school teenager who investigates the sexual assault on her friend in a small town Withstanding the prejudices and unimaginable controversies, this young girl fights against the society, which gets enveloped by the darkness of a rape, to find out the truth.This b [...]

  23. Kate Weston wakes up hungover and trying to recall details of the party she had attended the night before at a fellow classmates house She vaguely recalls her childhood friend and crush taking away her keys and seeing that she got home safely and it quite thankful Unfortunately, not everyone at the party had someone looking out for them A photo shows up of online of Stacey passed out over Deacon s shoulder the next morning and then Stacey is accusing several members of the basketball team of rap [...]

  24. Oh wow I can honestly say I don t even know where to begin with this book Within the first few pages I was a bit thrown because I hadn t expected it to start out the way it did.As the book progressed and became and in depth I found some chapters very hard hitting, and I was getting frequently upset, however that is in no way a bad thing I think it shows how hard hitting this book actually is As I ve said before this is based on truth, and with past cases that have been on the news lately this [...]

  25. All I m saying is there are rules You don t get wasted You don t take off your top You don t flirt with raging drunks You don t dress like a slut You have to play by the rules If you don t, this is what happens I remember the Steubenville case if you want to read about it I was sixteen and I remember wondering why this particular case was getting so much attention Unfortunately these kinds of things happened every day, but why did this case get such nationwide coverage, hell even global coverage [...]

  26. Fictionalized version of Jon Krakauer s Missoula for young adult readers Really, I would not know because I haven t read it yet, but this is as real as fiction can get Rage.

  27. This book didn t flow well for me and was slow Then the pace picked up and then it slowed down again I tried but I can t get through this one YA is not my genre though Only some YA books work for me.The book packs a powerful message so if you enjoy YA try it I m in the minority Most people gave it 4 and 5 stars I m not rating it.

  28. Quick review for a quick read Note Some discussion of rape and rape cases in this review, so possible TW for those reading this review.This book is very hard to read, but I felt it was a necessary and completely compelling narrative I ll admit I didn t hear all that much about Aaron Hartzler s What We Saw before it was released, but it took my attention considering a number of horrifying cases of recent mention in media This I believe was inspired by the Steubenville High School rape case, which [...]

  29. To say I loved this book makes me feel.odd, but I did love it It was beautiful, brilliant, and haunting My immediate reaction after reading this was that this isn t a book about rape and it is 100% a book about rape What made this novel truly transcendent is it s ability to weave a multi layer story, have different narratives on our culture and daily life, and have it all work together so smoothly you hardly notice these subtle clues the author leaves around the story There are so many things go [...]

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