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Nothing On Earth

Unlimited Nothing On Earth - by Conor O'Callaghan Unlimited Nothing On Earth - by Conor O'Callaghan - Nothing On Earth, Nothing On Earth Strange beautiful and quietly terrifying Donal Ryan author of The Spinning Heart An original story brilliantly told Irish TimesIt was a time when nobody called Early evening the hottest August in

  • Title: Nothing On Earth
  • Author: Conor O'Callaghan
  • ISBN: 9781781620342
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Nothing On Earth - by Conor O'Callaghan, Nothing On Earth, Conor O'Callaghan, Nothing On Earth Strange beautiful and quietly terrifying Donal Ryan author of The Spinning Heart An original story brilliantly told Irish TimesIt was a time when nobody called Early evening the hottest August in living memory A frightened girl bangs on a door A man answers From the moment he invites her in his world will never be the same again She tells him about her family a Strange beau

Nothing On Earth

Unlimited Nothing On Earth - by Conor O'Callaghan Unlimited Nothing On Earth - by Conor O'Callaghan - Nothing On Earth, Nothing On Earth Strange beautiful and quietly terrifying Donal Ryan author of The Spinning Heart An original story brilliantly told Irish TimesIt was a time when nobody called Early evening the hottest August in Nothing On Earth

  • Unlimited Nothing On Earth - by Conor O'Callaghan
    219Conor O'Callaghan
Nothing On Earth

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  1. Nothing On Earth was a novel I read in one huge gulp of a sitting, obsessively from the very first page to the very last page It is strangely, softly, utterly terrifying And quite quite beautiful.A reviewers dilemma here I want to say so much about it, but this book, really, no In a way it is indescribable in any way that would not spoil it even now I m not really sure about anything It has a surreal, deeply disturbing, yet utterly gorgeous vibe to it, the prose is lyrical with an eerie cadence [...]

  2. This novel unfolds through the eyes of an unknown narrator Initially we know nothing about them or their connection to later events The narrator tells the story of an unconventional family who return to the area, a dark history is hinted at The family live in a decrepit housing estate surrounded by eccentrics and other shady characters on the edge of town This story is ambiguous A lot is left up to the reader to form their own judgement as to what is fact or fallacy, real or imagined, nothing is [...]

  3. There is something inherently unsettling about a failed building estate as housing developments are called in Britain This is the fourth or fifth novel I ve read in the past few years using such a setting And this one, the best All those unrealized dreams and all that rotting material A fitting metaphor for this truly terrifying debut novel Don t read if you are looking for tidy answers to tidy questions Not everything is made clear I started it several times before it grabbed me by the neck and [...]

  4. A heatwave A near abandoned housing estate A hot, heady, clammy evening in August A knock on a door Our narrator tells the story the one that began that fateful evening when the girl knocked on his door Dirty, unkempt, covered in writing and proclaiming that her dad had gone missing we hear her story I really don t know how to review this without giving anything away, because I think this is the type of book that is best read blind I m not entirely sure I could do the plot justice There s also t [...]

  5. Oddly, and not by design, this is the second book in a row that I ve read which centers on the disappearance of a person persons without much of a resolution Infinite Ground being the last one It is well done for what it is, and some of the prose itself is terrific, just expecting a bit .

  6. Nothing on Earth opens with a twelve year old girl hammering on the door of a priest the narrator She is malnourished, dishevelled, filthy, and her skin is covered in words written in blue biro He lets her in, and she tells him a story the story of her family s disappearance That story is retold by the narrator, followed by his own explanation of how he has come to be at the centre of a story that should never have been mine.The girl has been living with her parents, Helen and Paul, and her aunt [...]

  7. Is this a ghost story Well the setting is a ghost estate somewhere outside of Dublin, Irelandoadsheet wp content upThe book begins with the appearance of a panicked 12 year old girl Her appearance at this particular house brings heaps of problems for the man who tries to help her Who is her family What happened to them It s hard to describe the appeal of this book One thing I can say with confidence is that O Callaghan creates a description of the lives of those who live in these half abandoned [...]

  8. This is a book to be read in one big massive fell swoop, no time for stopping, no time to pass go and definitely no collecting 200 What a ride, I can actually barely process what I ve just read This book is going to be extremely difficult to talk about without giving away plot points, and this is a book you HAVE to read without knowing too much about it Just go read it.Why are you still reading this review, seriously go now.

  9. The narrator s authoritative and unreliable voice was already determined for me, having attended Conor O Callaghan s mesmeric reading of Ch 5 at Galway s Cuirt festival earlier this year Is there a new Irish Gothic , centred on that peculiar limbo of the ghost estate If so, this strange novel looks set to be one of its key texts.

  10. Brilliantly sustained, deeply unnerving, garnished with treacly black doses of Lynchian humour a razor sharp debut that will leave most readers eagerly awaiting O Callaghan s sopho novel.

  11. K nnen Leute spurlos verschwinden Sind wir unseren Mitmenschen so fremd, dass wir uns nicht mal ber deren Existenz sicher sein k nnen Spielen unsere Erinnerungen uns selber b se Streiche Nach der Lekt re von Nothing On Earth , dem Deb t von Conor O Callaghan stellt man sich automatisch solche Fragen Denn der kurze aber atmosph risch sehr dichte Roman gibt sich nicht nur von der ersten Seite an mysteri s, sondern entfaltet mit jedem Kapitel mehr Unsicherheiten und Fallen Als Leser wird man sehr s [...]

  12. It s a promising first novel but I wish we d learn about what happened even if it s not really the purpose of the book Still it was very thrilling and I read it almost entirely in one sitting.

  13. This is a wonderful debut novel set in a rural Irish village that is full of mystery and yet doesn t really have a genre label As the story progresses, especially the last quarter, and is revealed and yet for some, at its conclusion there will be questions than answers A terrified and disheveled twelve year old girl knocks on her neighbours door and relates how her family have disappeared They have been living for some months is the show house of a new estate on a Close at the edge of the vil [...]

  14. This was a different reading experience from 99% of the literature I consume O Callaghan s writing reads with a brogue It took me about 50 pages to find the cadence and to figure clearly what is happening in this story There are a lot of culture specific plot components which required a little internet assist But I found that once I discovered the rhythm of the writing and the direction of the story I enjoyed the read a great deal Shout out to kasacotugno for sharing the book with me Maybe what [...]

  15. I think Conor O Callaghan has a great style of writing, and there is some impressive work here, but I think it is falling into the same issue that SO MANY new authors are indulging and which publishers and so, I guess, readers are allowing view spoiler It seems style outweighs substance these days, at least in regard to plot This is yet another novel that builds an intriguing premise and palpable atmosphere, only to show at the end that none of it had any meaning in terms of story Oh, I know, de [...]

  16. Stick to a story long enough,,and the story sticks to you The known facts of this short novel, set around an abandoned show house in Ireland, could be quite briefly relayed without offering much in the way of resolution From the pen on an Irish poet, who beautifully employs repetition without pretence, it s a haunting experience They say that when you lose a child, the pain only dulls with distance, but never really ends or goes away They say the world greys out.Existence becomes mere muscle mem [...]

  17. This took me a while to get into between one thing and another so apologies if this is a bit disjointed Have tried as much as possible not to include spoilers but if you re planning on reading it look away now anyway I felt like I would be doing someone the author the narrator a disservice to simply assume the potential unreliability of the narrator once I figured out what he was but it happened anyway I couldn t, or didn t, fault his story to that point and only then began to wonder whether I s [...]

  18. Where to begin This is, as I would expect, exceptionally well written And it is a story that both grips and teases in equally measure It is so hard to describe The act of reading it is like getting the tips of your fingers onto something you desperately want but not being quite able to gain enough purchase to retrieve it Some reviewers have said they wanted to know I understand that but that s the point And that s the beauty of the thing Conor s poetry shines through from the beginning to the e [...]

  19. a family, recently returned to Ireland, settle into a house in an unfinished ghost estate view spoiler mother, aunt and eventually, father vanish hide spoiler , daughter turns up, distraught, at our narrator s doorfirst half of book, recounting the family s days in the house the heatwave summer seems peppered with in consistencies that jar for mesecond half, view spoiler once we realise the narrator is local priest, who takes in the girl against his own better judgement until she too disappears [...]

  20. A good mystery shows a myriad of details, but still keeps you guessing O Callaghan s novel doesn t understand this.It s easy to keep the mood mysterious and spooky if the author deliberate sets us up to be out of the loop Whatever is going on in this plot is interesting, but I m only given bits and pieces, flashes of events, and so well, it s all a bit of a waste in the end.I wanted to be amazed But the fractured story only leaves me frustrated.

  21. it was difficult to understand at the beginning, the characters are very vague we don t get to know much about them, but I think a lot is meant to be left to the imagination, the middle n the end is the best part , glad I stuck with it, ill give it 3 stars, if there was an option for half a star id give it 3.5 stars

  22. Disturbing in the way that a nightmare is disturbing there s a veritable air of menace but, without a coherent narrative, impossible to explain Full review What s haunting these houses annegoodwin.weebly 1 post

  23. I found this eerily disturbing If you don t mind not finding out the answers to a story then you will not be a bit frustrated as I was at the ending Haven t read anything quite like this before, it was strange.

  24. Strange but beautifully written book , set in a ghost estate, in Ireland, with some characters that may only exist in the mind Leaves so many unanswered questions that the book is an unsatisfactory read Yet strangely haunting I ll be looking fwd to reading of this author s wonderful prose.

  25. It was a well written strange and haunting tale A story that felt like it was meant to be heard next to a hearth on a winter night When the story ends you are left pondering and not at all sure what to believe.

  26. Strange, somewhat frustrating read I found the style of leaving so much unsaid difficult I preferred the second half of the book as you had some idea of what was happening.

  27. Very interesting again, can t give it away but would have liked a bit clarity those who have read it know what I mean But a small book and easily read in one sitting enjoy

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