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The Wish Thief

Free Download The Wish Thief - by C.D. Verhoff Free Download The Wish Thief - by C.D. Verhoff - The Wish Thief, The Wish Thief A girl on a quest for the perfect stone finds than she ever imagined A modern tale about the power of hope courage and persistence Glory Alley is a young caving enthusiast on a personal mission Since

  • Title: The Wish Thief
  • Author: C.D. Verhoff
  • ISBN: 9781517450342
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download The Wish Thief - by C.D. Verhoff, The Wish Thief, C.D. Verhoff, The Wish Thief A girl on a quest for the perfect stone finds than she ever imagined A modern tale about the power of hope courage and persistence Glory Alley is a young caving enthusiast on a personal mission Since Mother s death Father started drinking again and can t find employment Her siblings constantly quarrel with each other making home feel like a war zone Labeled a lA girl on a quest f

The Wish Thief

Free Download The Wish Thief - by C.D. Verhoff Free Download The Wish Thief - by C.D. Verhoff - The Wish Thief, The Wish Thief A girl on a quest for the perfect stone finds than she ever imagined A modern tale about the power of hope courage and persistence Glory Alley is a young caving enthusiast on a personal mission Since The Wish Thief

  • Free Download The Wish Thief - by C.D. Verhoff
    310C.D. Verhoff
The Wish Thief

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  1. Glory Alley and the Star Riders is the story of a young teenaged girl who like many young teenagers is literally overwhelmed by problems Her problems are both her own personal problems and her family s problems and it is primarily the latter sort that lead her through a series of fantastic adventures in other worlds.She wants desperately to have her dead mother back and, barring that, to have the rest of her family find a way to handle the maze of financial and personal problems that are crushin [...]

  2. According to legend, Wybbils are small hairy creatures who live deep underground in caves Ancient people both feared and venerated them It is said that Wybbils leave their tunnels at night to snatch Tullahn children from their beds and bring them to their lair.A girl rock collector risks everything for the chance at a better life.This story takes place on a world very similar to ours The inhabitants are as human as you and I, just trying to make their way in their world.Glory and her best friend [...]

  3. This book was than I expected First, it is a modern fantasy about a sad and sometimes violent family Second, it is a classic every man s spiritual journey, a sci fi Pilgrim s Progress if you will The main character travels beyond the physical realm to give us on a soul stirring experience as well The story begins a few years after Glory Alley s mother had died In the wake of this unfolding tragedy her father has become an alcoholic Her three older brothers and a sister engage in self destructiv [...]

  4. Glory Alley has than her fair share of problems she s overweight, her classmates pick on her, and even worse, her mother is dead To call her family dysfunctional would be an insult to all the dysfunctional families on the planet Tullah But there s hope Glory has found a magical rock with the power to set everything right If only those darn Wybbils didn t want it back so bad.In fantasy writing, one of the most difficult tasks for the author is to create a unique, fantastic, but plausible world C [...]

  5. First off, let me preface my review with the fact that this is a story for kids, and I haven t been one in a very long time So my review may not compare to a young child s, and it s the viewpoint of the demographic that the author is trying to reach that matters most not mine That being said, this book has many flaws The story needs better proofreading as it is scattered with misused words and missing punctuations But that is structural and easy to fix The plot and style is what needs the most a [...]

  6. This book was great I enjoyed it very much I loved the characters and the story line and the setting You should check out this book I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  7. I just love it when someone gets this whole writing a book thing so freaking right I ve been meaning to write a proper review for this book for a while First off, I finished reading this end of December 2012 Usually, the time that passes after reading a book, the obvious its flaws become The magic of the worlds wear off, and you start to analyze it with a leveler head That was NOT the case with Glory Alley and the Star Riders I m still reeling in the absolute genius of it all It s just as magi [...]

  8. Deanna did well combining sci fi and fantasy together The lore and aspects that she used to build up the story really tells one how much thought she put into it, which would naturally create a wonderful story such as this.I enjoyed how creative she was with the sci fi modern era part of the story such as using credits , Silvers , Springboards, etc but felt that she didn t go far enough for the first book This was understandable after reaching the second part where the real fantasy began The rule [...]

  9. Grade 89%Rating Read Full Review writingnagiblin the wisThis book was actually pretty adorable This book is about a thirteen year old girl who basically loses her mind Just kidding, it is about a thirteen year old girl finding something she shouldn t have while in the process, trying to find herself It is very sweet and holds a certain innocence that you don t get a lot of in books The beginning, I would have to say was very slow However, because the author took a step back I could really see th [...]

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I even stayed up late to finish it, but I was so upset by the ending What about Clash I understand why he isn t a part of her life now, but you came up with a solution to George Couldn t you have somehow saved her PIC FTTE I received this book through and will look for 2 in the series hoping something is done with Clash in the future.

  11. I read this book in one day It was very entertaining and am looking forward to reading books in this series should there be I got a kick out of Spunky Glory and her interactions with the Star Riders Some punctuation issues, but all and all, a very good read.

  12. This was a great book It takes a few pages to get into the story, but when you do, it does NOT disappoint I can t wait to read from this author

  13. kiribeth 2016 06 In truth, this review should have been up a month ago Shame on me for finally getting to it.The author contacted me about reviewing this book for her a few months ago I will admit, I was instantly interested in this book based on the title alone I mean, come on The Wish Thief Isn t that just epic I know you re not supposed to judge a book by its title, but I think I may have It sounded awesome And then I went and looked it up, and judged the book by its cover, too It sounded eve [...]

  14. Glory Alley s family is far from spectacular, with her father constantly drinking and her siblings in and out of trouble Glory is bound and determined to become a geologist so she can become rich and solve all of her families problems One day exploring the caves in Queen s Mesa, she discovers a stone, the Elboni, so amazing that she wholeheartedly believes it is the answer to her problems Glory s theft triggered 3 star riders, interplanetary travelers, to seek her out and have her return the Elb [...]

  15. The Wish Thief This story had me feeling like a kid again It is Alice in Wonderland, Goonies, a little of the Wizard of Oz, and What s Eating Gilbert Grape all rolled into one The story is Awesome It is steady paced and very easy to follow It would make a fantastic family movie Glory Alley s family and life are very hard to handle for some, but there a lot of families just like hers out there today, sad This story takes place on a planet just like ours Collecting rocks of different kinds is her [...]

  16. I read the basic description when the cover caught my attention, and agreed to write an honest review in return for a copy of the book here goes.I kept wanting to like this book, but all the little things kept piling up.It s not an awful book, I ll say that much It is readable, though with multiple editorial errors, from spelling and grammar, to punctuation and misused words, to at least one instance I can think of where it appeared the scene was written multiple times and pieced together badly, [...]

  17. I received this book in exchange for an honest opinion so here we go I thoroughly enjoyed this story It did start off a bit slow in the beginning, but when it picked up boy did it Meet Glory Alley She has all the bad luck Her mother is deceased, her dad is an abusive drunk, and her siblings treat her like crap Her only release exploring the caves of Queen Mesa with her best friend, Clash On the day of their excursion, Glory did the one thing you should never do explore a dark cave alone Once ins [...]

  18. This is the story of Glory and her family Despite a confusing start, with silly names, hard to digest information and it unclear if our characters were playing a game or for real when talking of the Mesa and a sliver, the first chapter gives us everything we need to know and that is when the story begins The story is very much your typical fantasy type and perfect for film I like the Wybbils and their speech They are the evil and the main source of comedy, it s a balancing act that works well be [...]

  19. The Wish Thief B003CV7UJIGeorge isn t asking for much out of life, he isn t greedy Sure, he wants to strike it rich by finding some priceless gem or mineral in the local caverns, but he ll only use a little of the money for himself the rest will go towards helping his family and buying a gravestone for his poor mother.In an ambitious start for a first novel, The Wish Thief seeks to combine seamlessly a classic fantasy setting, with magic and wishes, with a modern setting of cars and wrought iron [...]

  20. e story itself is a lot like the Chronicles of Narnia you ve got this girl whose home life isn t so fantastic, and she finds herself on some kind of magical adventure in another world, with the fates of many hanging in the balance The Christian undertones are there as well, but up until a certain point, I d forgotten it was even supposed to have a religious theme But also much like C.S Lewis, or hell, even George Lucas come on, I love Star Wars as much as the next geek, but you have to admit it [...]

  21. Glory Alley loved to collect rocks It was her escape from living in a dilapidated house with an alcoholic, abusive father, along with siblings, and classmates who bullied her She and best friend Clash are usually found spelunking through Queen s Mesa, even though it was off limits to Glory She never believed the folklore about midget Wybbils and a Hoogula devil dog living in the Mesa caves That was before she was chased by the Hoogula, and kidnapped by the Wybbils Now all she can think about is [...]

  22. Glory Alley is not a cool kid She has a broken family, nerdy friends, and a curious spelunking hobby When she finds a strange, perfect stone on a pedestal deep in the mountain near her home she knows it would be a perfect birthday gift for her mom, even though her mom died several years ago But when she grabs it, the stone launches her into an interdimensional adventure she could have never dreamed of Wish Thief is set in an alternate reality very similar to Earth, and is a very well done allego [...]

  23. I really enjoyed this book about Glory, a young girl who lives in a difficult family situation She goes on a fantasy sci fi adventure with a different twist I loved the Christian symbolism in the book The author does explain some of them in the back of the book But, it was interesting to figure out some of them on my own That is the great thing about symbolism, it can have different meaning for different people at different times in their lives This book is designed for younger readers, but I st [...]

  24. I received a copy of this book for an honest review The first chapter pulled me in immediately I felt that the first part of the book was a little slow going However, when you get to the second part, I couldn t put the book down I finished the second part in a few hours I had to finish reading it I was angry at the end and then filled with happiness and tears I do think it is a book aimed for younger people but I enjoyed it nonetheless I look forward to the next book.

  25. This book is a good reading for science fiction, but despite that I felt it sometimes slow and really predictable I liked the story, but the characters lacked some sense of how children act The writing wasn t great, but good in general terms.I received a free copy of the book for an honest review.

  26. This is a a quick paced adventure, brimming with the right amount of fantasy The author s vivid descriptions and world building suck you in Glory is very likable, and will have you rooting for her every step of the way

  27. AdventureI received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review I found it to be an awesome story filled with adventure I would recommend for young adults and up.

  28. I enjoyed this book The only downfall for me was the beginning was a little slow I had a hard time getting fully into the story, once I was I couldn t put it down.I was given this book in exchange for an honest review via LibraryThing.

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