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My Sweet Audrina

Ý My Sweet Audrina ↠ V.C. Andrews Ý My Sweet Audrina ↠ V.C. Andrews - My Sweet Audrina, My Sweet Audrina V C Andrews has enthralled millions with her suspenseful gothic family sagas including the bestselling Dollanganger series that began with Flowers in the Attic Now one of her strangest most belove

  • Title: My Sweet Audrina
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781501138843
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback

Ý My Sweet Audrina ↠ V.C. Andrews, My Sweet Audrina, V.C. Andrews, My Sweet Audrina V C Andrews has enthralled millions with her suspenseful gothic family sagas including the bestselling Dollanganger series that began with Flowers in the Attic Now one of her strangest most beloved classics My Sweet Audrina a haunting story of love and deceit innocence and betrayal and the suffocating power of parental love is soon to be a major Lifetime movie evenV C Andrew

My Sweet Audrina

Ý My Sweet Audrina ↠ V.C. Andrews Ý My Sweet Audrina ↠ V.C. Andrews - My Sweet Audrina, My Sweet Audrina V C Andrews has enthralled millions with her suspenseful gothic family sagas including the bestselling Dollanganger series that began with Flowers in the Attic Now one of her strangest most belove My Sweet Audrina

  • Ý My Sweet Audrina ↠ V.C. Andrews
    408V.C. Andrews
My Sweet Audrina

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  1. If ever there was a guilty pleasure sort of book, V.C Andrews is it I read all her shit when I was little, and I am not ashamed.

  2. Now this is a fucking story And sooooo elegantly written V.C Andrews and this is the real V.C Andrews, not some second rate ghost writer, writing riding her coattails had enormous talent Holy crap can she weave a tangled web This is the story of Audrina Adare a young girl with memories like swiss cheese A young girl haunted by the ever present spectre of her deceased older sister, also named Audrina This is pure soap opera melodrama and this is Andrews niche, her expertise She excels and enchant [...]

  3. By the time Audrina sexed her husband on the grave of her dead sister after beating him for two whole pages, a tear in my eye began to form as I realized just how brilliant V.C Andrews was.Mind control, dead babies, three deaths from falls on the same friggin staircase, suicide, a retarded girl obsessed with prisms, gang rape, some seriously disturbing pseudo incestuous father daughter loving, a former ice skater with no legs who happens to be a dead ringer for Liz Taylor, insider trading, a gir [...]

  4. The only V.C Andrews book that doesn t follow the five book series rule Poor beautiful girl book, poor beautiful girl is rich book, rich beautiful lady book, beautiful offspring book, and evil dead grandmother prequel is My Sweet Audrina Which is probably a good idea she didn t follow that rule, as I m not sure how any book could be insane than this one It s the tale of a hauntingly beautiful girl really, is there any other kind who has a dead sister who had her name and died on her birthday ye [...]

  5. Oh My Goodness A friend told me there is a TV movie for this book youtube watch v cUkdcOh My Goodness Today I discovered one creepy fact related to My Sweet Audrina If you don t know what I m saying you can look it up here Top 5 Strangest Missing Person Cases Everyoutube watch v kVyQnMy Sweet Audrina Parody youtube watch v WiDNXThoughts after reading Hey guys, if you liked Gothic romance melodramas good writing creepiness as much as I do, then V C Andrews is your woman and My Sweet Audrina is t [...]

  6. LOL I can hardly hold my head up from the shame of giving this one 4 stars, but everyone is entitled to a guilty pleasure, and when I was in high school, V.C Andrews was mine I love this one because it s so different from her other works, and I m fairly certain it was one of the last novels she actually wrote herself the latest series are written by a posthumous ghost writer It s a great lying on the beach, trashy summer read.

  7. My Sweet Audrina by V.C Andrews is a 2016 Pocket Books publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher as an XOXpert, the official street team of XOXO After Dark Many rabid fans of V.C Andrews describe these books as a guilty pleasure, gobbling them up at the speed of light and sound Recently, with all the renewed interest in these books, I became curious about what is was that made these books so popular and what was the secret to their longevity As a teen I read Flowers in the [...]

  8. Audrina feels like she is always going to live in the shadow of her sister that died before she was born Audrina was even named after her departed sibling that she never knew Her family doesn t hesitate to tell her every day just how special the first Audrina was, how beautiful and full of life Living in her family s mansion cut off from society with her parents, aunt and a cousin that torments her at every turn Audrina begins to question her own sanity even at a young age But with all the secre [...]

  9. This is one crazy, screwed up, twisted, and just insane family I think right now, they take the cake for crazy literary families I ve read about I finished My Sweet Audrina while I was in bed last night, and after I finished, I couldn t think of how I should rate this story And now, as I write this review, I still have no idea how I should rate it Maybe as I write I ll come to a conclusion.As I said in the beginning, the Adare family is just, all kinds of screwed up Between the lies, deception, [...]

  10. Named after her dead sister, the First and Best Audrina, the Second and Worst Audrina doesn t remember anything about her first eight years She has a twatty stepsister and a father who s a little too attentive and makes her rock in her dead sister s chair in hopes that this will trigger her lost memory She falls in love with the boy next door and feels all the usual VC Andrews quickening of pulses and fires down below and like all VC Andrews heroines, succumbs to the sinful pleasures of premarit [...]

  11. 4.5 star rating Wow Just wow This was the mostpsychologically messed up, mind fucking book that I ve ever read.We all know that V.C Andrews has quite a habit of messing with our minds, but this book has taken her talent to a whole other level.My brain When finishing this 400 paged book, I just couldn t believe my eyes on how the heck did Andrews do this Her mysteries are always so out of the blue and we never end up expecting the plot twists especially in the end It s so fascinating and wonderfu [...]

  12. I was giving you freedom and not once did you thank me Not once Buddy read with the amazing Nenia I d read this before as a young teenager and carried it along with all my other V.C Andrews books with me through several moves Yet I somehow retained absolutely no memory of the story.Which is probably a good thing, as there are twists and turns galore in this book, and I delighted in just about every single one This was seriously like a soap opera Only quite bleak at times It s you I love, only yo [...]

  13. I consider myself an easy to please reader so when a book makes me feel angry you know its really badHonestly, I couldn t with this book I f % D.N.F it Honestly I feel bad for even purchasing this book thinking it was Horrific and Creepy but the only thing horrific about this book is the fact that it was published.The characters were not even flawed,they were just so tedious and stupid I was into the main character at first but she took a tumble really fast They were some elements of feminism an [...]

  14. Holy creepy I read this book back in the mid 80 s I snuck it off my mom s bookcase and probably shouldn t have read it, but it left a lasting impression Very well written and got me started into one of favorite genre s, horror If you like to be scared this is a book for you

  15. Oh my god Have you ever read anything by VC Andrews If you haven t you need to start These books are like romance novels for teenagers, but filthier I mean, having never read a real romance novel, I guess I wouldn t know, but do they have a lot of incest and puberty talk I am pretty sure they don t I read this forever ago, after reading the Flowers In the Attic series and I just remember thinking like, This is the most intense book I have ever read Or probably will ever read And I think that may [...]

  16. Ok, so some people may see my 5 star review for My Sweet Audrina by V.C Andrews and think really 5 stars And well, this isn t a masterpiece classic that will go down in the ages, but I do think it is a page turner and is full of plain ole good entertainment This is why it earned 5 stars.The following may or may not contain spoilers Audrina is a young girl who lives in a big, dark mansion in the middle of the woods with her handsome yet overbearing father Damian, her beautiful but submissive pian [...]

  17. My Sweet Audrina uses disturbing, dark and twisted gothic content for shock value than anything else I found the majority of this book extremely boring.

  18. Re reading novels of childhood is a mixed bag It s wondrous to revisit old books, similar to finding long lost friends again, rekindling love once feltbut there s always the small chance you ve changed enough not to feel the emotion you did before Sadly that happened to me in this case, which in a small way makes me regret reading it, although if I got to rewind time I d do the same thing.I found myself drooling over the second half with as much relish as I likely did when I was a kid, but the f [...]

  19. The only Virginia Andrews book that didn t spawn a bloated series of sequels I read this one when I was nine, shortly after her first book Flowers In The Attic I m not sure why she never wrote a followup to this it s not like the themes were any different to those in any of her other books incest, secrets, false identity, tragic accidents and dead babies I think My Sweet Audrina is the best of Andrews vast although of course these days none of it is written by her I believe the first three books [...]

  20. There is much shame in giving this 5 stars but please know that it s b c I have fond nostalgia for the time in my life when I read this, not for the quality of writing or depth of story telling Read during my early teen years, I was shocked, addicted, horrified, and utterly sucked in by this story We were on vacation one summer my mom was reading this book amongst several others at the time Apparently my dad picked it up from the table in our condo began reading before she could finish They were [...]

  21. I read several Andrews books years ago as a kid and found them very engaging This book was awful Completely predictable I loathed the characters Seriously, is there no other way to die than falling down the stairs Ugh.

  22. Yeah, I read my sister s VC Andrews books Jealous This one was probably the creepiest VC Andrews I read All I remember about this book is that there was an identity crisis and sex in mud.

  23. This is an absolute mess I wish I could say that with any ounce of surprise, but I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.I have this weird sort of respect for V.C Andrews Not many authors could unabashedly churn out such unadulterated trash and get away with it, much less build it into a 35 year empire She knows how to weave a twisted enough story and knows exactly what she s doing with every disturbing, nasty plot development that has you shouting what the fuck into your fifth glass of wi [...]

  24. Oh, the tales Papa could tell me about the wonders of his first daughter, and every one he told made me know I was not the Best Audrina, not the perfect and special one only the second and inferior one I have a confession to make you, dear readers I made a fatal mistake I broke the sacred rule of the reading community, a rule generally followed by most readers.I watched the adaptation before reading the book And it totally killed the experience.This has happened to me once before and you think I [...]

  25. I first read this 7 years ago, and really enjoyed it Unfortunately, it is not one of those books that gets better with time A lot of things in it annoys me It starts out fascinating by describing a girl who has no sense of time and whose family is full of secrets, but then unfortunately falls flat I dislike books where the main characters just aren t allowed to be happy for longer periods of time It seems pointless to me I m not sure that five lines of happily ever after are worth the proceeding [...]

  26. Rapey and awful and I couldn t stop because it was like watching a car crash A terrible rapey weird car crash where the children are too young and the cops don t care how many people fall down the stairs.

  27. We can all agree Virginia Andrews was one twisted lady Writing in such a way about perverse families made me think she must ve had one herself or she simply enjoyed sharing her kinky side with the rest of the world.

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