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Wolf, WY

[PDF] Wolf, WY | by ↠ A.F. Henley [PDF] Wolf, WY | by ↠ A.F. Henley - Wolf, WY, Wolf WY There s nothing like a fresh start and for Randy still nursing wounds left by a cheating ex and harboring a deep mistrust for all things corporate Wolf Wyoming seems like the perfect place to star

  • Title: Wolf, WY
  • Author: A.F. Henley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Wolf, WY | by ↠ A.F. Henley, Wolf, WY, A.F. Henley, Wolf WY There s nothing like a fresh start and for Randy still nursing wounds left by a cheating ex and harboring a deep mistrust for all things corporate Wolf Wyoming seems like the perfect place to start over Secluded quiet and self sufficient Wolf is bound to not only inspire but to bring Randy the peace he needs The view s not bad either Vaughn O Connell and his faThere s nothing lik

Wolf, WY

[PDF] Wolf, WY | by ↠ A.F. Henley [PDF] Wolf, WY | by ↠ A.F. Henley - Wolf, WY, Wolf WY There s nothing like a fresh start and for Randy still nursing wounds left by a cheating ex and harboring a deep mistrust for all things corporate Wolf Wyoming seems like the perfect place to star Wolf, WY

  • [PDF] Wolf, WY | by ↠ A.F. Henley
    160A.F. Henley
Wolf, WY

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  1. A Hearts On Fire Review FOUR HEARTS You don t don t know anything about Wolf and you don t know anything about her people You breeze in and you use us all up until you re happy with yourself again, and then you ll run back to the city and live happily ever after And everyone here in Wolf has to go on until the next city brat shows up and tries to do it again Things are different here, Shield Wolf You re either part of the pack or you re not He took a breath, and then drained his glass And you re [...]

  2. I love a good wolf shifter book and I definitely enjoyed this one Randy is my kind of character Sarcastic and sassy I loved his inner dialogue He was by far my favorite character It took me awhile to warm up to Vaughn, but I got there He was standoffish and a bit of an asshole who seemed to have control issues barking no pun intended out orders that he expected Randy to follow But Randy isn t that kind of guy and he fought back with his wit and stubbornness which made for some great back and for [...]

  3. I received this book as an ARC though NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book I found the characters to be interesting, and well developed I liked Randy very much He was far from a perfect character, and I really enjoyed seeing him grow over the course of the story I took a little while longer to warm up to Vaughn He came across as than a bit of a controlling jerk at first, but I learned to see beyond that, and it helped that Randy never let Vaughn push him too far [...]

  4. 4.25 stars Really enjoyed this one I liked the descriptive writing style, the wintery setting I liked how Randy s loneliness and isolation was portrayed I liked the slow burn and the sex scenes only about 3 of them I think And I liked the werewolf mythology Hopefully this is the start of some great new shifter romance discoveries in 2016.

  5. I was captivated by the eyes staring at me from the cover and curious about a title that was a city and state I checked the blurb Again, sounded like my kind of story So I was good to go Paranormal stories particularly those involving shifters can be all over the place for me I love them, but they generally hit the shallow end of the pool for me relying hard on the heat in the romance or the action instead of developing the tone and setting to create an atmosphere that feels paranormal I m not s [...]

  6. I really liked this book a lot I hadn t read this author before so I had no idea going in what this would be like When I hear the words shifter or werewolf I think of the traditional, alpha, Me Tarzan, You Jane or John I guess type of story This wasn t like that at all and that is very good imo The story is told from Randy s pov He has recently moving to Wolf, WY in search of a fresh start and a new life He knows going in the town is very small but he s not really prepared for the quiet and the [...]

  7. What I love about Henley s writing is his ability to make me laugh Or cry Depending on the scene of course Wolf, WY did not make me cry but it did make me laugh out loud a few times because of Randy s sense of humor.The author AF Henley has a way with words I loved how Randy described his thoughts I did not mean how Randy articulate his thoughts on Vaughn and Lyle and their muscular and mouthwatering physique laughs although there is that of course Ahem , his feelings, his surroundings.I also lo [...]

  8. 3.25 starsRandy moves from the city to a small town, Wolf, Wyoming He hopes to find some peace and quiet there, and perhaps some friendly people What he gets is peace and quiet, but no friendly people.His neighbors, Vaughn and his 3 kids are just plain rude to him He doesn t get what s going on with them and why Vaughn seems interested in him, but pushes him away at the same time.For the first half of this book Vaugn is such an ass I truly hated him and wanted him to just go away But when he gre [...]

  9. That was different.At times I worried about the direction it was going in, but it never went thered I kept reading.Edited to add I did enjoy the book a lot, and it was well written.

  10. Randy runs to Wolf, Wyoming to escape the headaches he d found while being a lawyer in Washington DC He thinks some time in the sticks will help him develop his creative side of writing and painting But he s a city boy through and through and notghing has prepared him for living in the country during a Wyoming winter.Vaughn and his family have lived in the isolated community for their entire lives They live in Wolf for a reason and have to be careful of who they allow to get close to them At fir [...]

  11. What a great book, certainly different from other books in this genre, because here we don t have cheesy love, and the characters are not ridiculous in the least I normally don t read much paranormal, because of all of the above, but i m happy I gave this a chance it proved that a paranormal book can be serious and intense without the dramatic factor.After his cheating ex left him with a broken heart, Randy packed up his life, put his career oh hold and moved to Wolf, WY to experience some peace [...]

  12. A Joyfully Jay review 4.25 starsOkay, I have to say that I was a little iffy when this book started The prose is lyrical and beautiful, but it seemed a bit over the top at some points I had trouble getting into Randy s head, even though he s the POV character, and I disliked Vaughn at the start I was unsure of what was going on with Lyle, and it was just a little bit weird the way that Randy was thinking about father and son So it started out shaky for me, but as the story progressed, I was drag [...]

  13. What a unique shifter book Wolf, Wy approaches shifters in a fresh way that wasn t about instalove and mine but focused on the human implications of being a shifter This story was less about the romance between Randy and Vaughn and about Vaughn and Lyle navigating pack dynamics, Randy going through a midlife crisis and then making a home in his new world And of course how a normal human deals when that which is seen cannot be unseen I would have liked a little romance, some positive interacti [...]

  14. This book is an almost seamless blend between reality fantasy that makes it a highly likable read to get lost in.

  15. 5 Heart Review by Amber He s got me I d say about as bad as Jackie got me back in her day The smell of him, the taste of him, the whole fucking lot of him I haven t said it in a few months so I m just going to get it out of the way I FRIGGIN LOVE A.F Henley BOOKS LOVE There is something about this author that just sucks me right in and never lets me go It s happened from the very first A.F Henley book I read and it hasn t changed This story has incredible passion Passion for one s family, passio [...]

  16. Wolf, WY Book 1 by A.F Henley4 starsM M Shifter, RomanceI was given this story for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.Randy and Vaughn were a complex couple of guys You have Randy, who is running to figure out what he really wants in life who he wants to surround himself with Then you have Vaughn, who is trying to hold his family together.Randy s character was someone that I liked right away He was somewhat playful, polite, no nonsense and reasonable I also really loved his family Despite h [...]

  17. This is a hard book to review, because there were some aspect of it I really liked, some that got on my nerves and then there was the ending which I thought fell apart But on which of these do I base a review What I liked, I quite liked I liked that Randy wasn t a pushover, even if he was out of his element I liked that Vaughn put his family first I liked seeing Lyle s situation The scene in which Vaughn obliquely tells Randy about it is one of my favorite in the book I thought the sex was sexy. [...]

  18. I was given this book by Inked Rainbow Reads in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed this book and also enjoyed the writing style of the author To me the writing style can make or break a book I really enjoyed how Randy found out about shapeshifter werewolves and really loved his sense of humor However, I didn t like Vaughn, he came off pompous I did like that Vaughn was a man that took his responsibilities seriously and it was clear that he was doing everything he could to keep his family to [...]

  19. I loved this book It was a rich story with believable characters The various conflicts in it, Man v Nature Man v Neighbors were wonderfully thought out I look forward to another book in the series.

  20. That was surprisingly well written story plot and if we would get romance between main couple I would rate it with 5 stars.

  21. One of the many things I love about AF Henley s novel Wolf, WY is his brilliant choice of the setting for the events unfolding Wolf is a tiny community in the middle of nowhere The isolation and the place being so secluded and to set the story during autumn and winter makes the novel even intense and adds greatly to the mood.I think Intensity is the best way to describe this stunning novel The intensity in the interaction of the characters, the characters themselves, and the intensity in mood p [...]

  22. I got hooked by Wolf, WY after reading the teaser on a friend s blog I love reading teaser as it gives a little glimpse of what to expect from the book the book Wolf, WY teaser promised me a fun and humorous read And it was There were things that Randy has said and did in the story which I can t agree, but I learned to love Randy unconditionally I can t get enough of his humor At first, couldn t wipe the smile off my face even during his tragic monolog because he just god damn funny I know he s [...]

  23. This book was just wow Randy moves into a new house out in the woods to get away from a past were his was hurt by his fianc His neighbors at first were not so nice then when they start opening up with each other Just wow So much of this I was confused by, was it Lyle and Randy or was it Vaughn Lyle s father and Randy The way Lyle came after Randy for a lack of better words was crazy Then the way Vaughn dealt with everything Just wow this was a whole different side to werewolves for me and I real [...]

  24. I don t think I ve read one book by this author that I haven t loved and Wolf, WY is as brilliant as all the rest Unique from what I ve read recently but still brilliant.Randy is an early thirties lawyer that found his partner fiance cheating on him with possibly multi relationships Not only that, he cleaned out the bank account separate accounts ppl, always Randy decides to pick up and start over Comes across this perfect town, perfect home, in the middle of know where Starts licking he s wound [...]

  25. A really awesome story I enjoyed it a lot and was happy to see this story move away from the whole Alpha male badassery boss figure who leads a pack and is into an alpha and omega complex with his relationships.What we got here is Vaughn, a father, who s kids may or may not become werewolves like their dear old dad, who is a really an actual decent father figure dealing with one of his kids going through werewolf puberty.Enter Randy, a guy trying to restart his life after running from a really b [...]

  26. I did not know I needed to read this book My darling Karen begged to differ and so I read it.This is a gorgeous book, the language is descriptive and evocative The UST and falling of the two MCs is well plotted and very very tense y Considering that Randy is totally unawares of what the actual heck is going on, the way the two have parallel conversations without realising it is really well done.Lyle was an insufferable twat and yet his twatness was very well conveyed and largely felt true to the [...]

  27. The conflict between Lyle and Vaughn, the pack dynamics, especially with Randy added to the mix, is central to this story It s way interesting than your standard supernatural non supernatural love story Vaughn is all bark and no bite pun intended and feels the pull of Randy almost as strongly as he does that of the moon He wants to keep Randy safe, no matter how much he tells Randy he won t help him through the winter And the attraction between the two is evident.Full review at Keysmash.

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