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Shot to Hell

↠ Shot to Hell ☆ Cynthia Rayne ↠ Shot to Hell ☆ Cynthia Rayne - Shot to Hell, Shot to Hell Love thy enemy Steele went from hometown hero to jarhead and took his best buddy Abe along for the ride After Abe died in the line of duty Steele quit the Corps and joined the Four Horsemen MC Now

  • Title: Shot to Hell
  • Author: Cynthia Rayne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Book

↠ Shot to Hell ☆ Cynthia Rayne, Shot to Hell, Cynthia Rayne, Shot to Hell Love thy enemy Steele went from hometown hero to jarhead and took his best buddy Abe along for the ride After Abe died in the line of duty Steele quit the Corps and joined the Four Horsemen MC Now his club brother Coyote has been taken by a rival MC and Steele fears the worst He calls in Ash a security contractor who specializes in kicking ass As a teenager Ash fLove thy enemy

Shot to Hell

↠ Shot to Hell ☆ Cynthia Rayne ↠ Shot to Hell ☆ Cynthia Rayne - Shot to Hell, Shot to Hell Love thy enemy Steele went from hometown hero to jarhead and took his best buddy Abe along for the ride After Abe died in the line of duty Steele quit the Corps and joined the Four Horsemen MC Now Shot to Hell

  • ↠ Shot to Hell ☆ Cynthia Rayne
    131Cynthia Rayne
Shot to Hell

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  1. Good read 3 1 2 starsI liked this one and then I didn t The good parts were about healing and forgiving I had issues that an MC with lots of resources and a mafia with the same had so much trouble finding a hick MC and Coyote It seems like all they did was sit and wait and have drama while the poor boy was being tortured That was totally unrealistic and to me devalued Coyote I would be pissed if I was Coyote.There were so many issues in this one it was hard to count PTSD, survivors guilt, twin c [...]

  2. I am a huge fan of this series in general but I absolutely love Steel I am a sucker for a good story involving a Marine or 2 but, I love the running story line of Hell and the 4 Horseman I am constantly impressed that Cynthia Rayne is capable of writing a story that exists on so many different levels It keeps the story line fresh while building the anticipation for the next book in the series before you even have an opportunity to finish the one your reading.Steel s story didn t disappoint I lov [...]

  3. Oh how I love reading about the Four Horsemen There s just something about these self proclaimed vigilantes that draws me in This installment focuses around Steele and Ash and their shared focus of finding a rival MC, cartel, some missing drugs, a fellow Horsemenjust to list a few things Not a big deal, right Throw in the mafia and you have a suspenseful action packed story And while this book has everything I mentioned abovewhat this story is truly about is redemption and second chances Unlike [...]

  4. Awesome storyAnother great book in the horsemen mc series If you live hot men on bikes and strong women then this ius the series to read.

  5. I m sorry but I m going to be perfectly honest and the only thing I know how to be blunt I didn t think I could dislike a heroine in this series than Daisy.I was wrong I hated Ash, she was a flaming fucking cunt I m sorry but for the love punching men in the nose, kicking them in the balls, and acting like a raving cold nasty bitch does not make you a bad ass makes you a flaming bitch ass Ash ruined this story as far as the romance part, I just didn t give a shit about her or her using Ace or g [...]

  6. You will hope for these two I love broken characters They make the best happy endings and your heart go ahhh Steel and ash are broken over the same thing and they are stuck in a repeating cycle because of it.Can two people who truly think they can never find calm and happiness come out on the other side together

  7. Not really a romance, and really tough to read These two are not likable characters at all, but I guess that s the point.

  8. I love this series but for some reason, I could not connect with this book Steele was a good person and tried his best, but I did not like Ash Ten years prior, Steele was in the marines with Abe, Ashton s twin brother One night when Steele left his post, Abe got killed and Ash has blamed him ever since Fast forward to the present and she s in Hell looking for a lead while Steele is looking for Coyote who s been kidnapped They decide to work together to follow the lead that they re both look for [...]

  9. Heart wrenchingEvery time I saddle up and ride with the horsemen is like riding with old friends and family I fall in love again and again and ugh my heart I laugh I cry and at the end the horsemen take another piece of me with them Its a ride or die kind of love and well I m not dead yet on to the next

  10. Book Review Shot to Hell I am an independent reviewer This is the seventh book in the Four Horsemen MC series and ends in an HEA Steele is the confident, selfish man whore of the MC His action over the years created situations he will never get over Learning how to live with himself is tough, though, so he throws himself into women One of his mistakes caused his buddy, Coyote, to be kidnapped While searching for Coyote, he runs across a ghost from his past.Ash is the twin sister to Steel s buddy [...]

  11. I am a huge fan of this series Who doesn t love a chance to read about Sexy X Military men who belong to an MC This story is all about playboy Steel Steel has been known to love em and leave em, but he only has ever loved one woman, and he walked away from her Her name was Ash and she was his best friends twin Steel has had a string of bad luck, his best brother Yo Coyote has been kidnapped and Steel was knifed up by the Raptors Steel is trying to find Coyote to bring him home alive Along the wa [...]

  12. I had a hard time waiting for this book, but it was so worth the wait I couldn t wait to see what happened with Coyote, and to find out what it was going to take to finally bring down the Horseman s manwhore Steele definitely met his match with Ashton, and I loved every minute of it Even though they knew one another since childhood, he had unintentionally hurt her beyond what either of them believed she could ever get over, especially when he never would This is another great story that has lots [...]

  13. This Horsemen book was a bit dark, and serious, however it was really a good read I think th I book is a pivotal point for the series, but of course I maybe wrong I received an ARC, in addition to my preordered book so I didn t get a free book for a review, although I would be honest either way.The darker tone didn t detract from the story, but I will say the ending is the reason for a lost star The ending seemed to lack the tying of loose ends, and didn t allude to what s to come It just kinda [...]

  14. I have to admit I am a little obsessed with this series and I read way passed my bedtime to finish this latest installment The book had a little bit of a darker mood for me, since it dealt with how we cope with loss and I found myself tearing up a couple of times, not something I usually like to do But the sexual tension between Steele and Ash was great and I liked the plot line Plenty of suspense though not as many steamy scene s as I would have liked Since this is book 7 I usually recommend r [...]

  15. I wish this system would let me give a 4.5 star review I enjoyed this book I ve read all the books in the series This is one of my favorites Steele and Ash stayed with me which is always a good sign that the story was well written and touching The push and pull between Steele and Ash is strong as is their chemistry Getting to know Steele better after little snippets of him in the other books was nice It s an trying but worthwhile ride to take with Steele and Ash This story is a standalone that h [...]

  16. Another great book in this series Steele is living in a nightmare from his past His guilt consumes him and is only made worse when a person from his past returns In the Marines he goofed off and the result he got or so he thinks his best friend killed When his friends twin sister shows up the guilt comes back tenfold Ashton blames Steele for her brothers death and cannot forgive him She puts herself in danger daily in her job as she feels empty inside without her twin This is a book of two broke [...]

  17. Really GoodOkay it s always great to have my fix of the boys from the Four Horsemen.This story about Steele and Ash was a little different,a little darker and tad bit intense.This was well written moved at such a steady pace you are just so anxious to get to the n ext chapter.The chemistry is so sexy a d you love anytime the two are a scene.A really good story a worthy addition to one of the best series have read.

  18. First let me start by saying I love this series and Hell s town and its resident bad boys.However I could not connect with Ash at all I mean holding this grudge when obviously Steele could have done nothing much to change the course of history, except getting killed as well Or was it her misplaced attraction, that led her to this kind of hatred Anyway I couldn t wrap my head around her and it made the book lose a star for me

  19. Loved this next story in the Four Horsemen MC series Wonderfully written story bringing two emotional broken people together in order to find another Horseman that had been kidnapped An emotional ride that brought them both some healing and closure Love how these characters found their closure, healing, and HEA Totally recommend this book Thank you, Cynthia, for another great book.

  20. Great MC series This is book 7 and it is every bit as exciting as book 1 thru 6 Shot To Hell is about the President Steele and his one time love Ash who is now his no one enemy Ash and her Twin brother Abe grew up with Steele, Then Abe followed Steele into the service where he dies Now Steele and Ash must work together to save one of the Four Horsemen.

  21. Love FoundThis was a great addition to this series.I love the tension between As he and Steele.Add in a great story And sexy bikers and you have winner cannot wait for Voos story The only drawback for me was I would have liked to have revisited some of the other couples maybe next time mimid

  22. What s better than a combo of strong military and bikers This is a story of loss and forgiveness, I loved learning about Steele and what made him the way he is I love seeing Steele in love and can t wait for the next book

  23. Loved this story I was on the edge the whole time hoping Coyote would be ok And I know Steele has messed up but, dayum I felt so bad for him He and Ash were hot, hot, hot Looking forward to

  24. Steele and AshSexy Biker, strong heroine, add in danger, intrigue, humor and the Dixie Mafia It s a story you won t put down This can be read as a standalone but the series is worth your time.

  25. I love this series I love this series I can t wait for the next book I believe that this series is the best I have read I hate when I finish a book because I feel like I have lost my friends I hope there will be to come.

  26. GreatIt was really good I m not sure I loved Steele s character He was pretty selfish until the very end I hope Coyote gets his own book.

  27. Another homeroom in this series Ash and Steele have known each other along time They are perfect for each other but forgiveness and understanding will show them the way to happiness.

  28. Enjoyed this book immensely Loves Steele and Ash as a couple Liked their backstory and that their issues weren t resolved quickly Can t wait to read from this author.

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