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The Far Empty

[PDF] Unlimited Æ The Far Empty : by J. Todd Scott [PDF] Unlimited Æ The Far Empty : by J. Todd Scott - The Far Empty, The Far Empty In this gritty crime debut set in the stark Texas borderlands an unearthed skeleton will throw a small town into violent turmoil Seventeen year old Caleb Ross is adrift in the wake of the sudden disa

  • Title: The Far Empty
  • Author: J. Todd Scott
  • ISBN: 9780399176340
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited Æ The Far Empty : by J. Todd Scott, The Far Empty, J. Todd Scott, The Far Empty In this gritty crime debut set in the stark Texas borderlands an unearthed skeleton will throw a small town into violent turmoil Seventeen year old Caleb Ross is adrift in the wake of the sudden disappearance of his mother than a year ago and is struggling to find his way out of the small Texas border town of Murfee Chris Cherry is a newly minted sheriff s deputyIn this gritty crim

The Far Empty

[PDF] Unlimited Æ The Far Empty : by J. Todd Scott [PDF] Unlimited Æ The Far Empty : by J. Todd Scott - The Far Empty, The Far Empty In this gritty crime debut set in the stark Texas borderlands an unearthed skeleton will throw a small town into violent turmoil Seventeen year old Caleb Ross is adrift in the wake of the sudden disa The Far Empty

  • [PDF] Unlimited Æ The Far Empty : by J. Todd Scott
    285J. Todd Scott
The Far Empty

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  1. It all starts when a skeleton is found in Murfee, Texas Secrets start coming out and they aren t unicorn farts.You have the sheriffor as he is known around town as the Judge His deputy Chris Cherry, who had left small town life with big hopes for a football scholarship when an injury brought him back home and he ended up working on the police force in the small town.Another deputy, who is dark as night and dreams sometimes that he is a wolf Drugs do that shit to you kids I totally saw him as thi [...]

  2. To put this book into cowboy terms it was hat than cattle.Caleb Ross is a high school student in a Texas town near the border which his father, the sheriff, rules by playing the classic western lawmen However, Caleb knows that his father has a secret sinister side, and that he may have killed Caleb s mother who he claims abandoned them both New deputy Chris Cherry is a former football hero who has just returned home after an injury ended his playing days, and both he and his girlfriend are stru [...]

  3. When Deputy Chris Cherry finds some skeletal remains on a ranch, it sets him on a collision course with the law of Murfee, Texas in the form of renowned sheriff Standford Judge Ross, local hero Ross s son Caleb carries a horrible secret, that his father is crazier than a shithouse ratI ve read hundreds of mysteries and thrillers, so many that there aren t a whole lot of surprises left and I ve gradually shifted toward horror This one had enough twists and turns to make me rethink things.The Far [...]

  4. First time author and DEA federal agent J Todd Scott has truly captured the wide out far empty of Big Bend and the borderlands of Mexico the endless sky, the Rio Grande, and mountains painted purple and charcoal in the background The fictional town is Murfee, Texas His trenchant descriptions are vivid, alive, and gothic, and I understand why comparisons to Cormac McCarty are bandied about It s his use of physical landscape to evoke dark, biblical, and pagan imagery However, Scott is a mainstream [...]

  5. Balancing both the brutal and beautiful, J Todd Scott has delivered a story that hangs around the neck long after the final page Fearless, searing prose that reeks of honesty, THE FAR EMPTY is as gritty and raw as sun scorched earth.

  6. To be honest, I was bored with this one Once again we have a problem with pacing and all the characters were just two dimensional and all just blend together after awhile Skip it.

  7. So much time and effort goes into getting a book cover right so when one catches my eye I think it deserves a mention The cover has to convey something about the book, as well as making sure it appeals to a potential reader, because if it s not right it can be the death of a book I always tell customers especially if they re looking at a book with a spectacular cover that, you can tell a publisher believes in the author from the quality of the cover So to The Far Empty I love the cover artwork f [...]

  8. Wow what a rip roaring ride this was This is quite a debut doorstopper bit of craziness from DEA agent author J Todd Scott It takes place near the Texas Mexico border in southwestern Texas near Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park Even though the area is fictionalized in THE FAR EMPTY, it is still possible to get a very intimate feeling of what this stark, beautiful area of Texas is like.The book is told in differing viewpoints, switching narrators for each chapter I liked this i [...]

  9. There is a new cowboy crime boss in town and he is J Todd Scott The Far Empty goes to a hardscrabble small town in the dessicated borderlands of Texas where lives intersect in corruption, delusion and flickering hope This book was so good I wanted to eat it I imagine it would taste like campfire beans with too much sand blown in and spiced with cordite, kickbacks and damaged goods.aploplexy.wordpress 2016

  10. UPDATE my 1 third progress is reviewed below Depending on how well young debut writers, especially the Grit Lit kind do with adversity, J Todd Scott must be a nightmare for their self confidence This debut novel is not only, in my opinion, the best debut novel published thus far in 2016, it is the best debut novel i ve read in my entire life since A Time To Kill Either you compare yourself to someone who might rank in the best of its kind already and you feel sorry for your writing, or you look [...]

  11. The Far Empty is the first published novel of J Todd Scott and one of those novels that is so good, you have a hard time believing it is the author s first novel What a treat to delve into If you have seen John Sayles movie Lonestar or No Country For Old Men by the Cohen s brothers, then you will certainly enjoy this book The far reaching story is a tale of the modern, hard land in Texas, where those that try to do what is right seem to have roadblocks thrown up in front of them at every point b [...]

  12. J Todd Scott has worked as a DEA agent for over twenty years and has put that experience to good use in The Far Empty, his debut novel set in far West Texas Murfee, Texas, may be fictional but it is obvious to anyone familiar with that part of the state that it would fit right in near the actual cities found there Scott, in fact, notes in his Acknowledgements that the town is stitched together from places found in the West Texas counties of Presidio and Brewster Murfee is one of those towns so t [...]

  13. This was a 5 Star gem hiding on my to be read shelf This book is an intense 432 pages that I carried with me for two days getting any moment I could to jump back in The story is told from the small Texas border town of Murfee Caleb, a 17 year old whose mother has run off and father who s the Sheriff is the only character we see in the first person The Sheriff controls the town and the people in it almost like a puppet master The new deputy, an old football hero home with a bad knee, a school tea [...]

  14. twelve seventeen pee em, groundhog s day, the 2nd of february 2018, friday afternoon, just finished, great story, four stars, i really liked itndlebrary loaner, first from scott for mei think it is also his first story good read.

  15. It s hard to believe this well crafted crime thriller is a debut novel The author s experience as a DEA agent lends authority to his prose, and his meticulous rendering of the Big Bend country south and east of El Paso, Texas, and its fictional town, Murfee, takes you to that dusty back of beyond Outlaw country The two key voices in this multiple point of view novel are those of 17 year old Caleb Ross, son of Big Bend County s despotic sheriff, who s called the Judge, and new deputy Chris Cherry [...]

  16. Read this review and others at literatureislife 2017 04 The Far Empty came into my possession thanks to a giveaway.The summary for The Far Empty describes the story as a modern Western , a pinpoint summary of the novel Author J Todd Scott s descriptions paint a vivid imagery of the desolate Texas landscape In west Texas near the border it is not exactly a peaceful area as the border is ripe with people coming into the US, both individuals seeking a better life in America as well as members of th [...]

  17. From the lurid cover featuring a skeletal hand gripping a handgun emblazoned with skulls one would expect The Far Empty to be a pulpy, bloody noir One would be mistaken J Todd Scott s novel is a modern, revisionist Western set in Murfee, Texas hint It s Marfa and examines the fallout among multiple characters after a body is unearthed on a borderland ranch.Some of the back cover blurbs ingeniously compare this novel to Cormac McCarthy s works I guess because it s set in far West Texas , but unfo [...]

  18. I didn t like this book, but I will thank Scott for helping me realized that the psychotic small town Texas sheriff has become an American cliche see Jim Thompson s Pop 1280 and The Killer Inside Me, as well as the middling 90 s indie Lone Star In fact, Scott dredges up every cliche in Texas fiction like a coyote digging up Indian bones in a desert the bloody history, the co dependency with Mexico, football, oil fields, the big sky, the million stars, yadda yadda yadda A writer with Cormac McCar [...]

  19. The Far Empty is packaged as Noir story set among the borderlands of West Texas This story is about Caleb Ross and Chris Cherry Both of whom are wary of one person Caleb s father Chris boss Sheriff Standford Judge Ross.The story is a dark one and follows the trail of a possible murder from a year ago The plot does its best to follow all of its noir threads and one of the stickiest parts is that almost all chapters have different POVs This aspect is a bit jarring as not only are you introduced to [...]

  20. This book was exciting from page one all the way until the end, and I had a hard time putting it down in between the two.As someone who lives in The Far Empty, the Big Bend Region of Texas, I felt the descriptions and characterization of the area were spot on Even though fictitious, I found it totally believable.The story is told through multiple POV s which I find incredibly interesting Getting into the minds of each character including the villain, where we sort of know what is going on the wh [...]

  21. Really fun read with characters you can care about and an actual plot line Violence that hurts in all the right ways I love and so appreciate when a writer is this generous with information and does the work to develop characters and place A villain to beat the band old Sheriff Ross Wow When the next one comes out, I ll be at the bookstore.

  22. J Todd Scott s debut novel, The Far Empty, starts out with a bang My father has killed three men With tough, gritty language the narrator describes what happened to the three men his father killed, interlaced with evidence that his father s three wives all died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances as well Is the narrator s father a hardened criminal No, he s the local sheriff.When some members of my writing group said how much they enjoyed The Far Empty, I was excited to get my hands on [...]

  23. Y all This book is about a small Texas border town and all its weird, unique history The whole thing is a mystery about who s right and wrong, what s really happened, and who did what Each chapter adds and to the weirdness surrounding the town and will make you need to find out what s really going on It s edgy and confusing and will make you question a lot about what you think is normal but WOW is it fantastic It s a dark book, I won t lie, but it definitely doesn t disappoint either.

  24. The Far Empty represents almost a perfect mix of Cormac McCarthy, Breaking Bad, and Larry McMurtry It contains some of the most evocative descriptive writing I m come across in a while Scott can sell a place, a moment, like very few writers and very well crafted plotting, too The first fifty pages or so take a bit to get going as Scott introduces his various characters and slowly draws the plot into motion, but after that it absolutely soars, and it reads fast pulp fast, the good kind of fast, n [...]

  25. Pretty good, though it slows down a lot in the middle The setting is evocative, at once familiar and exotic Not all the narrative voice are equally interesting, and with some characters, like Anne, the book holds out revealing background information for no good reason Duane is much interesting because he starts deranged and only slides deeper into it as the novel proceeds, and his madness is colored with an undercurrent of werewolf metaphors.

  26. not what I expected at allmething about judging a book by its cover Full of meandering unnecessary tangents that really distract from the essence of the plot I got bored after 200 pages reading time is a little limitedI like a book that gets on with it Lovely writing etc but just not my bag.

  27. The Far Empty 4.5 starsIt s lazy to compare great books set in the West to Cormac McCarthy but this one deserves the comparisons One good cop, a struggle between father and son and town filled with secrets and brutality form the spine of this but there s so much Can t wait to read the next book.

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