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Eyes Only for Me

[PDF] Eyes Only for Me | by ↠ AndrewGrey [PDF] Eyes Only for Me | by ↠ AndrewGrey - Eyes Only for Me, Eyes Only for Me For years Clayton Potter s been friends and workout partners with Ronnie Though Clay is attracted he s never come on to Ronnie because let s face it Ronnie only dates women When Clay s father suff

  • Title: Eyes Only for Me
  • Author: AndrewGrey
  • ISBN: 9781634766876
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Eyes Only for Me | by ↠ AndrewGrey, Eyes Only for Me, AndrewGrey, Eyes Only for Me For years Clayton Potter s been friends and workout partners with Ronnie Though Clay is attracted he s never come on to Ronnie because let s face it Ronnie only dates women When Clay s father suffers a heart attack Ronnie having recently lost his dad springs into action driving Clay to the hospital over a hundred miles away To stay close to Clay s father the menFor years

Eyes Only for Me

[PDF] Eyes Only for Me | by ↠ AndrewGrey [PDF] Eyes Only for Me | by ↠ AndrewGrey - Eyes Only for Me, Eyes Only for Me For years Clayton Potter s been friends and workout partners with Ronnie Though Clay is attracted he s never come on to Ronnie because let s face it Ronnie only dates women When Clay s father suff Eyes Only for Me

  • [PDF] Eyes Only for Me | by ↠ AndrewGrey
Eyes Only for Me

150 Comment Eyes Only for Me

  1. I love a GFY book, but this one fell kind of flat for me Ronnie is 40, straight, has OCD, loves working out, is a bit of a manwhore, and is still dealing with the death of his father after 2 yrs Clay is 40, gay, in love with his straight best friend, lonely, and is still dealing with his break up after 2 yrs When Clay gets a call saying that his father is in the hospital after suffering from multiple strokes Ronnie is there for him in ways than one They cross the friendship line and become inti [...]

  2. Woow sometimes a book grasps you by the throat, well this one did that to me.This was a very well written one Great heartwarming thoughtful dialogues.The passionate scenes were beautiful Profound sentences which did my heart beat faster Very well done.It was not an extraordinary story but how the story is written does make it extraordinary.I really loved this book.

  3. 3.5 maybe 4 stars.My first Andrew Grey book and I was entertained My enjoyment was a combination of the storyline and the narrator Tristan James delivery of the story.It featured Clay and his straight best friend Ronnie going from being friends for years to Clay got a call that his father was in a hospital after having a stroke and Ronnie insisting to drive Clay there In addition, Ronnie stayed for moral support While in the hotel room, Clay and Ronnie experimented together and Ronnie found him [...]

  4. Clay, 40, has loved Ronnie for a long time, but Ronnie, 40, is straight They ve been best friends and have a small group of friends who they hang out with Ronnie is super successful, and always has women who want something from him Clay is out and proud, but lonely since his break up He wants what everyone wants, to love and be loved, forever When Clays Dad gets sick, Ronnie drops everything to help him get to his Dad He stays, and is strong for Clay, like Clay was for him when his Dad died Know [...]

  5. First, I need to say that I read a lot of Andrew Grey books and Love some of them but this one NO NO NOClay is openly gay and has a crush on his best friend Ronnie Ronnie is a straight manwhore with a loud sex life UNTIL one day that something BAD happens in Clay s life so Ronnie goes with Clay to comfort him like any friend would be doing And ask for SEX in the process.WHAT Totally forced scene No connection No magic Sorry, nothing and the story go worse and worse Yes, they have a HEA but what [...]

  6. Overall book review 4 Stars Audio book Narrator Tristan James 4 stars Book cover 3 StarsI have a very special place in my heart for a good GFY, I think it s because my introduction to mm books was a GFY.I absolutely loved this story of Clayton and Ronnie.Ronnie is straight and a total slut Clayton has been in love with Ronnie his best friend for years in some way without the sex part these two seems to be the perfect couple if you know what I mean After Clayton gets a call his father was hospita [...]

  7. DNF 55%It just goes to show that even an amazing narrator can t save an awful book Here s hoping for better luck with my next unknown book.

  8. Just when you think you know Andrew Grey and his writing style he comes out with something brilliantly new, albeit a well covered trope If you think you know what GFY is all about think again Eyes Only For Me is how GFY or BFY should be written.Ronnie has always thought of himself as solidly straight He has gay friends but that is all they are friends It s women who turn his crank He has never settled down with any one woman, believing that it s fun and satisfying to take home a different women [...]

  9. Overall book review 3.5 4Audio book Narrator Tristan James 4 Book cover 3 StarsDid I enjoy it Yes Was there moments I really felt and enjoyed a great deal Yes That being said, I felt it lacked real depth It felt to fast in a way Let me explain The whole time I m enthralled with this whole thing unwrapping and the disastrous potential lurking in so many corners it s really not even funny I m sitting on the edge of my seat ready for the tidal wave of epic proportions to hit me and Well.When things [...]

  10. 2.5 stars for me I guess I m in the minority here based on the other ratings, but I just didn t click with this story I honesty didn t see the connection and chemistry between Clay and Ronnie, when they said the I love you s, or them working as a couple I don t know if it was due to being written in 1st person POV or what, but it was just frustrating And one minute Clay was telling guys what to do and being all practical and all knowing with the do this and do that s, and then he was a dirty tal [...]

  11. Andrew Grey is an author who never takes his eye off his audience The parameters of m m fiction are always in sight Thus it s an exciting moment when he pushes the boundaries of the genre and offers us something substantial to ponder Eyes Only for Me veers dangerously close to the gay for you trope that raises my blood pressure but Grey turns that old school m m fantasy into a thoughtful, emotionally complex case study of what bisexuality and fluid sexual orientation really mean.Clay and Ronnie [...]

  12. e book review November 2015 4.5 5 starsUnrequited love is a bitch, especially when it s your best friend you re in love with.Clay Potter has wanted than just friendship from Ronnie pretty much since they met Several things keep the lust at bay For starters, Ronnie is all but the poster boy for straight men across the land Few women avoid Ronnie s charm, and not many avoid his bed The man is gorgeous, successful and smart, even if a little conceited Clay is content to play the role of confidant [...]

  13. I do love my MM and this one was a best friends to lovers story which is another plot device I love This was a good read with a fair amount of angst Ronnie was a manwhore, he literally flitted from girl to girl no matter the age difference He had been burned once and has vowed never to be in the same situation again Clay was Ronnie s best friend and was gay Clay has loved Ronnie for a long time in ways than one but had always kept his feelings to himself, fully prepared to stay in the friend zo [...]

  14. True rating 2.5 stars This is NOT a negative rating This book was just okay for me nothing , nothing less

  15. I usually love friends to lovers stories but this one didn t grab my attention I didn t really enjoy either of the main characters and the secondary characters weren t that interesting either.

  16. Listened to the audio version of this book, and really enjoyed it Tristan James narrated and he is great The story was really sweet and touched sometimes with just a little bit of angst.

  17. Definitely not my favorite by this author but it was okThis one turned out to be a mixed bag of I like this but this isn t working so well for me First off I liked that it was older MCs Ronnie and Clay are both 40 years old So not only older but no May December romance going on and I m not opposed to those by any means but I m not a fan of a a steady diet of anything when it comes to my books I like variety and diversity and ironically same age older MCs is a change of pace for me Ronnie s strai [...]

  18. Solid friendship, the kind where you know your friend as well as yourself and can be honest about the good as well as the bad, is hard to come by Clayton and Ronnie have that type of connection they have been through a lot together, seen each other in the most difficult circumstances, and enjoy each other s company As well as they know the other though, that knowledge is limited to reactions and behaviors As far as matters of the heart are concerned, Clay and Ronnie still have a lot to learn abo [...]

  19. 4.5 Stars Rounded Up to 5 Stars Eyes for Only Me by Andrew Grey is a m m contemporary romance that will take you on a journey of the best friends to lovers trope along with the gay for you trope Our two MC are best friends and have been through a lot together including the passing of a parent, break up of long term relationships, and serial dating they have been through it all as friends Clay has secretly had feelings for his best friend Ronnie for a while, he never intended to act on it though [...]

  20. 3 stars A nice adult romance that doesn t resort to misunderstandings or outside pressures for conflict, but rather on the very real baggage that forty year olds who have led full lives carry One is gay and has always been and the other has been leading a heterosexual life but is willing and open to try something new in his life when the opportunity arises, but not because he has secretly been pining for a man but rather because he recognizes a good thing when it comes his way.I liked that Ronni [...]

  21. Freebie 13.12.16 as part of ARe s 12 days of Christmas.Well that was disappointing Two not particularly likeable characters, who for 40 years olds appeared like early 20 s in their actions The gay man crushing on his best friend trope, meets the OMG I m a complete manwhore but suddenly I am sleeping with my best male friend trope And so much drama I really failed to connect with either character.By about half way I was skimming and just hoping for the end This I am going to put down as an anoma [...]

  22. Not one of Grey s better stories The they don t give you stimulants was high for years on my meds with OCD OCD is physical repetition because if you don t something will happen usually negative waving hands, checking locks, erasing until holes go in paper, picking this up and down etc and you get Zoloft ADHD is when the brain spins and you get stimulants, or if you don t have the true version you get Strattera which is not a stimulant If you freeze in place, body jerks they give you Lorazepam fo [...]

  23. It was nice to see Ronnie close up and to know what makes him tick He was an amusing character in the other books, but fleshed out in this one The heat level seemed to be dialed up a notch, too.

  24. Story Idea 4Writing 3Characters 1Potential Fulfilled 1Average 2.25Story Idea I rather liked that the main characters were older, nearing 40, and pretty much established in their lives I also really, really liked the idea of one of them suffering OCD not the joke OCD everyone blames their neat freak habits on A couple of years ago, a guy I know said he had OCD and I made the usual oh, me too, if something s out of place, I just freak jokes Then he explained his OCD and I swore off making any OCD [...]

  25. I received a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis is about my millionth Andrew Grey read and I adore all his books this one was a little different for meThis story was from Clay s POV We meet him and a handful of his friends including Ronnie who seemed to be his best friend They were all those near 40 aged guys who had the respectable careers and nice houses and cars and stuff they reminded me of forever bachelors Ronnie was the playboy though he had a bevy of [...]

  26. Clay and Ronnie have been friends and when Ronnie lost his dad Clay was there for him But Clay knows his friend is totally straight and his crush will never go anywhere He also doesn t want to lose the friendship he does have But when Clay has his own crisis Ronnie steps in But what happens next send both me back to the drawing board and they have to rethink and re examine all of what they thought they knew about themselves and each other This is a powerful story of two strong men deciding what [...]

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