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Jane Steele

[PDF] Jane Steele | by ✓ Lyndsay Faye [PDF] Jane Steele | by ✓ Lyndsay Faye - Jane Steele, Jane Steele Reader I murdered him A sensitive orphan Jane Steele suffers first at the hands of her spiteful aunt and predatory cousin then at a grim school where she fights for her very life until escaping to

  • Title: Jane Steele
  • Author: Lyndsay Faye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Jane Steele | by ✓ Lyndsay Faye, Jane Steele, Lyndsay Faye, Jane Steele Reader I murdered him A sensitive orphan Jane Steele suffers first at the hands of her spiteful aunt and predatory cousin then at a grim school where she fights for her very life until escaping to London leaving the corpses of her tormentors behind her After years of hiding from the law while penning macabre last confessions of the recently hanged Jane thrill Reader I murdered hi

Jane Steele

[PDF] Jane Steele | by ✓ Lyndsay Faye [PDF] Jane Steele | by ✓ Lyndsay Faye - Jane Steele, Jane Steele Reader I murdered him A sensitive orphan Jane Steele suffers first at the hands of her spiteful aunt and predatory cousin then at a grim school where she fights for her very life until escaping to Jane Steele

  • [PDF] Jane Steele | by ✓ Lyndsay Faye
    358Lyndsay Faye
Jane Steele

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  1. The first 1 3 1 2 of this book was really great.Jane Steele is being called a retelling of Jane Eyre, but it isn t The narrator presents the story as an autobiography and claims to have read Bronte s most famous novel and the work inspires me to imitative acts And Jane Steele s life does indeed resemble that of Jane Eyre.But with a huge twist a lot blood, murder and vengeance.Regardless of whether you like Jane Eyre or not and I do , it s hard to not be pulled in by Jane Steele s narrative voic [...]

  2. It was the boarding school that taught me to act as a wolf in girl s clothing should skulking, a greyer shadow within a grey landscape It was London which formed me into a pale, wide eyed creature with an errant laugh, a lust for life and for dirty vocabulary, and a knife in her pocket I hereby commence my account with the unembellished truth Reader, I murdered him.This is a very, very loose retelling of Jane Eyre in which Jane is a serial killer And reader, it was awesome If you re very, very c [...]

  3. Oh, I knew who I was a scarlet toothed tigress, one forever burdened by the iron weight of her own black stripesny thanks to the great anmiryam for passing this arc my way, because it was so exactly what i wanted to read, i don t even feel bad about letting it cut the line of book suitors already vying for my attentions i read a lot of reviews here on and while i have a pretty good memory for books i have read, i frequently forget the specific content of reviews after i read them if the book int [...]

  4. I received a copy of Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye through NetGalley Thank you to both NetGalley and to Lyndsay Faye for the opportunity Truth be told.y, never here If you easily get your petticoat in a bundle, then this book is certainly not for you Nuff said, dear reader.And then in walks a dark, slight figure of a young girl who traipses across these pages on silent tiptoe like the vermin in the underbelly of old London Although innocence is her Victorian calling card, bold reality states other [...]

  5. I m going to have to apologise in advance because I will be FOREVER fangirling over Charles Thornfield.

  6. 6 2 2017This may actually have knocked Persuasion off its pedastal for my favourite book of all time When I read this book last year, I did so on a flight from Melbourne to LA I was completely sucked into the story and I sped through it in no time at all And while I loved the story, I was so excited to find out what happens next that I didn t take the time to SAVOUR the story That was my intention this time But once again, I failed miserably and devoured this in 24 hours The characters are glori [...]

  7. I hope that the epitaph of the human race when the world ends will be Here perished a species which lived to tell stories Lyndsay Faye, Jane SteeleMy first five star read in what feels like ages I was so hesitant to pick this up, because Jane Eyre is one of my all time favorites and I am always wary of retellings In this case, however, it was worth it The story is essentially a Gothic reworking of the famous story, but with a few significant changes to give it a character of its own We are intro [...]

  8. I hope that the epitaph of the human race when the world ends will be Here perished a species which lived to tell stories Well, I was certainly not expecting this This ultimately, absorbingly, fiercely, lusciously phenomenal reimagining of one of the greatest and most influential classics of my life and, incidentally, of English literature too, of course The strength of Jane Steele is that it styles itself not as the story of an alternative Jane Eyre, but of a parallel one In the book, Jane Stee [...]

  9. LOVED this book Loved the concept, loved the execution, the characters and every other little bit A whole lot of fun and a real rip roaring read.Jane Steele what an incredible character Unforgettable she stalks the streets of old London, Lyndsay Faye building a supreme sense of atmosphere and making you walk those paths too, alongside this enigmatic, ironically funny and intriguing creation, who surprises and delights at every turn of the page.If you are a fan of Jane Eyre, then you ll thoroughl [...]

  10. This Victorian novel follows Jane Steele, an orphan whose life mirrors that of her favorite literary heroine, Jane Eyre Their paths diverge at this one fine point, however Jane Steele is a serial killer She uses her wit, nerves, and slight sociopathy to off abusive men, all the while wondering what would Jane Eyre think This book scratched all my favorite itches Victoriana, feminist rage, and excellent, gut punch sentences You ll love this Jane just as much as you love the original Amanda Nelson [...]

  11. JANE STEELE is not a typical retelling sure it bares similarities with Jane Eyre Jane Steele is an orphan, she ends up in a boarding school with a cruel schoolmaster and she works as a governess later on in life What I like is that Jane Steele likes and identifies herself with Jane Eyre She feels like they are kindred spirits But unlike Jane Eyre who was called wicked, Jane Steele is fearful that she really is wicked Because she has after all done wicked thingsREAD THE REST OF THE REVIEW OVER AT [...]

  12. Like so many other people, I love Jane Eyre and I consider it my favourite classic Naturally, I was interested to read Jane Steele which is based on the story of Jane Eyre , but which contains a protagonist who s a murderer The life of Jane Steele very much reflects the life of Jane Eyre, but her cravings for murdering makes her mysterious as well as intriguing to read about The first part of the novel, in which we are introduced to this alternate protagonist, was the strongest in my opinion, an [...]

  13. I am rubbish at reviews, so let s try thisKnowing the reviewer is essential to a useful review Here is some about me and how it affects my feelings on this book.1 I love Lyndsay Faye I don t actually read what her books are about before pre ordering them I may be biased towards liking this due to my history of enjoying everything I ve read of hers previously.2 The entirely of my knowledge about Jane Eyre comes from the five minutes I spent on right before reading this I don t feel like that was [...]

  14. Reader, I murdered him With a tagline like that, how could I resist I absolutely loved this book JANE STEELE is a dark retelling of the Bront classic, JANE EYRE Granted, the original was already pretty dark, but JANE STEELE takes it to a whole new level.Like me, Jane Steele is a huge fan of Jane Eyre, and in many ways her life mirrors that of her favorite character Only, Miss Steele is a wee bit of a sociopath hence the tagline , but in the best way possible When she sees an injustice, she handl [...]

  15. This is a very clever re working of Jane Eyre, with a heroine whose life mirrors that of Charlotte Bronte s classic novel It is not necessary for you to have read, Jane Eyre, as there are snippets littered throughout the novel but, if you are familiar with the storyline, it will help you appreciate all the links between the plot and characters So often you find novels now which act as sequels to well known classics or give an alternate take, but this really is something different Jane Steele beg [...]

  16. DNF 22% Jane Steele is not quite Jane Eyre, though her life seems to mirror that of Bront s heroine in most particulars How she differs is in her violent response to would be sexual abusers She s a feminist vigilante wreaking vengeance on her enemies, whether her repulsive cousin or the vindictive master of Lowan Bridge Cowan Bridge, Bront s real life school Lowood, Jane Eyre s I stopped reading because I didn t honestly think Faye was doing enough to set her book apart Reader, I murdered him ni [...]

  17. This book enchanted me It reminded me of how passionate I was about learning to read when I was 5 or 6 so that I could read all the stories I wanted to whenever I wanted to and not have to wait my turn to have my parents read them to me.It also reminded me of my first impressions of classics such as the writings of the Bronte sisters and Daphne duMaurier Yes, there was darkness there yet juxtaposed with light There was romance and the struggle away from and toward it There was murder and mayhem [...]

  18. I had high hopes for Jane Steele, a re telling of Jane Eyre, my favorite classic, but getting to the 12% mark took me ages The writing was driving me absolutely nuts, and I just can t go on There are sooo many similes and metaphors used It seemed like every other sentence, and entirely too much for me It s completely distracting, stalling the flow of the plot for me, making it so I can t get into the story at all.My opinion seems to be in the minority, though A copy was kindly provided by Pengui [...]

  19. I relate to this story almost as I would a friend or a lover at times I want to breathe its entire alphabet into my lungs, and at others I should prefer to throw it across the room This quote perfectly encapsulates how I felt while reading this book I don t think I have ever loved a heroine quite like I love Jane She is the murderess of my dreams.

  20. First off, I still think this should have been called Jane Slayer But maybe that s too campy a title for a book that s a inspired by Jane Eyre than a retelling and b a pretty intellectual story, in spite of the gore.I agree with other readers that this book seemed to have two parts the first third or so was bildungsroman, featuring a young Jane who, instead of seething internally about having to endure heartless relatives and a cruel boarding school, becomes a serial murderer As a bigJane Eyre [...]

  21. This might come as a shock to a lot of you but I wasn t necessarily a HUGE fan of Jane Eyre I mean practically the whole first half of the book was all about Jane s childhood and I felt like that could have been done away with for the most part So when I started Jane Steele and found that a large portion was about her childhood, I was a little worried that it would be similar to Jane Eyre in that a large part of the book would be about her childhood.Thankfully, Faye does not focus on Jane s chil [...]

  22. I highly recommend this story Think of a aggressive Jane Eyre who has a thing for murder This story is full of so much dark humour, that I kept wanting even Many heads roll in this story Bit of a spoiler, not all the heads roll of characters readers would like to see dispatched.Lyndsay Faye has drawn upon a much beloved classic and made it her own.

  23. I enjoyed this one so much than I thought I would A fantastic female character, beautiful writing and a really engaging plot Lindsay Faye proves that just because a book is historical, doesn t mean it shouldn t can t be diverse.Also, I totally shipped the romance

  24. Text We were laughing through tears Me Me too This was a perfect book It was funny, clever, heartwarming, and it managed to pull bits of one of my all time favorite novels into the mix I was worried that it might be too similar to Jane Eyre and that that would keep me from enjoying it, or it might even make Eyre a bit less beautiful to me Instead it s actually a story that pulls threads from Jane Eyre into it but never actually co opts the original story In the process it creates something utter [...]

  25. See of my review at litwitwineanddineJane Steele is a well written, fun, and quirky read I haven t read Jane Eyre and wondered if it would make a difference in my ability to follow the book It didn t Each chapter begins with a passage from Jane Eyre but this book is its own story and you won t be impeded in any way if you haven t read it Though I wonder at how I, calling myself a reader, could have made it this many years without having read one of the great classics Jane s story begins in chil [...]

  26. Smooth writing that had a nice classic feel to it I enjoyed the twist on Jane Eyre and I don t often enjoy re tellings While this was a fun read, it wasn t spectacular Nice rainy day read however 3.5 5Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict BorrowCheck out of my reviews hereNote I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  27. Gosh it s rare for me to part with five stars Jane Steele did it for me This book knocked my socks off and when I finished it I actually thought to myself, This is one I will probably reread And it is rare for me to reread a book because there are always so many other great ones I want to get to.For starters, I m not a solid Jane Eyre fan I know the story I read the book I liked it But I have never been the chick that could quote it and searched for my Mr Rochester So I wasn t too concerned with [...]

  28. Jane Steele is an homage to Jane Eyre not a retelling despite what the official summary will tell you , an original story with a few broad plot parallels to Jane Eyre The aforementioned novel actually exists within the world of Jane Steele, and our protagonists comments on the similarities between their stories.I was also under a somewhat false impression my own fault I think that Jane Steele was a serial killer Jane Eyre, what with the description like leaving a trail of corpses of her tormento [...]

  29. This book was slow to start for me I found it interesting and enjoyed it while I was reading it, but I didn t exactly need to pick it up or anything, and I kept getting distracted by cheesy romance novels I checked out from the library instead I should have just been patient At around 25% the time she commits her second murder , I was hooked, and at about halfway through when new characters enter the picture, I was so into it I practically read it all the way through It s probably not a coincide [...]

  30. No one feels the grievousness of my shortcomings keenly than I The intriguing narrative saved the sluggish, inconsistent story Jane Steele was an awesome main character and I m afraid her unique voice was the only reason I plowed through 400 pages of dragged out plot.If you don t know, Jane Steele is a gothic retelling of Jane Eyre, but this was a strange retelling The events are similar to Jane Eyre Jane Steele loses her parents and is sent to an abusive boarding school but here Steele has rea [...]

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