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Flawless Best Read || [Jan Moran] Flawless Best Read || [Jan Moran] - Flawless, Flawless Verena Valent is at the helm of her family s legendary Swiss skincare company which caters to a glamorous clientele in the heart of Beverly Hills After her parents are killed in an automobile acciden

  • Title: Flawless
  • Author: Jan Moran
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback

Flawless Best Read || [Jan Moran], Flawless, Jan Moran, Flawless Verena Valent is at the helm of her family s legendary Swiss skincare company which caters to a glamorous clientele in the heart of Beverly Hills After her parents are killed in an automobile accident she becomes the sole provider for her younger twin sisters and her grandmother Instead of attending college with her friends as planned she rises to the challenge to guiVerena Valent is a


Flawless Best Read || [Jan Moran] Flawless Best Read || [Jan Moran] - Flawless, Flawless Verena Valent is at the helm of her family s legendary Swiss skincare company which caters to a glamorous clientele in the heart of Beverly Hills After her parents are killed in an automobile acciden Flawless

  • Flawless Best Read || [Jan Moran]
    226Jan Moran

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  1. Astute, intelligent, gripping romance for the modern woman.From the first page I was entirely hooked I love, love the world in which the story is situated The author so expertly transports you to Beverly Hills and, for a period, Paris, and offers a glimpse of glamour while showing those who work hard behind the scenes to create that glamour Award ceremonies, luxury hotels, the very best restaurants but ultimately one of the most magical scenes of the book takes place in a catering kitchen.This i [...]

  2. I was looking through books on hoping to find one to catch my interest, this one popped up and I am so glad it did I loved the book from beginning to end, as soon as I started reading it I couldn t put it down I was looking for a book with a strong female character and I definitely found it.Verena Valent is the CEO of her family s business a Swiss skincare company in Beverly Hills, her grandmother Mia had started it when she moved over from Switzerland with her husband When her parents passed i [...]

  3. Was gifted a copy from the author when I met her at a book event This was the first book I have read by Jan and I was intrigues from the moment she told me there would be an attractive chef in the story Being a sucker for any guy that cooks as a passion, I was already half in love with him.The story follows Verena so many unique names in this story, it was spectacular who is the boss of her family s business and she earned my respect from the start She isn t afraid to stand for herself and is fi [...]

  4. When an author asks me to review their book I m always flattered It also takes a bit of the fun out of reading because you really, really want to like the work in which you ve been entrusted Flawless is such a book and while I d like to give it high marks, to remain honest I must say it was just okay My knowledge base doesn t include the beauty industry and I found the passion Verena feels for her family business refreshing Moran includes details that enhance the dynamics of the trade However, w [...]

  5. I wasn t sure I was going to finish this book when I started it and early on I thought I had grabbed a crime thriller rather than a romance It s not light, easy romance but it s not a crime novel either Instead it s a little unusual, interesting enough to hold the reader s attention and ignites enough curiosity to make me consider reading the next book An enjoyable, if quiet and restrained, interlude.

  6. When I review books, I look for four things first, a good story second, good character development third good description, and fourth, good grammar Overall, I gave Flawless a five start rating Here s why Flawless is a classic romantic story with a modern twist It has all the elements that make up a romantic tale A smart, beautiful heroine in Verena Valent A handsome self possessed hero who can cook That s right, Lance Martel is a chef Isn t this every woman s dream Add a conflict that rocks Vere [...]

  7. I received a free kindle copy of Flawless A Hostile Beauty Novel, 1 by Jan Moran, published by St Martin s Press in exchange for a fair review I gave it four stars.It s about the hostile takeover of a family run exclusive skin care business Mia Valent, Verena s grandmother her twin sisters Anika Bella who are approaching the cusp of womanhood, live together are all strikingly attractive She has a circle of strong minded active women friends, Fianna, Scarlett Dahlia who had supported her during t [...]

  8. I found this book extremely enjoyable The romance was very well presented, but so were the friendships that are such a backbone of these characters I loved the book s overall message that even when the worst happens and your whole world is in pieces, you true friends will stick by you and have your back Even in the face of a terrible betrayal, Verena can rely on the loyalty of her friends.And the men in the story are just as well written Derrick was handsome and ruthless, and not at all good boy [...]

  9. A smart and savvy written account of a modern business woman trying to save her company while still finding romance Verena is the third generation head of a high class skincare company that unexpectedly finds itself in financial trouble Add in her overbearing fianc , a handsome executive chef, her twin sisters, a meddling grandmother, a trip to Paris, and you have a wonderful recipe for an entertaining book Flawless is gripping, and cleverly crafted I loved the storyline and the characters At po [...]

  10. Flawless is the story of Verena what a beautiful name and her struggle to keep her family skin care business afloat during an economic crisis whilst also taking care of her grandmother and younger twin sisters, and dealing with her scheming fianc , Derrick, who is part of a plot to take down her company.This was such a great story I ll freely admit that I have very little knowledge of business, but Jan Moran tells the tale in a way that isn t overwhelming and even I understood what was going on [...]

  11. Verena Valent is a woman with enormous responsibility on her shoulders She not only runs the family s high end skincare business in prestigious Beverly Hills, but she s been responsible for raising her younger twin sisters since the death of her parents Her Grandmother Mia s health also weighs heavily upon her To complicate things further, the sagging economy forces Verena to seek funds for her business from an unscrupulous source, placing her under even stress Can Verena trust her fianc who wo [...]

  12. ARC given in exchange for honest review 4.5 StarsHere s the thing This book is different from a lot of the books I read on a normal basis I am usually completely into romance but this book was than just that It was centered around the heroine, Verena Valent She inherited her family s 60 year old skin care company after her parents passed She also takes care of her grandmother and younger twin sisters She has the weight of the world on her shoulders but somehow manages to keep most of it togethe [...]

  13. Originally posted at Bunny s ReviewThis book was a Flawless execution of a romance book.I was captivated from the beginning until the end The author provided amazing twist and turns leaving the reader wondering how the story would end The characters were strong and a true fighter all the way Some people may see this as the average romance novel but they really are not looking deep enough.The story will take readers around the world and back Each time leaving the readers wondering how they travel [...]

  14. Flawless is a thrilling and addictive story about a bad ass heroine named Verena This book will take you on a journey as a relationship blossoms with a smoking hot chef named Lance, at the same time as Verena is fighting to hold onto control of her family business If you love a great book with strong positive characters, this is the book for you This book is a cross between a womens fiction and a romance, though the book will be nothing as you ve ever read When I started reading this book I thou [...]

  15. Flawless takes the reader on a journey from Beverly Hills to Paris and inside the boardrooms of the cutthroat world of business financing Verena Valent is the daughter and granddaughter of a thriving skin care company when the great Recession hit Deprived of her usual bank loans at the moment she is launching an expansion to Asia, she is lured by her dastardly evil fiance into obtaining a loan from a firm better known as vulture capitalists.The worse thing happens and Verena is left reeling Howe [...]

  16. I really loved this book The characters were wonderful and I didn t want the story to end.Verena Valent is the head of a skincare company that her grandmother started when she first came to America With a proposed expansion into Asia and the bad economy Verena finds herself in a bad spot financially and trusts her fiance to come through with funding for her He seems to only be involved with her to take her company away which he finally does in the end.He was icky and I didn t like him at all But [...]

  17. Like everything else she has done, Jan Moran s latest book, Flawless, is exactly that Her attention to detail from the way something looks to how it feels, make you think that the book is haute couture for the mind.Verena Verdent lives with her grandmere Mia and her twin sisters Ever since her parents died, she has become the third generation of Verdents to head the family beauty company Verdent Swiss Spas, a high end, luxury brand.The economy is reigning in, and her plans to expand into the Asi [...]

  18. ARC received on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review Verena is a young woman who is laid with alot of responsibility.when Verena s parents are killed in a auto accident, she is left with the family company on top of taking care of her grandmother and younger twin sisters it s alot to manage at once, plus dealing with a boyfriend who is acting shady Derrick is sneaky and coniving and he ll do anything to get what he wants even blackmail Verena into engagement, but Verena thinks it s t [...]

  19. I received Flawless from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a romance novel with a good underlying story Verena gets an award for the family business at the beginning of the story Then economic problems begin and everything goes downhill I easily felt bad for Verena, and the situation she found herself in She is a strong work oriented person She cares for her family carries a lot of burdens for them When money is running short she borrows money, against everyone s advice, and sig [...]

  20. Jan Moran is a favorite author of mine Primarily because I LEARN something from her about perfume and in this case of Flawless about the cosmetic business of skin care She tells a fun story as well The heroine is not only lovely and good and smart but she has one fatal flaw which is her taste in fiancees Her friends are perfect as is her family as are her values and her co workers but Derek the fiancees is ruthless tho oh so handsome He plots to take over businesses and succeeds quite well but h [...]

  21. Jan pulls us in from the first few pages as we are introduced to Verena Valent, Mia her grandmother, twin sisters Anika and Belle and one lousy boyfriend, Derrick The Story unfolds as Verena, the head of the family skin care business juggles business negotiations, raising her twin sisters and dealing with her dysfunctional relationship with Derrick Throw in a handsome chef by the name of Lance and the most romantic place on earth, Paris, and you have a love story in the making.If you re a Daniel [...]

  22. Flawless is a novel about friendship, the beauty industry, being an entrepreneur, and family As a result of her parents death, Veronica the main character, who is engaged to be married to the handsome Derrick, is running the family business and taking care of her younger twin sisters and her grandmother A successful business woman with equally successful friends, Veronica s company is now in financial trouble and now facing a hostile takeover by someone you would least expect in this novel My Fu [...]

  23. Flawless was the best kind of guilty pleasure reading Once I started, I couldn t put the book down It s wicked fun the kind of story that would be well suited for a television mini series Like Dynasty crossed with Devious Maids Somebody should snatch this upd quick If you like fast paced plots with meat than fluff, heroines you truly root for and villains who get their just desserts , this book has it all Oh, did I mention the hot chef love interest Dreamy I m eagerly awaiting the next installm [...]

  24. I received a free copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I don t typically read romance novels for a variety of reasons but I m glad I gave this one a chance The story was so good, I stayed up late last night to finish I loved Mia and Verena and the glamorous world of luxury skincare and spas At times, it was like reading a fairy tale I also loved the romance with Lance and was impressed that the romance was so sweet and believable without all the steamy details I will definitely b [...]

  25. From the first page on it s obvious author Jan Moran knows something about the cosmetics and business industry In Flawless Moran has built a wonderful, heartfelt story with an intense plot that will keep readers turning pages to see if the heroine will save her company The heroes are heroic without being perfect and the villains are everything readers love to hate Flawless delivers the best kind of story, one that leaves readers happy.

  26. I really enjoyed this book It had a wonderful, intricate love story, interwoven with Intrigue and betrayal It is the story of having the rug pulled out from under you and rising to the challenge Verena is the head of her upscale family skin care business, and engaged to a high powered banker, when along comes a chef who cooks up a lot of trouble for her But who is the good guy in her life Great read, well written, needs a final proofing, but all in all I loved it.

  27. Thank you to Net Galley for allowing me to download this book in exchange for a review Loved it Enjoyed Verena s strong character she pus the important people in her life before herself her grandmother who is rather delightful and her young twin sisters Her fianc is sadly a liar, a cheat and helps steal her family business But along comes Lance A very enjoyable read Look forward to the sequel to read about Verena s romance and her new business venture.

  28. 4.5 stars Flawless focused on Verena Valent, CEO of her own skin care company, who is trying to expand her business overseas I really enjoyed this book, and was surprised at how much I absolutely hated Derrick Jan Moran really made me feel like I was right there with Verena suffering the loss of her company I can t wait to read the rest of the series

  29. An amazing book I have already bought a second book by Jan Moran on the strength of this Flawless truly is an epic story beautifully written full of intrigue and suspense and with strong characters who are totally believable I was sad to finish it and look forward to reading of this series.

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