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[PDF] Read ☆ Windcatcher : by A.J. Norfield [PDF] Read ☆ Windcatcher : by A.J. Norfield - Windcatcher, Windcatcher Far away from home under the command of his brother Raylan and his squad must retrieve an ancient relic stolen from their kingdom s trading partner the Tiankong Empire Traveling deep into unknown en

  • Title: Windcatcher
  • Author: A.J. Norfield
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ☆ Windcatcher : by A.J. Norfield, Windcatcher, A.J. Norfield, Windcatcher Far away from home under the command of his brother Raylan and his squad must retrieve an ancient relic stolen from their kingdom s trading partner the Tiankong Empire Traveling deep into unknown enemy territory to complete their mission Raylan learns that the ancient relic holds unexpected life a creature buried in legends one not seen in their world for than tFar away from home


[PDF] Read ☆ Windcatcher : by A.J. Norfield [PDF] Read ☆ Windcatcher : by A.J. Norfield - Windcatcher, Windcatcher Far away from home under the command of his brother Raylan and his squad must retrieve an ancient relic stolen from their kingdom s trading partner the Tiankong Empire Traveling deep into unknown en Windcatcher

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Windcatcher : by A.J. Norfield
    315A.J. Norfield

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  1. Prepare to leave the mundane world behind and set out on a quest to retrieve a stolen, ancient relic Follow along as author A.J Norfield deftly builds his world, one filled with ominous beasts, treachery and danger at every turn as they bring back the relic only to discover that ancient myths and legends are true and that this relic is the bearer of a life long thought gone from the face of the world The relic A dragon egg, its hidden prize A dragon, long thought extinct Now a young fledgling, G [...]

  2. Many of my friends love fantasy, and thanks to them, I was introduced to the genre, its rules and some of its creatures This is why I agreed to review WindCatcher That and the fact the author gave me the image of my dog and myself on an epic adventure through dangerous lands Who could resist to the idea I can t say the opening doesn t know how to grab your attention I was not expecting anything in particular so when the action started before I reached the 5% mark, I was surprised but interested [...]

  3. This book was one action packed moment after the next and that is no lie We begin the story with a wonderful prologue which gives insight to the importance of the main focus of this tale, which is an ancient relic It is protected within a monastery and hidden away, until something horrible happens and it is stolen.Once we hit the first chapter we meet Raylan, who is a soldier beneath his older brother Gavin s command We are introduced to them at length, which allows us to become invested in them [...]

  4. The Windcatcher is a must read for dragon lovers of all ages, and while I have not read enough similar Fantasy books about dragons to compare, I feel confident that The Windcatcher is up there with the best of its kind The author s skill in describing action scenes is particularly impressive, and there is a good balance of personal relationships, good and bad human nature, and a satisfying amount of escapism in the form of the dragon and the Stone King with his minions One of the aspects I found [...]

  5. This is the most epic debut novel that I ve read in a long, long while This novel starts with a bang and keeps on going the whole way through Norfield s active writing style fits perfectly with the tale at hand His voice flows and morphs to highlight the current events of the tale while always remaining enchanting Norfield pens intricate and vivid action sequences without being too gory then switches to picturesque travelling scenes that were absolutely breathtaking.I love the history and mythol [...]

  6. Sadly I had to DNF this one 15% in I like looking for hidden gems and have done really well with books that at the time didn t have a lot of reviews but the ones which were out there were all high Dawn of Wonder and Second Cataclysm being two of the better successes I hadn t read anything featuring dragons in a while and the book description and review dragged me in Sadly it just read like a paper I would write for English Lit and I couldn t power my way through.

  7. Beginning a journey should always be this rewarding I knew that this was a work in progress, book two wasn t event started when I read Windcatcher, but at the close of book one I was wishing I had book two already downloaded This fantasy epic takes you through a land apart from reality but one familiar enough that you are not confused or left to wander in story for story s sake This action is fast and engaging throughout and this iteration of dragon myth is one of the best and most thought out I [...]

  8. It started out a bit slow but the pace picked up very quickly and then was nonstop Once Galirras was introduced it reminded me a little of Eragon, though everyone adjusted better to Galirras than they did to Saphira The world building was vivid and well done I had no trouble picturing their world in my mind I loved the descriptions of them climbing and the sand creatures The bad guys were very bad I was a little surprised at how bad they were Usually the things they do get glossed over or are ma [...]

  9. Gripping, Action Packed, Twists, Intricate, Engaging, Memorable Unique An Exciting Read I Loved It

  10. This book has parts that are extremely exciting, and where it s not exciting it s at least interesting The author is inventive in his creation of evil and good creatures The only reason this is four stars instead of five is that the author gives wolves a bad name in his treatment of them As a person from Alaska, I object to wolves being depicted as menacing animals In real life they have never attacked and killed a human being at least not in North America Even though this is a fantasy, it gives [...]

  11. I surprisingly really enjoyed this book It was a recommendation from a friend, which doesn t often work out, which is why I was surprised It started off a bit slow in the beginning, which is understandable as the author had to present this new world for us, but once it got going, I had trouble putting it down I would have finished the book sooner if I didn t have a six month old baby What a great adventure story, with lots of action I really connected with the characters, especially Raylan and h [...]

  12. What a great start excited to see books in the series Watching the dragon grow is wonderful and the scope of the adventure increases page by page The author does a fine job of getting you invested in the characters and their story, then takes your breath away as they face peril after peril Part of why you ll love the characters is how they manage to overcome obstacles in clever ways.The only bad thing is the wait for the next book in the story.

  13. This review contains spoiler Okay people, paint me impressed I m not that much familiar with dragons, but as far as my experience goes, this book was a pretty good one I loved how Galirras grew up during the story, how much he learned about himself and the world And that he used air instead of fire I loved the forest settlement too, where people walked on trees I would have been frightened to do so, but the concept is awesome The characters were well built, the pace was good, there wasn t a mome [...]

  14. Windcatcher Book 1 of the Stone War Chronicles by A.J Norfield Review Everyone loves dragons In my humble opinion, any book featuring dragons pretty much sells itself So A J Norfield deserves extra credit for making his debut novel a damn fine read Windcatcher is the first book of a proposed series entitled the Stone War Chronicles, and serves as a fine introduction to this world of heroes and villains, magic and monsters And, of course, dragons A nippy prologue sets the scene with the theft of [...]

  15. Very enjoyable read This was a fun read, and I enjoyed the characters a great deal Loves the sweet dragon and his companion Raylan, and of course, found myself rooting for them against the evil Corza I took away a star only because there were several errors that need to be cleaned up I m definitely planning to read Book II.

  16. I love fantasy novels involving dragons and enjoyed Windcatcher, the first book in the Stone War Chronicles, by A.J Norfield Windcatcher is an old fashioned in the best sense traditional fantasy dragon novel A small squad of soldiers travels deep into enemy territory in an attempt to retrieve a treasure stolen from their kingdom s ally The treasure turns out to be something thought to exist only in legends a dragon egg He hatches, bonds with one of the soldiers, and becomes an ally in their figh [...]

  17. Windcatcher Book 1 of the Stone War Chronicles by A.J Norfield.This is a very entertaining story of an egg, a man, and a tyrant wanting to steal something that isn t his.When foreign soldiers invade a monastery that houses the most sacred relic of an old empire, taking it, the Emperor sends out an emissary to the neighboring kingdom of Aeterra asking for help to get it back.Raylan and his older brother Gavin, along with a small troop of men, are dispatched to intercept the thieves and retrieve t [...]

  18. a fast paced adventure story a team is sent to retrieve a stolen object part of the team are two brothers Gavin and raylan I loved the interaction and sibling rivalry between the brothers the team are deep in enemy territory when they find the missing object, a dragon egg, the ONLY dragon egg the dragonet gilarris is immensely appealing as a character he bonds with raylan and they can communicate telepathically not since the dragon books of the late Anne McCaffrey have I been so drawn to a drago [...]

  19. I have to admit when I started this book, I wasn t sure about it But after the first few chapters, I was hooked The characters were so well done, and the action was nonstop to the last page, literally I actually found myself holding my breath several times and once when the characters were in danger, I found myself pleading they would be OK All I have to say is if you like well drawn characters you are going to root for, give this book a shot I can t wait for the next in this series It needs to [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this story The characters are strong, and I was able to become attached to and invested in them Yes, I enjoyed it very much and hope to read on.An author who can make me care enough to laugh and or cry has done their job

  21. I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book gets started running and doesn t ever slow down I enjoyed the fast pace of the book, mixed with the various twists and turns that occurred The plot was solid and although we missed out on a lot of world building as we only followed the main characters journeys, there was enough to make the fantasy world vast and interesting The author keeps things fairly clean cut, good guys versus bad guys, which I think is [...]

  22. Made it over 30%, but some of that was skimming I liked the idea, but the wasn t going where I wanted it to, to the things I was curious about For instance, the egg hadn t hatched yet The setting wasn t interesting to me and there was very little culture mentioned The magic was not fascinating, either can turn creatures into moving statues, cool, but only the bad guys can do that, and it seems to involve losing your soul.The main reason I stopped was because view spoiler the bad guys caught up t [...]

  23. Windcatcher Stone War Chronicles Book 1 captured my attention from beginning to end Many times fantasy, especially with delicate cultural topics, can end up being poorly researched and written, but this was not the case with this novel Instead, author A.J Norfield had a strong grip on his story and the cultural aspects that it involved While reading the novel I felt that I could visualize the setting of the story through his descriptions and his own mind s eye None of the descriptions were exces [...]

  24. When an ancient sacred relic is stolen from Tiankong Empire Xi Lao W n is tasked with recovering the relic She asks Aeterra for their help Raylan always admired his older brother Gavin s drive to protect those around him Gavin and he along with several others are assigned to help Xi Lao W n with recovering the relic The journey to finding the relic is a harsh one yet our heroes succeed in finding the relic However the relic proves to be something out of legend and myth What is the sacred relic C [...]

  25. Very slow read, had to fight through it, always waited for the action to take off Also much to much details in the descriptions for my taste The writing is nothing special either, easy vocabulary and the story is just dragging along Had the impression it s a bunch of kids on an adventure tour that then get in conflict with cruel and violent adults I think that could have been a real good one for me but no.

  26. I really enjoyed this book It was a bit slow to start but once the pace started increasing i was absolutely absorbed in it.The Characters are well thought out and the book is full of action, so if you love fast paced action books this is the book for you.I already want the second one

  27. Standard fantasy involving a magic relic which is meant to aid the holder in any challenges Nothing outstanding.

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