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Perilous Love

Free Read Perilous Love - by Amo Jones Free Read Perilous Love - by Amo Jones - Perilous Love, Perilous Love Amo s debut novella Perilous Love What happens when you re the daughter of the most feared assassin known to mankind After having to flee her family home in New Zealand at age eight Alaina Vance kno

  • Title: Perilous Love
  • Author: Amo Jones
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Book

Free Read Perilous Love - by Amo Jones, Perilous Love, Amo Jones, Perilous Love Amo s debut novella Perilous Love What happens when you re the daughter of the most feared assassin known to mankind After having to flee her family home in New Zealand at age eight Alaina Vance knows very little about her parents She now lives an uncomplicated life in her final year of college with her hardest decision being what drink to order That is until she m Amo s debut nove

Perilous Love

Free Read Perilous Love - by Amo Jones Free Read Perilous Love - by Amo Jones - Perilous Love, Perilous Love Amo s debut novella Perilous Love What happens when you re the daughter of the most feared assassin known to mankind After having to flee her family home in New Zealand at age eight Alaina Vance kno Perilous Love

  • Free Read Perilous Love - by Amo Jones
    273Amo Jones
Perilous Love

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  1. Wow this had so many 4 and 5 stars so I thought why not and wow I can t believe how immature and silly the characters were this book was bad

  2. UPDATE The author greatly improves the way to write it in other books Worth giving a chance to the author I found the plot interesting so I started reading but gave up.I m not a Nazi of grammar but the author doesn t know the difference between you re and your What makes it hard to read for those with as first language the Portuguese I know you re father, quite well actually Fuck your perfect

  3. NopeYea sorry but this is not for me This would have been a fantastic story if the author had taken time to write it instead of word vomit It almost became my first DNF Way too rushed It seems the story was at one day and then the next page was 3 weeks later Wish people would stop pushing these stories so fast.It just needed to be slowed down and I didn t feel connected to the characters.

  4. 5 Hot, Sexy Alpha StarsI LOVED every aspect of this book from the storyline to the main characters, the secondary characters, EVERYTHING Zane, OMG, talk about a sexy as sin alpha male, whoa, he was insanely HOT and SEXY and the all consuming love he had for Alaina was breathtakingly beautiful on every level.LOVED this book and diving straight into Vicky and Blake s now

  5. And the winner isease I need all the guts to have a book and in actually interested in dad story too I need it allbut Please all the true MC groupies need an Elvirawe need that constant un filtered supporting character that goes to the beat of the what ever I fucking want to do and does it,,,,,,,

  6. Fast paced gripping MC read.So the meeting of Zane and Alaina, Zane was sent to protect Alaina by her father, Zane knew even after seeing her photos he had a connection and was in trouble, first he had to get to see her without raising suspicion as to why he was there.Alaina hadn t seen her parents since she was 8, sent away for safety reasons, she thought they were dead so being told by her one night stand he and his MC had been sent to protect her and she had to move to the club house she was [...]

  7. 4 StarsThis book was cute I really enjoyed it I m not sure what the original published copy was like, I received this after changes were made by the author.This is an insta love story, however, the book is really short so I tend to give leeway in quick reads This is book 1 of the Sinful Souls MC Alaina and Zane s story Zane is the President of the club and is called by Alaina s father, who is the most feared Assassin, to watch over Alaina because someone is trying to abduct her This is how their [...]

  8. Re read and this is one of my fav hot alpha male mc that s so much hot hot man did I already say that The ladies are also very sexy funny and have there own life so it s a great series to start

  9. DNF 24%I have nothing against stories that are unrealistic but there has to be some lead up to it Unrealistic straight out the gate Not for me

  10. I received this book for an honest review by the author.First off my rating will have to be 3.5STARS I mean I could have given it 4STARS but it s an honest enough rating.Now I don t know where to begin with this story The characters, the plot or just down right the whole outcome of the story itself This is actually my first book read by this author and I won t say I m a little disappointed but just thisblank look on my face It just felt choppy, like the story line just had this moment where you [...]

  11. I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you I m really and truly sorry to this author, but, I just could not bring myself to finish this read While I understood from the beginning that this book moved fast, it moved a little too fast for my taste and made me feel a strong disconnect with the plot line and characters.I just could not bring myself to understand how rapidly the two MC s developed a love relationship whatsoever There was simply no development More ins [...]

  12. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Alaina is months away from graduating college, when her roommate brings home the guy she is sleeping with, and his brother tags along Zane takes one look at Alaina and knows he wants her, but he has been told by Alaina s father that he needs to protect her This is a fantastic book with hot sex and violence driven by one man s need for revenge A very exciting, action packed romance Loved the book.

  13. Once again I m left wondering do authors have anyone actually read proofread these books before self publishing them And if so, it s very sad that no one is honest with them This was horrible Half the time I didn t know who was speaking, it is so jumbled and jumps around so much it was hard to read When I have to continuously re read sections just to know who is speaking and what is going on I give up fairly quick.

  14. Insta love, insta sex, insta you re mine growl, growl Silly college age h with an H that has swagger but didn t win me over There are a lot of 2 star reviews that say my thoughts about under development and a story that is all over the place.I read book 3 of this series first It was a stand alone and was a 4 star read for me Book 1 is a disappointment.

  15. The storyline was great.The characters were great.BUTEverything happened so abruptly.There was no build up wrt everything.They called it True LoveHonestly Felt like True Urgency Wellwhatever floats your boat I guess

  16. Well I finished the book.was okayuld of been better could of been worsewas kinda peiced together for me Alaina and Zane could of been of a amazing story but was rushed and fell flat.

  17. I would have to give this 3.5 stars, I liked where the story was going but it was just so rushed I thought.

  18. I think this is a good start to a new MC based series I am looking forward to reading from this author in the future

  19. Perilous Love by Amo Jones is the first book in her Sinful Souls MC series and was also her debut novel I started reading Amo s books when her Westbeach Series released and am very impressed with the improvement her writing has taken in the few short months between these books release dates While I enjoyed this story series very much, the writing was occasionally raw and unpolished The meat of the story was what held me captivated.Alaina and Zane are two completely opposite characters that could [...]

  20. There were many aspects of this story that I liked the couple Alaina and Zane, the suspense with the families, and how it was connected with the MC group added excitement to the book I felt that this story was a great introduction to what was going to be in store for us There is one particular character I am extremely interested in The writing from certain scenes to another was a bit choppy, BUT it didn t take away from the story for me I think Amo Jones made me like the couple so much, the prem [...]

  21. This book had tremendous potential Based on the fact that it s this author s first piece of work, I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt So here goesThe story was good However, it had some glitches Everything read very textbook Very clinical Emotions didn t factor here and therefore I didn t feel anything for the characters Even during intense scenes, I just didn t feel anything There wasn t much detail given about anything Words were thrown around and I had to make sense of them From one c [...]

  22. Complimentary Copy Provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you The author did warn me that Book two was better, and I didn t hate this, however I didn t love it.The premise of the story all together was great However I found myself re reading things because the timelines were hopping on and off As another reviewer mentioned Alaina is starting her last year of college, and then BAM it s final exam time.So what confused me was the hopping back and forth Another thing was the [...]

  23. Once I started this book I couldn t put it down It was fast pace and just took off from the beginning I loved all the characters in the book Can t wait to get about Vicky and Blake Zane and Aliana our a perfect couple in this story I love how she stood up to him and I love that he finally stopped being an ass and just claimed her The only thing I didn t get was the entire with his ex wife and all Didn t fit with the rest of everything else going on It made Zane look like a cheating bastard I st [...]

  24. Loved this book it is gritty and there are some scenes that people might struggle with but I felt that this added to the story.I enjoy lots of different styles of MC books some are quite sweet.Having been around an MC in my youth they are generally not for the faint hearted.This book is not sweet in the normal sense and with the story line of an MC linked to assassin s you would be mad to think this anyway.What this book does give you is that people are strong in different waysPeople are not alw [...]

  25. I really liked Zane and Alaina He was your typical hot, alpha, biker, but also showed his caring side Alaina wasn t a pushover, she was strong, with some shyness thrown in, which made her very likable Her father is an assassin who hires Zane to watch out for her because trouble is coming She hasn t seen either parent since she was 8 and sent to live with her grandparents Once they meet, he can t let her go They have many ups and downs, but still come out on top Would definitely recommend.

  26. Zane is a hot biker President of the Sinful Souls MC His world collides with Alaina , a Kiwi who had to start a new life in America Their reasons for meeting are not what they first seem to be and soon Alaina is being threatened by old adversaries and Zane realises how much this girl means to him I really enjoyed this book I do love me a good biker story It is quite fast moving and is a little bit insta love these two get serious pretty quickly For a debut it s good and there is lots to come HE [...]

  27. Had potential, the storyline was a good concept, the execution wasn t so good Right from the start I was wishing the author had added detail to parts of the story but the further into the story the worse it got After a while I started wondering if the author was bored the rescue of the daughter which in my opinion could have lasted a whole chapter was over and done with in something like a page and a half I wouldn t recommend this book and I m not going to bother with any other in the series.

  28. this was my first book i read from amo and omg i loved it Alaina was such a beautifully unique character im so glad she had a back bone, funny, and pretty badass then there was Zane dam he was one hot president yummy the h story is so sad im so glade she found a friend like vicky and then she meets zane and WOW i could fell the heat coming off my kindle from these 2 my heart hurt for them i felt like i was going to cry when a certain something happens the fells man the fells 3

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