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Blood Red, Snow White

[PDF] Unlimited ç Blood Red, Snow White : by Marcus Sedgwick [PDF] Unlimited ç Blood Red, Snow White : by Marcus Sedgwick - Blood Red, Snow White, Blood Red Snow White There never was a story that was happy through and through When writer Arthur Ransome leaves his home in England and moves to Russia to work as a journalist it is with little idea of the violent revo

  • Title: Blood Red, Snow White
  • Author: Marcus Sedgwick
  • ISBN: 9781626725478
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Unlimited ç Blood Red, Snow White : by Marcus Sedgwick, Blood Red, Snow White, Marcus Sedgwick, Blood Red Snow White There never was a story that was happy through and through When writer Arthur Ransome leaves his home in England and moves to Russia to work as a journalist it is with little idea of the violent revolution about to erupt Unwittingly he finds himself at its center tapped by the British to report back on the Bolsheviks even as he becomes dangerously romantically entangleTher

Blood Red, Snow White

[PDF] Unlimited ç Blood Red, Snow White : by Marcus Sedgwick [PDF] Unlimited ç Blood Red, Snow White : by Marcus Sedgwick - Blood Red, Snow White, Blood Red Snow White There never was a story that was happy through and through When writer Arthur Ransome leaves his home in England and moves to Russia to work as a journalist it is with little idea of the violent revo Blood Red, Snow White

  • [PDF] Unlimited ç Blood Red, Snow White : by Marcus Sedgwick
    362Marcus Sedgwick
Blood Red, Snow White

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  1. Stories twist and turn and grow and meet and give birth to other stories Here and there, one story touches another, and a familiar character, sometimes the hero, walks over the bridge from one story into another I think we need to clear some things up about this book.This is just my theory, but I m pretty sure something like this happened Due to the popularity of fairy tales and retellings in American YA, publishers have been scouting out the next bestseller both among upcoming manuscripts AND i [...]

  2. 5 charming, disarming, sweeping, romantic stars This is one unique and delightful read This semi fictional book is about Arthur Ransome an author and journalist who was one of Britain s first spies and possible double agents with the Bolsheviks This is also a love story of his deep feelings and bravery in the rescuing of the beautiful Evgeniya who also happened to be Trotsky s secretary In the background we have his yearning for his estranged daughter Tabitha and his love of writing children s f [...]

  3. Usually I can t get into stories written in present tense, but this was totally mesmerizing The story s like a bunch of pieces of Russian history woven around British author Arthur Ransome s character as he writes fairy tales and gets wrapped up in events He sees the downfall of the Tsar, some rather graphic violence, interviews Trotsky, and eventually becomes a spy And the part where he had to break into Russia totally reminded me of The Bronze Horseman trilogy I m always fascinated by Russian [...]

  4. Review posted on The Eater of Books blog Blood Red Snow White by Marcus SedgwickPublisher Roaring Brook PressPublication Date October 25, 2016Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from Russia wakes from a long sleep and marches to St Petersburg to claim her birthright Her awakening will mark the end for the Romanovs, and the dawn of a new era that changed the world Arthur Ransome, a journalist and writer, was part of it all He left his family in England and fell in love with Russ [...]

  5. Blood Red Snow White is a book about Communist Russia, but above all, a book about ideological hatred It is a book about how despising all communists and all British is always the wrong idea people are people above all else It s an important message and important story, but somehow, I just ended underwhelmed Let s talk about why Perhaps my biggest problem is missed expectations the creativity and pull of the story is just not on par Sedgwick s books get their power from being different from bein [...]

  6. BLOOD RED SNOW WHITE is a set of three short stories and a fictionalized account of author Arthur Randsome s time in Russia during Russian Revolution Sedgwick brings readers on a thrilling journey, detailing both sides of war between the Red and the White I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book The writing is quite beautiful in parts, especially in A Russian Fairy Tale Once upon a time beyond the sunrise, halfway to the moon, and so very far away it would make your feet weep to think abo [...]

  7. I was highly anticipating Blood Red, Snow White because it was going to be the first Sedgwick novel that I d ever read He is an author I am constantly hearing about, so I was very excited to read this book And although I did enjoy it, I didn t love it as much as I truly wanted to.This novel is told in a fairytale writing style In the beginning, I was in awe of it I thought it added a sense of magic to the entire story, and it worked well with the symbolism that was in place for the Russian Revol [...]

  8. Sedgwick s authorial voice is nothing short of sensational, the fairytale quality running under his retelling the bloody Russian Revolutions through the eyes of Arthur Ransome The novel is split into three parts, and Sedgwick jumps between stories until they lace into one another and never once lose pace or connection with the reader It is an exceptional piece of writing, and reminded me strongly of other quasi factual works such as The General in his Labyrinth, The Red Necklace and The Book Thi [...]

  9. DNF at 25% my standard policy for DNFing a book.While I enjoyed the writing style and the premise, it didn t hold my attention In the beginning, it seemed as if the reader was going to get a Russian fairy tale but it s less fairy tale and of a Russian history lesson I kept waiting for the story to take off but up to the point that I read, it didn t I found the characters, the ones not based on real people, to be confusing and superfluous Maybe I ll try again at a different time but for now I m [...]

  10. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight This book was such a gem It s historical fiction, yes, but so much of it is just plain authentically historical, with some fictional bits So if you are going into this expecting a fairytale, this isn t one In fact, the protagonist is a real person, an author in fact But the fictional and fairytale bits brought the story together so well for me, and made it so appealing The story is set p [...]

  11. Wow I have to say that this was one of the best historical fictions that I have ever read The author is absolutely fantastic in the way that he manages to weave such a gripping story while still making it completely historically accurate I loved the style of writing as well and the way it changed, as though the narrator was speaking right out of the book and reading it to me, in the first third of the book, but then the style was slowly altered until the story was being told from Arthur Ransom s [...]

  12. Checkout my full review giveaway on my blog omgbooksandbooks.It was a tough book to get through I normally love historical fiction but this one was hard to get through I ll admit, I solely requested this book just for the cover It s great right I enjoyed the 3 novellas that made up the story, the first one being my favorite Each gives an insight of Russia during the Russian Revolution told by different perspectives I thought this book would be about Russian fairytales, it s not But Blood Red, S [...]

  13. the start was quite good, but from about the halfway mark it got pretty boring therefore it took me one eternity to finish itill, it was interesting to read a book with a realistic russian setting, unlike the grisha trilogyd people, that cover so beautiful.

  14. Let me tell you a fairy tale.I used to tell stories like this all the time it used to be so important It even saved my life once Now let me see, how do fairy tales begin My first Sedgwick novel was back in June 2015 Like this one, it was historical fiction, but was set in WWI in England I was gripped by the first few chapters, and soon found myself finishing it in two sittings around two days I adored the story, the writing style, and the voices of the characters It was a 5 star read, a favorite [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this novel The research done by Sedgwick is superb.I loved how magical the novel was, at least at first, and then the fairytale faded away and the reality of a Russia at war with itself and others became true and brutal The difference was rather jarring and I almost wished for the fairytale style to have been used throughout I enjoyed the naivete and an almost innocence of the main character, his belief in the path of good and that people can get along He wasn t a good person en [...]

  16. What I enjoy most about Marcus Sedgwick novels are how unusual they are and how different they are from one another It took a bit of time for me to warm up to this one While it s definitely interesting to learn about Arthur Ransome, I just found the storytelling style a touch dry.

  17. Arthur Ransome is a British author Because he isn t happy with his wife he wants to get away from her as far as possible and decides to travel to Russia He taught himself the language, so it seems like a natural choice to find out about the country This is his introduction to journalism It s a time of unrest in Russia and the English newspapers need someone to report about it Through his work Arthur makes important friends among the Bolsheviks and he even falls in love with Trotsky s secretary, [...]

  18. Like all fairy tales, this story is told in three parts The main story is the adventures of Arthur Ransome, yes that Ransome, in Russia during the revolution The first part of the novel is told like a fairy tale In fact, Sedgwick captures the tone and feeling of Old Peter s Tales The second is told in third person, and the last section is told by Ransome himself.Sedgwick includes some interesting things in the appendix.While the book does get classified as fantasy, it is fantasy in tone than in [...]

  19. I don t know what the story was I thought it would be A snow white re telling maybe The blood, the roseis is definitely a case where I should have read the synopsis.But I did like this one History abounds on an area and culture and time I know very little of The story of Arthur was a new one and I did enjoy it But the story telling, at first, is fairy tale it takes you through a bear and a forest and through quite a few timelines and tales.But it slowly morph, so stick with it, because after th [...]

  20. I bought this book because of the gorgeous cover, and the fact that it was about Russia I didn t know it followed the lifeline of a historical figure until I finished it I thought the characters stayed a bit flat, and it took me a while to get into it Nevertheless, it was a good read a nice way to read about the Russian Revolution Favourite quote He lived, and now, being a character in a book who has survived to the final page, he lives forever p 202

  21. I was expecting something different based on the aspect I know, I know never judge a book by its cover but I couldn t help it The cover was fabulous, the pages had a vintage touch and the text was red love Further, the beginning was super fairy tale ish with beautiful writing and a style that induced a dreamy mood I know this is a historical fiction BUT I was still expecting fantasy to it I felt as if the first half of the book was in a story and the second in another At points it was plain a b [...]

  22. Well I absolutely adored this book I m just going to say a couple of things first it seems that some people are or were under the allusion that this is fantasy a retelling, even though the blurb makes no such claims This is straightforward historical fiction, much of it not even all that fictional, and that is just what I expected it to be As for the title, Blood Red communists, Snow White tsarists This is not any sort of Snow White retelling or similar If you re looking for high fantasy, this b [...]

  23. Don t read this book it is really bad.It s a stylistic disaster it is divided into three parts, the first of which is a confused mish mash of inter related fairy tales It mixes up Russian history with ideas from Arthur Ransome s book about Russian fairy tales This, I think, is supposed to be clever, because the book is a fictionalised tale of Arthur Ransome s time living in Russia, before, during and after the revolution that brought Lenin to power In fact it s just an incoherent mess The second [...]

  24. What happens in a fairy tale is no or less in anyone s control that what happens in life OK folks, do not be fooled by either the cover or the above quote What lies in between the pages Blood Red, Snow White is not a fairy tale Had I adjusted my reading stance properly from this Soviet era thriller could easily have been a 3 star Blood Red, Snow White actually is the very real historical events of the rise of the Bolsheviks in Russia and the fall of the Romanovs during the early 20th century Ou [...]

  25. This was a reread, but since the last time I read this book was long enough ago that I didn t have , that sort of doesn t matter for the sake of this review.Honestly, this is quite a peculiar book I like it because I m interested in the Russian Revolution it was the only piece of History I studied at school that really caught my attention, and I was disappointed that so much of GCSE History was about OTHER things I remember writing huge amounts of notes on the revolution and then forgetting Kere [...]

  26. Revolutionary Russia, and Arthur Ransome as spy what s not to LOVE but what a clunky and disjointed mix of styles It s a Concept Ugh First, allegory and fairytale prose in Part I, then pseudo mysterious present tense in Part II, and then past tense spy novel Part III I just wish he d stuck with the story, and used the fairy tale pieces to knit it together a little artfully and less art ey Could have been great Interesting reading about Ransome, though, and the beginnings of intelligence gatheri [...]

  27. Thank you, Netgalley for the chance to read this novel My review is in no way biased.While not a book that would ordinarily be my cup of tea, I did find this read to be engaging, imaginative, immersive and thoroughly researched all qualities I value in a book that has any sort of historical premise I will definitely read of this author s work.

  28. DNF at 25%This book was just not very captivating for me I was really hoping that there would be action and excitement, but I just couldn t get into this one.

  29. Blood Red, Snow White is the true story of Arthur Ransome, English writer, who spent several years living in Russia during the Russian Revolution and was suspected by many to be a Bolshevik spy even though he was actually a spy for the English Intriguing, right And the book starts out well, Marcus Sedgwick begins beautifully, setting us up with fairy tale scenes, painting a vivid picture of Russia before World War I, a stunning scene of swirling snow and magic bears and endless forests Then Arth [...]

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