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The Reader on the 6.27

Free Download The Reader on the 6.27 - by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent Free Download The Reader on the 6.27 - by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent - The Reader on the 6.27, The Reader on the Guylain Vignolles leads a dull and solitary life He hates his job and his only company at home is a goldfish Every morning he takes the to his tedious job at a book pulping factory He hates his b

  • Title: The Reader on the 6.27
  • Author: Jean-Paul Didierlaurent
  • ISBN: 9781447276500
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook

Free Download The Reader on the 6.27 - by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent, The Reader on the 6.27, Jean-Paul Didierlaurent, The Reader on the Guylain Vignolles leads a dull and solitary life He hates his job and his only company at home is a goldfish Every morning he takes the to his tedious job at a book pulping factory He hates his boss and his assistant but he finds companionship with the factory s guard an eccentric aficionado of classical literature On the train each morning on the way to work GuGuylai

The Reader on the 6.27

Free Download The Reader on the 6.27 - by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent Free Download The Reader on the 6.27 - by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent - The Reader on the 6.27, The Reader on the Guylain Vignolles leads a dull and solitary life He hates his job and his only company at home is a goldfish Every morning he takes the to his tedious job at a book pulping factory He hates his b The Reader on the 6.27

  • Free Download The Reader on the 6.27 - by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent
    171Jean-Paul Didierlaurent
The Reader on the 6.27

525 Comment The Reader on the 6.27

  1. Such a charming, quirky little book I read this from cover to cover in the space of an afternoon, and it has left me feeling so warm and fuzzy inside I love it when books demonstrate a real passion for literature, and this novel does it in spades The Reader on the 6.27 really grasped the heart of this bookseller.

  2. G zel bir ba lang c olan kitap sonlar na do ru kli e bir biti e yelken a t Ka t geri d n m fabrikas nda al an ve o g zelim kitaplar n par alanmas ndan nefret eden Guylain ana karakterimiz Pek de geni olmayan evresinde herkes bir ekilde hayattan bekledi ini bulamam , kay plar , umutsuzluklar olan insanlar Kitab n g zelliklerinden biri yan karakterlerin hikayelerinin yle uzun uzun yer kaplamamas na ra men vurucu olaylarla okuyucuyu etkisi alt na almas Hatta Guylain in arkada Guiseppe nin ba ndan g [...]

  3. A vida de Guylain Vignolles feita de rotinas Mas mesmo assim n o deixa de ser uma vida peculiar Todos os dias apanha o comboio para Paris, onde l , alto e bom som, alguns excertos dos livros que traz consigo Os outros ocupantes do comboio acham piada a esta particularidade do seu companheiro de viagens, mas n o imaginam que o seu trabalho destruir livros Sim, Guylain Vignolles trabalha numa empresa de reciclagem de papel, mas o papel dos livros que s o publicados e que j n o interessam a ningu m [...]

  4. Siempre me siento un poco culpable cuando punt o tan alto un libro tan fino 187 p ginas de relato con letra muy grande que cuesta su precio 17 leuros y pico la broma Pero los libros deben ser considerados por su calidad, por lo que cuentan, y no por su tama o Las novelas no se escriben a peso.Y a n as no s c mo expresar por qu lo punt o tan alto Es una historia simple, no tiene nada en realidad, es una novela corta sobre un don nadie, un hombre gris que trabaja destruyendo libros, convirti ndolo [...]

  5. 9 de 10 Antes de dar a minha opini o sobre este livro, preciso de falar sobre a capa , seguramente, a capa mais bem conseguida que eu j vi Para al m de bonita, com uma boa escolha de cores, j repararam bem no comboio Est brilhante Quanto ao conte do, esta n o deixou de ser uma leitura sui generis Acho que o ditado primeiro estranha se, depois entranha se lhe assenta como uma luva As situa es descritas s o algo peculiares, mas a narrativa t o flu da que n o se consegue parar de ler E, de repente, [...]

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  7. De i ik bir konu, keyifli bir anlat m, ok sevdimBir geri d n m fabrikas nda kitaplar ka t hamuruna d n t ren dev bir makinenin, Zerstor 500 n kullan c s Guylain ne i inden, ne ya am ndan ho nut de ildir, kitaplar yoketmekten vicdan azab duymaktad r Her sabah 6.27 trenine biner ve Zerstor un di lerinden kurtard sayfalar y ksek sesle okuyarak vicdan n biraz rahatlat r Ve g nlerden bir g n her zaman oturdu u koltukta buldu u USB bellekte yazanlar onun hayat n de i tirecektir Okuyun, siz de seveceks [...]

  8. When I started this book I thought I was going to love it A commuter who reads a different passage of a book outloud while in the train Somebody who saves the others from their real boring journey to work and even from their lives The description of somebody who is not happy with his lifestyle and finds salvation in literature A monster that destroys books I thought it couldn t get much better But I was wrong Somehow I thought it was trying to be a kind of Fahrenheit 451 and it got wrong and pre [...]

  9. The Reader on the 6.27 is a story of loneliness and regret while at the same time finding itself to be a love story in which our characters long for that wonderful and painful thing that makes their hearts beat a little faster and their eyes widen a little each day I really enjoyed the mixture of poetic tone and relatable humour in the book and thought it was a really easy and quick read I recommend it.

  10. Altamente recomend vel a quem gosta de livros sobre livros e literatura E aos outros tamb m Uma del cia

  11. 3.5 Guylain Vignolles is a an avid reader who, ironically, spends his 7 5 workday pulping books with the machine he loathes so much he can t bring himself to call it by its real name Instead he calls it The Thing Guylain leads a quiet life, with few friends and just a goldfish at home to confide in He calls his mother every Thursday evening and cringingly continues the pretence to her that he works in publishing.The highlight of his days is the 20 minute commute each morning on the 6.27 train, w [...]

  12. I hated this book the first time I tried to read it, I DNF ed it after 50 pages or so because I couldn t get into it at all, the writing and the main character felt unbearable But I kept postponing giving it away and this week I felt the urge to give it another shot, probably because it had been on my radar for years before I bought it and I really wanted to see where the story would go This time it was like reading a completely different book I thought it was very charming, very Am lie esque An [...]

  13. On his daily commute to work, Guylain Vignolles reads from book pages that have survived the paper recycling machine he tends Guylain dislikes his co worker and boss and hates the machine to which he daily feeds books to be pulped.I am all for finding a way to be slightly anarchist about your job in a sort of positive and creative way that doesn t prevent actual work productivity or make you tiresome to your colleagues and somehow helps you become a better person I m still looking for a way to d [...]

  14. A lovely story that seemed to combine aspects of The Red Notebook with Mr Penumbra s 24 Hour Book store This is very much a book written entirely for book lovers, and is also quite deliciously French in it s style and scope Guylain Vignolles is a reader, one who works in a hellish book pulping factory This job is soul destroying, and he lives for the moment at the end of the day when he can crawl into the belly of the monstrous pulping machine, in order to clean it out He takes advantage of thes [...]

  15. Acho que a grande maioria dos leitores gosta de livros sobre livros, e eu n o sou exce o Tenho lido v rios, ao longo dos anos, e sempre reconfortante perceber que os livros podem influenciar vidas das mais variadas formas, tal como influenciam a minha O Leitor do Comboio prometia dar uma das muitas respostas pergunta De que forma os livros podem mudar uma vida e esta quest o, presenta na capa, foi o que bastou para captar o meu interesse.Guylain Vignolles tem uma profiss o que detesta manobra um [...]

  16. O Leitor do Comboio um livro pleno de originalidade, cujo maior encanto reside na simplicidade da prosa de Didierlaurent e na v vida caracteriza o que ele faz dos personagens O romance explora o poder redentor dos livros e desmistifica estigmas e cren as pr estabelecidas que as pessoas t m em relac o a determinado tipo de profiss eslenciosquefalam

  17. This is one of my airport picks On this occasion, bought because of the title Read now because of how nice and short it was Essentially, it was a lot predictable than I thought it would be, but it certainly had its original aspects.Guylain Vignolles makes a living destroying books He has one friend, Giuseppe, who lost his legs in an accident at work Guylain s only company, really, is a goldfish, Rouget V Every day, to dispel some misery, Gulain reads something to his fellow passengers on the 6. [...]

  18. Guylain must spend his days feeding thousands of unwanted books into a hideous, monstrous machine that destroys them, turning them into a pulp that will, one day, be used to make books.He hates his job, hates destroying so much literature, and tries to compensate by rescuing a few pages every day, and reading them out to his fellow passengers each morning, as they share his train journey to work.Then one day he finds the diary of Julie, who s job in a public lavatory brings her into contact wit [...]

  19. Ler no comboio ou em qualquer local perfeitamente normal, na verdade essencial, para quem gosta de livros.Guylain Vignolles l em voz alta, todos os dias, durante o percurso de comboio As suas leituras t m a particularidade de n o terem qualquer seguimento, s o textos avulsos sem liga o que vai lendo sentado sempre no mesmo lugar, o banco solit rio e desdobr vel no fim dos outros lugares Guylain foi se tornado, medida que eu avan ava na leitura, uma esp cie de her i Talvez pela sua simplicidade o [...]

  20. lgin bir hikayesi daha do rusu hikaye i inde hikayeleri var Basit anlat m, klasik son, roman de il novella Bir ba yap t de il ku kusuz Yazar tan mak i in okuman z neririm.

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  22. , , Amelie , , , , , , .I wouldn t notice this small book as about the number of its pages and only if I didn t read the summary a young man who works in a paper recycling factory reads aloud randomly rescued pages in the morning train Especially the words, Am lie Poulain takes the subway , which refers to one of my favorite movies, called Amelie I think that this correspondence is rather infelicitous and if you expect poetic images of an alternate reality, as in the movie, you ll be disap [...]

  23. Wat een verrassende ontdekking, deze debuutroman van Jean Paul Didierlaurent hoeveel voornamen kan een mens hebben In een eerder beperkt aantal pagina s 183 om precies te zijn weet De Voorlezer van 6u27 de lezer op een heel bijzondere wijze te boeien Hoofdpersonnage Guylain Vignolles is een beetje een eenzaat, een zonderling Hij werkt in een fabriek, spreekt tegen zijn goudvis en belt elke week met zijn moeder Maar achter deze fa ade gaat veel meer schuil Guylain heeft immers een bijzondere lief [...]

  24. 4.5 starsA charming short novel, a little pathetic, a lot poignant, and utterly European A translation from its native French, it tells a story of Guylain Vignolles, a lonely man who works for a book pulping factory and hates his job with a passion Every evening, when he cleans up his machine after a day of devouring books, he finds and rescues a few disparate pages, usually from different books, that found their way into a dysfunctional corner of the apparatus The next morning, on his commute t [...]

  25. Meine MeinungIch habe mich sehr darauf gefreut, diesen Roman endlich zu lesen, und zwar nicht nur wegen der vielen begeisterten Rezension, sondern auch, weil mich der Klappentext auf Anhieb angesprochen hat Die Grundidee klang f r mich wirklich vielversprechend Ein Literaturliebhaber muss in seinem Job die geliebten B cher schreddern und liest auf dem Weg zur Arbeit seinen Mitfahrern immer ein paar Seiten vor Ich liebe B cher ber B cher, daher konnte ich dieser Geschichte nat rlich nicht widerst [...]

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