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Someone Like You

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Someone Like You : by Lauren Layne [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Someone Like You : by Lauren Layne - Someone Like You, Someone Like You Lincoln Mathis doesn t hide his reputation as Manhattan s ultimate playboy In fact he cultivates it But behind every flirtatious smile each provocative quip there s a secret that Lincoln s hiding f

  • Title: Someone Like You
  • Author: Lauren Layne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Someone Like You : by Lauren Layne, Someone Like You, Lauren Layne, Someone Like You Lincoln Mathis doesn t hide his reputation as Manhattan s ultimate playboy In fact he cultivates it But behind every flirtatious smile each provocative quip there s a secret that Lincoln s hiding from even his closest friends a tragedy from his past that holds his heart quietly captive Lincoln knows what he wants someone like Daisy Sinclair the sassy off limitsLincoln Mathis

Someone Like You

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Someone Like You : by Lauren Layne [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Someone Like You : by Lauren Layne - Someone Like You, Someone Like You Lincoln Mathis doesn t hide his reputation as Manhattan s ultimate playboy In fact he cultivates it But behind every flirtatious smile each provocative quip there s a secret that Lincoln s hiding f Someone Like You

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Someone Like You : by Lauren Layne
    272Lauren Layne
Someone Like You

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  1. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author It was some strange in between place where his old life and new life converged in the most painful of ways It was what might have been and what could never be, all rolled into one, and yet he couldn t stay awayMEONE LIKE YOU is the third installment in the Oxford Series by Lauren Layne but it can be read as a standalone I have to say this series gets better with each installment and it is definitely shaping up to be my favorite of all of this author s [...]

  2. 4.5 Like Recognizing Like Stars 1 2 Spoiler FreeThere never was a promise life would be perfectd it is the painful experiences which test us the most Will we wear this pain on our sleeves, baring our souls for anyone to listen or will we feel the need to spare our family, friends and co workers the intimacies of our livesBecause we have no desire to see reflected in their eyes, pity or the wish to make everything better for uswhen they cannot.For those of us who have been consuming Lauren Layne [...]

  3. 5 It s better than I thought it would be Stars I think it s safe to say that Someone Like You is probably one of the most anticipated reads of 2016 for a lot of people, and I think Lauren Layne made it worth the wait with the story she gave Lincoln Mathis.This is one of those books, that as a reviewer I want to gush wholeheartedly about, but there isn t a huge amount I can actually say about the plot and characters without giving a massive amount away, and I definitely think this is a book you n [...]

  4. 5 Say Anything Stars If you ve been following Lauren Layne for some time and have read her Oxford series, I am pretty sure you were expecting this book like crazy since Lincoln made his first appearence in Irresistibly Yours I love Lauren Layne, love love love her so I had insanely high expectations for this and that is not always good because sometimes books do not reach said expectations Well, this was not the case Lincoln s story was everything I expected it to be Thank you LL because you are [...]

  5. 5 StarsIf I did it, Wallflower, if I felt that way again, it would be about someone like you If you re anything like me, then you ve been both eagerly anticipating and dreading Lincoln s book Anticipating it because you love those irreverent playboys, and dreading because you re afraid that you ve been building up your expectations in anticipation Lincoln s story was the one I ve been waiting for since Irresistibly Yours It s been a long, painful wait But after finishing this book in one sitting [...]

  6. 99cents Sale amzn 2qHISVI 05 14 2017 The long awaited story of Lincoln Mathis, the flirtatious virtuoso is deliciously steamy and heartfelt Lincoln Mathis has an enormous secret he hides behind a womanizing fa ade he actively encourages backed by his dating and sex advice column at Oxford Everyone thinks he s the ultimate playboy, except the one woman he barely knows and has seen beyond the sexy exterior Revealing his heartbreaking past to the feisty Daisy Sinclair felt as natural as breathing b [...]

  7. 4.5 StarsENJOYABLE, FLIRTATIOUS, YET QUITE EMOTIONAL READ Lauren Layne has yet to disappoint when looking for a fun, flirty romance The H and h stole my heart from the get go I could not get enough of their undeniable chemistry and their humorous, bantering conversations But this one surprised me as my emotions switched rapidly throughout the course of this story I was laughing one minute, near tears the next and then just wanted to scream, Get your act together, for crying out loud Talk about a [...]

  8. I admit I was a bit worried starting this book For one, the synopsis for this book changed, and so did the name of the heroine Not a good sign Second, I loved Lincoln the moment he was introduced in the Sex, Love Stiletto series I have been waiting for his book forever And you know, expectations has the tendency to mess with your reading mojo.BUT Lauren Layne did Lincoln Mathis story justice Yup Even the heroine change made sense Daisy and Lincoln together made sense Someone Like You packs quite [...]

  9. FOUR PLAYBOY STARS One look at the breathtakingly hot Lincoln Mathis and she knows that he s exactly the type of man she should avoid A little heartbreak combined with a likeable duo, Lauren Layne took out the big guns when pulling together this Lincoln Mathis novel This has been a book that I ve been anticipating in what seems like forever I love this authors work, I can t deny, but when Layne combines her usual witty banter with a slice of sad on the side I have to admit I was fully gone What [...]

  10. Lauren Layne has done many things since I began reading her books, and it s nothing short of impressive I ve followed her through almost everything, I d say, and she has never failed to produce a book that makes me smile But, on the flip side of that, she s only ever once brought tears to my eyes whether from cruelty like in Good Girl, or from happiness in, well, many of her novels But never once has she brought me to choking, knot in the throat tears until now Let me preface this short review b [...]

  11. I have been waiting YEARS for Lincoln Mathis s story and LL delivered a heartbreaking story my heart broke for Lincoln, I knew there was a secret there but WOW I was not expecting this one.I loved the progression of Lincoln and Daisy s relationship it was a slow burn with both of them having been hurt in the past and scared to risk their hearts again I found this to be a beautiful love story of two broken hearts healing each other with companionship to begin with.When the worst happened for Linc [...]

  12. 3.75 sweet starsI was waiting for this book likeFOREVER I loved Lincoln Mathis and his charm I was smitten along with the million other girls in New York and i was literally dying to find out his backstory BIG secret here and no way i m going to even mention anything close to it It took about 60% of the book for the secret to resolve, and then till 90% for Lincoln to sort out his feelings My heart broke for Lincoln and i understood his reasons for being the way he was However, i did not think he [...]

  13. ALL THE STARS FOR THIS BOOK OMG THIS BOOK IS SOOOO GOOD I finished it in less than 24 hour warning if you love Lincoln as much as I do, please prepare box of tissues before you start reading this book Trust me, you ll need them.I ve been waiting for soooooo long to read this book It was than a year, if I remembered correctly But it s sooooooo WORTH IT Congratulations Lauren Layne, you did it again This book is surely not disappointing I fell in love with Lincoln Mathis since his first appearanc [...]

  14. Stand alone but part of the Oxford series HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Trigger view spoiler one but it would be spoiler ish to reveal message me if you want to know hide spoiler Spoiler FREE review It s been since Trouble with Love, the last book in the Stiletto series that I wanted Lincoln Mathis book And now that I read it, I m over the moon It s been so long since I imagine his HEA, not really knowing what to expect under his playboy ways It was eit [...]

  15. 3.5 StarsOverall, I m a little unsure about how I feel about Someone Like You I got a message one day saying the ARC had been sent to us, and I think I squealed I ve been waiting to read Lincoln s story since February when I first met this group of characters in I Wish You Were Mine, and I was so so so excited to finally have the chance But then, things didn t exactly go how I was expecting Granted, you never know what to actually expect from Lincoln Mathis but it was than that, it wasn t what [...]

  16. This review is spoilerish.Well, that was disappointing I don t want to go into a big rant, but if I do, don t hold it against me It s only because I love the series and the author so much.I ve been a fan of the original series since forever Seriously, it was pure luck when I stumbled upon Lauren Layne and After the Kiss, but I was hooked I was sold on the banter and the writing style, the funny and cute characters, the dynamics between the supporting characters, it was just perfect for me Every [...]

  17. Every romance reader has those topics that are pretty much deal breakers when it comes to a story Some of mine not spoilers include surprise pregnancies, precocious children who know just what to say to move the plot along, and indecisive heroines Unfortunately, this book hit at least one major deal breaker of mine And I think has a couple that might be issues for other readers Spoilers ahead, but if you think you might have some issues with certain angsty topics, I think you should just spoil [...]

  18. 5 stars Spoiler free reviewI must admit, I was almost scared to start this book Lincoln Mathis had captured my attention early on in the Oxford series and there s this thing called high expectations I had that for him I WANTED his story his happily ever after The hottest male employee at Oxford, Lincoln Mathis was never at a shortage of female attention But he never seemed to settle down ever the playboy What was it going to take Who would finally settle him down Another interesting tidbit while [...]

  19. This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life.YayLincoln s story This is the third book in the Oxford series and my favorite so far This book cold easily be read as a stand alone although you will not know the history of some of the characters Lincoln s character shines from the moment he first shows up on the page As soon as he had a role in this series, I knew that I needed to read his story It turns out that his story was worth the wait.I had a feeling that Lincoln was a lot than wha [...]

  20. 5 Heartfelt starsAfter having read the Sex, Love Stiletto series and the Oxford series I was so excited to get my hands on Lincoln s book in Someone like You He was the sexy, sweet, quick witted and romantic guy we d fallen in love with and couldn t wait to meet the girl who would win his heart And now after having read Someone like You, I can honestly say it was everything I was hoping for and I loved Lincoln and Daisy, they were likable, endearing characters that captured my heart and took me [...]

  21. 3.5 Lincoln the Wallflower stars Someone Like You was marginally better than the two previous books Lincoln is not at all what he appeared to be in the past books, and I say that with mixed feelings.While I was glad to learn he was not at all manwhore, although one with great manners and a very good reputation, his big secret left me with a sour taste in my mouth He was sweet but also a bit dense regarding his own feelings I understand that his secret held him back and I get that, but he was sti [...]

  22. 5 starsOh my word How did I miss this one I had been watching and waiting for Lincoln s story I was not disappointed at all I knew he had something tragic in his past, but that never crossed my mind Daisy was absolutely perfect for him and had her own past to overcome I cried like three times Just a great story with lots of love and sex plus all the Stiletto and Oxford gang Plus there s another book with Nick and Taylor And maybe a spin off with Daisy s co workersI may have to go read it again r [...]

  23. I m very disappointed with Lincoln s book The story was well written, but Lincoln view spoiler was still in love with his dead fianc e until 84% of the book And to me he settled for the heroine He was my favorite male in the Oxford series and I was hoping for so much The reason for his behavior in the other books was a good one view spoiler his fianc e suffered a car accident days before their wedding She didn t die then, but spent the next two years in a vegetative state He cared for her, was [...]

  24. review show review showSame trope going around lately If it sells, whatevis view spoiler the dead one that will hunt the couple forever, what makes the heroine a second best Read the deceased mane was Kate probably short for Katherine and the h H twin girls have Katherine for middle name hide spoiler LOL This plot is funny, not tragic any.

  25. Just when I thought Lauren Layne would never use the view spoiler dead ex theme hide spoiler to gain sympathy and heartbreak from readers, this book came along and ruined the fun, light hearted imagery I had for this series view spoiler I ll never be a fan of the theme It s always a hard pill to swallow when one of the main characters has a former fiancee fiance that he she loved dearly because I ll find myself doubting the love for the new girl guy Well it s not that I think you can t love for [...]

  26. Nick I have waited for what feels like FOREVER to read Lincoln s book There was just something about the guy that drew me in when he was introduced in Cassidy Emma s book, The Trouble With Love I ll admit, I was a little nervous going in, because I expected great things from this book, and what if Lauren Layne had not delivered I had nothing to worry about though because man, I loved this book with ALL my heart It was the perfect book for Lincoln, and the perfect Lauren Layne book, in my opinion [...]

  27. This is definitely the most emotional read from the Lauren Layne books I have read so far From the 7 books I have read, this is in the top somewhere, for sure I don t even know what to say, but there are a lot of touching moments My heart was breaking at some parts and yep, I cried I started this book highly skeptical because in general, I have not liked most of the books in this series except for JulieMitchell s and PenelopeCole s books However, this book is truly great.I love the friendships i [...]

  28. I have been patiently waiting for Lincoln s book since I fell head over heels in love with him in The Trouble With Love Emma Cassidy I couldn t wait to see how his story played out, and while I had a few guesses, I never once grasped how emotionally challenging Lincoln s story would be Someone Like You is definitely LL s most emotionally intense book It s weighted perfectly though, since moments of lightness can be found in Daisy s disposition, their friends popping into their lives, and the sce [...]

  29. Lincoln s book has been the one I ve feel like I ve been waiting for FOREVER It really hasn t been that long Lauren Layne puts out her books at a good clip but I wanted to know what was haunting the fun loving playboy who was beloved by all women it seems.It was hinted at several times in the books leading up to Lincoln that he is no what he seems He put on a face for his friends and the public but that is not the real him He has a secret, one he has kept for awhile and he has just met someone k [...]

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