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The Square Root of Summer

☆ The Square Root of Summer ↠ Harriet Reuter Hapgood ☆ The Square Root of Summer ↠ Harriet Reuter Hapgood - The Square Root of Summer, The Square Root of Summer My heart is a kaleidoscope and when we kiss it makes my world unravel Last summer Gottie s life fell apart Her beloved grandfather Grey died and Jason left her the boy to whom she lost her virginit

  • Title: The Square Root of Summer
  • Author: Harriet Reuter Hapgood
  • ISBN: 9781509808281
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The Square Root of Summer ↠ Harriet Reuter Hapgood, The Square Root of Summer, Harriet Reuter Hapgood, The Square Root of Summer My heart is a kaleidoscope and when we kiss it makes my world unravel Last summer Gottie s life fell apart Her beloved grandfather Grey died and Jason left her the boy to whom she lost her virginity and her heart and he wouldn t even hold her hand at the funeral This summer still reeling from twin heartbreaks Gottie is lost and alone and burying herself inMy heart is

The Square Root of Summer

☆ The Square Root of Summer ↠ Harriet Reuter Hapgood ☆ The Square Root of Summer ↠ Harriet Reuter Hapgood - The Square Root of Summer, The Square Root of Summer My heart is a kaleidoscope and when we kiss it makes my world unravel Last summer Gottie s life fell apart Her beloved grandfather Grey died and Jason left her the boy to whom she lost her virginit The Square Root of Summer

  • ☆ The Square Root of Summer ↠ Harriet Reuter Hapgood
    472Harriet Reuter Hapgood
The Square Root of Summer

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  1. The big picture, the whole story, is just thousands of tiny stories, like a kaleidoscope.If I was only allowed to use one word to describe this book, I would qualify it as curious From the start, we re thrown into the universe of a girl obsessed with space and physics and all the deviations Gottie lost so much her mom who died when she was born, her grandfather who had cancer, her boyfriend and even her best friend, Thomas, who moved to Canada She never could fill the gap that was created inside [...]

  2. I m definitely befuddled right now Why Because this was beautiful BUT CONFUSING Which makes it very hard to review becausedid I like it I HAVE NO IDEA It was very extremely mathy All wormholes and psychics and you know who basically failed maths in highschool THAT WOULD BE ME awkward Butoples, this book had cake baking I was sort of doomed to love it a little L I K E S The aesthetics of the story were VERY pleasing Wait wait, I m not a pscyhotic grape, let me explain the book was really visual a [...]

  3. Yes, and imagine a world where there were no hypothetical situations Jasper FfordeHarriet Reuter Hapgood, an English author, pens a heart touching yet an analytical debut young adult book, The Square Root of Summer that revolves around a teenage girl who has gone through a lot of grief in her life and right when she is suffering from the heart break of last summer, her long time ago ex friend cum ex neighbor lands up in her life, with love life drama, that forces this young lady to jump from on [...]

  4. Gottie has barely spoken in nearly a year, since her grandfather Grey died unexpectedly Not that anyone has noticed her silence much Her brother Ned has gone away to college, along with his best friend, Jason, the boy with whom Gottie had her first love affair just before Grey s death Her father minds his own business, running the family bookstore while Gottie goes to school and puts her energy into her physics and math homework Her best friend is in the arts program, and easily dodged But now t [...]

  5. Time travel and physics and heartbreak and stars.In THE SQUARE ROOT OF SUMMER, our mathy heroine, Gottie, finds herself jumping back and forth through time in the summer after her grandfather s death As she unravels the reasons behind her chronological challenges, the secrets of last summer s heartbreaks unfold, as does a wonderful new old love story This novel is beautifully literary, with striking, memorable characters and gorgeous prose It s winter here but I was drunk on love and summer and [...]

  6. The word I d use to describe this book is confusing One moment, I thought I understood it and the next minute, I didn t The romance was good ish, and I appreciated that Gottie was interested in STEM subjects but the execution was as wibbly as the timeline

  7. Initial reaction That was lovely, than I thought it would turn out to be There s a huge curve to get into this book, however, and I had issues with how the narrative chose to pace itself But I ended up enjoying the read.Full review The Square Root of Summer is definitely a book that spoke to my science math loving geekish contemporary heart, at the very least in the idea behind the novel Gottie is a young woman who has a lot of things happening in her life at once dealing with the death of her [...]

  8. Rating DNFI read than half of The Square Root of Summer before declaring that I was fed up Perhaps surprisingly, I actually really enjoyed this novel Hapgood s debut is beautifully written, this small village coming alive with her prose as Gottie, our protagonist, struggles to breath with the sorrow sitting on her heart Whether it be her grief over her grandfather s recent death, not even a year ago, or it be the ache she feels at remembering Jason, her first love who kept her a secret and disc [...]

  9. As I m only an occasional, and very picky, reader of YA and children s books, I feel they have to work extra hard to impress me Unlike so many others, The Square Root of Summer not only impressed me, but surpassed any and all expectations I could have had it s not just a decent YA novel, it s a fantastic concept and a warm, heartfelt story that works well for any audience I also liked the way it sidestepped so many of the paths I d expect a book like this to go down main character Gottie is scie [...]

  10. I adore the cover for The Square Root of Summer we have a huge poster of it in our flat And in The Square Root of Summer, Harriet does an excellent job of combining time travel, science and romance complete with little diagrams because physics difficult.It s been a year since Gottie s life changed when her grandfather died and the boy she fell in love with stopped being the boy she fell in love with aka the boy I dislike intensely But it s a new summer, involving the return of her former best fr [...]

  11. An ARC of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at The Starry Eyed Revue.So, I thought I was getting a book about time travel, and what I got was a thoughtful story about grief and loss and friendship I m not complaining Some of my favorite books deal with these subjects I just wish there were some way to prepare other readers for this bookd to make them stick with it when the going gets tough because it s totally worth it in the [...]

  12. Review originally posted on Mostly YA Lit Hi guys, today I m excited to be part of the Canadian Blog Tour for The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood This is a really unusual young adult novel, chock full of science and heartbreak, but with beautiful and quirky writing Read on for a short QA with Harriet about Dawson s Creek, because Harriet did her Ph.D on it , and then my review Who is your favorite Dawson s Creek character and why Harriet Reuter Hapgood Jen Lindley Without questio [...]

  13. Rese a completa en elcaosliterario.eEn este debut literario de la autora, se mezcla lo contempor neo con la ciencia ficci n viajes en el tiempo Las ecuaciones matem ticas y las teor as cient ficas proporcionan los conocimientos b sicos suficientes para poder entender la pasi n de Gottie por estas reas y dejar que ella siguiera un viaje nada forzado.Me gusta c mo Gottie explica al lector las teor as, aunque incluso ella no entend a lo que estaba pasando Durante gran parte del tiempo me sent un po [...]

  14. Final star rating 3.5 out of 5 stars I would like to thank the publishers Pan Macmillian and the author Harriet Reuter Hapgood for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.The Square Root of Summer is set in the seaside town of Holksea and follows the experiences and life of student Gottie who experiences some bereavement after her grandfather Grey passes away The story takes place the summer after Grey s death in which Gottie looks back at the guy Jason who she fell in lov [...]

  15. 4.25 4.5 stars What an excellent read I don t profess to be any knowledgeable about space and time, and how physics is used to theorize about it, but I loved how that was incorporated into it It s clever I also just found Gottie was easy to relate to, and her narration easy to fall into it Really enjoyed it

  16. This book was written in a really interesting way but it was oh so confusing The timeline jumps around a lot and even by the end I don t think I really understood what was happening I did love the drawings and diagrams, though it was reminiscent of the extra media in Everything Everything

  17. The Square Root of Summer is a fabulous debut from Harriet Reuter Hapgood, it s a story about first love, friendships, family, grief and heartbreak and how a death in the family can have such an incredibly huge impact on every aspect of your life.Last summer Gottie s life was pretty perfect, she was falling in love for the first time, her family was all together and she had a great set of friends but it all fell apart when her grandfather died With the rock of the family gone her grandfather s d [...]

  18. This is a book that I fell in love with when it was still a first draft I couldn t wait to reread its finished version, and am delighted to report that it s even thoughtful, clever and sweep you off your feet romantic this time around Harriet s prose is incredible, and the story she s telling is bittersweet and absolutely wonderful Honestly, I think this is a classic in the making.

  19. Such a fun book you guys, a great blend of real and alternative worlds times I actually learned some physics from this book, I never thought I d see the day I would say that hahaha Review to come

  20. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I have to admit, I am than a little impressed I really, really enjoyed this book A lot than I expected too, being someone who isn t usually the biggest fan of the young adult contemporary or romance genres However, there is something altogether compelling about a contemporary that weaves a science fiction element into the story telling And WOW, the story telling in this book is just beautiful The author has [...]

  21. 3.5 stars This book made me so, so confused Which is making writing this review very difficult Because this book was well written but so confusing I can t even tell if I liked it or not It was just so maths y Just physics and wormholes and equations and time jumps And coming from someone who despised maths with a passion in school, it s hard to enjoy a book that had that much maths in it.So what s the story Seventeen year old Gottie has spent the entire school year living in a shroud of mourning [...]

  22. A clever and compelling story of love, loss and resilience.When seventeen year old math savant Gottie H Oppenheimer starts losing time, she never imagined she d be traveling through wormholes back and forth between her past to re live her most heartbreaking moments Time jerks between past and present as she s sucked into the true dark matter of her life.I believe in love on a Big Bang scale.Over the past several years, she d lost her mother, her best friend, her heart and just in the past year, [...]

  23. A physics time travel love story Ever since I heard about this I ve been dying to read it, so I was very lucky to get my hands on an early copy Gottie is going through a lot of heartbreak, from the death of the grandfather who raised her, to her kind of boyfriend refusing to acknowledge their relationship and moving on without her Over the course of a summer, she struggles to deal with this while trying to force herself to enjoy the kind of fun holiday she had last year She fails miserably, even [...]

  24. I know how to be without you But life is so much interesting with I couldn t put this down today, it intrigued me from the very first line and throughout I loved the characters and the whole concept I ll admit I probably didn t fully understand all the physics stuff but that really didn t matter It was a great little read I really enjoyed it Perfect for a lazy Sunday

  25. A tad messy but altogether a very enjoyable contemporary read It s got a hefty dose of physics and relativity talk in it, so I m not sure it s quite the book for everyone, especially those who don t enjoy sci fi technical talk, but it did have a very sweet romance and poignant themes of grief and heartbreak.

  26. I love physics, but this book was too confusing Smarter people would understand it better XD RTC

  27. This is what it means to love someone This is what it means to grieve someone It s a little bit like a black hole It s a little bit like infinity.Galley provided by publisher.The Square Root of Summer has been on my to read list since last November, and was one of my anticipated reads for this year The synopsis intrigued me, especially the promise of time travel mixed with a YA contemporary, and the book itself did not disappoint.The book follows the story of Gottie Oppenheimer, a year on from t [...]

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