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Honor Me

[PDF] Unlimited ã Honor Me : by Chelle Bliss [PDF] Unlimited ã Honor Me : by Chelle Bliss - Honor Me, Honor Me I had everything I ever wanted a wife a kid with two on the way I was living the American dream After the babies were born we hit a rough patch I did everything to prove my love to show Suzy that

  • Title: Honor Me
  • Author: Chelle Bliss
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ã Honor Me : by Chelle Bliss, Honor Me, Chelle Bliss, Honor Me I had everything I ever wanted a wife a kid with two on the way I was living the American dream After the babies were born we hit a rough patch I did everything to prove my love to show Suzy that nothing was important than her After some work and a lot of time we found our groove again Just when life had evened out a familiar enemy came back to haunt uI had everything I ever wanted

Honor Me

[PDF] Unlimited ã Honor Me : by Chelle Bliss [PDF] Unlimited ã Honor Me : by Chelle Bliss - Honor Me, Honor Me I had everything I ever wanted a wife a kid with two on the way I was living the American dream After the babies were born we hit a rough patch I did everything to prove my love to show Suzy that Honor Me

  • [PDF] Unlimited ã Honor Me : by Chelle Bliss
    356Chelle Bliss
Honor Me

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  1. 5 Hot Gallo Stars I m a HUGE fan of Chelle Bliss s Men of Inked series and I have been waiting for Honor Me with bated breath Loved, loved, loved it This book has EVERYTHING I have come to expect from this amazing author.We are back into the lives of Joe aka City and Suzy aka Sugar after marriage with all its ups and downs and the entire Gallo family I adore so much Joe s love for Suzy is incredible When Suzy goes through her postpartum depression after giving birth to the twins, Joe is there ev [...]

  2. Years ago, if you d told me I d live in a house filled with women and pink shit everywhere, I would ve laughed in your face But it was my lot in life Pink had replaced the white space, filling up every corner of my world.LOVE this series and I absolutely adore City and Suzy The first book in this series is still one of my favorites Now City and Suzy s lives have changed quite dramatically with their young family and Suzy has some serious issues to deal with This book is funny, sexy, heart warmin [...]

  3. We return to the story of Joey and Suzy in Honor Me After a few years of marriage and one baby under their belt, their life is about to be turned upside down when the past returns to stir up trouble for the Gallo family.Everyone expected that the time that Tommy spent undercover was over, they never expected that members of the MC would figure out just who Blue really was or that they d be able to track them down to their home town As much as Honor Me focused on Joey and Suzy, with the struggles [...]

  4. A sweet, sexy, and sensational story swathed in suspense, Honor Me penetrates the heart and soul.Raw and real, this story brings on the feels Love Loss Longing Honor Me is nostalgic, noteworthy, and oh so nice.Being reunited with the great Gallos feels like coming home to friends, family, and everything familiar Ever since I wrapped up the great Gallos with Without Me, there was a pang of longing that refused to leave An endless hangover A wish for the story to go on as it definitely could not b [...]

  5. You ve got to love those Gallo men but it s the Gallo women and children who outshine the men in this latest instalment in the fabulous Men of Inked series We re back in the arms of City and Suzy for this latest instalment but from the outset, it is clear that City s life has certainly changed, in a dramatic fashion.Years ago, if you d told me I d live in a house filled with women and pink shit everywhere, I would ve laughed in your face But it was my lot in life Pink had replaced the white spac [...]

  6. h Chelle, you cruel, cruel woman My heart definitely skipped a couple beats with this one This was an emotional, heart pounding, and scorching HOT read I expect nothing less with the Men of Inked series The GALLOS are back BABY I ve been freaking out ever since I learned we were getting City and Suzy This was a romance reader s DREAM COME TRUE I tell ya Even though HONOR ME punched me in the gut a couple of times, Bliss gives her fans a happily ever after they will remember for a very long time [...]

  7. The Gallo men are back in Chelle Bliss latest release Honor Me and they are as sexy and alpha as ever Chelle has solidified Joe Gallo as one of my absolute favorite book boyfriends and told a story that has plot twists and a serious jaw dropping moment.Honor Me is told in dual point of views, by Joe and Suzy Suzy is about ready to pop out twin baby girls to add to her and Joe s family They already have Gigi, who is the apple of her father s eye, and now two girls are on the way.All of the Gallo [...]

  8. God clearly had a sense of humor And so does Author Chelle Bliss Suzy and City are back with the entire Gallo family Unlike the previous books exception is Uncover Me in the Men of Inked series that are under my erotica shelf, this book falls into my contemporary romance category Oh, don t you worry Ms Bliss gives us plenty of hot sexy times with City and Suzy again However, this book you get to spend quality family time with all the Gallos through their eyes Whenever a family expands, humorous [...]

  9. So I have to try and put into words the way I feel about this book and Im not sure I can If you are reading this and know me, then you know my love for City is very very real So when I heard he was getting another book I nearly passed out Then I got to read it and it was better than I could have imagined In Throttle Me I fell in love with City, he stole my heart and I didn t want it back, but in this book I fell in love with Joe There was a big difference in his character, even though he was sti [...]

  10. I didn t think it was possible to love Men of Inked , but now I doI can t get enough of this incredible series that has pulled me into the Gallo family and made me feel like I belonged Chelle Bliss has created an amazing cast of characters that she has written so perfectly that the line blurs between fiction and reality I can almost taste the food at the Sunday dinners and hear the laughter as the siblings tease each other mercilessly I m sure that anyone watching me laugh out loud as I stare at [...]

  11. Well, Ms Bliss has done it again Not only has she taken us back into the world of the Gallo family, she has once again made me fall in love with the bond and love that they all share.We are back with City and Suzy in this book The love these two still have and the heat they create turns into humor filled times when they find out the kids have been overhearing than they thought When an old threat turns back up, things become far serious And in true Bliss fashion, I was on the edge of my seat, c [...]

  12. 4.5 Stars It has all been leading up to this We met and fell and in love with the Gallos We watched them fall head over heels, one by one, and now they are here to give us their final word You thought the drama was over You thought we had heard it all But Chelle Bliss comes back to this series with the explosive last piece of the puzzle.Honor Me is not one to be missed if you have read, followed, loved, and stalked this series You are going to laugh, smile, cry, swoon, get angry, and fall in lov [...]

  13. WOW That was my reaction finishing this book Another home run from Chelle Bliss I couldn t wait for this book to hit I was NOT disappointed I love City Suzy but what I love about Ms Bliss books is we get to have a taste of all the Gallo s friends I laughed out loud so many times with this one The labor scene was hilarious I could just picture City Suzy in that moment There were a lot of those moments that I loved some that brought me to tears At one point I was crying silently begging the pages [...]

  14. wow I love the Gallo men and women but by far City and Suzy are my favourites and in this book we are back in the arms of city and Suzy from the outset its clear city s life has changed in dramatic fashionalthough the story is mainly focused on city and Suzy all the characters we love are also part of this bookfantastic read absolutely love the Gallo s5 read

  15. It was so good to meet Gallo s family again,they are loud,loving,sexy with a bunch of little children Gigi is my new favorite child ever can i adopt her Thank you Mrs Bliss for this family,maybe there will be Gallo s next generation I would love to see how all the boys cope with grown up children and starting to date

  16. Loved it City was my favourite Gallo, so, so good to read about him and his Suzy again This book has it all and we get a glimpse of all the Gallo s lives since we ve last read about them So much emotion, I laughed, I cried and felt Thank you Chelle for another great instalment of the Gallos

  17. Let me say that I enjoy reading about the the guys in this family but I can t stand Izzy I enjoyed diving into this world but I was not happy with the women The women to me seem bossy and abusive to the men I m still trying to decide what else I feel about the book but I was really put off by the women.

  18. Emotional and funny A great catch up on how the Gallos are doing I have devoured this series all week and fell and in love with them all over the last few days They ve gone from enjoying single life to overprotective parents They ve become their versions of Ma and Pop Gallo, even so with their ber alpha tendencies Honor Me takes place years after the Throttle Me began Joe aka City and Suzy have been married for years and are expecting twins Their little girl Gigi is already and handful and to [...]

  19. Love those Gallos Honor me is mostly about Suzy and Joe Gallo the man who made us start to fall in love with the Gallo Men Parts of this story delt with some series issues, but mostly it was pure HOTNESS and So Funny.

  20. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review Ever since first being introduced to Chelle Bliss s books I have salivated, over heated, and even shed a tear or two while reading and absorbing every word that she has written I along with thousands of other fans fell madly in love with Mr and Mrs Gallo and all five of their inked, pierced, loud mouthed, big hearted Italian offspring, from the first word of Throttle Me until the last page of Without Me Chelle has enticed and seduced us with eve [...]

  21. Chelle Bliss takes readers back home to the Gallos in Honor Me This crazy, lovable family does not disappoint, serving up another sexy, thrilling, and heartfelt novel Honor Me continues Joe aka City and Suzy s story, picking up in the middle of Suzy s second pregnancy and following the highs and lows of married life Chelle Bliss isn t afraid to get real with this one, putting this couple through the wringer as they face the raw and sometimes devastating storm of emotions that come with parenthoo [...]

  22. I was beyond thrilled when it was announced that there would be another Men of Inked book This has been my favorite series since I opened the first book, as much as I love the ALFA series, the guys got there start in the Men of Inked so this series will always have a special place on my shelves and in my heart.City s Suzy are back y all but not quite the way you remember them.Suzy s got some serious issues to deal with, and as much as Joe want s to fix things for her he can t She s got to accept [...]

  23. 5 star Review Honor Me Men of Inked 6 by Chelle BlissThis was City and Suzy s follow up story, but it wouldn t be a Men of Inked book without the appearance of the rest of the family I loved this book from start to finish This book was as wonderfully well written, as previous books I have read from this author Ms Bliss brings The Gallo family to life for me and frankly all I want is to be adopted into their family.I love that at the heart of these books is the love of family and what they will d [...]

  24. This might be my favorite Men of Inked book In this installment we revisit City and Suzy who are in a completely different place in life then they were way back when Sleepless nights and real issues are plaguing this couple and now they have to see if they can figure out how to get it all together Then just when things start to level out, an old enemy comes into the picture Nothing is ever quiet in the Gallo family and this book was no exception While a lot of this book was focused on Joe and Su [...]

  25. 4.5 starThe story has laughs, twists and turns, secrets, ton of pleasure, and heartbreak I would recommend reading the below before reading this storyThe Gallos The Beginning Men of Inked 0.5 Throttle Me Men of Inked, 1 Hook Me Men of Inked, 2 Throttled Men of Inked, 2.5 Resist Me Men of Inked, 3 Resisting Men of Inked, 3.5 Uncover Me Men of Inked, 4 Without Me Men of Inked 5 This is of Suzy and City Joe s story Suzy is having a tough time with things and City is trying to help her out but also [...]

  26. This is the sixth book in the Men of Inked series I love the Gallo family and was so excited to hear about this book Chelle Bliss is an amazing storyteller who is so very talented and I love her books Joey is my favorite Gallo so I was excited that this was about him and Suzy and of course the rest of the family appears in the book also At one point I was crying my eyes out and cursing Chelle Bliss but it turned out to be misdirection Joey and Suzy Gallo have their adorable little girl, Gigi and [...]

  27. Rating 4.75 StarsI loved this addition into City and Suzy s story I wasn t sure what to expect, but I can say that it surpassed my exceptions We get to see what happens after the happily ever after, what real life brings to the couple Their story was real and helps you to connect and relate to the characters We not only get of Suzy and City but we get lots of the whole Gallo Gang I love how much Suzy and City have developed from when we first meet them Their love is strong and true Suzy had a [...]

  28. What can I say other than thank you Chelle Bliss for this absolutely amazing story I was so excited when I found out we were getting of my favorite family The Gallo s and City OMGGGGGGGG I fell in love with him from the get go This book had me laughing so hard the banter between this family is epic I absolutely love them and want to hang with them at Sunday diner this book was mostly about my love City and Suzy but we also visit with the whole crew There were times in the book especially one ce [...]

  29. Chelle Bliss Men of Inked series introduced readers to one hell of a feisty family and then took us on each one of the Gallo siblings as they fought through hell in their alpha ways to claim the only one who completes them Throttle Me, Joey and Suzy s story, set the tone of the whole series and in Honor Me, readers get another inside look into how their family has grown and what all of the other Gallo couples are up to since we last saw them.Honor Me does a great job of illustrating the reality [...]

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