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Stone Cold

Free Download Stone Cold - by Olivia Rigal Free Download Stone Cold - by Olivia Rigal - Stone Cold, Stone Cold Alternate cover edition for ASIN B JEHRLDO His hard body is pressed against my back and I can t look away from our reflection in the mirror One of his hands leaves my breast and vanishes unseen but

  • Title: Stone Cold
  • Author: Olivia Rigal
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Stone Cold - by Olivia Rigal, Stone Cold, Olivia Rigal, Stone Cold Alternate cover edition for ASIN B JEHRLDO His hard body is pressed against my back and I can t look away from our reflection in the mirror One of his hands leaves my breast and vanishes unseen but not unfelt I never thought I d bury my brother Brian Hatcher has a lot of nerve I thought I d never see his face again He left the police force to join the Iron Tornadoes tAlternate cover

Stone Cold

Free Download Stone Cold - by Olivia Rigal Free Download Stone Cold - by Olivia Rigal - Stone Cold, Stone Cold Alternate cover edition for ASIN B JEHRLDO His hard body is pressed against my back and I can t look away from our reflection in the mirror One of his hands leaves my breast and vanishes unseen but Stone Cold

  • Free Download Stone Cold - by Olivia Rigal
    294Olivia Rigal
Stone Cold

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  1. Oh no no no guys Sunny is mad at this shit thing that actually somehow got published And you know what else PEOPLE actually like this Brian guy, the oh so hot love interest He is a complete fucking dick An abusive mother fucking bastard I hate him and I hate pathetic Lisa who cannot resist his dickery this is now a word, and lets herself get humiliated continuously in front of Brian s dickhead brothers She also fucking desperate for Brian and let s him do whatever he wants to her What the actual [...]

  2. I can t even put into words how utterly stupid Lisa was She repeatedly let Brian humiliate her in front of his brothers without repercussion Instead she rewards his disrespect with sex What is it with Heroines who continually allow themselves to be treated worthless When does the disrespect stop being a sexy alpha trait and start becoming abuse Call a spade a spade and stop sugar coating the malevolence in which these women are treated with.

  3. This book ends in a cliff hanger, which will be continued in book 2 I guess there are differing options as to what a cliff hanger is because some reviews said it was not a cliff hanger The book is about Lisa and Brain s relationship and the books ends with Lisa leaving to finish law school to return in a year Their relationship is not resolved, they have not committed to each other and at the end of the book, the question is what s going to happen between them when she returns If a book ends wit [...]

  4. I m sorry but this book made me angry, not just disappointed First of all, the heroine is one super big desperate SLUT The girl is pathetic with a capital P First of all, she sees Brian and even after he acts like a jerk with her countless times, she acts like an obedient bitch in heat The girl had no self esteem no respect for the guy she was supposed to be dating with while at the same time making out frequently with Brian who apparently had no problem with her dating someone else and calling [...]

  5. JOSIE S REVIEW Stone Cold by Olivia Rigal is the first book I have read by this author, but once I saw the title had an MC in it, I was sold Stone Cold is a short read about 124 pages I wish it was a little longer so we got story and character development with intensity I love when books with these themes are intense but what we do get is a bit of mystery to this story There are little clues that are given throughout the story which made it not only enjoyable but also suspenseful.Lisa Mayfie [...]

  6. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review Watching him touching me is overwhelming My eyes are glued on his hands, and I forget everything My mouth is open, but I ve stopped breathing 3 stars This book was okay overall I had a love hate relationship with Lisa, the main character The story was good, I think the characters just left me wanting .Lisa Mayfield returns home from law school to a dead brother and a former lover she no longer recognizes Brian Hatcher, her brother s best friend, d [...]

  7. This was my first read by this author and I have to admit that I was very disappointed First and foremost this book ends on a damn CLIFFHANGER and anyone who has read my past reviews will know how much I absolutely detest those, especially when the reader isn t warned ahead of time Sighs.Then we have Brian and Lisa who have to be two of the most weirdest characters I have ever read about Lisa is a damn idiot, not to mention pushover if I ever read about one, she s the one I understand she s know [...]

  8. This started off so well, but then it seemed like we were rushed along with certain plot points so we could get to a rather unfulfilling ending Obviously, there was a lot of history between Brian and Lisa, but it was hard to believe they could pick things up the way they did with the time and current events between them I m moving on to the second book, but only to see if I can get out of this couple s story by reading both.

  9. Arghhh, l histoire ne se termine pas la fin du livre, je suppose qu il faut encha ner le 2 me la suite Livre toujours aussi court, c est dommage a gagnerait tre plus d velopp.L h ro ne a des tendances un peu cruche, ne supporte pas le comportement du h ros mais tombe dans ses bras chaque fois tout en fleurtant avec un autre Le mariage de la m re tombe comme un cheveu sur la soupe, je ne vois pas trop l int r t.

  10. I received this story in exchange for an honest review Lisa is a nice girl, working her way as a waitress through law school She isn t doing so well with the school part, when her boss comes to her during a shift to let her know her brother has been killed in the line of duty he s a police officer Her boss takes her to her apartment to gather up some things, and get on a plane for home When she gets home, her mother is in the hospital for observation because she didn t take the news well at all [...]

  11. After completing , I was not sure what I was going to write in my review.It took me quite some time to really put my thoughts on paper When I first read the blurb I thought to myself, this sounds very exciting and as such I could not wait to sink my teeth into this book.The premise was good, but for some reason I just could not connect with the main characters The story did not pull me in as I expected it to I continued reading because there were questions that I needed answers to, but unfortuna [...]

  12. Review by Melanie 4 stars A short took me a little over an hour to read fast moving story of what happens when Lisa gets called home after her cop brother gets killed on a job Lisa also has to deal with the discovery that her first love her brothers best friend and should have been colleague, left the police academy and has joined the Iron Tornadoes MC the town s criminal bikers who, she believes, may have had something to do with her brother s death No one is talking though, an admirer is sniff [...]

  13. I received this as an ARC for an honest review Holy cow is this book good This book is about Lisa and Brian and what they must fight to get what makes them happiest in life Lisa comes home after finding out that her brother has been killed in the line of duty Brian was Lisa s brothers best friend, they had lost touch over the years but when Lisa comes home for this Brian is there for her He may not be able to be around her all the time but when it is important he is there This book will be an am [...]

  14. 3.5 Stars BEWARE CLIFFHANGER Can t wait for the next book I know it s gonna be sooo good because there is soooo much that can happen to with Lisa I m crossing my fingers for the underdog Everest cause I m still holding a grudge with the way Brian treated Lisa at the drug store lol I m sure whatever the author writes in the second book will be great I m looking forward to reading it

  15. Thanks Olivia for suggesting this book I enjoyed it a lot, however Lisa annoyed me as well as Everest.They suppose to be starting something and he just lets her go off with Brian and didn t even checkup on her.And she, was with Everest and then just goes and sleeps with BrianThis is not a good start for the next book Can t wait to find out what is going to happen between these three people

  16. Big disappointment I m usually sold on most MC books but this was not a series I will finish The hero was a cocky tool and the heroine was a spineless twit One would think with Lisa going to law school she d have a backbone but it totally disappeared when Brian decided to humiliate and disrespect her Both were total losers in my opinion.

  17. Great read I give it 4.5 stars I need It has everything I like and need in an MC book Please do not rush the good parts in the next book details We readers like the hot, steamy scenes

  18. I hate headlineslolI went into this book skeptical off of others reviews I was ok but felt short and rushed at times I wish Lisa could have been tougher I felt like she gave into Brian all the time Sometimes I was like she s gonna do it because she makes a comment but then it s like nope Lisa is studying to be a lawyer and she lives in New York She has one yr to go Then she gets a phone call to come home to FL something has happened to her brother David He had joined the military then joined t [...]

  19. A tantalizing beginning to the Iron Tornadoes MC Lisa and Brian have history They grew up together, as friends and adopted cousins Brian s best friend was Lisa s brother David Lisa leaves FL for NY and college and law school She is called home when David, a police officer is killed while undercover The MC is hinted as holding some responsibility for David s death Lots of tension, exploring old and new relationships, good and bad meetings with the MC brothers and Lisa s head is spinning What on e [...]

  20. Love MC booksI write this in a somber mood I m in this mood, because the book was an excellent walk into a MC I am also in this mood because this book grabbed my heart and drained all the emotions possible out of it But the worst is that as much as I love this book, I can t afford the next one, and I really want to read it I guess I ll have to ask my husband if there is some way we can afford it, and fit it in to our budget for the month.

  21. J ai t hyper surprise par ce livre J avoue que je n avais m me pas fait attention au nombre de pages, et d un coup POUF C est fini O.O mais pourquoi as tu fait a Olivia Tout s est pass tr s vite dans ce tome 1, et en m me temps, l intrigue tait tout juste bien en place pour nous faire d vorer les pages l unes apr s l autres Bref, j ai bien appr ci ce tome 1 et j esp re que la suite sera tout aussi sympathique

  22. Strictly for bikers A story with no conclusion containing caricatures of all the characters supposedly associated with a motorcycle gang Not a very good sentence, but on a par with the book I ve just read I m certain it will find a bunch of readers who will lap this up I won t be hunting down the rest of the series.

  23. Good, but a great cliffhanger.I don t know what I expected when I started reading this book, but I have been pleasantly surprised so far and highly motivated to keep reading to find out what is going on with Brian and Lisa.

  24. New MCI really enjoyed this book, I love Lisa as the main character and narrator, I don t know whether to love or hate Brian This is a well written I introduction to the iron tornadoes but I hope to read about the MC in future books

  25. Stone ColdI love reading MC romances and this is my first by Olivia Rigal and I very happy that I m not disappointed I also like the different twist from the other MC s that I ve read I m looking forward to this series.

  26. Highly recommendAwesome book I love it when someone comes back and finds what they love this is a good read can t wait to see if they ever get together

  27. Gritty Loved every page, it drew me in from beginning and kept me captivated till the end Cannot wait to read the next one

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