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Hard Love

[PDF] Hard Love | by ✓ Ellen Wittlinger [PDF] Hard Love | by ✓ Ellen Wittlinger - Hard Love, Hard Love John Galardi is a loner unable to express his feelings except in the pages of his zine Bananafish He finds inspiration in another zine Escape Velocity created by Marisol Guzman a self proclaimed

  • Title: Hard Love
  • Author: Ellen Wittlinger
  • ISBN: 9780689872570
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Hard Love | by ✓ Ellen Wittlinger, Hard Love, Ellen Wittlinger, Hard Love John Galardi is a loner unable to express his feelings except in the pages of his zine Bananafish He finds inspiration in another zine Escape Velocity created by Marisol Guzman a self proclaimed rich spoiled lesbian private school gifted and talented writer virgin Her sharp observations make John laugh out loud and he decides he must meet this witty author ByJohn Galardi is a loner

Hard Love

[PDF] Hard Love | by ✓ Ellen Wittlinger [PDF] Hard Love | by ✓ Ellen Wittlinger - Hard Love, Hard Love John Galardi is a loner unable to express his feelings except in the pages of his zine Bananafish He finds inspiration in another zine Escape Velocity created by Marisol Guzman a self proclaimed Hard Love

  • [PDF] Hard Love | by ✓ Ellen Wittlinger
    210Ellen Wittlinger
Hard Love

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  1. so damaged kids attracting each other like magnets, filling in the places left by distant, absent, or overinvolved adults a strange choice for LGBTQPR3Z week sure, it is about a friendless boy whose home life is emotionally barren and a firecracker of a lesbian, but it isn t really about sexuality that part is used as window dressing than spotlit, and only serves as an obstacle to keep the characters from kissing she s cool, he s not, and yet they form a relationship based on zines and teen an [...]

  2. I am immune to emotion I have been ever since I can remember Which is helpful when people appeal to my sympathy I don t seem to have any Oh my GODDDDD, a young adult book about someone SO TERRIBLY DAMAGED that they are IMMUNE TO EMOTION How new and exciting NOT This is teen angst at its worst Especially since the main character, John, is totally not immune to emotion He spends the entire book whining about how hurt he is by his parents who got divorced when John was ten and then became too wrapp [...]

  3. Karen is waiting patiently for this review, or sort of patiently, or waiting because she has no choice I guess the biggest thing here is a finished this a bit ago so this won t be the best review ever, percolating makes me fuzzy not thoughtful like other people Reading this book I was like THIS BOOK IS THE STRANGER it s like what would happen if camus wanted the stranger to have a happy ending, or you know the stranger has a happy ending but I mean a like traditional happy ending or not a tradi [...]

  4. Do you remember your first love crush Do you remember wanting to tell him her but squirm at the thought of doing so Do you remember thinking it was hopeless and futile Then this is the book for you Meet John Galardi, a loner and a teenager with divorced parents, trying to express himself through his zine, Bananafish His inspiration, Marisol Guzman, creator of the zine Escape Velocity and a self proclaimed rich spoiled lesbian private school gifted and talented writer virgin The two would meet th [...]

  5. Ugg this book was a drag Very emo and not in a good way It s one of those Let s feel sorry about ourselves because daddy doesn t love me and the only girl I ve ever loved is a Lesbian and I have no friends Complete drain and bore

  6. Holden Caulfield esque loner John finds friendship in a lesbian girl, Marisol, whose zine he admires I found myself interested for the first part of the book, or until the protagonist experiences unrequited love for said friend While this serves as the turning point in the book, as well as the catalyst for John s growth and development as a character, it seems a bit tried and trueeven a bit cliche While I m sure it makes for good teen angst, I found myself wondering if the book wouldn t have bee [...]

  7. The BEST book I ve read so far I have to say, Miss Wittlinger, you ve ruined all books for me Before this, I have only limited myself to reading chicklit and that s not necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted Something that goes beyond heroine gets the hero, or something like that In this book, I ve definitely ventured out of my own comfort zone And I loved it The witticisms of John, the design of the book it was a tad bit expensive, but damn IT WAS HELL WORTH IT I kept squealing for Marisol and [...]

  8. For the first 3 4 of this book, I didn t like it at all Something homework avoidance kept me plodding along until the ending, which I liked a lot better than the rest John Galardi, high school junior and zine writer, comes from a broken Boston area home During the week he lives with his depressed mother, who refuses to touch him, and on weekends he visits his cold selfish father and distributes copies of his zine at the nearby Tower Records yeah, the concept of a print zine is kind of dated if t [...]

  9. Re read of one of my favourite books as a pre teen, and it s still so good All I remember from it was Marisol s zine title, Escape Velocity, and that I loved it Now I think I better appreciate the adolescent issues and I love how the author tries out so many different voices and they all feel so real to me, offering honest perspectives without contradicting or trying to contest one another Amazing writing too.

  10. Hard Loveis a beautiful, heartbreaking, thought provoking love story between two teenagers The biggest catch though, is that one of them is gay John knows Marisol is gay because of the zines self produced magazines she writes Her zines are full of wit, sarcasm, and brutal honestly John waits for Marisol at a local comic book shop, hoping to meet his favorite zine writer What he got was an unexpected friend From the beginning, they re friendship is an unexpected one Marisol tries to teach John th [...]

  11. It s a bad sign when you prefer a book s dedication page to the actual book Read this one in high school and liked it a whole lot better then At least the late 90s references to Ani and the zine scene made sense a decade ago Gio is hilarious, his narration is withering and spot on, there s a tinge of Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You in his observations That said I wish Marisol weren t the most obnoxious character ever Don t lie to me, Gio I m a dyke, Gio You ve really fucked up this time, [...]

  12. This book grew on me and although I wouldn t say it s a literary masterpiece it makes for a decent YA novel The premise is kind of interesting straight guy meets gay girl and falls in love I think the voice is really well developed by the writer so the characters are full of life and you start to feel like you actually know them Johnny and Marisol both write zines so even though Johnny s the narrator, we do get insight into both of the character s thoughts feelings ideas emotions.Still, the nove [...]

  13. I love Wittlinger s books for their realistic endings no happy ever after for her, but real teenage problems and real teenage angst She also writes reasonably well about questioning your sexuality, though I m curious if I ll still feel that way after I read her newest,Parrotfish.Regardless this is a story about John, who falls in love with his lesbian best friend Marisol, and how they manage to navigate their own problems and the problems between them and come out feeling if not whole at least s [...]

  14. Excellent YA lit The characters break out of the mold of boring, conformist high school character and succeed in being fascinating, original, believable characters who fully exist outside their high schools social structures I really enjoyed the author s mix of John s friendship with Marisol with his relationships with his parents A mother who ceased to touch him at all after her divorce and a father who considers Friday night dinners fulfillment of his paternal duties added to the complexity of [...]

  15. Meh I wanted to like this, with the zines and the lesbians and the angst, but the deep apathy of the main character combined with a thin plot was than I could bear.

  16. I read this in middle school.It changed my life.It saved my life.Ellen Wittlinger, if you ever see this thank you.

  17. I read this novel for yearofya July chat of unique novels Thursday July 27 at 8PM EST and this book uses zine entries, poetry, letters, and songs to tell the story of John Galardi who has used his zine, Bananafish to write about his horrible home life since his parents divorce 6 years ago He uses the pen name Giovanni and really likes one zine by Marisol who is Puerto Rican, Cuban and a lesbian John also likes another zine by this girl, Diane Tree John also has just 1 friend, Brian, who is reall [...]

  18. Printz Honor 2000This book, for me, shows some of the pitfalls in the way that Printz books appear to be chosen There are always a couple, usually among the honors books, that seem to be awarded for their edginess and or inclusion of an Important Topic than for being all around outstanding literature Hard Love is well written, for sure, and it s an engaging read And I m sure it was very cutting edge in 2000, but 15 years later, that edge is seriously dulled What makes this story stand out from t [...]

  19. This story seemed pretty typical to me, although when it was published it was probably less of the norm You have the cold hearted guy and the eccentric girl who draws him out of his shell and forces him to care There s nothing really unpredictable about this book, for all of John s complaining, I would complain that he s fairly predictable At least Marisol managed to surprise me every once in a while I also didn t care for the ending as it left one relationship hanging in the balance, I would li [...]

  20. Hard Love led me to contemplate issues that I hadn t put much thought into previously, and the depth to which they were explored in this book was so powerful With a difficult home life, the protagonist, John, has already received his fair share of hard love When he meets Marisol, however, he discovers he hasn t experienced half of it.Marisol s character is so interesting to me Clearly she s been through a lot, and a series of events has led her to become an individual who has an extremely diffic [...]

  21. Hard Love Ellen Wittlinger Walking passed that person that girl or guy you just can t stop thinking of gives you a bag of butterflies fluttering around in your stomach You find your mind wondering off How wonderful life wou then you come back to earth realizing that no matter what he she will never love you back This is the slice of a bigger heart in the book Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger In the book Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger, a boy named John Giovanni meets a girl named Marisol simply for h [...]

  22. Guy becomes friends with girl through a shared love of making zines, guy falls in love with said girl who is unfortunately a lesbian Hard love, indeed.John comes from a broken family and he s pretty much a loner a witty misanthrope , according to him Marisol is an adopted Puerto Rican rich spoiled lesbian private school gifted and talented writer virgin looking for love At the start of their friendship, everything is alright Marisol is a bit guarded though of her feelings and she doesn t trust J [...]

  23. This is the best book that I ve read in a long while I loved it It s about a high school boy named John Gio who reads a few zines and starts one himself Through this he meets this girl named Marisol Their friendship changes his life It s like, when you ve been shut down for so long and someone comes along and makes you feel for the first time I m also a sucker for people who express themselves in writing I feel you get to know a lot about yourself and as a reader, possibly, you get to see into t [...]

  24. The beginning of the book was ridiculously slow The plot didn t pick up until about half way through The characters didn t have a stand out personality They seemed to be those kids that are hiden and shy Gio, the alone teenage boy doesn t really understand the liking of the oposite sex, but when he meets Marisol, who in this case is lesbian, he falls in love Giving the impression that he doesn t really know what he wants Marisol is a bit confused as well She knows that her preference is females, [...]

  25. It s been a while since I ve read a realistic fiction YA novel and I was not disappointed by Hard Love Hard Love is told from the perspective of John, a High School Junior who is incapable of expressing his emotions He hides behind his journal and his zine , Bananafish Writing is his escape, his only place to be who he is The reason for his isolation from the world and his enclosed heart is the divorce of his parents John s father left his mother and throughout John s childhood his father was un [...]

  26. You could say Hard Love is the story of a boy s first love, but anyone who is going or has gone through their teen years knows first love is never that simple In Ellen Wittlinger s Lambda Literary award winning short novel, we hear from John Gio Galardi Jr as he experiences hard love, first in his strained relationship with his divorced parents and then with Marisol, a fellow zine writer This novel explores themes relevant to young adults, including self discovery, testing boundaries, sexual ide [...]

  27. Marisol has a lot to show John about how to write a good zine And she s fine with letting him and everyone else know she s a lesbian which isn t a problem until he falls in love with her.John s voice feels very authentic, pouring out on the page what is hard for him to speak out loud The layout of the book is engaging, with drawings and collages in the front pages, some paragraphs skewed at odd angles, handwritten notes and poems on lined paper, and excerpts from cut and paste xeroxed zines The [...]

  28. Dredging the archives of my old YA blog from back in the day when I was a YA para librarian Awesome Zine is the name for an independent publication or alternative newsletter, with topics ranging from self exploration to punk bands to comics to travel to DIY instructions and on and on Check out denverzinelibrary Hard Love is all about a boy who finds a girl s zine, falls in love, and then has his heart broken Essentially But it s also about the secret world of zines, writing letters, teens identi [...]

  29. Just one YA book, and then I m going back to grown up reading I promise This one was recommended on one of the blogs I read worththetrip.wordpress 200 When I saw that the author is from Swampscott, I no longer had any choice but to read it But the uncanniness was just beginning The characters are in high school when I was in high school, hanging out at Trident on Newbury Street, and going to Ani concerts at the Orpheum If the characters were less than 100% fictional, I might have bumped into th [...]

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