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Breakup Bible, The

[PDF] Breakup Bible, The | by ☆ Melissa Kantor [PDF] Breakup Bible, The | by ☆ Melissa Kantor - Breakup Bible, The, Breakup Bible The Jen Lewis is having a great junior year She is the features editor of the school paper and she s dating Max Brown the paper s editor in chief Everything is perfect that is until Max says Maybe it

  • Title: Breakup Bible, The
  • Author: Melissa Kantor
  • ISBN: 9780786809639
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Breakup Bible, The | by ☆ Melissa Kantor, Breakup Bible, The, Melissa Kantor, Breakup Bible The Jen Lewis is having a great junior year She is the features editor of the school paper and she s dating Max Brown the paper s editor in chief Everything is perfect that is until Max says Maybe it would be better if we were just friends In shock and total denial Jen wonders how she is going to deal with the pain of seeing Max in school every day Her misery onlyJen Lewis is h

Breakup Bible, The

[PDF] Breakup Bible, The | by ☆ Melissa Kantor [PDF] Breakup Bible, The | by ☆ Melissa Kantor - Breakup Bible, The, Breakup Bible The Jen Lewis is having a great junior year She is the features editor of the school paper and she s dating Max Brown the paper s editor in chief Everything is perfect that is until Max says Maybe it Breakup Bible, The

  • [PDF] Breakup Bible, The | by ☆ Melissa Kantor
    244Melissa Kantor
Breakup Bible, The

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  1. It wasn t my favorite young adult book, but it definitely wasn t the worst The main character sometimes annoyed me because she was so frustrating Midway through the book, I was so annoyed by how hung up she was still on her ex boyfriend who was, obviously, a complete jerk to her It also annoyed the inner feminist in me that her breakup Bible suggested getting a new boyfriend to get over the hurt of the last boyfriend meaning a woman needs a man to be happy However, towards the end of the book, I [...]

  2. I stumbled upon The Breakup Bible after googling books to read when you re heartbroken I believe the reason for this particular search is pretty obvious and doesn t need to be explained.Thing is, I honestly didn t expect much from this book but I m glad to be proven wrong especially in times like this This book will not mend your heart and get you back out there after a bad experience but it will definitely help you take some first steps towards that goal.

  3. Awesome book Kinda reminded me of How to Be Popular with it s self help book style I loved the characters, they felt real and the plot wasn t some lame we broke up but then I found an even better guy kinda thing I mean, she didn t even have a real new boyfriend by the end of the book But I do like Gene I wish I could salsa dance I loved when Jennifer told Max to get over himself I think he totally deserved it and that she should have been pissed at him through out the whole book And the race re [...]

  4. Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadTooJennifer had the perfect boyfriend, the All American Boy, Max Brown, who she has had a crush on since kindergarten Everything was fine and peachy for them, or at least that is what Jennifer believed Out of nowhere Max tells her that he has been thinking about this a lot and just ends their relationships Heartbroken, Jennifer has no idea what went wrong and is having trouble seeking out the answers, most likely because all she can do [...]

  5. The Breakup Bible s a really good book mostly for Teens Its about a girl named Jen Lewis who goes to highschool and is dating a boy named Max Brown They had a perfect relationship until he tells her he just wants to be friends Jen feels like her life is over until her Nana gets her a book called the Breakup Bible Her Nana is hopeing this book helps Jen move on from Max.Warning Plot Spoilers and Discussion Follow Below.Setting The book takes place in 2007 at Hillsdal High School.The protagonist i [...]

  6. Such a great story, and well constructed and written And even though the main story line addresses the sad reality of heartbreak, I caught myself smiling at several different points in the novel I mean, who hasn t blasted ABBA and danced wildly around the bedroom.I ve always appreciated Melissa Kantor s writing style it s engaging and endearingly sarcastic not the kind of sarcasm that seems to be written just for sarcasm s sake it could even be called an ironic sarcasm, the kind that points out [...]

  7. The cover was pink shocking pink It was so pink it seemed to throb with pinkness Smack in the middle was a raised, gold heart, split in two by a pink lightning bolt Above the heart, in white capital letters, was the books title The Breakup bible Jennifer Lewis has it all amazing friends, editorial position on the school newspaper and the perfect relationship with her boyfriend Max Brown, her editor in chief and the boy of her dreams Then, out of nowhere, Max casually tells Jennifer that maybe it [...]

  8. I recommend The Breakup Bible to someone who likes funny, realistic, young adult novels This book would be perfect for someone looking for a light read The Breakup Bible begins with a heartbroken Jennifer Lewis explaining how her boyfriend of five months, Max, dumps her The story continues, and a day after the breakup, Jennifer s grandmother gives her a book The book, titled The Breakup Bible, is all about how to get over heartbreak With the help of The Breakup Bible s rules, friends, family, an [...]

  9. I think Kantor was able to really elevate what could have been standard YA fare and create something standout, fun and interesting The storyline is relatively simple, and something we have read multiple times in YA lit a teen boy breaks up with his unsuspecting girlfriend, and she is left reeling and completely traumatized by the break up Now, I have to admit that I often get impatient with these female characters who lose their marbles, don t go to school, have a minor breakdown, etc after a h [...]

  10. I am just finishing this book and I absolutely loved it I have already recommended it to my friend who just went through a break up, but not because I think it has good advice because for one I don t think you need a man to be happy I recommended it to her because it would help her understand how silly she was being having such hurt feelings because of ONE GUY She could read the life of Jen and start thinking to herself Jeez, she just needs to get over this jerk She needs to realize that she is [...]

  11. The author did a good job pulling you in and making you feel the pain that comes with being dumped Especially when it comes out of left field like it did for Jen when Max said he thought they were better off as friends All the emotions and actions Jen went through trying to move on were spot on I just wish there was about Jen s life after she realized Max wasn t as great as she thought he was I would have liked to have read about her at her internship and about seeing Gene for coffee After all [...]

  12. I feel like if this was something I d read while in a relationship, I wouldn t have liked it as much as I did I got this book I came out of a relationship three months ago, so this was very relatable to me Reading how devastated Jen was at the start of her breakup reminded me how I felt, and it was just interesting to see her progression toward happiness and getting over Max view spoiler and god, am I glad things worked out with Gene in the end I really thought she screwed that one up hide spoil [...]

  13. What can I say I m a sucker for romance and chick lit I happened to devour this book in two hours give or take before eating breakfast or getting out of bed I was wondering how Jennifer was going to get over Max As anyone whose every been in love knows breakups hurt and take some time to get over I liked how there was another storyline and another guy Gene who sounds too sweet I got another lucky pick here Plus I do like happy endings

  14. Cute story Since I m 24 and married, I can t help but judge teenage girls in books who are in love and heartbroken when a guy breaks up with them But even though I m 24 and married, I still enjoy teenage romances So I enjoyed it

  15. I finished this yesterday or the other day and I can relate to Jen but she s moved on but I haven t lol but it s a good book

  16. Salom Reina BedoyaThe Breakup BibleMelissa KantorPg 90People in the nineteenth century novels actually died of heartbreak, so basically a girl gets dumped by her boyfriend or lover and the next thing you know her family is sitting next to her bed waiting for the moment to happen, friends give their grieves to the parents and go away until the tradegy passes Jen lewis is a junior student, she is one of the most non popular girls at school but she is having a great time, on the other hand, she is [...]

  17. 2.75 starsI think the B storyline was interesting than the A storyline And the book could have been great if it were the focus It truly surprised me and took parts of the story places I hadn t expected especially for a contemporary story about getting over a breakup It wasn t perfect but it did really elevate the story and make it unique Jen was a mixed bag for me I didn t hate her but I didn t enjoy her either She she was just there She came across annoying at times and I feel like she was pr [...]

  18. For light, chick YA lit, it wasn t at all bad Max was a jerk, and I couldn t help but relate to Jenny even given the tiresome trying to get him back part.

  19. I enjoyed The Breakup Bible by Melissa Kantor much than I thought I would I saw the bright pink cover in the YA section of the library by chance It stuck out and having just gone through a breakup of sorts myself, I thought something with a title like The Breakup Bible might help me move on, or at least give me something to relate to Jennifer Lewis, the protagonist and dumpee starts the book off heartbroken after her then boyfriend Max pulls a Let s Just Be Friends She picks up a self help book [...]

  20. The Breakup BibleReviewed by Danielle Kobriger It s not you, it s me , I don t have time for a relationship , I think we are better off as friends , all of these are common break up lines The Breakup Bible, written by Melissa Kantor, tells the story of a teenage girl, Jen, whose heart is broken by her adored boyfriend Max, when he says the famous line I think we should just be friends.I feel like Kantor, the author, is trying to make the point that time can heal all wounds if you let it The conf [...]

  21. Actual rating 3.75I badly wanted to make this 4 stars but I m not so sure I ll just wait if ever that happensInsightsFair Warning may contain mild spoilers though it wouldn t really tell you a lot about the story Unless if you re like me who can easily stitch pieces together, then you might want to steer clear of my review Yet again, these won t destroy the story for youCreative CoverI am truly amazed by the tattered effects on the cover I thought it was authentic PI adore that they showed the r [...]

  22. My book talks about a high schoolers break up with her boyfriend, Max, who she was in love with The two dated for 6 months, then a tragic break up occured out of the blue The problem is, they always see each other because they both write for the school newspaper The whole book talks about Jenifer s path to recovery to happiness again Her Nana gives Jennie a book, called The Break Up Bible In this book, it talks about ten commandments to follow after a breakup Jennie tries to do these things, but [...]

  23. I choose the novel The Breakup Bible written by Melissa Kantor because the title caught my attention In this story a teenage girl with the name Jennifer who in her 3rd year of High School has a massive heartbreak emotionally and mentally The heartbreak was caused by her now ex boyfriend Max Brown, a High School senior, who told Jennifer that he thinks that they should just stay friends This gesture made by Max really interfered with Jennifer s life After the breakup, Jennifer only could think ab [...]

  24. It s bizarre, but I like reading teenage break up stories I definitely didn t enjoy being dumped as a teenager, but I think the emotions of that experience always make for great YA literature In this book, Jen Lewis, school newspaper reporter, is unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend Max, the newspaper s editor Totally caught off guard and devastated by the break up, she wonders how she will ever possibly face him in school, and in newspaper meetings, now that they are no longer a couple She spen [...]

  25. Cute, funny, YA chick litEverything is going sixteen year old Jennifer s way Her boyfriend Max Brown is a handsome, witty senior who works with her on the school newspaper, and she is on track to be a future journalist She has two great best friends who are intensely loyal to her Her parents are divorced because her father is gay, but she and her mother get along well, and her father and his significant other are sensitive, kind and loving toward her But then, tragedy strikes Seemingly out of th [...]

  26. This book definitely had good intentions but I think it was just executed poorly There was too many subplots and I m not all too sure why the book was even titled the break up bible There was not even a proper guide to breaking up.Jennifer has been moved up on my list of most annoying protagonists to ever have their own book She was such a whinny little bitch It felt like she wanted to seem so much smarter and mature than she was The plot I m guessing had to do with Jen s boyfriend breaking up w [...]

  27. The cover was pink shocking pink It was so pink it seemed to throb with pinkness Smack in the middle was a raised, gold heart, split in two by a pink lightning bolt Above the heart, in white capital letters, was the books title The Breakup bible This is about a girl, Jen Lewis who has a so called perfect boyfriend but suddenly Max Brown decided that it would be better if they re just friends Broken hearted and clueless, Jen needs a reason why his boyfriend dumped him Jen is having trouble imagin [...]

  28. I think this is the sort of book you could judge by the cover Unless you hate the color pink But if you don t, you probably think it looks cute, and thats exactly what this story is.The Breakup Bible tells the story of a teenage girl named Jennifer going through her first serious breakup It has plenty of awkward teenage moments that make you both cringe and laugh and unfortunately in my case, are still much too relateable Despite the fact that Jennifer spends most of the book feeling sad and dep [...]

  29. I adored this novel it was everything I had expected and .I loved the book The Breakup Bible that was in this novel because it gave the funniest advice ever And what I liked best was the character Jen s reaction to them Absolutely hilarious Though Jen s reaction and depression after being dumped by her ex boyfriend, Max, is too unrealistic, it was still an appealing plot.My favorite character would have to be Jay, Jen s dad s boyfriend That s right, boyfriend Apparently her dad found out that he [...]

  30. Only okay Typical teen angst YA novel about being dumped by the guy of her dreams, who turns out to not have been such a great prize anyway They dated for 5 months, and he then breaks up with her a few days after she wouldn t spend the night with him And he s been fooling around behind her back for an unknown period of time Despite the fact he s a sleeze she is devastated, which is certainly understandable However, the martyrdom routine gets old quickly Even after he has been openly dating the n [...]

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