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Città in fiamme

[PDF] Città in fiamme | by ↠ Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola [PDF] Città in fiamme | by ↠ Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola - Città in fiamme, Citt in fiamme New York Il Bronx in fiamme e Central Park il terreno di caccia di rapinatori ed eroinomani il punk sta nascendo e l Aids alle porte gli artisti ancora affittano le soffitte a Manhattan La not

  • Title: Città in fiamme
  • Author: Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola
  • ISBN: 9788804652298
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Città in fiamme | by ↠ Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola, Città in fiamme, Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola, Citt in fiamme New York Il Bronx in fiamme e Central Park il terreno di caccia di rapinatori ed eroinomani il punk sta nascendo e l Aids alle porte gli artisti ancora affittano le soffitte a Manhattan La notte di Capodanno corre sul filo del rasoio quasi mezzanotte quando si alza una tempesta di neve e nel frastuono dei fuochi d artificio uno scoppio attraversa CentrNew York Il B

Città in fiamme

[PDF] Città in fiamme | by ↠ Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola [PDF] Città in fiamme | by ↠ Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola - Città in fiamme, Citt in fiamme New York Il Bronx in fiamme e Central Park il terreno di caccia di rapinatori ed eroinomani il punk sta nascendo e l Aids alle porte gli artisti ancora affittano le soffitte a Manhattan La not Città in fiamme

  • [PDF] Città in fiamme | by ↠ Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola
    492Garth Risk Hallberg Massimo Bocchiola
Città in fiamme

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  1. for the most part, this book was totally worth 2 million dollars and it s definitely worth the cover price of 30.00 but damn it s hard to review at its most reductive, it s a multi viewpoint novel told from the perspective of several characters living in new york during 77, culminating in that summer s blackout it s a panoptic of the ultra wealthy and the squatters, the artists and musicians and revolutionaries, gay and straight, old and young, black and white and asian, uptown and downtown, pol [...]

  2. Boy, I wanted to like this book.Garth Risk Hallberg is certainly a writer of exceptional promise and unmistakable ability There are passages in City On Fire that sublimely evoke New York City, portraying the Big Apple s magnetism and its monstrous shadow so effectively as to make it feel like you re walking the streets yourself The amount of detail conjured in these pages is frequently astonishing.And yet why Why must the writer tell us, for example, the relative size of an heirloom mattress and [...]

  3. Couldn t make it past the prologue Two characters took about 50 pages to move a Christmas tree across the crosswalk I don t care how big the buzz is life is too short.

  4. Five reasons for 5 stars 1 I had read 177 pages of this physical heavy weight book I own it Then I saw that my library carried this audiobook it was available change of plans Instantly I recognized Rebecca Lowman as one of the main narrators I began to melt into REBECCA LOWMAN BLISS Rebecca adds life to the language and brings the characters alive 2 Rebecca Lowman s voice is so sincere, warm, and realI m interested in anything she talks about It was because of Rebecca I experienced the lovely fl [...]

  5. City on Fire was marketed as one of the biggest book releases of 2015 Garth Risk Hallberg s 900 page debut novel, sold to the publisher for a whopping 2 million, has been likened to Donna Tartt s The Goldfinch and Jennifer Egan s A Visit from the Goon Squad And while I see the similarities, I think Hallberg s doesn t quite stack up to either of these novels.Let s disregard the fact that yes, this book is incredibly well written Hallberg understands language He writes with precision, with big ide [...]

  6. I can t, just can t read this any It is hanging over my head like Damocles sword Have read half but I just don t care enough about any of these characters to continue Yes, it is well written, but way to wordy and just not for me a good fit I am so darned relieved to be done.

  7. HOW TO READ THIS BOOKAfter page 350 I decided to skip all the passages which bored the bejeesus out of me As there were quite a considerable number of those, getting through the next 550 pages became a whole lot easier, even occasionally enjoyable Even so, I feel like I need someone to come and defibrillate me HOISTED WITH HIS OWN PETARDOn page 617 we read She seemed to like exactly those things he found most irksome about The New York Review of Books its unapologetic boringness, its privileged [...]

  8. I can already feel the sting from the glances of side eyed skepticism and even scepticism as I type this, that for 600 pages, anyway City on Fire, the massively hyped, crazy quilt pastiche of a doorstopper was this close to earning a spot on my imaginary Favorites shelf I was utterly enraptured by Garth Risk Hallberg s swirly, sweaty portrait of NYC in the mid to late 70 s Even with the pretentious slathering of the most obscure words of the English language, I flew through the pages as if they [...]

  9. I survived City on Fire No matter what else I read in 2016, I feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing this dense, sprawling, 900 page tome.For it is dense and sprawling Comparisons to Dickens and Pynchon and David Foster Wallace and hell, even Shakespeare, are apt The plot is so complicated it defies summary There is a punk group on a mission there is a rich family embroiled in a corruption scandal there is an honest cop close to retirement there are estranged lovers there is a girl who w [...]

  10. The it book this fall is City on Fire, a 911 page debut by an unknown writer named Garth Risk Hallberg Yes, Risk is literally his middle name, but it s his publisher that s taking a chance here Having reportedly paid nearly 2 million for the manuscript, Knopf must be praying that City on Fire is worth its weight in Goldfinch Such irrational exuberance can t buy a spot on the bestseller list, but it can guarantee coverage So prepare yourself for what passes for a book publicity juggernaut Over th [...]

  11. I can t do it I can t read another page of this book beyond the 357 pages I ve read so far Maybe this book gets better, maybe it doesn t But I m not about to invest another minute to find out I can only tell you my experience with it so far at the one third mark which led me to abandoning it And I m not a person to abandon books easily The story takes place in New York City in the 1970 s, the large handful of characters criss crossing paths to connect and disconnect from one another A shooting i [...]

  12. It s hard to know where to begin with Garth Risk Hallberg s much hyped City on Fire I could try to talk about the 2 million advance, but I m just a simple rube from the Midwest, with little knowledge of the bidding wars engaged in by publishing houses I could ruminate on its complexly interwoven plot, with dozens of character arcs meandering in all directions until the book s culminating event the 1977 New York City blackout pulls them all together I could also marvel at this book s size, which [...]

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  14. Nueva York, los 70 La era del Qu m s da, del escepticismo desarticulado, de la anarqu a casquivana Las voces de Patti Smith y Joey Ramone recorren los suburbios del Bronx, los adolescentes se revelan contra un sistema que no entienden del todo, el punk es sin nimo de pertenencia y los grafitis, de identidad Enajenaci n y desencaje, libertad y responsabilidad, soledad y conexi n, el abuso de drogas y la autodestrucci n son temas recurrentes que se deslizan a lo largo de las casi 1000 p ginas de e [...]

  15. This first novel by Garth Risk Hallberg is an impressive piece of literature It has gotten a lot of press due to its weight 911 pages and the signing bonus the author received 2M apparently , so I was a little skeptical Nonetheless, I did find it a good read and it kept me involved cover to cover Possible Spoiler Alert but no real big ones The book centers around the shooting of Samantha Cicciaro in Central Park NYC on New Year s Eve in 1977 and the aftermath that ensues.There are several cluste [...]

  16. No novel has ever needed to exist less.An actual sentence Great rolls of toilet paper arc like ejaculate through the black sycas.

  17. Incendiary Bleak House NYC, Summer 1977 Blackout Brewing, Punkers Stewing4.6 stars J ai un peu peur Mon amour viens plus pr s, embrasse moi.Posted on b4 I got involved in I m the Outlier So be it I m sticking by my 5 stars Not that anyone will read this once they see 5 stars REVIEWA brash and brilliant novel set in the brazier that was 1977 New York City, a Municipality Infernality, an Immolation Station Don t be deterred by the novel s length If you can totally immerse yourself in a place time [...]

  18. Set in 1970s New York, this much talked about, epic debut it s 960 pages long and famously secured a 2m advance centres on the shooting of a seventeen year old girl on New Year s Eve At least, it starts off seeming like it does It s so sprawling that it takes in the entire life story of most of its characters, who include Sam, the girl who s shot her group of punk friends Charlie, the boy who s infatuated with her the mega rich Hamilton Sweeney family, notably siblings Billy and Regan Billy s bo [...]

  19. I think I just hit my limit I can only handle, you know, 10 references to Hegel and Gramsci per book And the interspersed Latin, French, Italian, poorly translated Spanish SERIOUSLY Characters speak of academic theories they would not know All have the same voice A 17 year old girl from Long Island should not sound like an old money company head in his 60s And no characters should resemble Ivy League comp lit professors I have compiled a list of about 300 words from this book that would make peo [...]

  20. Jesus, this book was the longest thing I ve ever read Worse than the physical number of pages in my hand was how long and heavy it felt it dragged me down to the bottom of a what was the point of this book ocean and left me there to drown.Things I learnt 1 No amount of talent or ambition can survive an empty plot 2 There are only a handful of books that require 900 pages to get things done This is not one of those books 3 No amount of talent or ambition can cover up the lack of a strict, mercile [...]

  21. Nullarbor in New YorkIf you re going to write a thousand page saga about 1970 s New York City, you shouldn t make it as flat and featureless as Kansas in the wintertime I hit the wall at page 200 Hallberg is certainly a competent writer but narrative competence alone doesn t create enough payoff for the reader who has to slog through the tome that is City on Fire No engaging emotion, no memorable physical description I have no idea what any of the protagonists might look like , no humour, no ele [...]

  22. This is an ambitious debut novel, which is than 900 pages long and caused a bidding war between ten publishers, which ended with the an advance of nearly 2m Rarely does publishing a new author in this case 34 year old Garth Risk Hallberg cause such excitement and I was keen to read this novel which is making such a noise I am pleased to see publishers taking risks with long novels again possibly helped by the success of such books as, The Goldfinch and The Luminaries, and settled down to, hopef [...]

  23. I aim to read one book of 500 pages in each month of 2017 My first Doorstopper of the Month is City on Fire, the 2015 debut novel from Garth Risk Hallberg It s common knowledge that Hallberg earned a six figure advance for this 911 page evocation of a revolutionary time in New York City When it was first published I didn t think I had the fortitude to tackle it and had in mind to wait for the inevitable miniseries instead, but when I won a copy in a goodie bag from Hungerford Bookshop I decided [...]

  24. Let s start with a couple concrete subjects City On Fire is a 940 page monstrous Thud Factor book in the manner of Infinite Jest or War and Peace It does not mean, as a few readers have suggested, that the book is in any way overwritten or in need of an editor Hallberg s straight narrative style is brisk, almost breakneck at times, and goes down smooth But that means City on Fire is not a stream of consciousness, micro analytical compendium of Big Thoughts in the Proust or Pynchon manner Hallber [...]

  25. Somewhere down the road I think Hallberg will write a book I will really like, or maybe even love But this was not it The first half of the novel could have been sliced down to a manageable size, the second half is better but collapses somewhat under the expectations the previous hundreds of pages have built I love New York, especially during this time period and the chapters describing the black out are strong But New York had millions of people living in it even in the 70s Given the amount of [...]

  26. i did not actually finish this book it s 1000 pages , so you can take my evaluation with a grain of salt or you can forget about it altogether although that, in and of itself, is a kind of review this book wants SO BADLY to be THE great american novel every element that has EVER been praised in american fiction is in this book, as if the author surveyed every pulitzer prize winning novel from the past fifty years and sought to add elements of each the book is nearly 1000 pages no, that s not a t [...]

  27. Every year I go to BEA and I fail I fail because I work in publishing but forget to network for my company, I fail because I am a freelancer and I forget to bring business cards, and I most crucially fail because I never get any of the good books, even though the WHOLE REASON I fail at that other stuff is because I m trying so hard to get the good books But This year I did not fail That s actually only because I ran into Karen Queen of and Greg her co conspirator, and they wonderfully, generousl [...]

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