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Barefoot Best Read || [Elin Hilderbrand] Barefoot Best Read || [Elin Hilderbrand] - Barefoot, Barefoot Visiting Nantucket for the summer three women seek peace and comfort as they cope with the challenges in their lives from marriage infidelity and the mayhem of motherhood to scandal tragedy and i

  • Title: Barefoot
  • Author: Elin Hilderbrand
  • ISBN: 9780316018593
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback

Barefoot Best Read || [Elin Hilderbrand], Barefoot, Elin Hilderbrand, Barefoot Visiting Nantucket for the summer three women seek peace and comfort as they cope with the challenges in their lives from marriage infidelity and the mayhem of motherhood to scandal tragedy and illness Three women burdened with small children unwieldy straw hats and some obvious emotional issues tumble onto the Nantucket airport tarmac one hot June day Vicki isVisiting Nantucket fo


Barefoot Best Read || [Elin Hilderbrand] Barefoot Best Read || [Elin Hilderbrand] - Barefoot, Barefoot Visiting Nantucket for the summer three women seek peace and comfort as they cope with the challenges in their lives from marriage infidelity and the mayhem of motherhood to scandal tragedy and i Barefoot

  • Barefoot Best Read || [Elin Hilderbrand]
    335Elin Hilderbrand

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  1. Don t do it I bought this book after returning from the beach in Martha s Vineyard this past summer I thought it was about girlfriends at the beach What I didn t know was that none of the female characters were likable I think this is an important hook for any book likable characters instead we are presented with the worst of feminine traits martyr, hysteria, anxiety, selfish Ughh Honestly I couldn t get over the beginning when they head to the beach and all hell breaks lose a child goes missing [...]

  2. I d like to begin by stating that once I started this book, I truly did not want to put it down The lives of Brenda, Vicki, Melanie, and Josh are so captivating and genuine, making it hard not to become invested The setting is summer on Nantucket, and Hilderbrand s artful use of descriptive language truly made me feel as if I was there, providing yet another reason for why I couldn t put this novel down.While there is a certain, underlying thread of sadness that runs through the story, there are [...]

  3. BAREFOOT A beach house, two sisters, and a girlfriendSounds heavenly relaxing, even with a couple kids in tow Now, I can handle a bit of vomit and lost luggage, but Hilderbrand mercilessly tugs at all of my feminine heartstrings marriage, motherhood, sisterhood, and friendship oh, and that pesky fear of death thing.Meet the Girls Melanie deals with infertility overshadowed by infidelity, and then further complicated with pregnancy POW Brenda s promising academic career hangs in jeopardy due to a [...]

  4. I d give it a half a star if that was possible In fact, I m contemplating taking the one star away but I figured I had to give it something This book disappointed me WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD First, the book was all over the place One minute I m following Viki, then Brenda, then Melanie, and then Josh oh and then there are flash backs too, so it just gets confusing most of the time Second, it didn t end at all the way I wanted it to and that upset me I thought the story of everyone together at the [...]

  5. Looking for something light and summery, I took the front cover and read the back and thought it d be perfect for a weekend at the lake What the back of the book doesn t tell you is that from the very first chapter, the 3 main characters are annoying and never get any better.There is a martyr sister with lung cancer, a selfish professor sister and a poor miserable me friend who escapes because her husband cheated on her then ends up cheating on him The children are brats, the husbands alternate [...]

  6. On a summer vacation in Nantucket, three women arrive at the local airport two sisters and one friend They re all trying to escape from their real life problems Melanie, after several failed attempted to conceive, discovers she is pregnant Right after her husband tells her he is cheating on her with his co worker.Brenda , a prominent professor, has a scandalous affair with an older student that got her fired from her job Vickie, mother to two small boys, has been diagnosed with lung cancer Brend [...]

  7. It is about these three ladies in their 30 s that go to Nantucket to get away from their life issues from CT and NY One character is named Brenda who is a promiscuous type character but goes after much younger men than her, at least that is what it seems She ends up losing her job as a professor at a well known college because she was caught having sexual relations with her student Meanwhile, as she is having an argument with some of the staff that is in her English program, she accidentally dam [...]

  8. This is the story of three women and the trials that life brings to them It is a bittersweet novel depicting the importance of family and friends when life hits a rough patch It also demonstrates that one never knows where help might come from This was a well written fluff novel It dragged slowly by in certain parts I felt the end wrapped up too nicely and too neatly for all of the characters It would be great if life worked in such wonderful ways, but alas I found the ending unrealistic.

  9. This was the first book I ve read by Elin Hilderbrand, and I really enjoyed it While I would initially classify it as a chick lit beach read, it deals with some serious issues that make it a little less fluff There s the gorgeous Sconset setting, the women and the beach house, marital and family issues But there s also cancer The characters are really well developed, all different and compelling in their own ways Hilderbrand s writing is flawless and easy, I couldn t put this book down.

  10. Alright, if you would delete all pages from about 30% to 75% this book might have gotten 4 stars First off, no one can identify with these characters The women are all totally pessimistic and broken, the children are your typical American kids spoiled brats and all the men have macho man issues with the exception of John Walsh, but we don t get to know him well enough I understand that sometimes life gets you down and occasionally you might feel like there s nothing left except despair, but seri [...]

  11. Let me start by saying I was expecting this to be a throw away book Something I could start, put down if something else caught my attention, and or never pick back up and never regret missing out on if I didn t return to it I think that impression was the fault of the editors, or whoever put the front cover together With the tagline, Three women Three Secrets One long, hot summer and a quote reading, Summer reading fun Twenty pages in, you ll be ready to drop everything and head for the beach yo [...]

  12. Maybe I don t like chick lit or a great beach read but Barefoot doesn t even come remotely close to either of these There are chicks and a beach , but just getting to the beach is a simple task that almost defeats these three women None of the characters were very likeable, and Melanie was just plain pathetic I realize this is fiction, but I personally like fiction to have a story line that at least makes sense Sadly, Barefoot fails there also Not many lung cancer patients are out dining, drinki [...]

  13. It s summer, and even lovers of YA books need a beach read sometimes I picked this up at my local public library because the cover was about worn out proof it has been loved Three women arrive on Nantucket for the summer Vicki needs to get away from home because she has lung cancer and needs to begin chemotherapy She doesn t know how to handle it but at least her two boys can play at the beach if she s at the family cabin Brenda is running away she was just fired as a university professor for sl [...]

  14. Barefoot is a book that was recommended to me Thanks Lani because I really enjoyed The Castaways by this author and I wanted to read of her books I actually started out not liking any of the characters, and surprisingly by the middle to end, I ended up loving them all Each character had their own reason for being who they were, and I was endeared to each of them However, it wasn t until halfway through the book that I became involved enough with the characters that it became a page turner for m [...]

  15. As I delved into this book, it occurred to me that our book club has enjoyed some amazing books this year, and so by comparison, this novel seems rather trite or ordinary The tale is entertaining enough, but I think that the author has failed to fully develop the characters in the story Josh was not portrayed in depth, and as a result, I had difficulty in understanding his attraction or interest in these three older women I think that I would have become significantly involved as a reader if Jos [...]

  16. The story of three women and their young, male babysitter unfurls during the hot summer in Nantucket All of them have a story Vicki has lung cancer, Brenda, Vicki s younger sister is in disgrace after having an affair with one of her students and Melanie, Vicki s friend, is newly pregnant with a long fought for baby, only to discover her husband is having an affair Josh is a twenty one year old writing student on his summer holidays in the right place at the right time.Vicki and Brenda have inhe [...]

  17. This book was horrible One star is really too many This was my first Elin Hilderbrand novel and frankly, I will never read another one Can someone please tell me why this book was a national bestseller It read like a soap opera would if it were a novel The characters were one dimensional, at best I kept waiting for a climax to the book and there never was one These women supposedly were to experience this summer that would change their lives, but they never changed Vicki beat cancer, Melanie too [...]

  18. The criticisms of this book may be true but Hilderbrand writes beach books that are like candy I love them

  19. This is about 3 friends that have had catastrophic recent events in their lives, who escape for the summer to Nantucket Very good character relationship study.

  20. Not my favorite of this author s beachy books but not my least favorite either , but still very readable I did really identify with one of the characters Brenda , who was regrouping from a situation in which she had been judged for making a decision that was deemed inappropriate and this resulted in irreparable injury to the life she had worked for years to build for herself A reminder that, no matter what other obstacles you are facing personally at the time and no matter how well you may have [...]

  21. A supposed light summer read about three woman who spend the summer on Nantucket except one sister has been banned from academia for having an affair with a student the other is starting chemo for lung cancer and has her two small children in tow, and the third has escaped her cheating husband and now finds herself pregnant All of them are self centered and it was difficult to determine if any one of them had any redeeming qualities amidst all the whining and kvetching The girls finally manage t [...]

  22. This is the second book by Elin Hilderbrand that I ve read, and truly, this was again an enjoyable and interesting read Thank you Jo I am torn between giving this book 3,5 or 4 stars The characters are likeable quite realistic, often making the wrong choices, but learning from it The story s absolutely nicely written and it flows easily.My favorite character was Josh without a doubt I adored that young man I also liked his Dad Vicki was the best developed female character of this summer story He [...]

  23. Oh poor us We are just so fabulously wealthy and have so many problems We just have to spend the summer on an island doing nothing but wallowing in our sorrow And even though we aren t, like, working or anything we are still going to hire someone to watch the kids And it s a boy, isn t that so funny Hahahaha a guy watching kids, just imagine that And we will drag him into all our rich people problems and ruin his happy summer too Ugh Just awful.

  24. Good summer reading The three women all had their individual problems to work on over the summer in beautiful Nantucket The author did a nice job making it feel real, and having these women become individuals the reader wants to follow through their summer experiences I enjoyed this book, and suggest it to others for sheer entertainment.

  25. I absolutely loved this book It is a perfect summer book, to take to the beach At first, I did not expect much from this story, but thought it would be a pleasant summer read, a diversion from some of the serious books I have read this year It was different, but it was not what I expected It s a rich story, full of drama, tension, suspense, love and so much I could not put this book down Vickie has just learned she has a serious illness Her sister, Brenda, has just lost her job, so she will go [...]

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