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Finding Eden

Õ Finding Eden ç Kele Moon Õ Finding Eden ç Kele Moon - Finding Eden, Finding Eden Re Released prequel to Kele Moon s darkly erotic novel Beyond Eden Handsome angry and spoiled Danny Carlow struggles to find his place in the world when his hatred for authority makes survival diffi

  • Title: Finding Eden
  • Author: Kele Moon
  • ISBN: 9780989958660
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Ebook

Õ Finding Eden ç Kele Moon, Finding Eden, Kele Moon, Finding Eden Re Released prequel to Kele Moon s darkly erotic novel Beyond Eden Handsome angry and spoiled Danny Carlow struggles to find his place in the world when his hatred for authority makes survival difficult The only thing that keeps him from completely giving up and turning to a life of crime is his friendship with clean cut Paul Mattling More than his conscience and hi Re Released preq

Finding Eden

Õ Finding Eden ç Kele Moon Õ Finding Eden ç Kele Moon - Finding Eden, Finding Eden Re Released prequel to Kele Moon s darkly erotic novel Beyond Eden Handsome angry and spoiled Danny Carlow struggles to find his place in the world when his hatred for authority makes survival diffi Finding Eden

  • Õ Finding Eden ç Kele Moon
    452Kele Moon
Finding Eden

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  1. Originally posted at fictionvixen 2011 08 rPaul, Danny and Eve have been best friends and inseparable since grade school When high school arrived, both men had fallen in love with Eve, but Danny stepped back in order for Paul to date Eve Paul and Eve became exclusive high school sweethearts, until Eve left for college to pursue her art career in New York City Paul was devastated by loosing his first love, but remained in their hometown to attend college on a football scholarship.Paul has been pr [...]

  2. Perfect The beginning of the amazing heartbreaking love story between Danny and Paul Although it is a prequel to Beyond Eden, I suggest you read Beyond before Finding in order to understand the characters better.Danny will discover that the love of his life Paul is a masochist After he saves him from a cruel Domme, he will grab the opportunity to make Paul his And then he will discover his dom and sadistic tendencies.They have a long way to go before they experience their sexual preferances with [...]

  3. ON SALE FOR 99 CENTS I m keeping both Eden books discounted for short time so fans of the series can get the new versions and enjoy the sneak peak of Claiming Eden at the end of Finding Eden which is coming out Jan 26th, 2016 Also available on Kindle Unlimited Beyond Eden amzn 20LdUFDFinding Eden amzn 1HGqKJDClaiming Eden amzn 1MmWEwF

  4. Brilliant, fabulous, fantastic Like watching two cars slam head on into each other, in slow motion Paul and Danny have been best friends for ever Paul gets off on being hurt Danny gets off on controlling others Neither has any ability whatsoever to stop themselves where the other is concerned There were two scenes of strong hurt comfort, so be warned I thought the first was bad, but the second I actually wanted to vomit for a second Very vivid descriptions Great secondary characters The MCs are [...]

  5. Spoiler Ahead Read at Your Own RiskI re read this whole series and thought that it was time to redo this review Danny Carlow has been friends with Paul Mattling since they were in Kindergarten along with Eve Everton who was Paul s girlfriend who Danny is also in love with along with Paul Danny struggles to find his place in the world when his hatred for authority makes survival difficult The only thing that keeps him from completely giving up and turning to a life of crime is his friendship with [...]

  6. Finding Eden is the prequel to Beyond Eden and I m in awe where Kele Moon has taken both Paul and Danny The journey is tumultuous at best but at some points it was soul baring raw Via a fluent and alluring writing style there were no barriers between me and the story Kele Moon poured this incredibly moving story of two flawed characters to paper that echoed long after I finished it.I already knew Paul and Danny from Beyond Eden, so I was aware of certain character traits Like Paul being too givi [...]

  7. Re read 12 3 15When I originally read this prequel I remember being very uncomfortable with how dangerous Danny and Paul s relationship was It stuck with me and it wasn t until I re read this revised version that the light bulb went on Danny and Paul remind me of Kingsley and S ren from the Original Sinners Only Danny developed his sadism for Paul rather Kingsley realizing his masochism due to S ren But what spoke to me was the fact that Danny swallowed his pride and asked for help so he wouldn [...]

  8. Pauvre Paul Danny est tres desole This story is FABULOUS I felt so badly for Paul Learning the back story about Paul s terrible childhood causes me to be furious I want to pistol whip his father and kick both his older brothers ass ARGH I m so angry Those mo fo should be shot, in the ass Paul is such a sweet sweet boy Danny what is up with his father Why are there terrible fathers in this story Does Ms Moon have issues with fathers I want to beat the crap out of these guys To treat children in t [...]

  9. This is the prequel to Beyond Eden and I think it did a fine job giving us a different perspective, letting us know what actually happened to Paul Guy and Danny Boy when Evie left them Letting her go will be the worst mistake you ever make, Danny warned You ll never forgive yourself for it We never actually see anything from Evie in this book, it is purely Danny and Paul and it was great What struck me about the first book was all the sacrifices that Danny Boy made for the people in his life, al [...]

  10. 3.5 starsI couldn t decide which to read firstis book, which is chronologically first, or Beyond Eden which was written first I decided to read this book, but I don t know yet if that was the right decision Will ETA after finishing Beyond Eden ETA I made the right decision I am very glad that I read this book first it set up Beyond Eden and allowed me to understand Paul and Danny s relationship better Now I really want to read Claiming Eden which is set in between this book and Beyond Eden For t [...]

  11. Close childhood friends in Danny and Paul with outside issues and secrets all over the place straight masochist with zero limits Paul bi asshole afraid of not only giving up control but taking control as well Danny , totally clueless with how to deal with Paul Inevitable Train Wreck There was another character, Jason, who turned out to be my favorite and the desperately needed voice of reason Jason had some very accurate lines that summed things up nicely There is a medical journal waiting to be [...]

  12. I don t know if I can write a review that does this book justice except to say it s flipping BRILLIANT Thinking about the Carlow ranch house as a metaphor for Paul and Danny s burgeoning D s relationship the fifth, decay, desperate need of renovation and maintenance yet the simultaneous comfort and familiarity both provideI m fangirling all over the place FE is just so good, so raw and honest I fucking love that Kele recognized that Paul and Danny s relationship couldn t be told in one or two bo [...]

  13. 3.5 stars Good kinky m m romance that left me feeling conflicted I really liked the evolution of Paul and Danny s friendship as it developed into something infinitely darker and complex However, I was frustrated by the story seeming to end in midstream I see that Beyond Eden takes place a number of years later, and perhaps it addresses what happens after this story ends but I don t want to read an mmf story I want Paul and Danny to sort things out themselves

  14. I missed having Eve involved and the pain stuff is still a bit much, but it s well done and those two boys are hot together.

  15. My Lord, Kele Moon You continue to blow me away with your writing Danny and Paul have to be two of my favorite characters, ever Hands down And there had better be to their story I could read about these two endlessly It is such a pleasure to see how their journey together began, and to continue the journey with them will be even better As with Beyond Eden, Finding Eden takes you on such an emotional ride The power of the feelings between Paul and Danny is nothing short of amazing, even if those [...]

  16. Newsflash I don t like bondage Don t get me wrong, a little tie me up and ass slappin is sexy The whole beat me until I bleed not so much.Which is why, I don t get why Kele Moon is one of my favorite writers I think it s because she creates characters that are so real, even my cynical soul can suspend my inner demons and believe the players are getting exactly what they want and need.This book was particularly satisfying because I already knew the main characters Beyond Eden was one of the first [...]

  17. Kele Moon has surpassed her previous book in the Eden series This story takes place while Eve is away in New York Paul and Danny are best friends and both are damaged from abusive fathers Each man has reacted and hidden his scars in different ways Paul was always the overachiever, the obedient son He fell easily into the submissive role in a dangerous game of BDSM with no limits or safe words and almost dies from it Danny became the rebel He fought going to college and getting a real job Danny b [...]

  18. Who knew it would actually be good OK, I have to admit, a friend of mine works at Ellora s Cave, and when I peeked over her shoulder one day last summer and saw this manuscript where the two guys were calling each other Paul Guy and Danny Boy I snickered and made fun of the book But then I kept seeing it recommended and 5 starred by readers here, so I bought it And then for the longest time I didn t read it, because I didn t think I could take it seriously come on, Paul Guy But finally, a few G [...]

  19. 3.5 StarsI read this as soon as I finished Beyond Eden and I did enjoy this one a lot Without Eve, there was only Paul to annoy me, and he didn t as much in this book I still have to admit that Danny is the only reason I have continued with these books I will admit that I am looking forward to the next one much then I thought I would be.Paul was much fascinating to me in this story compared to Beyond Eden, so I am glad that I didn t let my lack of love for that book stop me from reading this [...]

  20. 3.5 stars We basically know what happened with Paul Danny when Eve left for New York, this provided the details.

  21. It s a game No losers, only winners It s fun Wanna play Oh, Danny and Paul, how I ve missed youIt isn t often that I find characters I like as much as I ve grown to like Danny, Paul and Evie These three, I don t know, there s just something about them I could read about them all the time To think I was avoiding these books because I didn t like the covers ugh, I shudder at the thought of missing out on the story of these three lovely individuals I loved them in Beyond Eden, and I loved them now [...]

  22. I think it s pretty obvious I m a Danny girl so anything that features him is pretty much awesome in my eyes When Kele Moon told me she was writing the prequel to Beyond Eden I was excited and a little worried, to be honest While Beyond Eden was Paul s journey, she mentioned Finding Eden would be Danny s and knowing how she loves to torture her characters, I was instantly worried for my tall, dark devilishly handsome Danny Carlow Then I read the manuscript and had to remind myself to breathe I c [...]

  23. Kele Moon sets a bar high above the norm in this genre This is the first book I ve read by her, but it won t be the last Finding Eden can be read as a stand alone , which is how I read it, and how I suggest you read it if you want to avoid the female cooties that seem to be inherent in part 1, Beyond Eden She starts with characters so real that there is a heightened sense of sexuality present even when the characters aren t engaging in it In fact, most of the BDSM scenes take place off the page, [...]

  24. I enjoyed this book I think if you go into this book looking for a standard BDSM book, you will be disappointed Paul had a physically abusive childhood and needed to being therapy instead of BDSM He was used to the pain so he sought it out Danny needed therapy too but he needed Paul so he starts to play being his dom And that is what it is, Danny knows nothing about BDSM, he was feeling around If this was another type of BDSM book, we would know that Danny was being irresponsible but since that [...]

  25. BDSM, m m, m m f Finding Eden 2 is the prequel to Beyond Eden confused I was In my opinion it was the main event and should have stopped there Seriously, Danny boy Pauls story was heart wrenching I had no need for Eve But I went on and read that cuz I really hoped these two guys got their happy ending This isn t your typical love story both of these men are broken and the story isn t pretty but it s a page turner I don t honestly know where Eve fitted in, not for me anywayShe was white noise, so [...]

  26. When Eve leaves for New York, she leaves behind two men desperately in love with her and Paul and Danny only have each other now to lean on I love Paul and Danny in this book They are the chibi editions of Paul and Danny in Beyond Eden But I heart Dr Jason I heart him like whoa hearts in eyes He was mentioned once in Beyond Eden and in this book he can come be my boyfriend or stay for good DAnyway, love this book It s emotional, gut wrenching and sexified No chicks to distract the men from each [...]

  27. 3.5 stars, rounded up Two hot men, plus a little hurt comfort and a fair amount of BDSM Yummmm.I wish i had read this before the first book in the series Actually, I wish the first book in the series went away though I kinda liked it and I could read about just these two men I liked this book liked the characters, the storyline, and even the MCs failings I wish there was

  28. I love Danny Boy and Paul Guy I would recommend to read this one first then Beyond Eden and you get a better understanding of Paul Guy and Danny Boy relationship You should also read it cause the sex scenes are Hot

  29. Pride Month Rec 20 Finding Eden M M once you go Danny Boy you don t go back ___________________Edit there s a third novel AHH5 this was feckin amazing stars.How do I even begin to explain how good this was It s officially my favorite M M romance by a MILE.

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